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[00:01:06] <NotSanguine> Actually, that's one of the reasons I wouldn't mind having a Parliamentary system for our national government.
[00:01:35] <NotSanguine> I think that just having the additional voices would make a difference, even if they aren't "mainstream"
[00:03:54] <CoolHand> I agree wholeheartedly...
[00:04:39] <CoolHand> I'm a Libertarian, but ready for any 3rd (and 4th) party to get some influence.. this 2 party system is for the birds
[00:05:36] <NotSanguine> I'm with you except in one important respect: I believe that helping those who are less fortunate is a legitimate role for government.
[00:06:35] <CoolHand> yeah.. I'm not hardline on that.. I could go along to a *limited* extent... most especially in emgcy situations
[00:06:41] <NotSanguine> As far as keeping government out of our private (whether that be personal or commercial) lives is a good thing, except to make sure that there is a level playing field for commercial transactions
[00:10:23] <NotSanguine> Coolhand: sorry, didn't mean to turn this into a political discussion.
[00:16:51] <CoolHand> it's all good man
[00:17:23] <CoolHand> we're not too far apart, so not much chance of it getting ugly.. ;)
[00:43:59] <NotSanguine> Coolhand: sorry, got disracted. I concur.
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[01:22:41] <mrcoolbp> mn32480, CoolHand, NotSanguine: is this a dupe? http://soylentnews.org
[01:22:42] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03- SoylentNews User ( https://soylentnews.org )
[01:22:58] <mrcoolbp> from 4/26 https://soylentnews.org
[01:22:59] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03SN article:  Large Hadron Collider Back to Full Power 04(21 comments) ( https://soylentnews.org )
[01:23:31] <mrcoolbp> sorry, here's the FIRST link in non-edit mode: http://soylentnews.org
[01:24:19] <NotSanguine> IT looks like a dupe
[01:25:08] <mrcoolbp> there's still time, it's set for 2015-04-03 03:05:00 UTC
[01:25:37] <mrcoolbp> which is in 2.5 hrs no?
[01:25:46] <cmn32480> checking
[01:26:00] <cmn32480> as a side note, I missed beer
[01:26:00] <mrcoolbp> thx guys
[01:26:07] <cmn32480> beer++
[01:26:07] <Bender> karma - beer: 1
[01:26:16] <cmn32480> beer had neutral karma....
[01:26:29] <cmn32480> wtf is wrong with this channel???
[01:26:45] <cmn32480> just had my first beer in almost 6 weeks
[01:26:47] <mrcoolbp> where do I start...
[01:26:58] <cmn32480> at the beginning is usually the best place
[01:27:34] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: not many catholic SNers around here
[01:27:52] <cmn32480> I am NPC
[01:28:00] <mrcoolbp> cept for lent = )
[01:28:21] <mrcoolbp> I'm going to un-display the story and throw a note in for janrinok
[01:29:27] <cmn32480> I think we saw something on it last weekend?
[01:29:41] <mrcoolbp> yeah I linked the other story above
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[01:30:04] <mrcoolbp> from 4/26 https://soylentnews.org
[01:30:04] <i_heart_beta> ^* 03SN article:  Large Hadron Collider Back to Full Power 04(21 comments) ( https://soylentnews.org )
[01:30:11] <cmn32480> That was it
[01:30:14] <cmn32480> 3/26
[01:30:22] <mrcoolbp> yeah 3/26 sry
[01:30:37] <cmn32480> np
[01:30:42] <cmn32480> you know NPC, right?
[01:31:02] <cmn32480> Non-Practicing Catholic
[01:31:26] <mrcoolbp> yeah, but you still "practice" lent I see
[01:31:44] <cmn32480> obviously I dind't make it all the way through
[01:31:57] <cmn32480> I gave up beer. Switched to vodka
[01:32:07] <cmn32480> does that still count?
[01:32:11] <mrcoolbp> heh, still I have a lot of respect for that practice
[01:32:21] * mrcoolbp is not the person to ask but I think it does
[01:32:37] * cmn32480 is releaved
[01:34:18] <cmn32480> ok mrcoolbp, hwo do we handle the 3 subs in the queue for the TrueCrypt story?
[01:34:29] <mrcoolbp> sec, finishing my unpublising
[01:34:37] <cmn32480> understood
[01:35:48] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480:
[01:35:56] <mrcoolbp> do you want to run a story with all 3 ?
[01:36:10] <cmn32480> i haven't read all three yet, to be completely honest.
[01:36:28] <mrcoolbp> well that would depend on how we handle them = )
[01:36:31] <cmn32480> I was perusing the queue to see what interested me, and noticed 3 with the same subject
[01:37:02] <cmn32480> woudl this be where you teach us how to mind meld the stories?
[01:37:04] <mrcoolbp> take 5 min and decide if any/all/some are worth publishing and ping me
[01:37:11] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: yeah
[01:37:14] <mrcoolbp> I was going to
[01:37:15] <cmn32480> will do, sir
[01:37:18] <mrcoolbp> k thanks
[01:37:53] <CoolHand> in the 1st sub there was three links at the end... the middle one had a nice tldr of the actual review that I thought would be nice to include..
[01:38:35] <mrcoolbp> merging stories as fun
[01:38:42] <mrcoolbp> is*
[01:41:28] <cmn32480> order of submission is the most to least complete
[01:41:58] <cmn32480> and I agree w/ your assessment of the tl:dr coolhand
[01:42:33] <mrcoolbp> okay, well delete the ones you aren't going to run for sure, and we'll merge the rest (or all 3)
[01:44:21] <cmn32480> protocol question
[01:44:37] <mrcoolbp> k
[01:44:41] <mrcoolbp> shoot
[01:44:45] <cmn32480> the deletion means the sub doesn't get credit for it.
[01:44:53] <cmn32480> *subbmitter
[01:45:05] <mrcoolbp> yes that's true
[01:45:23] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: I think I know what you are going to ask...
[01:45:34] <mrcoolbp> and you can probably figure out the answer too = )
[01:45:43] <cmn32480> if we merge all three, keep the good bits and encourages continued submission
[01:46:01] <cmn32480> vs deleting one or two and people then see the story get run
[01:46:53] <cmn32480> better to encourage continued submission, in my eyes
[01:46:55] <mrcoolbp> aye, so you might credit them at the end by saying "X and Y also submitted [whatever]"
[01:47:29] <mrcoolbp> or say "X Y and Z all wrote in with a link" but then you are not giving credit to the guy/gal that wrote the tl;dr
[01:47:38] <mrcoolbp> so wording on the credit matters
[01:47:43] <cmn32480> i know it is splitting hairs.. but does that show in their submitted stories list?
[01:47:52] <cmn32480> or is that only if we merge them?
[01:48:04] <mrcoolbp> ask the first question again
[01:48:12] <mrcoolbp> didn't get specific inquiry
[01:48:27] <mrcoolbp> does *what* show in their submitted stories
[01:48:34] <cmn32480> if we take story 1, and drop a line at the begninning or end, saying x, y, and z also submitted this
[01:48:43] <mrcoolbp> no
[01:48:46] <cmn32480> that does NOT show in their submitted stories, correct?
[01:48:49] <mrcoolbp> right
[01:48:58] <cmn32480> that only happens if we mere them?
[01:49:07] <cmn32480> *merge
[01:49:09] <mrcoolbp> pretty sure merging gives credit to all 3, we can test on dev if ya want
[01:49:22] <mrcoolbp> submit "blah" to dev right meow
[01:49:27] * mrcoolbp does too
[01:50:19] <CoolHand> this is the article with the nice TL;DR: http://blog.cryptographyengineering.com it's in the AC's submission
[01:50:19] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering: Truecrypt report
[01:50:39] <CoolHand> the "Matthew Green of Johns Hopkins " link
[01:50:44] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: okay I see it
[01:50:48] <mrcoolbp> go to sub queue on dev
[01:50:59] <mrcoolbp> select the checkbox next to each story (left of title)
[01:51:01] <cmn32480> WOOHOOO!!!!!!
[01:51:07] <mrcoolbp> ?
[01:51:08] <cmn32480> The guy I extended an ofer too took it
[01:51:14] <mrcoolbp> sweet!
[01:51:17] <cmn32480> Thank god
[01:51:20] <mrcoolbp> no more travely travely for cmn
[01:51:25] <cmn32480> maybe I can get my ass home for a few days
[01:51:28] <mrcoolbp> yay
[01:51:36] <cmn32480> sorry...
[01:51:42] <CoolHand> sweet! congrats man
[01:51:42] <cmn32480> got a littel excited there
[01:51:45] <mrcoolbp> nah, no prob that;s awesome
[01:51:50] <mrcoolbp> okay back to merging...
