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[00:18:27] <cmn32480> will this day never end?
[00:31:08] <mrcoolbp> it's highly likely
[00:33:25] <cmn32480> I have been in the office since 6:30 this morning
[00:33:33] <cmn32480> and I need to vent
[00:33:40] <cmn32480> or start drinking
[00:34:21] <chromas> [cmn32480 becomes Ethanol-fueled]
[00:34:29] <cmn32480> it is now 8:30pm. I have to be at the airport in 12 hours.
[00:34:37] * cmn32480 gives chromas a raspberry]
[00:34:54] <cmn32480> and I STILL haven't done thign one to prep for the trip.
[00:36:00] <cmn32480> mostly because I have an asshat customer that doesn't understand that his $5000 order, while important, is not nearly as important as the $350,000 order I am going down to New Orleans to help secure
[00:36:44] <cmn32480> at least I got to see my kids when the wife brought them to the costco around the corner form the office
[00:36:59] <cmn32480> we got a cheap dinner of $1.50 hot dogs adn sodas
[00:37:09] * cmn32480 takes a breath
[00:37:14] <cmn32480> now I feel better
[00:37:24] <cmn32480> thank you all for ignoring me as I typed all that
[00:39:02] <cmn32480> but on the upside, my new guy started today
[00:44:27] <cmn32480> and I got a few stories from the top of the queue (mrcoolbp) posted while I waited for some shit toupdate
[00:45:24] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: cool, I'll take a look
[00:45:44] <cmn32480> I even brought my own stool to see the top of the queue today
[00:47:57] <mrcoolbp> I knew you'd figure it out
[00:48:21] <cmn32480> actually i "borrowed" one from work.
[00:48:31] <cmn32480> I'll give it back eventually... I swear
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[13:07:17] <takyon> airliners story duped in story list?
[13:07:26] <takyon> and RSS feed
[13:07:26] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[13:07:27] <clippit> ^ 03- SoylentNews User ( https://soylentnews.org )
[13:08:08] <takyon> coolhand
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[13:45:29] <CoolHand> yo
[13:45:35] <CoolHand> takyon:
[13:45:36] <takyon> someone fixed it
[13:46:30] <CoolHand> did I dupe it? or someone else?
[13:47:30] <takyon> you
[13:47:39] <CoolHand> dang.
[13:50:36] <CoolHand> weird dupe... at same time.. Must have been something funky I did last night when tired..
[13:51:03] <takyon> i'm still working on this nokia story, that's why it looks like crap
[13:51:37] <CoolHand> I think I fleshed out the US and China story fairly well.. it was basically one link in the submission..
[13:55:37] <CoolHand> let me know when u want me to 2nd edit the nokia..
[13:56:14] <takyon> that would be now, thanks
[13:56:15] <takyon> http://soylentnews.org
[13:56:54] <takyon> I used the word "evolved" based on the sentence "HERE is what became of Navteq after Nokia bought the mapping company in 2007 for $8.1bn." in the Reg article
[14:00:03] <CoolHand> looked good to me
[14:01:28] <CoolHand> I'm a fan of HERE, so a bit vested in what happens to that..
[14:04:31] <takyon> gotta love that link to a google search in the bouncing robots article
[14:05:38] <CoolHand> well, sometimes people don't know how to search.... :) maybe we should change to a "let me google that for you" link? :)
[14:07:23] <takyon> nah we don't need to increase the snark
[14:07:35] <takyon> should I change it from co.nz to .com?
[14:07:37] <CoolHand> hehe true
[14:08:13] <CoolHand> sounds like a good idea.. (provided similar results are returned anyway, I assume they would be)
[14:14:22] <takyon> dat swat
[14:15:57] <CoolHand> yeah
[14:18:22] <takyon> got a problem with it though
[14:18:40] <takyon> the NJ.com source material doesn't appear to say anything about the legislator getting swatted
[14:20:46] <takyon> i'm mad
[14:21:31] <CoolHand> yeah, that might be a real good call.. the Ars article may have something wrong there..
[14:21:46] <takyon> I think Ars just linked to a story a week older, where Moriarty is mentioned
[14:22:00] <takyon> if I search nj.com I think we'll find the newer story
[14:24:10] <takyon> wow this Moriarty guy dodged DWI charges, and the cop that stopped him was charged instead
[14:26:19] <takyon> I can't find anything about moriarty being swatted on nj.com
[14:26:56] <takyon> ok now I see it. weird it didn't turn up in the search
[14:27:18] <CoolHand> cool... glad you're on the case... I've been distracted with my kid txt'ing me and work... lol
[14:27:22] <CoolHand> :)
[14:27:37] <CoolHand> that guy sounds like a piece of work..
