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[01:16:54] <CoolHand> so what's up with the autism story? are we not sure we want to display it?
[02:10:49] <cmn32480|afk> Coolhand: we were discussing additional links, etc. but it needs a second before we put it out
[07:08:53] <mrcoolbp> janrinok/cmn32480|afk I'm curious how to address the AC *plus* email address issue
[07:09:05] * mrcoolbp realizes janrinok is not here
[07:21:11] <mrcoolbp> paulej72, cmn32480|afk, Azrael, CoolHand, NotSanguine, NCommander: interesting situation: when an AC includes an email with a submission, the "AC writes" line is stripped, any ideas on how best to present this info? see for example: http://soylentnews.org
[07:21:29] <mrcoolbp> submission: http://soylentnews.org
[07:21:29] <TheMightyJuggs> ^ 0304SN Submission by : Autism - Possible Link to Gut Bacteria
[07:23:35] * mrcoolbp suggests automagically inserting: "A semi-<mailto:"[AC email]">Anonymous Coward</a> writes</p>" or something
[07:24:28] * mrcoolbp goes to bed
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[11:41:45] <cmn32480|afk> I missed it in the stroy mrcoolbp.
[11:42:18] <cmn32480|afk> am gonna be afk all day. taking the kids ot the zoo. back late this afternoon at the earliest
[12:17:16] <janrinok> hi cmn32480|afk
[12:17:25] <cmn32480|afk> morning janrinok
[12:17:32] <janrinok> hi you good?
[12:17:43] <cmn32480|afk> trying to get the kids out the door to the zoo
[12:17:47] <cmn32480|afk> always a blast!
[12:17:50] <cmn32480|afk> :-)
[12:17:53] <janrinok> I noticed - have a good one!
[12:17:55] <cmn32480|afk> how about you?
[12:17:59] <cmn32480|afk> doing ok this morning
[12:18:04] <janrinok> yeah, OK thx
[12:18:20] <cmn32480|afk> gott run!
[12:18:24] <janrinok> cu later
[12:20:31] <janrinok> mrcoolbp: you still around?
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[13:42:38] <CoolHand> mrcoolbp: should we create our own "mailto:" link saying "Anonymous Coward"(linked email addy) writes: ??
[13:43:48] <janrinok> CoolHand: Hi, not quite sure I understand the question
[13:44:18] <CoolHand> janrinok: you don't understand mrcoolbp's question from 03:21?
[13:44:36] <janrinok> 03:21 UTC or your local?
[13:45:00] <CoolHand> oh, my local I guess.. now -6 I guess :)
[13:45:23] <CoolHand> 6h20m ago
[13:45:30] <janrinok> I'll have to call up the logs to see that - hang on
[13:46:53] <janrinok> I'd leave it as a blank with no link. If he wants to be AC, us printing his email won't help hime
[13:46:56] <janrinok> him*
[13:48:23] <CoolHand> true, but the submission form clearly states it's an entry for readers to contact the submitter...
[13:49:05] <CoolHand> "where users can contact you"
[13:49:20] <CoolHand> maybe it should be more clear it's not required
[13:49:58] <janrinok> the link mrcoolbp has passed doesn't say that, so I'm obviously looking at the wrong thing. Is it a sub, if so which one, or already in the story list?
[13:51:28] <CoolHand> yeah, the link he passed says "an anyonymous coward writes"... but maybe the editor put that there after it was stripped?
[13:52:13] <CoolHand> "History of modern man" submission doesn't have "an anonymous coward writes" may be that's an example
[13:52:39] <janrinok> No that field is added automatically after we release the story
[13:53:17] <CoolHand> on all the non-anon submissions it shows it...