[01:51:56] <mrcoolbp> select the checkbox next to each story (left of title)
[01:51:56] <cmn32480> I'm on the road 19 days this month
[01:52:00] <mrcoolbp> eek
[01:52:20] <cmn32480> no kidding
[01:52:27] <cmn32480> my wife was a little less kind about it
[01:52:37] <cmn32480> dnone
[01:52:40] <mrcoolbp> click 'Merge'
[01:52:51] <cmn32480> did it
[01:52:56] <cmn32480> I get one story at the bottom
[01:52:58] <mrcoolbp> now just run it
[01:53:01] <mrcoolbp> as is
[01:53:34] <cmn32480> done
[01:53:38] <mrcoolbp> okay
[01:53:39] <cmn32480> it shows in the story queue
[01:54:23] <cmn32480> under my login, I see it as an accepted submission when I got o submit another story
[01:54:29] <cmn32480> what about you?
[01:54:39] <mrcoolbp> yes, as expected we both got credit
[01:54:51] <mrcoolbp> and now you know how to merge
[01:54:56] <cmn32480> TADA!
[01:55:07] <cmn32480> so fix the stories first, merge them
[01:55:15] <cmn32480> and then display
[01:55:38] <cmn32480> given everythign else wihit slash, that was a lot easier then expected
[01:57:44] <mrcoolbp> right?
[01:57:46] <cmn32480> Thank you mrcoolbp.
[01:57:50] <mrcoolbp> I said the same thing, no prob bro
[01:58:50] <cmn32480> I have merged in prod, and will put up for checking when I get done editing.
[01:59:06] <mrcoolbp> cool
[01:59:13] <mrcoolbp> teamwork++
[01:59:13] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 2
[02:06:28] <cmn32480> we either work as a team and survive. OR don't and fail as individuals
[02:07:01] <mrcoolbp> s'how this place works
[02:07:22] * mrcoolbp made SN letterhead today
[02:07:27] <mrcoolbp> for TMB
[02:09:07] <cmn32480> OOOOOO
[02:09:52] <cmn32480> I bet TMB is pleased
[02:10:26] <cmn32480> if he stays happy, maybe he won't make any more pwnies type themes
[02:10:57] NotSanguine|pingme is now known as NotSanguine
[02:11:02] <mrcoolbp> I'm hoping future themes are created by users
[02:11:10] <mrcoolbp> we should make a guide to making a theme
[02:11:17] <cmn32480> is it acceptable practice to copy all the html out to a text editor do my thign and paste it back?
[02:11:21] * mrcoolbp doesn't know how to do it, but it's mostly css I think
[02:11:34] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: s'waht I do
[02:11:40] <cmn32480> oh... well then
[02:11:58] <cmn32480> the merged story just has a big wall of text
[02:12:00] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: preserves my <CR> between PARs for organization
[02:12:03] <mrcoolbp> cool
[02:12:06] * mrcoolbp looks
[02:12:21] <cmn32480> for the HTML in the editor, I mean
[02:12:28] <mrcoolbp> oh
[02:12:35] * mrcoolbp didn't find anything in Stories
[02:12:41] <mrcoolbp> that makes sense then = )
[02:12:52] <cmn32480> still in submission queue
[02:12:59] <cmn32480> I'm working on it
[02:13:23] <NotSanguine> I'm working the "Docker" story, btw
[02:13:28] <cmn32480> editing 3 stories into 1 is a little different.
[02:15:20] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: yeah, it can be a little more work, BUT I find that you can let the submitters stand on their own more
[02:15:32] <mrcoolbp> just gotta format/proofread etc.
[02:15:48] <cmn32480> these three all have the same links
[02:16:02] <mrcoolbp> that's okay, we can come up with a way to handle that
[02:16:04] <cmn32480> does that matter, or can we just let it roll mostly as is?
[02:16:16] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: I would only add the links in once
[02:16:24] <cmn32480> agreed
[02:16:42] <mrcoolbp> my idea would be firstling: 3 submitters wrote in about truecrypt
[02:16:48] <mrcoolbp> then include the links
[02:16:54] <mrcoolbp> maybe in a sentence
[02:17:01] * mrcoolbp hates full url links for some reason
[02:17:09] <mrcoolbp> only in specific cases ^
[02:17:30] <mrcoolbp> like when it's the link to us.gov/some pdf
[02:17:38] <cmn32480> agreed.
[02:17:39] <mrcoolbp> maybe if it's something short etc.
[02:17:54] <cmn32480> I prefer the [CAUTION PDF]
[02:17:55] <mrcoolbp> anyway, so you could write a sentence that has all links in linke
[02:17:57] <mrcoolbp> line
[02:18:24] <cmn32480> the summary from takyon is the best written
[02:18:27] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: yeah nix the caution though: here's a link [PDF]
[02:18:40] <cmn32480> will do
[02:18:43] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: he's our next recruit
[02:18:53] <cmn32480> ahhh.... suckering in some more, huh?
[02:19:03] <cmn32480> poor bastard
[02:19:04] <mrcoolbp> aye
[02:19:24] <CoolHand> well, I'm off to bed guys... good luck
[02:19:30] <cmn32480> night Coolhand
[02:20:56] <mrcoolbp> night CoolHand!
[02:43:54] <NotSanguine> mrcoolbp, cmn32480: you guys still around?
[02:44:03] <cmn32480> yup
[02:44:16] <cmn32480> whoat's on your mind NotSanguine?
[02:44:29] <mrcoolbp> NotSanguine: still here, takyon will be great on this team
[02:44:30] <NotSanguine> I'm working the "Datacenter as Docker Host" story.
[02:44:33] <mrcoolbp> k
[02:44:50] <mrcoolbp> he's like you guys, he catches on quik
[02:44:53] <mrcoolbp> = )
[02:45:16] <NotSanguine> The submission is pretty clearly a PR bit from JOyent
[02:45:18] <cmn32480> can he spell better than the rest of us?
[02:45:26] <NotSanguine> Or at least a Joyent fanboi
[02:45:59] <NotSanguine> I cleaned it up quite a bit, but the submitter is "Jim Profit" and AFAICT is not an SN user
[02:46:10] <NotSanguine> http://knowyourmeme.com
[02:46:11] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03Jim Profit | Know Your Meme
[02:46:19] <mrcoolbp> incoming takyon
[02:46:41] <NotSanguine> Enable your time stabilizers, everyone!
[02:46:44] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: take a look and ping me if you have questions or whatever
[02:46:50] <mrcoolbp> NotSanguine: rofl
[02:46:51] -!- takyon [takyon!~48d82d7d@bi31-970-11-641.pn.at.cox.net] has joined #editorial
[02:46:54] <mrcoolbp> hey
[02:46:57] <cmn32480> definetly reads like a slashvertisement
[02:47:01] <NotSanguine> Welcom Takyon
[02:47:03] <cmn32480> Takyon is here
[02:47:05] <takyon> yo
[02:47:12] <cmn32480> everybody stop talking about him/her
[02:47:25] <NotSanguine> I made it less so. It was much more biaed before
[02:47:28] <takyon> month -> month's. linked to
[02:47:30] <NotSanguine> biased
[02:47:38] <takyon> "An article blah blah" instead of "Wired"
[02:48:03] <cmn32480> I think w dump it as a slahshvertisment
[02:48:53] <mrcoolbp> tatakyon: I'll look again
[02:48:56] <NotSanguine> But the question I had is that since it's really an AC, should we allow the submitter to pretend to be a tired meme?
[02:49:08] <mrcoolbp> er uh...
[02:49:12] <mrcoolbp> that was a fail
[02:49:21] <takyon> $1 Billion dollars -> $1 billion. All instances of Magicband -> MagicBand. awkward rolling out sentence changed. "Based on the an RFID" -> "Containing an RFID". "gHz" -> "GHz".
[02:49:53] <NotSanguine> Under other circumstances I would agree with you cmn32480, but merging Docker, Solaris zones, ZFS and KVM is pretty cool.
[02:50:21] <mrcoolbp> takyon: is "$1 billion" correct? (seems better than the orignal)
[02:50:30] <takyon> "all the guest has to do" integrated into the sentence. list of things to do with it sentence fixed.
[02:50:36] <takyon> it's what I perceive as correct
[02:50:38] <mrcoolbp> yeah I noticed the camelcase
[02:50:40] <NotSanguine> And could be a welcome technical respite from a lot of the political stories
[02:50:49] <mrcoolbp> and noticed the in-line link changes
[02:51:00] <mrcoolbp> and noticed LOTS of re-wording
[02:51:37] <takyon> I expanded the quote to give it more context. I guess you retyped the quote because I just copied and pasted from the Wired article to fix the punctuation/etc. changes in it
[02:51:49] <mrcoolbp> takyon:= )
[02:51:58] <NotSanguine> cmn32480: or do you disagree?
