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[02:43:18] <takyon> ahoy
[02:47:18] <cmn32480> ahoy takyon
[02:47:27] <cmn32480> and are they chips ahoy? I like cookies
[02:49:32] <takyon> perhaps they are edibles: http://soylentnews.org
[02:51:45] <takyon> nudge technology, aka apple watch vibrating on your wrist all day until you become a slave to the haptic feedback
[02:52:40] <cmn32480> wow
[02:52:45] <cmn32480> that si quite the list
[02:53:24] <takyon> I'll just run 5 or so of them if we don't get any submissions
[02:53:36] <takyon> but I believe in gewg_
[02:54:32] <cmn32480> we all believe in the mighty gewg_
[02:55:57] <cmn32480> I'm in my third time zone in 3 days
[02:56:06] <cmn32480> I'm not even sure what time it is
[02:56:10] <takyon> healthy
[02:56:39] <takyon> DST doesn't help. messed up those ^ UTC dates at first
[02:56:52] <cmn32480> at least you are static
[02:57:18] <takyon> bzzt
[02:57:33] <cmn32480> I'm moving around... and just can't keep it straight
[02:57:44] <cmn32480> shit... I submitted a story to the queue twice
[02:58:18] <cmn32480> good thing I looked
[02:58:22] <takyon> how does that even happen, button mashing?
[02:58:55] <cmn32480> apprently I double clicked on the save button
[03:00:22] <cmn32480> sheesh
[03:00:41] <cmn32480> on that note... I should probably stop doing anything and go to bed
[03:02:10] <takyon> somebody gotta do it
[03:09:35] <cmn32480> is exhausted editing better than not doing it at all?
[03:11:49] <takyon> double submitting is better than once
[03:13:19] <takyon> so the thing about hugh pickens is that 90% of the story is copy+paste, with maybe a rewritten half of a sentence at the beginning of a paragraph
[03:13:27] <takyon> time to blockquote
[03:16:52] <cmn32480> but his stuff is generally well thought out, and correct
[03:22:17] <takyon> can't find my Reg Project Loon article
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[12:10:51] <takyon> welcome to my magnum opus: http://soylentnews.org
[12:12:48] <CoolHand> takyon: I looked through that a bit...
[12:13:42] <CoolHand> takyon: it looks great.. one thougth though.. I thought you might put in a bit more on medical marijuana... sanjay gupta just released another big special on it, as well as lots of studies have been showing efficacy with epilepsy on kids
[12:13:46] <takyon> I stopped adding material as of 4 minutes ago
[12:14:07] <CoolHand> well, maybe I didn't read the newest version.. I read it a half hour ago or so.. :)
[12:14:40] <CoolHand> ah, didn't see the employer issue paragraph at end.. nice..
[12:14:47] <takyon> I don't have much about medical marijuana health benefits. Mainly because I'm not up-to-date on it whatsoever.
[12:15:09] <takyon> although the 11-year-old son of activist bit points to an article where she uses oil to treat...
[12:15:15] <CoolHand> www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/13/epidiolex_n_7055784.html
[12:15:23] <CoolHand> www.cnn.com/2015/04/15/health/marijuana-medical-advances/
[12:15:25] <takyon> Chron's disease
[12:15:31] <CoolHand> those are a couple nice articles..
[12:15:38] <takyon> Sanjay Gupta apparently interviewed Obama this week
[12:15:48] <takyon> about da weed
[12:16:15] <CoolHand> didn't see that.. all I've heard from Obama lately is wishy-washiness.. doesn't wanna dirty his hands with it
[12:16:24] <CoolHand> but not really opposing it either
[12:16:55] <takyon> that's characteristic of the federal response, which I go into
[12:18:03] <CoolHand> ya... the thing that kills me is the hypocricy of keeping it schedule 1 with actual research showing it has medical benefits, as well as 25+ states saying so..... wtf?
[12:18:33] <CoolHand> anyway, it's a hell of an article you wrote... nice job! :)
[12:18:41] <takyon> thanks
[12:19:35] <CoolHand> I'd definitely say it's the jewel in the SN crown for this week.. :)
[12:20:06] <takyon> it's the bud in your eye
[12:20:33] <CoolHand> I also liked the shout-out to current LSD research.. that was nice..