[13:53:40] <CoolHand> on the "history of mondern man" sub - I don't see an email address anywhere though
[13:53:53] <CoolHand> so maybe that is the case for anons
[13:54:29] <janrinok> the field is constructed based on the info provided _in_ the submission. e.g. If on the submission post, I put my Userid and my email, they will be included in the final story automatically. If those fields are blank then 'An Anonymous Coward writes' is inserted
[13:55:22] <janrinok> If there is only an email, then the software has nothing to link that email to, and so it should remain as An AC writes
[13:56:18] <janrinok> The right hand side of the submissions list shows what the submitter included, so it can be blank, just a UserID, just an email, or both.
[13:57:04] <janrinok> Just an email is very unusual though, and you need to check what the email is actually pointing to incase someone is trying to troll the site
[13:57:45] <janrinok> does that make sense?
[14:00:02] <janrinok> If when you edit the story, you feel that a blank line isn't appropriate, then you can type in the 'An Anonymous Coward writes' yourself, but actually that means that the submitter overwrote that field intentionally during his submission. Curious.
[14:00:08] <CoolHand> sure.. but the question was on your second example - if it is only email - the site has no "an ac writes" inserted.. the options I see are 1) leave it blank 2) manually write "an AC writes" 3) is what I threw out there (although I'm not sure correct) and make a mailto link saying "an AC writes" with the AC linked to the mail address... I don't really now the answer I just threw out the 3rd options b/c it seemed closest to what the
[14:01:27] <janrinok> are we talking about the Autism story?
[14:03:12] <janrinok> .... nope because that is not your story
[14:03:14] <CoolHand> I"m not sure the original story/submission that prompted their question - if any. the autism story is the link that mrcoolbp gave as an example though
[14:03:37] <janrinok> ah, hence my confusion. the submissions doesn't match the question
[14:03:55] <janrinok> OK, there is no hard and fast rule. However:...
[14:04:28] <janrinok> 1. If the sub is from an AC, we should try to protect the submitter's ID as much as possible.
[14:05:50] <janrinok> 2. In the case of just an email, I would treat it as an AC, and also check that the email doesn't point to something contentious, religious, political etc. I'm not sure why it is there, but it must have been included intentionally
[14:07:06] <janrinok> I would manually type 'An AC writes' etc. If the submitter wants a response, then he should include the email in the _submission_ content, not in his own personal email field.
[14:07:49] <janrinok> Note - we do have one user who has registered the name Anonymous Coward, but the system tends to work as expected in this particular case.
[14:08:22] <CoolHand> as it should :)
[14:08:42] <janrinok> yep - but this started from slashcode, so commonsense might not always prevail
[14:08:57] <CoolHand> true :)
[14:09:17] <janrinok> does that all make sense now, and has it answered your question?
[14:09:36] <janrinok> ...and if so, what the hell have I just said???
[14:09:43] <CoolHand> I didn't have a question... mrcoolbp did :)
[14:10:00] <janrinok> ah, I'll refer him to this log then :)
[14:10:43] <janrinok> did cmn speak to you since this time yesterday, in particular to explain anything that I told him to you?
[14:11:05] <CoolHand> no... I skimmed back through some logs, but that was it
[14:11:16] <janrinok> ok, have you got 5 minutes?
[14:11:38] <CoolHand> sure
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[14:42:24] <CoolHand> what's the opinion on using arstechnica linked articles... I kind of thing that's almost cheating since they're a discussion site on stories.. I don't like using those... your opinion?
[14:42:36] <janrinok> ok back on here
[14:43:58] <janrinok> the idea is we provide a discussion point for our community. Having an a-t source is not a problem as long as they are credited with it.
[14:45:09] <janrinok> comment on your story - or rather the submitters content
[14:46:20] <janrinok> I am taking out the bit about 'donating to poor people'. It is the submitters personal comment but I feel it is unnecessary and also might be construed as being a bit insulting.
[14:47:28] <CoolHand> ok... can I look at it real quick b4 u remove?
[14:47:47] <janrinok> yep I won't save/update until you say
[14:48:10] <CoolHand> ok go ahead...