[02:52:09] <mrcoolbp> yeah I might have been trickey on that one, I was much more cogniscent that day then I am right now
[02:52:10] * cmn32480 is thinking
[02:52:31] <mrcoolbp> takyon: I'm going to send to janrinok for review, but I personally would make you and editor based on that
[02:52:32] <takyon> AtDisneyAgain.com -> AtDisneyAgain. "dissection... to get a look at the components" -> "teardown". Wikipedia agrees that "teardown" is a word.
[02:52:39] <mrcoolbp> takyon: actually
[02:52:52] <NotSanguine> cmn32480: I think it might spark an interesting discussion of virtualization/containerization technologies. Or not
[02:52:59] <takyon> and clarification on the FCC bit
[02:53:18] <mrcoolbp> takyon: I'm considering giving you editor privs if you un-display all your stories
[02:53:24] <NotSanguine> cmn32480: I can also gin it up a little better to be more skeptical of the claims
[02:53:37] <cmn32480> notsanguine
[02:53:44] <cmn32480> dmanit... stupoid fingers
[02:53:47] <takyon> if you un-display your story do you not count as 1 of the 2 votes
[02:53:52] <cmn32480> I'm rereading., w/ links
[02:54:12] <mrcoolbp> takyon: meh, any other editor can decide to display them
[02:54:19] <cmn32480> posting to the story queue si the first vote
[02:54:20] <mrcoolbp> counts as a 2nd check
[02:54:53] <cmn32480> notsanguine: roll the dice and post it
[02:55:00] <mrcoolbp> these guys that we are talking around just learned this stuff days ago and are already collaborating communicating and asking when they have questions, you guys will all make a great teanm
[02:55:02] <cmn32480> interesting topic
[02:55:58] <mrcoolbp> takyon: what do you say, want privs on prod? you can help them with their current task!
[02:56:01] <takyon> soothing music for editing: https://www.youtube.com
[02:56:01] <i_heart_beta> ^* 03Death Grips - Takyon (Death Yon) - YouTube
[02:56:07] <mrcoolbp> BRB
[02:56:21] <takyon> what's prod, a form of bdsm?
[02:56:30] <cmn32480> production
[02:56:34] <cmn32480> the live site
[02:57:03] <NotSanguine> cmn32480: Okay. I'm going to clean it up some more and make it less hagiographic (is that a word? It is now!)
[02:57:04] <takyon> yes give me ultimate power
[02:57:19] <cmn32480> where your work will be judged not only by your peers, but those smarter than you, dumber than you, and anonymous cowards who just want to make you squirm
[02:57:24] <mrcoolbp> takyon: okay there's one catch
[02:57:25] <takyon> i wnot abused it
[02:57:28] <NotSanguine> But as far as the submitter goes, how do you think I should deal with that?
[02:57:33] <mrcoolbp> sec
[02:57:58] <cmn32480> Notsanguine - Does Jim Profit actually exist as a user on the site?
[02:58:03] <mrcoolbp> takyon: remember what I was saying about the authors_cache?
[02:58:12] <takyon> nope
[02:58:15] <mrcoolbp> lol
[02:58:16] <cmn32480> better question: mrcoolbp, how do we check?
[02:58:31] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: gotta read, havne't been following secv
[02:58:39] <cmn32480> if a user name exists on the site
[02:58:45] <mrcoolbp> ya
[02:58:50] <mrcoolbp> oh
[02:58:56] <mrcoolbp> easy
[02:59:06] <cmn32480> for you... perhaps
[02:59:07] <mrcoolbp> http://soylentnews.org
[02:59:08] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03Username - SoylentNews User
[02:59:33] <cmn32480> with a %20 if there is a space in it?
[02:59:41] <takyon> http://soylentnews.org
[02:59:41] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03- SoylentNews User
[02:59:46] <mrcoolbp> no use + as in The+Mighty+Buzzard
[03:00:00] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480 ^
[03:00:01] <cmn32480> http://soylentnews.org
[03:00:01] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03Jim Profit - SoylentNews User
[03:00:20] * mrcoolbp tries to figure out whats going on
[03:00:21] <cmn32480> notsanguine - he actually exists
[03:00:23] <mrcoolbp> takyon: sec
[03:00:38] <cmn32480> I meant to type it inot a browser and forgot to change windows
[03:01:01] <cmn32480> NotSanguine - the sub was NOT from an AC
[03:01:26] <takyon> do we not let AC users submit as a name they make up or something
[03:01:46] <mrcoolbp> no
[03:01:48] <mrcoolbp> we don't
[03:01:51] <takyon> * thinking back to impersonating gewg_
[03:01:58] <mrcoolbp> hm
[03:02:16] <mrcoolbp> good point takyon, but he's kind of an exception, we can track his IPID
[03:02:17] <NotSanguine> mrcoolbp: nope the user doesn't exist
[03:02:34] <mrcoolbp> NotSanguine: explain the issue once more for me real quick?
[03:02:37] <mrcoolbp> pls
[03:02:55] * mrcoolbp is doing 230,498,234 things at once again
[03:02:55] <NotSanguine> I lied. He does exist
[03:02:58] <mrcoolbp> heh
[03:03:19] <NotSanguine> Jim Profit is the name of an unpleasant meme
[03:03:30] <mrcoolbp> takyon: I can give you privs BUT, 2nd editors will have to post as their own until we can rebuild the authors_cache
[03:03:39] <NotSanguine> I checked before but used www.soylentnews.org/~jimprofit
[03:03:43] <NotSanguine> which doesn't exist.
[03:03:48] <cmn32480> somebody please second the truecrypt story in the queue
[03:03:57] <NotSanguine> However, www.soylentnews.org/~jim+profit does
[03:04:02] <mrcoolbp> takyon: so I recommend not doing any 1st edits until we can get janrinok's approval and get a dev to rebuild the cache
[03:04:07] <cmn32480> Correct
[03:04:15] <mrcoolbp> takyon: you can help them with this stuff though
[03:04:32] <cmn32480> but takyon did much improve my Disney summary
[03:04:44] <mrcoolbp> takyon: reload prod
[03:04:49] <takyon> do you need proofreading...?
[03:04:58] <NotSanguine> he appears to be a fairly new user and this is his first submission.
[03:05:05] <cmn32480> !uid
[03:05:06] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 5188, owned by void
[03:05:16] <NotSanguine> Interestingly, the email he used doesn't match the email he registered this
[03:05:17] <takyon> I've got the special bar
[03:05:18] <NotSanguine> uid 4860
[03:05:29] <mrcoolbp> takyon: so I'm going to ammend my previous decision: no 1st editing until we get you approved, is that kosher?
[03:05:31] <cmn32480> pretty recent
[03:06:04] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: that's around a month or 2
[03:06:07] <mrcoolbp> i think
[03:06:17] <cmn32480> possibly pull the link from the username?
[03:06:21] <NotSanguine> Yeah. But since he actually is a registered user, not someone trying to appear to be a user but not I geuss we can give him the benefit of the doubt?
[03:06:44] <cmn32480> anybody got a quarter?
[03:06:49] <mrcoolbp> takyon: I'll write that email to janrinok now though
[03:06:57] <NotSanguine> The link in the submission is to jimprofit@gmail.com, which isn't the email he used to register.
[03:07:38] <takyon> I'm not doing anything on prod unless you tell me to
[03:07:44] <cmn32480> good choice
[03:08:13] <cmn32480> takyon - take a look in the stories queue at the truecrypt story
[03:08:20] <cmn32480> I'm open to suggestion
[03:08:24] <mrcoolbp> takyon: I'll send you an email tomorrow, is it okay if I use your email that you registered on SN with?
[03:08:38] <takyon> ye
[03:08:41] <mrcoolbp> cool
[03:08:45] <mrcoolbp> thx
[03:08:51] * mrcoolbp goes to write email
[03:08:51] <NotSanguine> Anyway, I cleaned it up as much as I could. Saving it now. If you think it's still to biased, I'll kill it.
[03:08:56] <takyon> about the truecrypt article, is it true that the audit was only for the Windows version? I missed that detail
[03:09:28] <NotSanguine> takyon: I'd have to check, but IIRC yes it was just the Windows version
[03:09:32] <cmn32480> I can't get inot the pdf
[03:09:39] <cmn32480> stupid crappy hotel internet connection
[03:09:57] <cmn32480> the Phase II link shoudl make that pretty clear
[03:10:26] <cmn32480> Notsanguine - lemme look at it
[03:11:36] <cmn32480> Notsanguine - 2 things - fix the release time
[03:11:59] <cmn32480> WTF are Dockers?
[03:12:24] <NotSanguine> cmn32480: found a few minor typos fixing. I'll include a link to "The Gap" for Dockers
[03:12:26] <takyon> a clothing brand and some tech thing
[03:12:43] <cmn32480> i knew about the clothing thing
[03:12:55] <NotSanguine> Just kidding. Docker is a "containerization" technology which are essentially mini-VMs
[03:12:56] <cmn32480> the tech thingie was the confusing part
[03:13:14] <cmn32480> is this common knowledge?
