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[18:45:02] <janrinok> CoolHand: ping
[18:53:37] <janrinok> CoolHand: I changed the 'dept' on your UK Election story to 'surprised-Brits' rather than 'unhappy-Brits'. The election shows that the majority were far from unhappy with their choice. However, the outcome was a surprise because it flew in the face of the predictions. The other reason for the change is that we must try to be neutral, so suggesting the the outcome is good or bad breaks that rule.
[18:59:15] <CoolHand> janrinok: pong
[18:59:24] <janrinok> ^
[18:59:36] <CoolHand> ok.. I don't remember puttying 'unhappy'.. mental typo..
[18:59:56] <janrinok> well it might have been another word, but it suggested that the outcome was not good
[19:00:06] <CoolHand> upset?
[19:00:22] <janrinok> possibly - but the majority are not upset at all
[19:00:35] <CoolHand> I think I put upset because it was an upset as per predicted results..
[19:00:45] <CoolHand> but yeah, I see how you could get that
[19:00:49] <CoolHand> no prob
[19:00:59] <janrinok> ah, in english english it would suggest that we were unhappy with the outcome
[19:01:21] <janrinok> but I think everyone is surprised by the result
[19:01:51] <janrinok> how's your work afternoon going?
[19:02:03] <CoolHand> yeah.. it's good.. (at least here we say the result is an upset if a major underdog pulls out a surprise victory)... that would surely "upset" the projected winner though :)
[19:02:11] <CoolHand> ok... Working for the weekend...
[19:02:17] <CoolHand> one hour scheduled left.. :)
[19:02:18] <janrinok> oh that's not good
[19:02:53] <CoolHand> not projected to work on the w/e... I"m working FOR it.. like working just to get to it and have fun... like the old LOVERBOY song.. :)
[19:02:57] <janrinok> sry misread that - I thought that you meant you would be working for the entire weekend. It's the language problem again
[19:03:05] <CoolHand> *everybody's working for the weekend"
[19:03:20] <CoolHand> may not have been a hit there in the 80's like here :)
[19:03:42] <janrinok> don't remember it, and I think I would have
[19:04:06] <janrinok> but at my age the memory starts going, or have I already said that? :0
[19:04:06] <CoolHand> http://www.youtube.com
[19:04:09] <dogpipe> ^ 03Loverboy - Working For The Weekend - YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com )
[19:04:34] <CoolHand> I think you've said it every day.... ;)
[19:04:52] <janrinok> have I?
[19:05:22] <janrinok> listening to it now and I don't remember it
[19:05:52] <CoolHand> well, the channels are logged, so I'll let you figure it out for yourself...
[19:06:06] <CoolHand> (no not really that I recall, I think I remember it once, though) :)
[19:06:15] <janrinok> ... if only I could remember where we put the logs....
[19:07:04] <janrinok> Any plans for this w/e?
[19:09:09] <CoolHand> a few... :) kid's track meet tonight.. BMW moto club meeting/breakfast 2morrow.. possibly nephew's baseball game in evening/seeing Mom. if not, then trip across state to see her Sunday morning.. spending time with wife sunday, possible cookout if weather holds...
[19:09:13] <CoolHand> u?
[19:10:44] <janrinok> nothing as busy as that! No special plans, but I might be able to get into the garden if the weather improves, and possible take S out in her chair if she wants to go.
[19:11:36] <CoolHand> well, that sounds peaceful... :)
[19:15:02] <janrinok> I'm still writing bits of python, got a bit of carpentry to do, and perhaps catch up on some reading.
[19:16:11] <CoolHand> aaahhhh, sounds nice.. :)
[19:22:46] <janrinok> time to go
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