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[08:02:52] <Subsentient> $tell janrinok so, what now? Am I done with training or?
[08:02:52] <aqu4> I'll tell them in a PM next time I see 'em.
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[14:41:09] <janrinok> Subsentient: ping
[14:42:01] <janrinok> brb 5
[14:48:02] <janrinok> Subsentient: back now
[14:57:19] <Subsentient> janrinok: Hiyah
[14:57:37] <janrinok> hi Subsentient - how did you practice go, any issues?
[14:57:45] <Subsentient> janrinok: Not as far as I can tell.
[14:58:05] <janrinok> Is there anything for me to see if I log on dev?
[14:58:25] <Subsentient> Hmm, nothing new posted, but I can rectify that if this is what you wanted
[14:58:29] <janrinok> Subsentient: ^ - sorry, must highlight
[14:59:16] <janrinok> Subsentient: not if you are happy. Have you managed to plow through all of the links that I gave you yesterday?
[14:59:35] <Subsentient> Everything but the etiquette one
[14:59:43] <janrinok> ah, no rush for that one
[15:00:08] <Subsentient> $sticky save http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[15:00:08] <aqu4> Sticky saved. Its sticky ID is "13".
[15:00:15] <janrinok> Subsentient: OK, in your own words, what do _you_ think the job of an editor is?
[15:00:43] <Subsentient> janrinok: To review user submissions, find any worth posting, and if salvagable, clean them up for prime time
[15:01:11] <janrinok> Subsentient: OK, so far - but it goes a bit further than that
[15:01:42] <janrinok> Subsentient: You are also part of a team that is trying to keep the entire site afloat
[15:01:47] <janrinok> brb 2
[15:06:43] <janrinok> Subsentient: sry - someone at the door. You've also got to keep an eye out for legal problems, contentious issues and bias. The community will try, from time to time, to slip a story through that looks good but one of the links might be to a site that is not what it claims to be.
[15:07:53] <janrinok> Subsentient A single legal challenge to SN would bring us to our knees. It need not be a valid challenge, the cost of even getting to court might be enough to finish us.
[15:08:17] <janrinok> Subsentient: does all that make sense?
[15:08:20] <Subsentient> janrinok: I imagine
[15:08:22] <Subsentient> yes
[15:09:12] <janrinok> OK, I'll leave it at there for that topic, but you will have questions - either later today or in the weeks ahead.
[15:09:23] <Subsentient> kk
[15:09:58] <janrinok> Subsentient: If you have doubts about a story there is no shame in asking for a second opinion from any other editor. We all do it fairly regularly.
[15:10:17] <Subsentient> janrinok: hehe kk
[15:10:50] <janrinok> Subsentient: If you have put a story in the queue but are not sure about it, then give it a time, say, 12 hours hence and ask another editor for his/her views
[15:11:34] <Subsentient> janrinok: k
[15:11:42] <janrinok> Subsentient: Although once you start you will be an inexperienced editor - you are not a second class editor. You have the same rights as all the others and your opinion counts the same too
[15:12:14] <janrinok> Subsentient: don't be shy of speaking out if you think you have something useful or important to say
[15:12:50] <Subsentient> janrinok: I'm not that type. I'm the guy who announces he's out of lube and his car battery is dead
[15:13:39] <janrinok> Subsentient: lol - Equally, if when you are second ed'ing a story you have doubts about it, put the brakes on it until you have checked with another editor. OK?
[15:14:22] <Subsentient> janrinok: Sounds good
[15:15:06] <janrinok> Subsentient: We try to space stories out but it depends on several factors - the most important is how many stories we have in the submissions queue
[15:15:15] <Subsentient> janrinok: To know what to expect, I may not be the most active editor, but expect the stories I edit and control to be of a high quality. That's why I joined the editorial team, to add more professionalism :^)
[15:16:20] <Subsentient> I want more 'polish' on the stories :^D
[15:16:34] <janrinok> Subsentient: if we have more than 20, we will try to space at about 60-90 minutes apart. 10-20 stories we slip down to 90-120 minutes and less than 10 we start pacing ourselves even further, while trying to find more submission
[15:17:13] <janrinok> Subsentient: I look forward to your output ;-)
[15:17:20] <Subsentient> janrinok: :^D
[15:19:10] <janrinok> Subsentient: during the hours of 2359 - 0600 UTC we often space stories out at 180 minutes if we haven't got very many in the queue. It is the time when the least number of hits occur. But you must remember that we have members in Europe and Australasia - so there is always someone coming to the site for the daily dose of intelligent chat.
[15:19:46] <janrinok> Subsentient: there is no silent period but we all have to use commonsense.
[15:20:01] <Subsentient> k
[15:20:49] <janrinok> Subsentient: If we have a site outage or other problems - our role switches to one of being the interface between those who can fix it (devs) and the community
[15:21:50] <janrinok> We get ourselves on to IRC #Soylent and take the community queries and try to provide the answers. This allows the devs to get on with fixing the site. But you will have to speak to them as well to find out what is going on.
[15:22:59] <janrinok> Subsentient: have you got any questions about SN, the job or the meaning of life?
[15:23:39] <Subsentient> janrinok: Yes. Why is it called a spork and not a foon?
[15:23:51] <janrinok> 42
[15:24:20] <janrinok> Subsentient: Now listen and remember the next bit....
[15:24:22] <Subsentient> janrinok: So yeah, I'll probably submit 1 or 2 more to the dev server for testing
[15:24:32] <Subsentient> then I'd head over to the job.
[15:24:47] <janrinok> Subsentient: ok, we can do that in a moment if you wish....
[15:25:18] <Subsentient> janrinok: The testing submits? I wanna do that on my own so I am sure I won't fuck thing sup
[15:25:43] <janrinok> Subsentient: You have to have LamX's authority to get onto the live site, so I will let him know that we have finished training and that I think that you can be let loose - after the following important announcement...
[15:26:08] * Subsentient is listening
[15:27:22] <janrinok> Subsentient: you WILL make mistakes. You will DO THINGS that you subsequently realise were stupid. The members of the community WILL COMPLAIN. The other editors WILL MOCK YOU. We've all done it, and it goes on for us all too. Just take it, roll with the punches, and carry on
[15:28:51] <janrinok> Subsentient: Here endeth the lesson. Go practice on dev and make sure that you know what the colours mean, what the buttons do, and enjoy!
[15:29:42] <Subsentient> :D
[15:29:56] <janrinok> I'll send an email to LamX
[15:30:19] <Subsentient> thx
[15:30:29] <janrinok> np - welcome again to the team
[15:30:37] <Subsentient> :^3
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[18:39:36] <Phoenix666> Hey guys, is it possible to get Leonard Nimoy's Death to the front page faster? It's Spock!
[18:46:43] <Azrael> I'm on it
[18:53:59] <Azrael> any seconders about?
[18:55:34] <Phoenix666> I dunno if a lot of Soylentils are accustomed to jumping on IRC to reach out...I half want to jump on current main page articles to post about it, but don't want to muck those threads up with OT comments
[18:56:09] <Phoenix666> I wouldn't pester you guys either, except it's Spock :)
[18:56:50] <Azrael> :D
[18:57:13] <Azrael> if you hadn't I wouldn't have done it, 'cause I wouldnt have known and I'm a naughty awol editor
[18:58:28] <Phoenix666> Cheers!
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