[03:13:20] <cmn32480> and I'm just way out of it?
[03:13:45] <cmn32480> shit this a/c unit is loud in this room
[03:14:00] <takyon> I think a lot of people wouldn't know
[03:14:14] <takyon> VMware is a more "household" name
[03:14:27] <NotSanguine> reload the story, the link for Docker should be there now
[03:15:10] <cmn32480> takyon - just for background, I'm traveling a crapton for work this month. my availability is limited, and the internet connection makes me long for home.
[03:15:58] <cmn32480> Notsanguine - run it.
[03:16:18] <cmn32480> I'll second yours if you second mine... then I can take a shower
[03:16:22] <takyon> about the LHC dupe thing, there's been some delays and such this week
[03:16:29] <NotSanguine> A shower? Hooray!
[03:16:51] <NotSanguine> Yeah. the dupe thing is a little strange.
[03:17:03] <cmn32480> ?? somebody clue me in?
[03:17:21] <cmn32480> is the new atrticle more of an update?
[03:17:28] <takyon> I've got this in my "records"
[03:17:33] <NotSanguine> The way the links go, it looks like a dupe, but it may be the CERN just used the same URL for their update press release
[03:17:38] <cmn32480> or was this based on the 4/1 joke about it being broken beyond repair?
[03:17:39] <takyon> 3/20/2015: Bbc.com: LHC restart 'not before Wednesday': Run Two of the Large Hadron Collider is set to ramp up next week but beams will not go full circle before Wednesday, according to scientists at Cern.
[03:17:39] <NotSanguine> *that
[03:17:44] <takyon> 3/24/2015: Bbc.com: LHC restart: Short circuit slows preparations - The rebooted Large Hadron Collider is facing a delay of days or even weeks, after a short circuit was detected in one of its powerful electromagnets.
[03:18:36] <NotSanguine> cmn32480: thanks for your help sir. It's much appreciated
[03:18:42] <cmn32480> no problem
[03:18:55] <cmn32480> we work together and succeed, or fail as individuals
[03:19:11] <mrcoolbp> dejavu
[03:19:15] <cmn32480> all over again
[03:19:18] <mrcoolbp> = )
[03:19:22] <NotSanguine> I agree, but that doesn't mean your assistance doesn't merit comment.
[03:19:27] <NotSanguine> Thanks, Yogi
[03:19:36] * mrcoolbp is not following this channel and only saw that one thing
[03:19:42] * mrcoolbp goes back to his emailin'
[03:19:42] <cmn32480> now.. I am going to look for some picnic baskets
[03:19:46] <NotSanguine> cmn32480: yours is the truecrypt story, yes?
[03:19:49] <cmn32480> yes
[03:20:36] * NotSanguine checking links and proofing the truecrypt story one last time
[03:21:55] <cmn32480> please and Thank you Notsanguine
[03:22:37] <takyon> capitalize "the" in "The Register"
[03:24:45] * NotSanguine found a period outside quotation marks at ...sources such as system pointers and mouse movements".
[03:25:04] * NotSanguine put the period inside the quotation marks where it belongs
[03:25:16] <mrcoolbp> takyon: okay, still waiting on janrinok as he's likely asleep BUT...
[03:25:16] * NotSanguine is releasing the story now
[03:25:47] <mrcoolbp> takyon: you can first-edit stories as long as they are all non-display until I hear from janrinok
[03:25:56] <takyon> ok
[03:25:56] <NotSanguine> cmn32480: You're welcome and I'm ready for that shower now. ;)
[03:26:05] <cmn32480> OH BABY
[03:26:24] * NotSanguine wonders if we should we let takyon in on the joke?
[03:26:31] <mrcoolbp> NotSanguine, cmn32480: you guys are noobs but you are doing fine, feel free to give his stories a 2nd-check and re-diplay them
[03:26:47] <cmn32480> yes Boss
[03:27:02] <cmn32480> nah... let him wonder
[03:27:06] * NotSanguine is offended that mrcoolbp called him a noob.
[03:27:12] <mrcoolbp> heh
[03:27:20] <mrcoolbp> NotSanguine: it's all relative = )
[03:27:24] * NotSanguine likes to bust mrcoolbp's chops
[03:27:25] <cmn32480> bette then him calling you a boob
[03:27:41] * mrcoolbp likes boobs so thats a compliment actually
[03:27:54] <NotSanguine> mrcoolbp: I know. Just giving you a hard time.
[03:27:55] <cmn32480> you've never seen NotSanguine...
[03:28:00] <cmn32480> <shudder>
[03:28:29] * NotSanguine is a 25 year-old brunette chick with 38C boobs and and ass that just won't quit.
[03:29:00] <takyon> I wish whitespace was preserved when previewing a story
[03:29:14] <NotSanguine> In fact, NotSanguine's ass has its own zip code -- and not just a zip+4
[03:29:53] <cmn32480> takyon - don't believe a word she says
[03:29:56] <NotSanguine> mrcoolbp: don't worry, we'll help takyon as we can
[03:30:03] <mrcoolbp> thanks guys
[03:30:07] <mrcoolbp> teamwork++
[03:30:07] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 3
[03:30:24] <cmn32480> If I was mrcoolbp, I'd be more worried that we were helping takyon
[03:30:50] <mrcoolbp> I know what you guys are capable of
[03:31:02] * mrcoolbp waits for site to burn down
[03:31:04] <cmn32480> I mean, really, Notsanguine, me and coolhand, we are all a tiny bit twisted
[03:31:22] <mrcoolbp> takyon: the admin bar can be daunting: try not to break the site, kay?
[03:31:22] <takyon> you haven't seen the full extent of my madness
[03:31:26] <cmn32480> bet you find a red swingline after the fire is out!
[03:31:32] <mrcoolbp> prolly
[03:31:36] <takyon> I'll break it one story at a time
[03:31:42] <mrcoolbp> there ya go
[03:31:46] * NotSanguine shares a photo
[03:31:48] <NotSanguine> http://thatisinsane.net
[03:32:12] <NotSanguine> Not the best one of me, but at least I'm smiling
[03:33:27] <cmn32480> I don 't like the way you are looking at the gnome's ass...
[03:33:44] * NotSanguine laughs
[03:33:49] <NotSanguine> that's my bird.
[03:34:01] <NotSanguine> His name is Barnaby Jones
[03:34:30] <NotSanguine> Takyon: What are you working on now?
[03:34:39] <takyon> I'm looking at the tesla factor story
[03:34:43] <mrcoolbp> NotSanguine: check in admin interface = )
[03:34:49] <mrcoolbp> takyon: do you know how to do that?
[03:34:51] <cmn32480> interesting... my pet bird is Remington Steele
[03:35:17] <cmn32480> takyon - Check the bottom of the screen to see who is already in a story
[03:35:24] <mrcoolbp> ^^^^^
[03:35:41] <cmn32480> for instance, I am currentlyl editing the Tesla story
[03:35:44] <NotSanguine> Yes. that's the correct way to do it, takyon.
[03:35:58] <takyon> phew
[03:36:14] <takyon> boy I don't like forbes
[03:36:21] <cmn32480> you see the list of staff usernames at the bottom?
[03:36:37] <mrcoolbp> takyon ^
[03:36:38] <cmn32480> if thye are currently in a story, it will show how long they have been in it
[03:36:43] <mrcoolbp> and ^
[03:36:50] <takyon> yeah I see you +cmn32480
[03:36:53] <NotSanguine> takyon, cmn32480: neither of you have saved the story yet I see (that makes it go into the story queue, takyon)
[03:37:08] <cmn32480> notsanguine, no I have not
[03:37:10] <NotSanguine> Don't forgewt to uncheck "Display" takyon
[03:37:15] <cmn32480> Yes dad
[03:37:25] <mrcoolbp> lol
[03:37:44] <takyon> I'm feeling a strong sense of ambiguity about this article
[03:37:53] <NotSanguine> no display stories come up in gray on the story queue, just so you know.
[03:37:54] <cmn32480> I was actually looking into adding a line on the 2 April Fools Jokes that Tesla published
[03:38:11] * mrcoolbp is so happy to see 3 brand new editors all acting like senior EiCs
[03:38:27] <mrcoolbp> what a cool community we have
[03:38:34] <takyon> there's really tons of Tesla news to choose from
[03:38:37] <takyon> like this: http://www.marketwatch.com
[03:38:38] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03Elon Musk tweets, Tesla shares leap - MarketWatch
[03:38:44] <cmn32480> agreed
[03:38:51] <mrcoolbp> ^with me
[03:38:53] <mrcoolbp> heh
[03:39:01] <cmn32480> both of you
[03:39:12] <takyon> Musk is one prolific tweeter
[03:39:16] <mrcoolbp> okay I'll shutup now and let you guys do your thing, ping me if you need me, lean on eachother etc.
