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[02:21:19] <cmn32480> question to any who may be around
[02:22:18] <cmn32480> we ahve 3 subs in the queue that are all copy/paste from the old site. All submitted by the same person here, but submitted there by three different people. I found the third one, not sure who noted the first two.
[02:22:43] <cmn32480> shoudl they be deleted as they are not giving credit to the original author fo the sub?
[02:23:05] <cmn32480> bytram or mrcoolbp, care to weigh in on this one?
[02:23:34] <mrcoolbp> yes, I think we contacted him before about doing that
[02:23:37] * mrcoolbp sighs
[02:23:52] <mrcoolbp> please delete them, maybe he'll get the picture eventually
[02:26:11] <cmn32480> understood oh Captain my Captain
[02:27:32] <cmn32480> oop 4 subs... I missed one
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[12:10:57] <Bytram> http://threatpost.com
[12:11:01] <Scruffy> ^ 03New Logjam Attack on Diffie-Hellman Threatens Security of Browsers, VPNs | Threatpost | The first stop for security news ( https://threatpost.com )
[13:19:14] <nick> blah
[13:19:26] <nick> CoolHand
[13:23:17] <CoolHand> nick
[13:24:02] <nick> can we please think of a new headline for the firefox pocket thing
[13:24:18] <CoolHand> ok
[13:24:53] <CoolHand> Mozilla Integrates Propietary Pocket Plugin
[13:24:54] <CoolHand> ?
[13:24:57] <nick> it's way too clickbait for my taste, as it's not descriptive of the story at all
[13:24:58] <nick> yeah
[13:25:18] <CoolHand> I view it as clever but ok.
[13:25:21] <nick> something like that, basically anything that actually describes the actual story
[13:25:46] <nick> i get it, but i would imagine a lot of the comments will be about the headline being not informative or useful
[13:25:48] <CoolHand> well, one could make the argument that they are in Google's pocket, and being pushed to generate data revenue, I think
[13:25:54] <CoolHand> yeah, we can change it.
[13:25:57] <CoolHand> not a big deal to me
[13:26:25] <nick> i'd say thats better for the comments to make the connection, when i viewed the submission last night, i felt it was misleading
[13:26:47] <CoolHand> done
[13:26:48] <nick> just my 2c really, but im pretty certain we'll get called out on it
[13:26:52] <nick> thanks a lot
[13:29:30] <nick> anyways, how are things going for you, CoolHand?
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[13:30:47] <CoolHand> pretty good.. no complaints... work is busy, but better than alternative
[13:30:53] <CoolHand> :) now are you nick ?
[13:30:55] <CoolHand> hello janrinok
[13:31:06] <nick> g'day janrinok :)
[13:31:08] <janrinok> CoolHand: nick: hi to you both
[13:31:17] <janrinok> CoolHand: how did the drinks go?
[13:32:13] <CoolHand> they went well.. cmn and I got along very well... although he didn't try a local Indiana microbrew
[13:32:19] <CoolHand> he just had "shocktop"
[13:32:24] <janrinok> ?
[13:32:44] * janrinok thinks that it sounds like it should be good!
[13:33:01] <CoolHand> http://www.beeradvocate.com
[13:33:02] <Scruffy> ^ 03Shock Top Belgian White | Anheuser-Busch | Saint Louis, MO | BeerAdvocate
[13:33:08] <Bytram> Bone Chewer to you all!
[13:33:20] <janrinok> Bytram: hi - long time no chat
[13:33:26] <Bytram> nod nod
[13:33:34] <Bytram> life has been wicked busy...
[13:33:44] <CoolHand> Bytram: bone chewer?
[13:33:54] <CoolHand> ahh, is that bon jour?
[13:33:59] <Bytram> somehow got Fri-Sun off and am looking forward to some down time where I can exhaust myself testing SN!
[13:34:00] <janrinok> CoolHand: another beer with 'fruit' in it - pah, I like my beer to taste like beer
[13:34:06] <Bytram> yuppers! you got it!