[14:33:22] <CoolHand> so you're fixing the url to point to the article u found?
[14:34:36] <takyon> already done
[14:34:41] <takyon> I emailed the Ars guy too
[14:35:19] <CoolHand> cool... you're so pro :)
[14:35:35] <takyon> doing the jobs even paid journalists won't do
[14:35:41] <CoolHand> lol
[14:38:06] <takyon> our anonymous coward's email is in the summary, should I get rid of it?
[14:54:35] <CoolHand> hmmm... last time we discussed that, I think we decided that would probably be a good idea..
[14:57:21] <CoolHand> here was mrcoolbp's and janrinok's answer when we discussed:
[14:57:24] <CoolHand> 11:01 <@ mrcoolbp>| anyway, janrinok, we should figure out a convention for the case of AC + email and ask paulej72 to code that in
[14:57:27] <CoolHand> 11:05 <+ janrinok>| my suggestion would be to make it a straight forward AC with no email.
[14:57:39] <takyon> well I took it out already, I have it in notepad
[14:58:31] <takyon> should code in the word "An" in front of "Anonymous Coward" too
[14:58:46] <CoolHand> correct! :)
[14:59:21] <CoolHand> yeah, there was a pretty long discussion about it, but I think we more or less had concencus to not include the email
[14:59:24] <CoolHand> concensus
[15:00:42] <takyon> think of all the poor anons that have been spammed because we forgot to remove their emails
[15:00:45] <takyon> spammed or swatted
[15:03:36] <CoolHand> heh, hopefully not swatted
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[18:33:05] <takyon> http://soylentnews.org
[18:34:29] <takyon> I added a note to this submission. I'd appreciate if someone can give an opinion on whether it should stay. Story goes live in 3 hours.
[18:34:46] takyon is now known as takyonAFK
[18:41:14] <CoolHand> takyonAFK: I think u should leave it but remove "takyon note: However, " So it just says, "The legistlator in question...." (but if you think you should leave it so I don't get credit for your brilliance, then, I think you should have it as "takyon note: The legislator"...) I think the However implies that the legislator should have been swatted, and as anti-government as I can be, I don't think that is necessarily the case..
[18:41:31] <CoolHand> that is my humble opinion..
[18:43:23] <takyonAFK> the problem is if I don't put a qualifier it is oddly mashed up against the submitter's own words
[18:43:35] <takyonAFK> I could just take it out and put it as a comment
[18:45:56] <CoolHand> how bout "On a somewhat unrelated note, but interesting, note the same legistlator blah blah blah"?
[18:46:18] <CoolHand> unrelated but interesting note, obv not note2x
[18:58:41] * CoolHand realizes the story queue is just a hungry monster that must be fed so that editors aren't eaten alive..
[19:18:26] <takyonAFK> there's no good way
[19:18:31] <takyonAFK> I'll post as comment
[19:19:57] <CoolHand> cool...
[19:20:43] <takyonAFK> ...hand
[19:20:52] <CoolHand> if you get time, see what you can do with the Gravity Payments story that just came in from a 1st time submitter.. (I encouraged him to submit on the #devuan channel on freenode).. You're a bit better than me at fleshing them out, I think (but I'm working on it :) )
[19:21:26] <CoolHand> I told him I'd make sure it got edited and published b/c I like a good feel-good story now and then :)
[19:21:41] <CoolHand> I figure if we make him happy he might submit more :)
[19:22:18] <takyonAFK> <a href="http://#debianfork on irc.freenode.net">coagen</a> writes:
[19:22:27] <takyonAFK> what is a good way to rearrange that
[19:22:39] <takyonAFK> obviously taking that whole thing out of the href attribute, but...
[19:22:41] <CoolHand> I was wondering if we could use "irc://" protocol
[19:22:48] <CoolHand> or if we should - probably shouldn't
[19:23:02] <takyonAFK> I doubt it. I'm not a big IRC user though
[19:27:54] <CoolHand> technically we can.. ( http://archive.oreilly.com ) just not sure if we should, because, irc is famous for hacking and whatnot, although we not it's a good link..