[14:49:14] <janrinok> look at it now - do you agree with my changes?
[14:49:55] <janrinok> brb 5
[14:50:05] <mrcoolbp> CoolHand/Janrinok: yes I added Annon Coward, there was no byline = )
[14:51:49] <CoolHand> janrinok: I think the changes are fine... (I don't personally see donating to to the poor as offensive, but if you see it could be taken that way, then I understand that)
[14:52:01] <CoolHand> mrcoolbp: I thougthh that was probably the case :)
[14:52:45] <mrcoolbp> if you look at the linked submission, it has no byline, hence me linking to it. But it looks like you alread yfigured out what I meant from other stories
[14:53:15] <CoolHand> I just understood it from the initial questions..
[14:54:14] <janrinok> hi mrcoolbp
[14:54:18] <mrcoolbp> hey janrinok
[14:54:22] <janrinok> you good?
[14:54:27] <mrcoolbp> yeah
[14:54:34] * mrcoolbp is looking for user: AC
[14:54:39] <janrinok> I missed you by about 15 minutes earlier
[14:54:48] <mrcoolbp> ah, I was off to bed anyway
[14:54:53] <janrinok> quite right too
[14:55:33] <janrinok> it is, of course Anonymous+Coward or somesuch, and I haven't seen it for quite a few months, certainly not this year
[14:56:16] <mrcoolbp> https://soylentnews.org is doing something weird for me
[14:56:18] <PrincessKenny> ^ 03- SoylentNews User
[14:56:24] <mrcoolbp> it's rediirecting me to login page
[15:01:15] <mrcoolbp> anyway, janrinok, we should figure out a convention for the case of AC + email and ask paulej72 to code that in
[15:01:35] <mrcoolbp> otherwise we will likely end up with more stories without a byline if we are not careful
[15:04:33] <janrinok> agreed
[15:05:33] <janrinok> my suggestion would be to make it a straight forward AC with no email.
[15:06:00] <janrinok> The email might also be malicious so we would have to take care with it
[15:10:55] <janrinok> time for me to go afk for an hour or two. Roast lamb, red cabbage and roast potatoes call - as well as all the usual things ;)
[15:11:02] <mrcoolbp> jarinok: question then, do you know of any way a regular user and procure a link to the original submission from a story?
[15:11:23] <mrcoolbp> (the way I find it is click "edit" and then go down to "submission")
[15:11:34] <janrinok> no, that is the only way I know too
[15:11:43] <mrcoolbp> ah, okay well save some lamb for me!
[15:11:47] <janrinok> np
[15:11:52] <mrcoolbp> later sir.
[15:11:58] <janrinok> an you too
[15:12:05] janrinok is now known as janrinok|afk
[15:12:06] <mrcoolbp> = )
[15:12:37] <janrinok|afk> mrcoolbp: if you see juggs, CoolHand need access to the other place
[15:12:42] <mrcoolbp> k
[15:13:16] <mrcoolbp> CoolHand: I'm going to try to edit some stories before work
[15:13:50] <mrcoolbp> looks like bytram is editing as well
[15:14:14] <CoolHand> mrcoolbp: awesome :)
[15:19:47] * mrcoolbp is working on the Passphrase story
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[17:19:08] <Bytram> http://feeds.arstechnica.com
[17:19:09] <PrincessKenny> ^ 03Mini-review: Intel’s powered-up Core i7 Broadwell mini PC | Ars Technica ( http://arstechnica.com )
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[20:15:34] <Bytram> https://www.youtube.com
[20:15:35] <PrincessKenny> ^ 03Jeff Gordon: Test Drive 2 | Pepsi Max - YouTube
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[20:24:28] <NotSanguine> Hey folks. Sorry I haven't been around last night/today. Had a houseguest.
[20:24:45] <NotSanguine> I'm going to look at "Physicists Describe New Class of Dyson Sphere." now
[20:38:38] <Bytram> NotSanguine: kewel... is a good story
[20:50:52] <NotSanguine> bytram: Actually, not as good as I thought it was going to be. And the primary link/quote gets the facts wrong.