[13:34:26] <Bytram> complementarily, "A river and a ditch"
[13:34:44] <CoolHand> Here is what I had: http://www.beeradvocate.com
[13:34:45] <Scruffy> ^ 03Dorian Stout | Scarlet Lane Brewing Company | McCordsville, IN | BeerAdvocate
[13:34:48] <janrinok> Bytram: shouldn't that be ditchy?
[13:35:04] <Bytram> LOL! I stand (well, sit) corrected!
[13:35:25] <Bytram> how YOU been?
[13:35:31] <janrinok> CoolHand: that looks more like it!
[13:36:01] * Bytram cannot find a comment he submitted some time ago ... search only looks at comment *title* :(
[13:36:13] * Bytram had no joy with DDG and google...
[13:36:25] <janrinok> up and down - I'm on the up at the moment (and long may it continue) but S needs some minor surgery soon and major surgery in the next 6 months or so
[13:36:32] * Bytram is writing a program to D/L all his comments where he can grep them, locally
[13:36:43] <Bytram> {{{{ janrinok }}}}
[13:36:49] <Bytram> {{{{{{{ S }}}}}}}
[13:36:55] <janrinok> I've missed them hugs Bytram
[13:37:06] <janrinok> we've missed them hugs Bytram
[13:37:07] <nick> hey Bytram
[13:37:17] <Bytram> nick: nice nick you got there!
[13:37:23] <Bytram> =)
[13:37:34] <nick> /nick nick
[13:37:38] <nick> is easy to remember
[13:37:40] <janrinok> nick: did you nick that nick from a nicker nicker?
[13:37:59] <Bytram> that's easy for YOU to say!
[13:38:03] <nick> lol
[13:38:09] <janrinok> its a bugger to type tho'
[13:39:02] <janrinok> nick: shouldn't you be building your empire and making millions, or are you just having a break?
[13:39:25] * Bytram is reminded of a boy scout came tongue-twister: I'm neither a punt kicker nor a punt kicker's son, but I'll kick punts 'til the punt kickin's done
[13:39:59] <janrinok> I must have joined a different boy scouts....
[13:40:19] <nick> bit of a break i think for today
[13:40:24] <janrinok> good for you
[13:40:59] <nick> i think i earned it over the last few weeks
[13:41:17] <janrinok> I have no doubt about that.
[13:41:35] * Bytram has a late shift tonight... 2:15p - 9:30p and woke up at 0600 -- gonna be a long day.
[13:41:45] <nick> :(
[13:41:52] <nick> thats not fun
[13:42:29] <Bytram> right, but for the first time in a very long time, I have a long weekend off (well, fri-sun) so am looking fwd to some down time.
[13:42:54] <CoolHand> janrinok: what is your nick derivation and how do you pronounce it? I always thought it might be derivative of Janissary, and have mentally pronounced it with a hard J, but cmn was saying it with a "y" sound for the J.. just wondering if he knew something I didnt'.. :)
[13:43:19] <janrinok> I woke up to some kind of impending catastrophe where the earth is finally engulfed in a ball of fire, then realised that is was simply the fact that the rain clouds had dispersed and the sun was shining
[13:43:47] <nick> lol
[13:44:27] <CoolHand> Bytram: did you make eagle scout?
[13:44:28] <nick> janrinok, that made me smile
[13:45:00] <janrinok> Jan Rinok is used in some E european regions it is the equivalent to Joe Soap or Joe Sixpack. The J can be sounded either way but I think that as a 'Y' is more common - certainly in the area where I first heard it.
[13:45:28] <Bytram> nah, needed 3 or 4 (can't remember) required merit bacges and a project, but I had enough other merit badges extra for about 3 palms... working at a scout camp for a summer helped a lot with that.
[13:45:34] <Bytram> CoolHand: did you?
[13:46:18] <CoolHand> janrinok: cool.. thanks :)
[13:46:36] <nick> and now we know!
[13:46:40] <CoolHand> Bytram: Yes, I did.. shortly before I turned 13.. I was a young'un
[13:46:51] <nick> 's only been a year and a bit...
[13:46:56] <janrinok> lol
[13:47:05] <janrinok> well you never asked...!
[13:47:17] <Bytram> whoah! what was the min age for being a scout? 11?