[19:27:55] <clippit> ^ 03Hypertext Links to IRC Channels
[19:28:09] <CoolHand> s/not/know
[19:29:49] <CoolHand> he does always live there (as do I - one of my many channels), so it's as good as an email for as far as that goes..
[19:33:56] <CoolHand> i submitted the question to other SN'ers in another channel to see if anyone with more experience knows the answer....
[19:35:52] <CoolHand> the way you put it isn't too bad if we don't use an irc link..
[19:37:27] <takyonAFK> i did something
[19:38:03] <CoolHand> what u mean?
[19:38:21] <takyonAFK> http://soylentnews.org
[19:38:32] <takyonAFK> might take a minute for the article update
[19:39:05] <CoolHand> yeah, that's what I saw and said "the way you put it isn't too bad if we don't use an irc link.."
[19:41:06] <takyonAFK> i'd like a link to the "happiness research" but other than that I think it's ready
[19:41:37] <CoolHand> oh, wow, I see you fleshed it out a lot... Nice..
[19:42:46] <takyonAFK> I got the important non-Gravity Payments related material
[19:42:51] <takyonAFK> so it's not even a soyvertisement
[19:43:51] <CoolHand> sweet :) although I'm not real sure I'd mind "advertising" for companies whose CEO takes that big of cut for his employees... :)
[19:45:29] <takyonAFK> he's head of a smallish Seattle company that handles billions in transactions, and got a free glowing story in the New York Times
[19:46:05] <takyonAFK> I'd say the publicity will offset some if not all of the costs
[19:46:48] <CoolHand> probably..
[19:47:07] <CoolHand> just rain on the parade takyonAFK... ;) hehe
[19:48:09] <takyonAFK> he made it rain
[19:48:23] <takyonAFK> holla holla get dolla
[19:48:45] <CoolHand> lol
[19:49:12] <CoolHand> he might have had some employees ready to dance for him with the raises they got... :)
[19:50:13] <takyonAFK> they will be shopping at Whole Foods now
[20:00:37] <CoolHand> takyonAFK: http://www.brookings.edu
[20:01:21] <takyonAFK> thanks
[20:01:27] <takyonAFK> but aren't those two different psychologists?
[20:02:06] <CoolHand> crap... I saw the right names in the google search link..
[20:02:32] <takyonAFK> look at the very 1st footnote on the 1st page
[20:02:44] <takyonAFK> it's thanking the two people we want, it's just not by them
[20:03:06] <takyonAFK> Kahneman, Daniel and Angus Deaton. “High Income Improves Evaluation of Life But Not Emotional Well-Being” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, September 7 2010, 107(38) 16489-16493.
[20:03:13] <takyonAFK> that's what we want I guess
[20:03:48] <takyonAFK> http://www.pnas.org
[20:03:49] <clippit> ^ 03High income improves evaluation of life but not emotional well-being
[20:03:54] <CoolHand> yeah the one I linked references them on p. 16, which must be why google showed their names
[20:04:23] <takyonAFK> http://www.pnas.org <- done
[20:04:25] <clippit> ^ 03High income improves evaluation of life but not emotional well-being
[20:04:46] <CoolHand> sweet!
[20:05:13] <takyonAFK> give it your second if you think it's ready. added the link as "happiness research"
[20:06:01] <CoolHand> one thing..
[20:07:50] <CoolHand> the title proclaims 70k is optimum min salary, which is what they got, but the study and article talk about 75k being the point.. so I wonder about the title being best
[20:08:41] <takyonAFK> can you change the headline
[20:08:44] <CoolHand> wonder if we should strike optimum from title at least to alleviate what will surely be comments
[20:08:47] <CoolHand> ok..
[20:08:52] <takyonAFK> I already made it weird
[20:09:01] <CoolHand> lol
[20:09:02] <CoolHand> :)
[20:09:40] <CoolHand> I see it's only at 1:05 min from previous story.. is that what u want?
[20:10:41] <takyonAFK> i wanted to keep it aggressive to not hit midnight and to lower the queue
[20:10:54] <CoolHand> ok
[20:11:04] <CoolHand> I'll 2nd edit it and display it
[20:11:51] <takyonAFK> I could see soylent churning an article every 30 minutes in the future. Or just an epic shitload of articles if nexuses catch on
[20:12:07] <CoolHand> yeah.. that'd be crazy.. :)
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