[20:51:23] <NotSanguine> Not about the new paper, but about Dyson Spheres.
[20:51:49] -!- janrinok_in_bed has quit []
[20:51:53] <Bytram> ahhh, good catch
[20:52:59] <NotSanguine> I think I'm going to call attention to the error,but let the quote stand
[21:02:20] <NotSanguine> I finished my editing on the dyson sphere story. Care to give it a gander?
[21:09:01] <Bytram> inabit... trying to track down a bug in new SN release
[21:09:18] <NotSanguine> No worries.
[21:31:23] <Bytram> got a coupla minutes now... lemme go look
[21:36:43] <Bytram> NotSanguine: nicely done! Only a couple minor things... 1.) title does not need a period at the end; 2.) Don't need to call out root address of technology review as a link--plain text is fine; 3.) First sentence is rather long and I keep getting a mental parse error while trying to read it... "in a paper by Turkish..." seems to be 'hanging' out there.
[21:37:13] <Bytram> I do like your clarification about it not actually being a sphere -- very nice!
[21:37:46] <NotSanguine> Thanks! I saw the period and forgot about it. Stand by and I'll do some fix up.
[21:37:52] <Bytram> k
[21:48:44] <NotSanguine> Beter now?
[21:48:47] <NotSanguine> better
[21:49:22] * Bytram goes to look
[21:49:57] <Bytram> yes, much better.
[21:50:34] <Bytram> I'd probably merge the first two sentences ("the folks over.." and "Ibrahim...") into one paragraph.
[21:51:04] <Bytram> prolly the next sentence, too (From Tech... coverage)
[21:51:13] <Bytram> ugh.
[21:51:20] <Bytram> wrong third sentence.
[21:51:30] <Bytram> their paper, submitted...
[21:51:36] <NotSanguine> Second and third sentence into one paragraph
[21:51:55] <Bytram> here, just make this one paragraph:
[21:51:55] <Bytram> The folks over at Technology Review are reporting [technologyreview.com] on new thinking about the concept of Dyson Spheres [wikipedia.org].
[21:51:55] <Bytram> Ibrahim Samiz and Salim Ogur of Bogazici University [boun.edu.tr] in Istanbul theorize that building Dyson Spheres around white dwarf stars is both more feasible and more likely to be implemented than around Sun-like stars.
[21:51:55] <Bytram> Their paper [arxiv.org], submitted on March 15, 2015, details the hypothesis.
[21:51:56] <NotSanguine> same general idea. Should be same paragraph yes
[21:52:05] <Bytram> nodnod
[21:53:36] <Bytram> also, would suggest a slight rephrasing last two sentences:
[21:53:37] <Bytram> ...order of magnitude of the one featured in the <a href="...">Relics</a> episode of Star Trek: Next Generation.
[21:54:10] <Bytram> with those changes, I should think it'd be good to go!
[21:54:24] <Bytram> back in a couple minutes
[21:54:53] <NotSanguine> yeah. I agree I added the memory alpha link, but left submitter's form. my bad
[21:59:49] <Bytram> np
[22:00:23] <Bytram> let me know when to reload
[22:01:32] <NotSanguine> I made a couple of other minor changes too. All set now
[22:01:50] * Bytram hits F5
[22:02:36] <Bytram> very nice!
[22:02:43] <Bytram> good to go!
[22:02:51] <NotSanguine> Thank you, sir.
[22:03:03] * Bytram channels captain piccard: Engage!
[22:03:15] <NotSanguine> I'll release it for 03/30 02:05 UTC
[22:03:41] <NotSanguine> Wouldn't "Make it so," be more appropriate?
[22:03:42] * Bytram goes to look
[22:03:44] <NotSanguine> just sayin'
[22:03:53] <Bytram> nod nod
[22:03:59] <NotSanguine> :)
[22:04:02] <Bytram> you can release it, now.