[13:47:29] <CoolHand> 10.5 if coming from Webelos..
[13:48:10] <janrinok> is an Eagle Scout the equivalent to a First Class scout (which I was) or a Queen's scout (which is still quite rare and I wasn't)?
[13:48:12] * Bytram remembers being in webelos, but not much about the experience
[13:48:39] <CoolHand> it was good thing since I quite being active by about 15.5 or 16, my youngest is Star working on Life, I'm hoping he eventually makes it. slow going for him b/c of so many sports
[13:48:40] <Bytram> janrinok: tenderfoot, 2nd class, 1st class, star, heart(?), eagle
[13:48:50] <Bytram> janrinok: tenderfoot, 2nd class, 1st class, star, life, eagle
[13:48:58] <CoolHand> Eagle Scout is top rank in USA Boy Scouts
[13:49:25] <janrinok> that would be our Queen's scout - not many make it to that and none by 13. It is usually something around 16-17 I think.
[13:49:44] <CoolHand> then you can get "palms" on top the eagle.. and there are some ancillary organizations with ranks, like Order of the Arrow , and here locally firecrafter
[13:50:10] <CoolHand> 16-17 would be pretty common for it here too.. many are rushing to get it by when they turn 18
[13:50:27] <Bytram> CoolHand: nod nod; OOTA, twice, for me.
[13:50:47] <CoolHand> twice?
[13:50:52] * nick knows nothing about all this
[13:51:25] <janrinok> nick: I think it means they avoided prison or a juvenile conviction....;)
[13:51:25] <CoolHand> I got inducted into order of the arrow and never went to any meetings or anything after that.. none of my troop went to it, and I didn't really know anyone active in it.
[13:51:29] <Bytram> yup. my second sash had a red bar horizontally above and below the arrow (IIRC) it's prolly around here somewhere
[13:51:39] <nick> rofl, janrinok
[13:51:41] <Bytram> I don't recall what it signified or what the 'title' was for it
[13:51:56] <CoolHand> so it was one of the next ranks in OA then.. and you did a 2nd ordeal for that you mean?
[13:52:14] <Bytram> for me there was nothing more for it than to do some work for them on the cheap and not be able to complain about it while doing it.
[13:52:25] <Bytram> yup
[13:52:31] <janrinok> ordeal? What the hell were they doing to you? Was it practice for GITMO?
[13:52:43] <Bytram> hard labor with no talking
[13:52:44] <CoolHand> I just remember thinking back on the OA induction after I was raised as a Master Mason and thinking how similar the OA induction was... pretty much taken from Freemasonry..
[13:53:02] <Bytram> I don't remember the ceremonies
[13:53:10] <CoolHand> ordeal - and also camping out on your own overnight (besides no talking and hard labor)
[13:53:13] <nick> this sounds all quite strange...
[13:53:25] <janrinok> Joking aside - I was just thinking how the US scouts is much more like Freemasonry, the UK version is nothing like that at all.
[13:53:29] <Bytram> one ordeal was to clean up a huge file of fallen trees and branches, in the summer, amid lots of hungry mosquitoes
[13:53:38] <Bytram> s/file/pile/
[13:54:33] <CoolHand> yeah.. I don't remember what work we did on ours really.. I remember camping out in the middle of the woods with no talking and no cover and hoping a cold rain didn't start..
[13:54:35] <janrinok> camping out alone - with a 12 mile hike over 48 hours, was one of the quals needed for 1st class scout in the UK, back in the day of course.
[13:55:05] <CoolHand> (and no fire - they woldn't let us start fires)
[13:55:06] <nick> janrinok, what wasis the scouts really about, in the UK anyway?
[13:55:12] <nick> was/is
[13:55:38] <janrinok> it is intended to develop initiative, self-reliance and decent moral values in young people.
[13:56:35] <nick> i just remember from school, the kids that went to scouts were the good kids, who did well in class. i was never one of those so it was always a bit of an alien thing, only saw vaguely from the outside
[13:56:39] <janrinok> I was happy with wasis - in fact I might us it in the future
[13:56:46] <janrinok> use*
[13:56:53] <nick> wasis could be a useful word
[13:56:58] <Bytram> that pretty much matches what I got out of scouts.
