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[02:14:12] <Tachyon> CoolHand: wrong T ?
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[10:58:52] <CoolHand> Tachyon: I thought you and takyon were the same dude with different logins... sorry..
[11:00:25] <Tachyon> :)
[11:00:28] <Tachyon> np
[12:55:44] <janrinok> I'm heare
[12:55:46] <janrinok> here*
[12:56:07] <CoolHand> janrinok: so, I"m not sure if I missed it, or forgot it, but what is the policy on using article titles directly copied from the articles?
[12:56:10] <CoolHand> is that kosher, or no?
[12:56:49] <janrinok> we try to convert them to our style, but the content is fine.
[12:56:59] <CoolHand> I've been mostly trying to change them a bit, but when I've gotten tired and can't think of anything better, I've said screw it a couple times.. :)
[12:57:07] <janrinok> we all do that
[12:57:29] <janrinok> and feel free to leave a 'dept' out if you can't think of anything
[12:57:42] <CoolHand> ok, cool.. (on both counts)
[12:57:45] <CoolHand> thank you sir
[12:58:22] <janrinok> but it tends to be a sign that you are carrying too much of the load. Call out to all the other eds when that happens. I noted what you had done and posted a few stories this morning, but don't tell my doc ;)
[12:58:53] <janrinok> missing a story out of the timing does tend to get other people's attention
[12:59:03] <CoolHand> I saw you posted them.. thx - i won't tell
[12:59:12] <CoolHand> that was during my sleep time..
[12:59:27] <janrinok> I realised that
[13:01:19] <CoolHand> the release schedule is likely going to get out of whack if we don't get some more submissions in..
[13:02:02] <CoolHand> don't have enough to finish the day even if we use all three left (and I have some doubts about 2 of them that are gonna take more research b4 I'd pub them)
[13:02:13] <CoolHand> ..and I dont' really want to self pub my own sub..
[13:02:17] <janrinok> just run the queue down and wait for the community to realise
[13:03:25] <janrinok> _if_ we had enough active eds, we would start collecting stories ourselves. But, I'm not supposed to be doing much here, and you are working all the hours that you are awake, so that solution is a non-starter
[13:03:46] <CoolHand> yep..
[13:04:18] <CoolHand> we need ability to set a one time pop-up saying - "hey - you! reader! we need some submissions! " :)
[13:04:36] <CoolHand> i'm sure that'd fly with people.. ;)
[13:05:02] <janrinok> We would like more editors, but it also becomes self-defeating to a certain degree. Some eds visit the site, see the story queue is fully stocked and don't come back until the next day. By that time the opposite has occurred. Or after several days of not being needed, they forget to look.
[13:05:46] <janrinok> the alert saying 'Onlyh
[13:06:27] <janrinok> ...saying 'only x subs in the queue' used to be that pop-up. We used to panic when it appeared with 'only' 20 subs left
[13:06:48] <janrinok> Now the community seem to not notice it.
[13:07:03] <CoolHand> right that's the prob with it, it becomes background "noise"
[13:07:51] <janrinok> so a pop-up would have to be automated, otherwise you a putting another task upon your shoulders, and so the cycle begins again...
[13:08:28] <janrinok> they would get used to seeing a pop-up (which we have almost sworn not to do anyway) appear when they logged in.
[13:08:28] <CoolHand> yeah.. well, I thougth that right after I said that.. it'd be simple enough to automate I'd think..
[13:08:45] <CoolHand> right.. I imagine there would be quite an outcry..
[13:08:45] <janrinok> just replace the existing 'Only x subs' message
[13:10:21] <CoolHand> I wrote a python script that could tell me how many submissions are in queue, but I need to extend it to cound stories set to publish in future also.. it's giving me more difficulty b/c I can't get the authentication piece down yet to scrape the page.. If I get that, I can setup personal alert anyway.. snmp txt myself if both are to a certain low point..
[13:10:29] <janrinok> The site will only survive with the support of the community - if they don't submit, I have to question why a small number of people are giving so much to keep the site alive. Don't get me wrong, I don't want it to fail, and I've enjoyed the last year immensely, but without stories something has to give.
[13:11:13] <CoolHand> well, I guess we could be like |. and publish one every few days...
[13:11:31] <janrinok> that is a lingering death
[13:11:36] <CoolHand> (or that's about what it was last time I checked)
[13:13:26] <janrinok> have you chatted to one of the devs about the authorisation problem - they can probably point you in the right direction
[13:15:12] <CoolHand> oh, no.. (I thought someone may already have code actually - but I wanted to figure it out myself, so when I found the whole python course on codeacademy, I decided to just do that and "start from scratch" and try to really "learn" python instead of just jumping in for some quick hacks - so I tabled that little script project until after I finished codeacademy at least). I'm about 60% of the way through
[13:16:22] <janrinok> sometimes the requirements of this site can be the problem - the devs can explain what is required without giving you working code
[13:17:41] <janrinok> If you ask NCommander, he will write a full app, user manual, and a roadmap for the next 12 months, all with one hand. You are probably better asking paulej72 or TheMightyLaptop in this instance
[13:17:43] <CoolHand> yeah, I've actuall done an authenticated screen scraper on a similar site with https before using wget or curl.. then I figured out how to just extract/use my firefox cookies.. I could probably do that again, but, I'm trying to do it proper.. once I get through this course, I'll get back to it
[13:17:59] <CoolHand> lol, ok not ncomm then :)
[13:18:22] <janrinok> damn that guy impresses me.