[22:04:22] * Bytram keeps getting the display checkbox confused... let 'er rip!
[22:04:42] * Bytram goes in to do 2nd edit
[22:05:10] <Bytram> you did check all the links, right?
[22:05:24] <NotSanguine> I set the time for 02:05. if you want it out now, please do so
[22:05:29] <NotSanguine> Links?
[22:05:40] <NotSanguine> We don't need no stinkin' links!
[22:05:41] <Bytram> sry, 2:05 is fine.
[22:05:43] <NotSanguine> yes.
[22:05:46] <NotSanguine> I did.
[22:05:49] <Bytram> kewel!
[22:05:53] <NotSanguine> Just for fun, I'll check 'em again
[22:06:10] * Bytram clicks update... good to go!
[22:08:21] <NotSanguine> all good. The link about the commenter doesn't display for me in Firefox with ABP and Ghostery, but does in IE with no add ons.
[22:08:37] <NotSanguine> But I have that issue with most site comments in Firefox+my add ons
[22:09:12] <Bytram> this one? http://www.technologyreview.com
[22:09:13] <PrincessKenny> ^ 03 ( == document.location.protocol ? "https://ssl" : "http://www") + ".google-analytics.com/ga.js";var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);})(); )
[22:09:22] <NotSanguine> yes
[22:09:29] * Bytram tries it
[22:10:04] <NotSanguine> The link itself is good, but my FF config breaks it
[22:10:31] <Bytram> same here...
[22:10:32] <Bytram> :(
[22:10:51] * Bytram turned on LiveHTTPHeaders and goes to look at what might have gone wrong
[22:11:24] <NotSanguine> Probaby the trackers and redirects. Ghosery hates redirects
[22:11:26] <Bytram> oh, there it is!
[22:11:40] <Bytram> the #comments id put me at the bottom of the page!
[22:11:56] * Bytram views source
[22:14:46] <Bytram> NotSanguine: try this URL: http://www.technologyreview.com
[22:14:46] <PrincessKenny> ^ 03 ( == document.location.protocol ? "https://ssl" : "http://www") + ".google-analytics.com/ga.js";var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);})(); )
[22:15:12] <Bytram> hmmm will httpS work?
[22:15:14] <Bytram> https://www.technologyreview.com
[22:15:21] <NotSanguine> I think it's this:
[22:15:23] <NotSanguine> <!--[ LiveFyre conversational comments ]-->
[22:15:23] <NotSanguine> <div id="livefyre"></div>
[22:15:23] <NotSanguine> <div id="livefyre-mobile"><a href="#">Show comments &raquo;</a></div>
[22:15:23] <NotSanguine> <div id="powered_by_livefyre_new"><a href="http://livefyre.com" target="_blank">Conversation powered by Livefyre</a></div>
[22:15:23] <NotSanguine> <script type="text/javascript">
[22:15:23] -!- NotSanguine has quit [Excess Flood]
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[22:16:02] <Bytram> wb!
[22:17:10] <NotSanguine> Ghostery is definitely blocking "livefyre" the comment engine
[22:17:23] <NotSanguine> thanks
[22:17:33] <NotSanguine> I guess I kicked myself, eh?
[22:17:44] <Bytram> seems that way.
[22:18:12] <NotSanguine> So do we remove the link?
[22:18:27] <Bytram> NotSanguine: try this URL: http://www.technologyreview.com
[22:18:34] <NotSanguine> Or take a YMMV attitude
[22:18:38] <Bytram> that one works for me.
[22:19:06] <NotSanguine> I can see the article, but Ghostery blocks the comments
[22:19:10] <Bytram> nah, forcing the link to take 'em *past* the story and straight to the comments is, umm, 'bad form'
[22:19:39] <Bytram> that's okay... we don't need their stinkin' comments -- we'll come up with our own!