[13:57:02] <nick> i'd be happy if thats my contribution to the language :p
[13:57:14] * Bytram still remembers the Scout Oath and the Scout Law
[13:57:16] <Bytram> =)
[13:57:24] <janrinok> me too, and look how I've ended up...
[13:57:57] <Bytram> well, from this side of the pond, you don't look any too bad... methinks you turned out quite all right
[13:58:21] <nick> better than bear grylls
[13:58:48] <janrinok> Funnily enough, during various times in my mil career, the skills that I learned back then came in very useful.
[13:59:00] <CoolHand> I can whip off the law real quick, but frequently stumble on the oath.. (I occasionally say it at my kids Venture Crew meetings)
[13:59:37] <Bytram> truly, though I was not in the military, I still occasionally draw on skills I developed then -- honesty patience kindness and, knot tying!
[13:59:47] <nick> self-reliance and initiative should translate over well to the mil career
[13:59:52] <nick> id guess anyway
[14:00:11] <janrinok> knots and rope handling are often useful when you least expect it!
[14:00:29] <Bytram> too true!
[14:00:40] <janrinok> ... but only if she is up for it
[14:00:51] <nick> lol
[14:01:01] <nick> you're on a roll today, janrinok
[14:01:10] <janrinok> missed you too, nick
[14:01:20] * Bytram did NOT see that one coming!
[14:01:21] <Bytram> nograb
[14:02:32] <nick> need some food, dont think have anything :|
[14:02:49] <Bytram> ugh.
[14:02:51] <janrinok> what is it tonight?
[14:03:02] <janrinok> pasta cabonara here
[14:03:07] <nick> must get to shop before the hordes finish work and school...
[14:03:29] <nick> depends what Morrisons has on a deal
[14:04:01] <janrinok> I made gammon steak with apricot yesterday - delicious
[14:04:21] <nick> you mean you can have gammon without pineapple?!
[14:04:21] <Bytram> afk biab
[14:04:49] <janrinok> yeah, I know, weird isn't it? S doesn't like pineapple
[14:05:02] <nick> and i thought she was cool...
[14:05:28] <janrinok> she usually is but the taste system is beginning to fail now
[14:05:41] <janrinok> some things just evoke the wrong reaction
[14:05:43] <nick> id like to try apricot on gammon though
[14:06:07] <nick> seems different but good at the same time, and not a massive fan of gammon as it brings back memories of my dads failed cooking attempts, when i was a kid
[14:06:21] <nick> and gammon or omlettes were the only thing on the menu when my mum wasnt around
[14:07:03] <janrinok> I wouldn't eat it too often - the gammon wasis very salty - but it was nice for a change
[14:07:11] <nick> i'm all for whats good rather than whats normal
[14:07:19] * janrinok used my new word!
[14:07:50] <nick> yeah, i know what you mean about it being very salty
[14:08:13] <nick> but it probably depends on the quality of the meat too, i'd imagine lesser quality gammon steaks are more salty than good ones
[14:08:32] <janrinok> Gammon in France isn't salted the same as in the UK, but this was frozen and had been brought on the visit of my p-in-law
[14:08:47] <nick> smuggling in gammon ;)
[14:09:05] <janrinok> ..and lamb. Lamb is more expensive here but most meat is cheaper
[14:09:29] <nick> lamb not common in french cooking
[14:09:43] <nick> or is it seen as a luxury meat?
[14:10:45] <Bytram> what IS gammon?
[14:10:57] <janrinok> they don't seem to import much meat so it tends to be locally produced. I'm not sure if that is a factor in the overall cost. Veal, on the other hand, is delicious and is used much more frequently. It is hard to find veal in the UK nowadays
[14:11:08] <nick> mmmm veal
[14:11:25] <nick> i havnt had veal in years now
[14:11:30] <janrinok> Bytram: it is a cured piece of pork rump. Usually by salting in brine.
[14:11:39] <nick> i dont think ive ever seen it in supermarket, only when eating out
[14:11:40] <Bytram> oh, ok.