[13:18:48] <CoolHand> most "real" coders impress me... hehe :)
[13:19:02] <janrinok> they all had to start somewhere...
[13:19:57] <paulej72> CoolHand: TheMightyBuzzard is working on an API for slash/rehash. It already gives the number in the submission queue, and getting story queue should be possible now that he has autentication working.
[13:20:29] <janrinok> ... and as if by magic, the devs appear
[13:21:11] <paulej72> We do not have the api truned on on prod yet, but we may do that with the release of rehash
[13:21:42] <janrinok> I'll also be using it once it is available. Thx for the update paulej72
[13:22:34] <CoolHand> hey this is #editorial - get outta here devs! we'll tell u when we need you! :P
[13:22:40] <CoolHand> j/k... thx for input.. :)
[13:22:47] <janrinok> brb5 - time for tea
[13:22:57] <janrinok> they can read minds....
[13:23:15] <janrinok> ... or at least scrape IRC for their username
[13:23:24] <CoolHand> lol, yah, heh
[13:23:41] <CoolHand> (like their irc clients don't alert on username anyways.. ;) )
[13:28:33] <janrinok> gewg_ has just posted another sub on Visual Studio Code - just as I have finished editing your sub.
[13:29:15] <CoolHand> hah! I beat gewg_to it! :) we can merge though if there is reason..
[13:29:27] <CoolHand> or attribute him too
[13:29:47] <janrinok> there is - I'm doing a merge now. His source is quite the opposite viewpoint to the one you submitted
[13:34:44] <janrinok> CoolHand: that should start the flame wars later on today!
[13:34:54] <CoolHand> yay..
[13:35:08] <CoolHand> people complain about the flamewars, but it seems that is what they really like..
[13:35:51] <janrinok> I think we should hold back on the religion, ISIS, and weapon dealing for a few stories though :)
[13:36:31] <janrinok> unfortunately, the stories appeal to a different part of our community.
[13:36:54] <CoolHand> ya..
[13:36:59] <CoolHand> discussed out for now..
[13:37:47] <CoolHand> about done with gov't privacy violations, stingray, et all, also.. but it's what we keep getting..
[13:51:20] <janrinok> CoolHand: I have no problem with any tech related story, but the PEN awards, arming ISIS and other similar stories are good for the odd filler but musn't be allowed to become the bread-and-butter content. I would, of course, like a lot more variety but we don't get many submissions like that anymore.
[13:51:49] <janrinok> perhaps I need to lurk on #rss-bot a little more
[13:52:34] <CoolHand> yeah, I've gone ahead and submitted a couple today that I found from #rss-feed
[13:52:56] <CoolHand> or just one I guess..
[13:53:03] <janrinok> I noticed - I've been second ed-ing them
[13:53:17] <CoolHand> it's all becoming a blur... ;)
[13:53:39] <janrinok> what is the problem with the takyon story on human genomes held back around 2359?
[13:54:10] <CoolHand> click on it.. 1st line - [Deal with serious link issues.]
[13:54:22] <CoolHand> I noticed it b4 I went to edit it..
[13:54:34] <CoolHand> one of the main links does not work, and I couldn't find anywhere else..
[13:54:51] <janrinok> ok - I'll see if I can find something to put in there
[13:54:59] <CoolHand> so, apparently takyon edited it then noticed it I'm guessing..
[13:55:36] <CoolHand> I think gewg_ actually submitted it like that.. so, yeah, I dunno..
[14:02:54] <janrinok> I've killed it an it has gone for good back in time to the year 0000
[14:03:59] <janrinok> are you still editing the hashing story?
[14:04:15] <janrinok> CoolHand: ^^
[14:10:54] <CoolHand> just a sec
[14:10:57] <CoolHand> got distracted by work
[14:11:23] <CoolHand> no.. I was done with it..
[14:12:29] <CoolHand> I could 2nd eidt "MS Releases "Visual Studio Code", but I should probably let it sit to see if someone else would since I"m submitter. (or one of them)
[14:21:13] <janrinok> you can second ed it but if you want some major changes then shout out on here
[14:21:34] <janrinok> as long as we agree then we are doing the best that we can
[14:26:45] <CoolHand> I'm not really spotting anything that really needs changed...
[14:27:43] <janrinok> thx - I note it has gone green now
[14:28:00] <CoolHand> indeed
[14:28:18] <janrinok> I suggest that you take a break from here for a while. Let's see if anyone else turns up in the next few hours
[14:28:46] <CoolHand> sounds good to me...
[14:29:02] <CoolHand> thanks for the help, and I'd suggest you go take a break too.. or we might ahve to tell on you. :)
[14:29:26] <janrinok> it's a deal. no more editing but I'm staying here on irc
[14:29:33] <CoolHand> cool
[14:29:34] <CoolHand> ttyl
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