[22:19:42] <NotSanguine> I think I should just remove the link on the word "commenter"
[22:19:51] <NotSanguine> and let the user decide if they want to view comments
[22:20:00] <Bytram> oh!!!!! doh. now I get what you mean...
[22:20:06] <Bytram> hold on, I misunderstoon
[22:20:10] <Bytram> s/n$/d/
[22:20:27] <Bytram> yeah, that's a good idea; strip the link.
[22:20:50] <NotSanguine> Done and done.
[22:21:47] <NotSanguine> Besides, except for James Doan, that episode sucked
[22:21:54] <NotSanguine> Doohan
[22:22:19] * Bytram doesn't remember that episode... clicks link to review story
[22:24:47] <NotSanguine> While it's inappropriate for me to edit my own submission, is it okay for me to change the titie to a better one?
[22:25:31] <Bytram> whacha have in mind?
[22:26:40] <NotSanguine> instead of "In Iceland’s DNA, New Clues to Disease-Causing Genes" I was thinking "Largest Whole Genome Sequwncing Project Promises Medical Gains"
[22:26:59] <NotSanguine> Or something similar
[22:28:45] <NotSanguine> BTW, I sete a dept for the Dyson sphere story. Forgot that earlier
[22:28:56] <Bytram> ahhhhh.
[22:29:05] * Bytram is still reading "relics"
[22:29:26] <Bytram> LOL! I *like* the dept.
[22:29:28] <Bytram> well done!
[22:29:30] <NotSanguine> The drunk Scotty scenes are the best
[22:29:54] <NotSanguine> I do love me double entendres. :)
[22:33:46] <Bytram> double double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble
[22:37:30] <NotSanguine> I'm not sure that would be the best new title for the DNA story. ")
[22:37:32] <NotSanguine> :)
[22:40:00] * Bytram chuckles
[22:40:10] <Bytram> do you recognize the quote?
[22:42:05] <NotSanguine> Shakespeare, no?
[22:42:27] <NotSanguine> The scottish play
[22:42:42] <Bytram> shakespear, yes.
[22:43:05] <Bytram> mcbeth? or hamlet?
[22:43:09] <Bytram> damn!
[22:43:16] <NotSanguine> I wasn't sure of the play, so I did google it. It's the scottish play
[22:43:53] <NotSanguine> Actors call Macbeth "the scottish play" as using the the name is considered bad luck for some reason
[22:44:00] <NotSanguine> actors are whack jobs
[22:44:41] <Bytram> I didn't know that appelation... learn somehting new everey day!
[22:45:21] <NotSanguine> https://en.wikipedia.org
[22:45:22] <PrincessKenny> ^ 03Wiki: The Scottish Play
[22:47:42] <NotSanguine> I hadn't read the link I pasted before. It's even more interesting than I knew.
[22:49:02] * Bytram is reading act 4 of 'the scottish play'
[22:50:02] <NotSanguine> Macbeth. Macbeth. Macbeth. :)
[22:51:09] * Bytram now loads the wiki link
[22:55:18] <Bytram> well, that was an interesting read.
[22:56:04] <Bytram> it's a shame that when Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, he didn't write it in English. :P
[22:56:06] <Bytram> nograb
[22:56:42] <NotSanguine> English? What's that?
[22:57:03] <Bytram> somethin the brits pretend to speak
[22:57:07] <Bytram> ;)
[22:58:46] <Bytram> to the Brit's credit, it's also something that the 'mericans claim they speak, but not as well, methinks.
[22:59:35] <NotSanguine> I think it depends on the person. I find that those who *read* are usually better spoken than those who don't
[23:00:08] * Bytram was a voracious reader as a child and for many years thereafter
[23:02:10] <NotSanguine> I as well. I read fewer books now, as there are more sources of reading material online.
[23:02:26] <Bytram> 'tis true -- the same has befallen me.