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[14:11:49] <Bytram> never heard it refered to as that
[14:11:59] <CoolHand> is it related to backgammon?
[14:12:02] <Bytram> oopsie!
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[14:12:17] * Bytram waves at bender
[14:12:29] <janrinok> bender is broken
[14:12:58] <Bytram> bender is borken!
[14:13:07] <nick> im more hungry now, so i really do need to go shop
[14:13:32] <janrinok> curry maybe? mexican? N african?
[14:13:37] * nick hat tip to ya'll
[14:13:43] <janrinok> cul8r nick
[14:14:19] <Bytram> nick: chow!
[14:14:23] <Bytram> umm, ciao!
[14:14:26] <Bytram> =)
[14:14:27] <nick> i shall return with tales from the new world, with spices the like you will have ever seen!
[14:14:49] <janrinok> I look forward to hearing your tales of daring do in Morissons
[14:15:01] <janrinok> Morrisons*
[14:16:21] <janrinok> CoolHand: is cmn on his way back home now?
[14:16:52] <CoolHand> janrinok: I don't thnk *home*. he had a flight to catch at 6:30am this morning, but I think he's going to Texas
[14:17:09] <janrinok> ah, the little globetrotter!
[14:17:41] <janrinok> Congratulations to LamX - he's reached 1500 posts!
[14:18:11] <janrinok> CoolHand: and you are nearing the 250 mark - good effort
[14:20:34] * Bytram is inching along to the 700 mark, but willing to take my time about it.
[14:20:54] <janrinok> yes, but you also do testing and other dev work!
[14:21:08] <Bytram> and n1/nick just recently broke 900!
[14:21:10] <Bytram> !woop
[14:21:10] <Bender> woop woop woop (\/) (;,,;) (\/)
[14:21:42] <janrinok> hard to forecast when he will hit the 1k mark - he is very busy currently
[14:22:02] <Bytram> nod nod
[14:26:15] <CoolHand> janrinok: thank you, sir!
[14:26:42] <janrinok> merely acknowledging your own effort
[15:14:14] <nick> teamwork++
[15:14:14] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 11
[15:24:42] <janrinok> what did you buy nick?
[15:27:13] <nick> nothing too exciting really, cornish pasties and scotch pies mostly
[15:27:34] <janrinok> begging for a good beer to accompany them :)
[15:27:56] <nick> i have a couple cans of old speckled hen from yesterday
[15:28:02] <janrinok> perfect!
[15:28:19] <nick> and also garlic and corriander poppadoms
[15:28:37] <janrinok> good appetizer too then!
[15:28:43] <nick> poppadoms are too good to only have with curry
[15:29:27] <janrinok> it's almost time for me to start cooking too
[15:30:07] <nick> whats on the menu tonight?
[15:30:14] <janrinok> pasta carbonara
[15:30:27] <nick> oh yeah you said before
[15:30:36] <janrinok> a simple meal but one that S can cope with in bed.
[15:30:49] <nick> its actually one of the only pasta dishes i really enjoy
[15:32:32] <janrinok> I'm currently searching through previous stories. One of the subs sounds familiar but I cannot remember if I read it on here or elsewhere.
[15:32:50] <nick> what one?
[15:33:31] <janrinok> the HTTPS vulnerability story sub'ed by Phoenix666
[15:34:17] <janrinok> its not a recent (last 2 weeks or so) story but it sounds familiar
[15:35:44] <nick> not sure, i dont recall seeing that specific story
[15:35:54] <nick> but it does seem quite generic, if you know what i mean
[15:36:04] <janrinok> let it get posted then, I'm sure that someone will let us know if it is a dupe!
[15:36:58] <nick> no doubt
[15:38:21] <janrinok> right, I'd better go and start preparing a meal. Back in an hour or two. Enjoy your beers!
[15:39:12] <nick> laters
[15:39:26] janrinok is now known as janrinok|afk
[17:48:45] janrinok|afk is now known as janrinok
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[22:13:39] <takyon> total recall
[22:33:19] <paulej72> old or new
[22:33:38] <takyon> post-2000 cars ;)
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