[03:39:25] <takyon> yeye
[03:39:39] <cmn32480> no leaning on each other in the shower NotSanguine... that is how people slip and fall
[03:40:04] <mrcoolbp> takyon: we can post a "welcom takyon" article when we get the "2nd check" from janrinok I suppose, though I may forget
[03:40:16] * NotSanguine suggests that cmn32480 holds on to *this*
[03:40:16] <mrcoolbp> here we go with the shower jokes again...
[03:40:34] <cmn32480> mrcoolbp... it is in the editor guidelines
[03:40:43] <cmn32480> we are just follwoing the rules
[03:41:08] <cmn32480> NotSanguine told me so
[03:41:13] <cmn32480> and he woudl never lie to me
[03:41:18] <cmn32480> we're shower buddies
[03:41:37] * cmn32480 read editorial guidelines
[03:41:37] <NotSanguine> Sorry cmn32480, I'm going to clue takyon in...
[03:41:42] <NotSanguine> https://soylentnews.org
[03:41:43] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03SN comment by [02NotSanguine (285)] (02Score:5, Funny)
[03:41:55] <NotSanguine> Check that out takyon...and you'll begin to understand
[03:42:59] <takyon> hooboy can't wait for my roast
[03:43:16] <cmn32480> I told you we are a bit twisted
[03:43:24] <cmn32480> you can't say you wern't warned
[03:43:39] <NotSanguine> As to the Tesla story, it seems kind of bare. I think it needs more content from the Forbes piece, as well as some linkage to Tesla's (perhaps our own story about it) announcement of their "self-driving" tech. What do you guys think?
[03:44:50] <NotSanguine> Or is that too ambitious?
[03:45:28] -!- cmn32480 has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[03:45:39] <NotSanguine> https://soylentnews.org
[03:45:40] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03SN article:  Elon Musk Claims Self-Driving Teslas Coming this Summer via an Over-the-Air Update 04(12 comments)
[03:45:53] <mrcoolbp> Guys: you might want to drop in something about that new mercedez concept if you are expanding on the future of cars
[03:46:03] <mrcoolbp> thing is crazy
[03:46:26] <NotSanguine> mrcoolbp: link please
[03:46:45] <mrcoolbp> NotSanguine: search Mercedez F 015
[03:46:57] <NotSanguine> Danke
[03:47:03] <mrcoolbp> bite
[03:47:29] <mrcoolbp> er bitte
[03:47:40] <NotSanguine> http://www.mbusa.com
[03:47:40] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03F 015 Luxury in Motion Concept Car | Mercedes-Benz
[03:47:56] -!- cmn32480 [cmn32480!cmn32480@Soylent/Staff/Editor/cmn32480] has joined #editorial
[03:47:56] -!- mode/#editorial [+v cmn32480] by SkyNet
[03:47:59] <NotSanguine> Am I overwhelming you with this takyon?
[03:48:00] <mrcoolbp> NotSanguine: the videos are cool, but you gotta find a good video
[03:48:24] <cmn32480> stupid hotel connection
[03:48:25] * mrcoolbp is going AFK for a bit
[03:48:37] <cmn32480> yes, I agree the tesla storyis pretty bare
[03:48:56] -!- cmn32480 has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[03:49:42] <takyon> according to my records I haven't cared about autonomous cars for 10 days, and musk for 3
[03:50:17] <NotSanguine> takyon: Sounds like we need to make it a hatchet piece then. :)
[03:51:42] -!- cmn32480 [cmn32480!cmn32480@Soylent/Staff/Editor/cmn32480] has joined #editorial
[03:51:42] -!- mode/#editorial [+v cmn32480] by SkyNet
[03:51:51] <cmn32480> I relinquish the Tesla story
[03:52:01] <takyon> before the tesla update thingy there was this remark: http://www.theregister.co.uk
[03:52:02] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03My self-driving cars may lead to human driver ban, says Tesla's Musk • The Register
[03:52:08] <cmn32480> obviously Hilton dones't wnat me working on anythgin
[03:53:32] <NotSanguine> Takyon looks like a good link to include
[03:54:29] <NotSanguine> takyon: IF I could suggest grabbing the first two paragraphs of the Forbes story, then include the quotes from the submitter
[03:54:40] <takyon> the reason I mention it is because musk has made some predictions of when he wanted to release an autonomous car or how autonomous he wanted it to be (90%) but he may have changed his tune
[03:54:52] <takyon> since a lot of groups are working on the technology now, including Uber
[03:55:25] <NotSanguine> This video http://www.nytimes.com
[03:55:26] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03 ( http://www.nytimes.com )
[03:55:47] <NotSanguine> Is more about info than eye candy. And more interesting, IMHO
[03:56:54] <NotSanguine> I'm not so convinced that Uber will be a real player, but the various players (Google, Uber, Tesla, Mercedes, etc.) probably merit a mention
[03:57:51] <cmn32480> that MB is a sweet looking car
[03:58:04] <NotSanguine> Takyon: Perhaps you might want to look at something that won't require as much work for your first story?
[03:58:25] <NotSanguine> Perhaps this one? https://soylentnews.org
[03:58:26] <i_heart_beta> ^ 0304SN Submission by NotSanguine: A Tale of Two Tails: The Moon Has Trailing Dust Trails
[03:58:30] <takyon> i'm on the 10% internet story
[03:58:42] <takyon> it's easy because it's full of facts
[03:59:14] <cmn32480> the connection here is shit tonight. I think I am gonna hit the sack
[03:59:21] <NotSanguine> That's a good one too, although the other one was submitted by a much more fabulous guy
[03:59:38] <NotSanguine> 'night cmn32480. Don't forget to towel off well. ;)
[04:00:16] <cmn32480> you do the same. And for crimon'ys sake... pleae use soap this time
[04:00:30] * NotSanguine scoffs
[04:00:34] <NotSanguine> soap? Never!
[04:00:46] <NotSanguine> And thanks.
[04:00:47] <cmn32480> alright then
[04:00:52] <cmn32480> Anytime.
[04:01:06] <cmn32480> You scrub my back... I'll scrub yours
[04:01:09] * cmn32480 ducks
[04:01:16] <NotSanguine> cmn32480: meow!
[04:01:31] cmn32480 is now known as cmn32480|sleeping
[04:01:45] <cmn32480|sleeping> and takyon, welcome aboard
[04:02:07] <NotSanguine> takyon: I'll stick around while you work on your story. IF you have questions and/or want me to look it over, just ask.
[04:02:20] <NotSanguine> And don't forget to uncheck 'display'
[04:02:32] <cmn32480|sleeping> I'll look in the queue in the morning, hoepfully w/ a better connection
[04:02:57] <cmn32480|sleeping> night kids
[04:03:18] * NotSanguine waves goodnight
[04:05:33] <takyon> I think I'm ready to pull the trigger. It's a very straightforward story
[04:06:04] <NotSanguine> takyon: GO ahead and save it with 'display' unchecked and I'll take a look
[04:07:14] * NotSanguine is looking at takyon's story
[04:07:18] <takyon> done
[04:07:20] <takyon> brb
[04:09:12] * NotSanguine will comment when takyon returns
[04:13:36] <takyon> yeah
[04:13:58] <NotSanguine> A couple of nits
[04:14:58] <NotSanguine> If it were me, I'd put the Ars Technica link test just "story" and the Pew report link just "report"
[04:15:39] <takyon> but there's more pixels for the user to click on (kek)
[04:15:42] <NotSanguine> as in "ars technica has <a href=...>story> and pew research center <a href=...>report
[04:15:48] <takyon> what's your take on the headline
[04:16:30] <takyon> does the headline sound awkward to you
[04:16:42] <NotSanguine> I'd s[pell out "ten percent" and maybe "Ten Persoence of Americans Have Internet Accdess Only Through Their Smartphones"
[04:16:47] <NotSanguine> Percent
[04:17:16] <NotSanguine> IS that better?
[04:17:48] <takyon> yeah
[04:18:03] <takyon> there are many ways for that headline to sound bad and I like yours better
[04:18:24] <NotSanguine> So mine sounds bad in it's own special way? That's sweet. :)
[04:18:40] <NotSanguine> The other thing is the quotes from the article
[04:19:28] <takyon> I see a stylized quote mistake
[04:19:33] <NotSanguine> BOth quotes (they're not contiguous and you don't note that with ellipsis either) are actually from the Pew Report and none of the quote is from the actual Ars Article
[04:20:05] <NotSanguine> IF you're not going to quote the article, you might as well just quote it as the Pew Report.
[04:20:07] <NotSanguine> However,
[04:21:01] <NotSanguine> I'd include the first sentence of the article "One out of every 10 Americans..."
[04:21:31] <NotSanguine> and then include the paragraph between the two Pew quotes: "Pew said that 7 percent of Americans..."
[04:21:54] <NotSanguine> Actually, this is a really crappily written article
[04:22:44] <NotSanguine> Any number less than 13 should be written out. The sentences before each quote are just paraphrases of the quote.