[23:02:39] <Bytram> 'twas a time that a 250-page book was a good day's read.
[23:02:40] <NotSanguine> But I try to be reading a book at all times. It just takes longer to finish
[23:02:55] <NotSanguine> s'truth
[23:03:14] * Bytram somehow lost the habit of book reading but prolly reads more in a day than he used to.
[23:03:25] <Bytram> I still miss the wide-ranging story arcs of a good book.
[23:03:42] <Bytram> did you, by chance, read anything by David Eddings?
[23:04:57] <NotSanguine> I don't believe so. What genre is that?
[23:05:12] <Bytram> The Mallorean and The Belgariad formed a double-quintology(sp?) that I devoured many years ago.
[23:05:17] <Bytram> fantasy
[23:06:03] <NotSanguine> Ahh...not huge on fantasy. Although I did enjoy Zelazny's Amber series
[23:06:07] <Bytram> Had exceptionally well-developed characters who always stayed true-to-form no matter the circumstance.
[23:06:11] <Bytram> didn't read that one
[23:06:32] <NotSanguine> I'm more of a hard sci-fi, mystery and non-fiction science kind of guy
[23:06:44] <NotSanguine> But that's why the name sounds familiar
[23:06:56] <Bytram> I started off with hard sci-fi, asimov, clarke, heinlein, etc, and then, after getting introduced to Tolkein, slid into the fantasy realm for a stretch
[23:07:37] * Bytram once accompanied Larry Niven on a ride from the airport to a sci fi convention
[23:07:46] <NotSanguine> I did all that too.
[23:07:52] <NotSanguine> Cool
[23:07:55] <Bytram> the books were much better than the visit. :/
[23:08:14] <Bytram> just another guy whose line of work just happened to involve writing
[23:08:35] <NotSanguine> I'm currently reading Jerry Purnelle's daughter's sequel to The Mote in God's Eye and The gripping Hand. It's called Outies
[23:08:35] <Bytram> nowhere near as exciting as the things he wrote about... imagine that!
[23:08:52] <Bytram> hmmm, I read the Mote in God's Eye way back when it came out
[23:09:17] * Bytram curses agreeing to toss out a half-dozen or so boxes of books many years ago.
[23:09:19] <NotSanguine> I just checked my Calibre library and I have 21 David Eddings books.
[23:09:35] <NotSanguine> Perhaps I'll read some of them, Thanks for the suggestion
[23:10:06] <NotSanguine> I mentioned it since NIven was involved in the first two.
[23:10:21] <Bytram> well, this has all the makings of our recounting all our reading experiences, and I lack the time for *that* =)
[23:10:26] <Bytram> aha.
[23:10:40] <Bytram> was prolly 20 years ago when I read edding's stuff.
[23:10:48] <Bytram> give-or-take a few years.
[23:10:54] <NotSanguine> They're a good read. Not sure about the one I'm reading now. Just 30 or so pages in.
[23:11:21] <NotSanguine> But I'd defintely recommend MOte and the gripping hand
[23:11:34] <Bytram> I'll keep those in mind. THANKS!
[23:11:38] <NotSanguine> I won't regale you with all the authors. Don't worry
[23:12:09] * Bytram so wants to come up with a bad pun about moats and motes but is too tired to do so.
[23:12:42] <Bytram> has been a *long* week and I think I'll take a break now.
[23:12:43] <NotSanguine> COnsider me constructively punned
[23:12:56] <NotSanguine> Check you later. Thanks for all your help
[23:12:58] <Bytram> well done on the Dyson story -- pleasure working with you!
[23:13:12] <NotSanguine> THank you! Likewise
[23:13:25] <Bytram> besides, my puns are moatsly bad.
[23:13:33] <NotSanguine> All puns are bad
[23:13:46] <Bytram> that's what makes 'em goog!
[23:13:51] <Bytram> *good
[23:18:28] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[23:20:16] -!- Bytram|away has quit [Quit: Leaving]