[12:20:34] <takyon> gently twinkling as you enter a state of absolute euphoria
[12:41:28] <takyon> alright, looks good
[12:41:45] <takyon> pretty good counterweight to the Vice ultra-dank 33.5% THC opener
[12:43:10] <CoolHand> yeah.. i like it, i like it
[12:43:33] <CoolHand> I'll go ahead and 2nd it if you think you're done.. :)
[12:47:35] <CoolHand> takyon: u think you're done?
[12:50:15] <CoolHand> well, I don't see you logged into the article anymore, so I'll take that as a yes..
[12:50:45] <takyon> yeah I suppose
[12:51:24] <takyon> although I could add a whole paragraph about the potential market of Big Marijuana
[12:52:17] <CoolHand> yeah, you could probably write a book if you want... :) well, I went ahead and 2nd'ed it.. if you write more and just want me to glance it over, let me know.. I should be here until 20:00 GMT
[12:53:03] <CoolHand> (may be in and out a bit though depending on real workload)
[13:46:07] <takyon> oh shit
[13:46:16] <takyon> I watched a NOVA episode about John Harrison
[13:48:20] <CoolHand> oh yah?
[13:49:21] <takyon> it may be from the 90s. I have the transcript but now I'm looking for the full video
[13:56:56] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[13:58:30] <CoolHand> yes? that is the article.. did you change it?
[13:58:46] <CoolHand> maybe it just hasn't "refreshed" for me yet
[13:59:05] <takyon> NOVA's Lost At Sea: The Search For Longitude (transcript) may also be of interest.
[13:59:13] <takyon> links to a youtube search and the transcript
[13:59:16] <takyon> it aired in 1998
[13:59:35] <CoolHand> that's cool.. it must not have refreshed on the server cache yet, since I'm not seeing that
[14:00:40] <CoolHand> I see from the story queue that you capitalized (finally)->(Finally) also.. I wasn't sure on that - I thought about it.. :)
[14:01:00] <CoolHand> there's the updated page..
[14:01:27] <CoolHand> cool! good addition :)
[14:03:08] <takyon> proved -> proven
[14:03:47] <CoolHand> It looks like we need one more story b4 the 4:20 one.. (and then I say we let that sit the max amount of time, b/c it's so long with so much to discuss and it's for the special day).. any thoughts on which of the submissions to put there?
[14:04:14] <takyon> ye
[14:05:07] <takyon> Mercury Messenger is a story I read on El Reg, electric car story sounds like a good one, and I've heard about the earth humming
[14:05:12] <takyon> this is just me talking from the headlines
[14:06:01] <takyon> Mercury Messenger story could be time sensitive depending on when they plan to slam that thing into the planet
[14:06:55] <takyon> well, April 30th is plenty of time
[14:07:44] <CoolHand> yeah, I almmost worked on the mercury story earlier... and I reall like the electric car one.. (being an elect car fan)
[14:10:22] <CoolHand> takyon: I don't think proved -> over proven is necessarily true...
[14:11:09] <CoolHand> there seems to be a lot of discussion over that (and it seems to me that proved has the slight edge), but both are probably ok..
[14:12:14] <CoolHand> (as a verb anyway - non-perfect tense)
[14:15:47] <CoolHand> http://www.dailywritingtips.com http://grammarist.com
[14:17:01] <CoolHand> I actually think I might change it back to proved if I don't hear back from you soon regarding this. (or possibly change to "is proven" or "has been proven"
[14:18:10] <takyon> you've proved nothing!
[14:18:16] <takyon> w/e
[14:18:42] <CoolHand> hah..
[14:19:19] <takyon> I wonder if we will get an image of the Messenger explosion
[14:20:07] <CoolHand> probly not a good one... no other probe there to take it.. maybe they'll point a big tele at it, but doubt it..
[14:20:41] <CoolHand> how about "18th-Century Clock Maker is (Finally) Proven Right"
[14:37:34] <takyon> that's fine
[18:24:35] <takyon> got btfo on the mercury article a little bit
[18:25:01] <takyon> changed the headline to not anthropomorphize the spacecraft and added a note that it is not just University of Michigan involved
[18:25:20] <takyon> Phys.org blows, I think they just copy and paste everything from somewhere else
[19:39:17] <CoolHand> hear ya... wasn't super impressed with the article..
[19:40:50] <takyon> bbc made up for it
[19:40:58] <takyon> china-pakistan
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