[04:23:00] * NotSanguine thinks John Brodkin is a bad writer
[04:23:17] <takyon> Pew does all the work for you really
[04:23:38] <takyon> do you want me to just kill Ars and go right to the Pew report for this rewrite?
[04:23:53] <NotSanguine> Perhaps take those two quotes from Pew and attributre them to the Pew report.
[04:24:29] <NotSanguine> Then quote Ars starting from "Racial breakdowns..."
[04:24:55] <NotSanguine> and go through "...40 percent went witout INternet service"
[04:25:46] <NotSanguine> I think that should give everyone an idea of what's being presented (enough for those who barely read the TFS, let alone TFA)
[04:26:11] <NotSanguine> Or is that too much?
[04:27:16] <takyon> i'll see
[04:27:28] <takyon> I wish the editor preserved whitespace
[04:28:10] <NotSanguine> The bit about "Nearly all Americans live..." might also be good if you include the link to the Center for Public integrity as that's certainly relevant to the discussion.
[04:28:24] <NotSanguine> Yes. The whitespace thing is *really* annoying
[04:28:57] <NotSanguine> You get used to it. alternatively, you could just copy it out of the browser to a local editor and hack on it there?
[04:29:13] <NotSanguine> I use "Preview" a lot to see how it's going to look
[04:30:26] <NotSanguine> I'm not trying to pile on here. Given what the submitter provided, you did a good job. At the same time, it's incumbent on us to make the stories *good* IMHO
[04:31:53] <NotSanguine> I've only been at it for a few weeks, but it's rare to see submissions that are pretty much ready to go.
[04:32:30] * NotSanguine wants takyon to do it *his* way.
[04:32:34] <takyon> 1sec
[04:32:49] <NotSanguine> and by his, I mean your way
[04:33:23] <takyon> I got a big blockquote of text and I'm going to carve it up
[04:33:27] <NotSanguine> You're going to be on the byline, so it should be the wy you want it.
[04:35:22] <NotSanguine> If you think my suggestions make sense, good. If not, I'm cool.
[04:36:09] <NotSanguine> And don't worry, NCommander only comes to your house and shoots your dog if you mis-spell things. :)
[04:36:46] <takyon> http://soylentnews.org
[04:36:49] <takyon> here's what I want to do
[04:37:01] <takyon> move the Ars mention to the middle
[04:37:13] <takyon> "decimate" the first blockquote big time
[04:37:18] <takyon> and keep the latter half as is
[04:39:10] <NotSanguine> Yes, Keep the Pew quotes in the first block (remove the quotation marks) and attribute it to the Pew Report (since we're already linking to it). Include the last sentence of the first block into the second block (attributed to Ars) and make sure to insert the hyperlink toe the CPI analysis.
[04:39:15] <NotSanguine> That's what you have in mind?
[04:40:31] <NotSanguine> And Since Ars Technica is a publication, I'd put the name in italics (<i>Ars Technica</i>)
[04:40:52] <takyon> we don't italicize publications according to mrcoolbp
[04:41:21] <NotSanguine> Really? mrcoolbp is the boss man.
[04:42:28] <NotSanguine> And is documented to be so at http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[04:42:28] <i_heart_beta> ^✓ 03Wiki: Story Style
[04:42:50] <NotSanguine> So I'm full of it. I knew that already. Now you do too. :)
[04:43:18] <takyon> we're all full of something
[04:43:45] <NotSanguine> I'm not going to go there, takyon. At least not right now.:)
[04:44:45] <takyon> the great thing about Ars' direct quotes from Pew is that they don't appear to exist in the form they quoted them
[04:44:57] <NotSanguine> Really?
[04:45:11] <takyon> i'm ctrl+f 'ing on the Pew report
[04:45:13] <NotSanguine> I hope John Brodkin is raped by porcupines
[04:45:25] <takyon> you know, maybe they quoted from the report and not this summary of the report
[04:45:31] <takyon> that could be the problem
[04:45:52] <takyon> somewhere there is an actual report that is probably 40 pages long
[04:46:09] <NotSanguine> Look at the "Key Themes" box on the first page of the Pew doc
[04:47:39] <NotSanguine> And the second quote is from a bullet point below the first chart...with the heading "Those with low household incomes..."
[04:47:51] <takyon> i found
[04:47:55] <takyon> question incoming
[04:48:31] * NotSanguine still hopes John Brodkin is raped by porcupines
[04:48:39] <takyon> should I put my [...] at the beginning of a paragraph?
[04:49:02] <NotSanguine> Why not put it in between the two paragraphs
[04:49:27] <NotSanguine> That lets folks know there is a break, but isn't as jarring as at the beginning of the paragraph
[04:49:29] <takyon> I've only really seen gewg_ bother with the ellipsis use. My past submissions mash things together with no indication that I've skipped paragraphs
[04:50:15] <NotSanguine> As I said, it's your story. I always do that, but that's me. So do it as you think best
[04:51:07] <NotSanguine> My suggestions are just that. I'm not going to be offended if you go your own way. That's why you're an editor.
[04:51:10] <takyon> one more thing
[04:51:13] <NotSanguine> Yes sir
[04:51:31] <takyon> I like to nuke any stylized quotes to the most basic ones
[04:51:38] <takyon> how about you
[04:51:43] <takyon> example:
[04:51:55] <NotSanguine> YOu mean smart quotes vs. regular quotation marks?
[04:52:03] <takyon> “smartphone-dependent.” -> "smartphone-dependent."
[04:52:08] <takyon> right
[04:52:43] <NotSanguine> Smart quotes, like Edith Keeler, must die!
[04:52:48] <takyon> okay
[04:53:44] <takyon> http://soylentnews.org
[04:54:14] <takyon> heheh refresh
[04:55:31] <NotSanguine> Looks good. If it were me, I'd still trim the text in the links, but it's your story.
[04:56:55] <takyon> https://en.wikipedia.org(grammar)#Forms_of_the_subject
[04:56:55] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03Wiki: Subject (grammar)
[04:57:42] <NotSanguine> At this point, I recommend setting the release time to be after the latest story. Which is currently 04/03 14:55 UTC. We like to keep 1.5-1.75 hours between stories, so how about 16:43?
[04:57:49] <takyon> I was greedy with the Ars one but Pew Research Center report is a full subject
[04:59:03] <NotSanguine> the wikipedia link shows me where you're going. I get it. It does make sense to me too -- for "New analysis" at least
[04:59:40] <NotSanguine> But like I said, it's your story. When you change the time, go ahead and check 'display' and I'll be the second sign off
[04:59:50] <takyon> oh all those other links are copied from how Ars did it
[05:00:10] <NotSanguine> Did I mention porcupines? :) :) :)
[05:00:56] <takyon> they're the hot new gift
[05:01:02] <takyon> for journalists and bloggers
[05:01:11] * NotSanguine is chuckling
[05:01:41] <NotSanguine> MOre seriously, this story was a bit more complex since the submitter just threw it together without regard for sources.
[05:02:19] <NotSanguine> Those are the the kinds of things (as well as all the more banal editing tasks) to look out for IMHO
[05:02:27] * takyon is New Media
[05:03:19] <takyon> there's all kinds of problems
[05:03:31] <takyon> I wonder if a legit news source reported on V-Nova yet
[05:03:49] <NotSanguine> Takyon is also now a publishing editor on SN. Congratulations and welcome aboard!
[05:04:34] <takyon> https://news.google.com
[05:04:35] <NotSanguine> If you consider the BBC a "legit" source http://www.bbc.com
[05:04:35] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03V-Nova streaming tech produces 4K...
[05:04:36] <i_heart_beta> ^✓ 03V-Nova streaming tech produces 4K compression 'worth watching' - BBC News
[05:04:48] <takyon> it's a short blurb and autoplay video though
[05:05:11] <takyon> I didn't watch the video but I'm sure it's not technical
[05:05:16] <NotSanguine> I just get the notification that I need to install Flash. Which I won't
[05:05:47] <NotSanguine> So it's likely just a repackaged press release then?
[05:06:11] <takyon> everywhere else other than Beeb
[05:07:02] <NotSanguine> The Studio Daily and GTN News articles might be good
[05:08:04] <takyon> from Studio Daily
[05:08:19] <takyon> "claiming that testing shows compression gains of two to three times compared to H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC"
[05:08:29] <takyon> that sentence kills the article for me
[05:08:52] <takyon> I want a flat declaration that the codec is about 50% better than H.265/HEVC
[05:09:08] <NotSanguine> Do they provide any data? Because it's the data that tells the story
[05:09:24] <NotSanguine> In any case, I hope I didn't put you off with my suggestions. It's good to have you here.
[05:09:53] <takyon> no I like constructive criticism
[05:09:56] * NotSanguine is looking at the Studio Daily article
[05:09:59] <takyon> I just got really lazy on that article
[05:10:58] <NotSanguine> Why do you say lazy?
[05:11:21] <takyon> another problem with the V-Nova reporting is that there seems to be an agreement that it is capable of 7-8 Mbps 4K streaming, but then another source one ups that and says 4 Mbps! And there's a mention of how it might enable "4K 60 FPS" for consumers, so you get to wondering if 4 Mbps is for 2160p30 and 7-8 Mbps is for 2160p60
[05:12:21] <takyon> which is why I'm waiting for El Reg or somebody to cut through the bullshit on V-Nova
[05:12:45] <NotSanguine> That's one of the problems with vendor testing. They make sure to put their best face forward. Even if they tell the truth, it may not be the *whole* truth
[05:12:52] <takyon> since if it lives up to the hype it is a big deal... undercutting the next next-gen (H.266?) by a few years
[05:13:23] <NotSanguine> Reputable folks need to get their hands on the gear and do independent testing
[05:14:21] <takyon> well companies coming out of "stealth mode" like to carefully control the narrative and often have nothing in a form that anybody can test
[05:14:32] <takyon> like this other company I'm hyped about, Optalysys
[05:14:50] <takyon> or Crossbar
[05:14:51] <NotSanguine> I know how that goes. I've worked for vendors
[05:15:14] <NotSanguine> And why I hate sales guys.
[05:15:22] <NotSanguine> You're not a sales guy, are you?
[05:15:28] <takyon> nah
[05:15:33] <NotSanguine> Good.
[05:15:46] <takyon> of course, a sales guy trying to push ads from inside Soylent would say that
[05:16:28] <NotSanguine> I suppose so. But if you're trying to hype one of those companies, you're barking up the wrong tree friend. :)
[05:16:43] <takyon> how's that
[05:16:59] <NotSanguine> Because I'm a solutions person.
[05:17:30] <NotSanguine> I want to use the best solution, not the *product* from the best sales person.
[05:18:39] <NotSanguine> Which is why, when I was working as a consultant, I liked working for firms that were not beholden to a particular vendor
[05:19:25] <NotSanguine> Which left me free to recommend the *best* solution, not the one my employer was flogging
[05:19:49] <NotSanguine> IF that makes any sense
[05:20:04] <takyon> sure
[05:20:59] <NotSanguine> Then again, as a consultant, I was selling my knowledge and experience, so that sort of made me a sales guy....yuck. I think I need a shower. :)
[05:21:35] <takyon> I know I do
[05:21:49] * NotSanguine wonders if that's an offer
[05:22:40] <NotSanguine> Anyway takyon, how is it going for you so far?
[05:22:53] <NotSanguine> Are you starting to get a feel for this?
[05:23:10] <takyon> It's not much different from when I was submitting stories
[05:23:24] <takyon> Except that I start with a big block of crap and have to mould it like clay
[05:24:17] <takyon> If anything I want to catch a few errors before they hit the front page
[05:24:32] <takyon> Since there's inevitably some cringeworthy mistake or two that slips through
[05:24:49] <NotSanguine> A good point. I find that looking at other editors' work helps me a lot. Not so much from a style perspective, but from a "what will spark a good discussion" standpoint
[05:25:47] <NotSanguine> That happens. I can't speak for anyone else, but all we can do is our best. And we will make mistakes. That's part of being people
[05:26:04] <takyon> topic wise it seems the science and tech stories are hit and miss on whether they spark a nice discussion
[05:26:19] <NotSanguine> Which is, of course, why we all need to lean on each other -- to catch the mistakes we can.
[05:26:42] <takyon> politics/global warming guarantees a nice flamewar. Civil/digital liberty and surveillance gets a lot of discussion (and I specialize in those stories)
[05:27:09] <NotSanguine> That's true. There was actually a discussion about that in an article I submitted a month or so back.
[05:27:17] * NotSanguine tries to dig it up
[05:27:53] <takyon> I'd like to see the technology, biology, space, etc. stories get a bit more attention
[05:29:26] <NotSanguine> https://soylentnews.org
[05:29:27] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03SN comment by [02fliptop (1666)] (02Score:4, Interesting)
[05:30:35] <NotSanguine> I submit what interests me. if there's a good discussion, great. If not, those who are also interested have some links to follow. Either way, there's benifit, IMHO
[05:31:04] <takyon> it's time for another space submission: http://www.bbc.com
[05:31:06] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03Star's birth glimpsed 'in real time' - BBC News
[05:31:40] <NotSanguine> One of the issues, I think, is that since SN is a smaller community, there are a commensurately smaller group of scientists and those interested in science.
[05:32:09] <NotSanguine> YOu could always edit the moon story from my favorite submitter. :)
[05:32:54] <takyon> it looks great already except
[05:32:54] <NotSanguine> So go ahead and submit it. I'll take a look at it in the morning.
[05:33:01] <NotSanguine> Yes?
[05:33:04] <takyon> #htrtps
[05:33:37] <takyon> I'll give your story the breath of life
[05:33:43] <NotSanguine> I screwed up my own home page. Lovely.
[05:34:31] <NotSanguine> If you think it will benefit the community, go for it. That's (at least in my mind) the best goal for the editors
[05:34:43] <NotSanguine> And thank you.
[05:34:56] <NotSanguine> With that, it's past my bedtime Takyon.
[05:35:14] <takyon> good night
[05:35:17] <NotSanguine> Once again, welcome aboard and don't hesitate to ping me if I can help
[05:35:56] * NotSanguine slowly fades into the background
[05:36:13] * NotSanguine is way too enamored of the '/me' function
[05:36:20] <NotSanguine> 'night
[05:36:40] NotSanguine is now known as NotSanguine|unconsci
[05:36:58] NotSanguine|unconsci is now known as NotSanguine|knackere
[05:37:19] NotSanguine|knackere is now known as NotSanguine|done4nit
[05:37:36] NotSanguine|done4nit is now known as NotSanguine|away
[06:01:47] * mrcoolbp has to go to bed but sees he was pinged
[06:04:17] <mrcoolbp> takyon: I don't remember what I specifically said about italics, but we should follow conventions in these cases (I refer to conventions in writing, but my background is college writing classes mostly and associated academic manuals of style). Speaking of conventions, we don't tend to italicize
[06:04:39] <mrcoolbp> Wired, or CNN or whatever, so I think you are right
[06:05:09] <takyon> yeah it checks out
[06:05:15] <takyon> i've pushed two stories
[06:09:39] <mrcoolbp> I'll glance before I turn in for the night
[06:10:03] <mrcoolbp> looks like NS already checked one
[06:12:15] <mrcoolbp> takyon: approving the other story now
[06:13:16] <mrcoolbp> takyon: question though, any reason you removed "Colaprete theorizes that if the same processes are at work in other parts of the solar system, these techniques could provide a way to remotely characterize the surfaces of other celestial bodies." ?
[06:14:46] <takyon> it was repetition from what was already in the blockquote
[06:15:07] <mrcoolbp> takyon: sure, I see that a bit
[06:15:28] <mrcoolbp> but the line is decently written, how about we roll it before the quote, as an introduction?
[06:15:31] <mrcoolbp> takyon ^
[06:16:50] <takyon> here, i'll do it and you tell me what you think
[06:16:55] <mrcoolbp> sure
[06:17:11] * mrcoolbp was going to offer but happily awaits
[06:18:05] <takyon> i'm tempted to make a script that automatically adds newlines between paragraph tags
[06:18:15] <mrcoolbp> BTW I have to go to bed in a few min, but wanted to check in before I disapeared for 15 hours, I go email-only when at work
[06:18:19] <mrcoolbp> takyon: great idea!
[06:18:40] <mrcoolbp> takyon: there is a WYSIWYG greasemonkey script....
[06:18:55] <mrcoolbp> http://www.learning-technologist.net
[06:19:10] <mrcoolbp> but I usually edit in html
[06:19:48] <takyon> try that
[06:19:53] <mrcoolbp> k
[06:20:53] <mrcoolbp> perfect, I'll run it
[06:21:30] <mrcoolbp> takyon: there's lots of names though, should we just say "According to the article" ?
[06:22:13] <takyon> done
[06:22:41] * mrcoolbp checks "display" and puts it out
[06:23:17] <mrcoolbp> takyon: I'm going to adjust the time
[06:23:41] <mrcoolbp> takyon: get in the habit of throwing it in proper place in the queue (even though it may not go out due to non-display)
[06:23:58] * mrcoolbp notes that it makes sense why you did that time to allow other editors to check
[06:25:14] <mrcoolbp> and it's green
[06:25:19] <mrcoolbp> takyon++
[06:25:19] <Bender> karma - takyon: 1
[06:25:28] <takyon> yeah I will be using the 12:00 1-2 days from submit technique unless I have confidence about a time slot
[06:25:39] <mrcoolbp> that's fine too
[06:26:02] <mrcoolbp> but you'd be surprised, editors come in and check stuff randomly, even if they aren't in #editorial
[06:26:06] <takyon> or just put it in a correct time slot that's one year off, that might be more entertaining
[06:26:10] -!- cmn32480|sleeping has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[06:26:21] -!- cmn32480|sleeping [cmn32480|sleeping!cmn32480@63.140.xsq.jv] has joined #editorial
[06:26:36] <mrcoolbp> takyon: my point was, it's prolly better if you throw it in where it "should" go, so all they have to do is check display
[06:26:42] <mrcoolbp> that's what they are used to doing
[06:26:50] <takyon> ok
[06:26:53] <mrcoolbp> = )
[06:27:08] <takyon> are there hours where we don't run stories
[06:27:16] <takyon> I don't usually see much from midnight to 4am
[06:27:52] <mrcoolbp> takyon: we do slow down nighttime US, and on the weekends but it depends on what we have for story-fodder
[06:28:01] <takyon> k
[06:28:21] <mrcoolbp> no real hard limits but go with 1-1.5hrs all the way to 2-3 hrs
[06:28:48] <mrcoolbp> taokay, I have to email StoneyMahoney (wantkitteh) cause I haven't done that yet, then I'm off to bed. Have a great night!
[06:28:54] <mrcoolbp> takyon ^
[06:29:57] <takyon> night
[06:30:18] <mrcoolbp> g'night
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[13:10:42] <janrinok> hi guys
[13:20:03] <CoolHand> hey janrinok
[13:21:09] <janrinok> hi CoolHand
[13:21:45] <janrinok> I'm just beginning to watch rss-bot so that I can sub a few stories
[13:22:39] <CoolHand> cool...
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[14:21:06] <janrinok> I notice that takyon is posting to the story queue. Has he joined the editorial team?
[14:21:27] <janrinok> hi Azrael
[14:24:03] <mrcoolbp> janrinok: g'mornin
[14:28:59] <janrinok> mrcoolbp: afternoon to you
[14:29:27] <mrcoolbp> janrinok: I gotta run off to work, but I sent you an email...
[17:18:47] NotSanguine|away is now known as NotSanguine
[17:20:39] <NotSanguine> Editors: I'm working on the new star story. I changed the titie -- is it too snarky?
[17:28:34] * CoolHand doesn't normaly find tities snarky
[17:28:49] <CoolHand> I like the title though, it's cute.. :)
[17:29:12] <CoolHand> although u should lowerce the 'a', 'as', and 'is', I believe..
[17:29:21] <CoolHand> s/lowerce/lowercase
[17:31:42] <NotSanguine> coolhand: thanks. Since 'A' is a reference to the films, I thought it appropriate to keep it capitalized. I'll lc 'is'
[17:32:55] <NotSanguine> Coolhand: I guess I'm done, unless you have any suggestions
[17:32:55] <CoolHand> ah, didn't think of it playing on the film title that way for caps
[17:33:32] <CoolHand> I think it looks good... I'll green it for u
[17:34:33] <NotSanguine> Thank you kindly sir.
[17:35:12] <CoolHand> janrinok: I see you found out about takyon in #chillax, so I won't answer you here.. otherwise, I would, though.. ;)
[17:35:12] <NotSanguine> as to playing on the movie title, did you check the dept?
[17:35:23] <CoolHand> yep.. nice
[17:49:13] <janrinok> ping juggs
[17:49:18] <janrinok> juggs: ping
[18:40:24] -!- takyon [takyon!~48d82d7d@bi31-970-11-641.pn.at.cox.net] has joined #editorial
[19:03:35] -!- wantkitteh [wantkitteh!~anonymous@tyyr69-89-56-007.range69-34.btcentralplus.com] has joined #editorial
[19:11:56] <takyon> if I save a change to a story, does that always count as a "signoff"?
[19:12:37] <janrinok> If you are the second editor to look at a story and press either save or update, it will 2nd ed that story
[19:13:17] <janrinok> if it is your story you can change it as often as you like
[19:13:56] <janrinok> each time the story is 'updated' it will count as a signoff. You can have many signoffs, it is a big deal
[19:14:18] <janrinok> it isn't*
[19:14:40] <takyon> ok
[19:14:43] <janrinok> damn fingers typing what they want and not what I thought they had been told...!
[19:18:47] <takyon> condensed URL on Netflix story, added second URL to older Ars story
[19:19:41] <janrinok> good - I like that
[19:25:58] * takyon atomic force microscopy wikipedia link added to malaria article
[19:26:07] <janrinok> k
[19:27:56] <NotSanguine> takyon: nice catch there. Thanks!
[19:30:15] <takyon> NotSanguine: I like how the wikipedia article for the protostar was created after I submitted the story
[19:30:55] <NotSanguine> I wrote it just for you. :)
[19:31:08] <NotSanguine> Actually, I didn't notice that. Let me take a look.
[19:33:26] <takyon> http://en.wikipedia.org(B)-VLA2&action=history
[19:33:27] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03Wiki: W75N(B)-VLA2: Revision history
[19:34:37] <NotSanguine> I guess that's not too surprising, given that it's new research. In fact, the paper and the BBC article are the only references.
[19:35:21] <NotSanguine> If you read the blurb on the creator of the page http://en.wikipedia.org
[19:35:21] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03Wiki: User:Pol098
[19:36:03] <janrinok> I'll leave it all in your capable hands, lol - cu tomorrow
[19:36:15] <NotSanguine> he/she seems to be trying to make a name for themselves on wikipedia. Which could explain the creation of the page. They saw the article and noticed that it didn't exist so they created it
[19:36:34] <NotSanguine> Have a good evening janrinok
[19:36:45] <janrinok> thx - almost bed time for me
[19:37:05] <takyon> too bad wikipedia culture is toxic
[19:37:13] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: leaving]
[19:39:04] <NotSanguine> The same wiki editor added a link to the new page on the page for Protostars too.
[19:40:07] <NotSanguine> and the comment is blatantly false too. http://en.wikipedia.org
[19:40:07] <takyon> don't fall down the rabbit hole
[19:40:07] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03Wiki: Protostar
[19:40:36] <takyon> well you know I spent a good 3-4 minutes thinking about that
[19:41:12] <NotSanguine> Since the protostar is 4250 LY away and the observations used for comparison were taken 18 years apart, real time? Not so much
[19:41:39] <NotSanguine> Just hyperbole from the BBC. Which is why I didn't use it as the source
[19:41:50] <takyon> if you watch 30 fps video of something, is that "real time"? Is 18 year gap of a cosmological scale process so different than 30 fps? But then if you look at the photos there's a damn large change between the two images, so that pretty much invalidates the hyperbole
[19:44:40] <NotSanguine> http://www.merriam-webster.com
[19:44:41] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03Real time - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary
[19:45:50] <NotSanguine> The situation fails the definiion. It's not real time because what was observed happened 4268 and 4251 years ago.
[19:46:22] <NotSanguine> It also fails because the observations were not continuous or even contiguous
[19:46:58] <NotSanguine> Which is why, after reading the BBC article, I relegated it a mention at the end.
[19:47:27] <NotSanguine> So, yes. It is *much* different from 30fps video.
[19:48:38] <takyon> even the events happening in the same room you're in aren't real time due to the speed of light
[19:48:48] <NotSanguine> Unless you're talking about looking at frame 1 and then looking at frame 17029440000 and calling it "real time"
[19:49:27] <takyon> I would have been kinder to the real time claim if they had taken more than 2 frames
[19:51:04] <NotSanguine> I see your point, but "real time" in the vernacular refers to things happening, in timescales we can observe with out senses, at once. That wasn't even close.
[19:55:02] <NotSanguine> Even 30fps is somewhat overkill, as we would still perceive it as fluid motion at 24 or even 18 fps. That said, the eye and brain can process images faster than that. How much is a matter of some debate. http://en.wikipedia.org
[19:55:03] <i_heart_beta> ^ 03Wiki: Frame rate
[19:55:12] <NotSanguine> But I imagine you knew that already
[19:55:29] <takyon> during this argument an alien species was xenocided on the planet SanguineX(B). there were no survivors. the light of the explosion will reach us some day.
[19:56:23] <takyon> If I'm not mistaken, VR manufacturers and Nvidia/AMD are claiming 90 FPS should be the minimum for Oculus et al.
[19:56:30] <takyon> 120 FPS preferred
[19:56:49] <NotSanguine> Quite possibly. Are you familiar with this story? http://www.uni.edu
[19:57:23] <takyon> nope, reading
[19:57:36] <NotSanguine> It addresses a similar theme. With an interesting (although not very scientific) twist at the end.
[20:43:23] * NotSanguine hopes takyon enjoys the story
[20:54:48] * takyon enjoys not winning the cosmological lottery
[20:59:56] <NotSanguine> For certain values of "win" I imagine
[22:56:59] -!- wantkitteh has quit [Quit: wantkitteh]