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[16:13:59] <nick> arrrr
[16:23:25] <janrinok> argh back - is it pirate day?
[16:28:35] <nick> sure, why not
[16:28:49] <nick> how goes things for you, on pirate day?
[16:31:51] <janrinok> Arrgh, then, I be swilling stories out in the bilges, while mopping up the submission queue. Other than that, I'm fine thanks. And you?
[16:33:46] <nick> pretty good, tired though
[16:34:10] <nick> finally 'home' after a month of being the other side of the world
[16:34:52] <nick> which was no vacation, and then having a very long journey back, even though landed in the country yesterday morning
[16:36:11] <janrinok> well take it easy and have a rest. Hope the visit was worthwhile.
[16:36:41] <nick> major works on the parents house, out there for 4 weeks
[16:36:51] <nick> got a day and a half of vacation
[16:37:59] <nick> glad to go out there, glad to be back now though... time to plan a real holiday, i wish.
[16:39:17] <janrinok> sry nick, but I've got to go afk for an hour or two.
[16:40:07] <nick> no worries, i'll be around this evening if you want to chat.
[16:40:27] <nick> time to cut my hair i think.
[16:41:21] <janrinok> cu l8t
[16:41:37] <nick> laters
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[18:42:02] <nick> wb janrinok
[18:44:01] <janrinok> hi nick - have you eaten yet?
[19:00:29] <nick> not yet
[19:00:47] <nick> just finished showering, need to head down the road and get some supplies
[19:00:59] <nick> had dinner yourself?
[19:01:15] <janrinok> I was wondering if your body clock had caught up with being back home
[19:01:59] <nick> my body clock doesnt know whats going on most of the time
[19:02:07] <janrinok> yep, I just made a Chinese with spicy meat bally things. Garlic, ginger, onion, and more garlic
[19:02:28] <nick> so im actually more on local time than normal because of the routine that developed over the last month
[19:02:36] <nick> sounds very tasty!
[19:02:53] <janrinok> it was good - we both enjoyed it.
[19:03:05] <nick> i bought some chicken wings earlier, which im going to have eventually this evening but i havnt decided how to season them yet
[19:03:15] <janrinok> If you had lived closer, we would have called you over!
[19:03:49] <nick> if only!
[19:04:15] <janrinok> you'd have had to bring a few beers though....
[19:04:24] <nick> back to cooking for myself again now...
[19:04:31] <nick> of course
[19:04:40] <janrinok> chicken wings sound good
[19:05:15] <nick> i drank more beer in the last month than i did in the prior 10months or so combined
[19:05:37] <nick> but we failed, as there was one crate still full when we left
[19:06:04] <janrinok> you obviously weren't trying hard enough
[19:06:11] <nick> at an estimate
[19:06:29] <nick> it was about 200 bottles over about 28 days, between 2 people.
[19:06:46] <janrinok> impressive - welcome back to sobriety :)
[19:06:55] <nick> i usually drink about 2 beers a week lol
[19:07:18] <nick> something about tropical climates, just encourages beer drinking
[19:08:05] <janrinok> to be honest, I find most climates do that to me
[19:09:20] <nick> beer does usually go down well
[19:09:21] <nick> heh
[19:09:52] <nick> well im going to head down the shop
[19:10:02] <nick> will be back in a few
[19:10:06] <janrinok> good shopping!
[19:10:15] <nick> :)
[19:49:13] <nick> and im back
[19:49:38] <janrinok> what did you buy - what did you buy?
[19:51:44] <nick> lol
[19:52:15] <janrinok> damn, I hate it when you go all secretive
[19:52:25] <nick> couple marinades and some chocolate truffles
[19:52:54] <nick> so now i have more choices on how to do these chicken wings
[19:52:59] <janrinok> OK, I've never had marinaded chocolate truffles before ...
[19:53:09] <janrinok> Ah, that make more sense now
[19:53:38] <nick> tandoori style, chinese style, oriental salt & pepper, creole style or various bbq sauces
[19:53:59] <janrinok> yep, they'll do. mix them altogether!
[19:54:03] <nick> lol
[19:54:17] <nick> that could be an experience
[19:54:39] <janrinok> I had a chinese - you know what happens about 10 minutes after you eat a chinese... you get hungry
[19:55:27] <nick> i was thinking going with tandoori
[19:55:42] <janrinok> OK, that would be good too
[19:55:59] <nick> chinese was the other main option
[19:56:07] <nick> but i think tandoori is the way forward
[19:56:51] <janrinok> finger food or a full plate of tandoori chicken and whatever?
[19:57:06] <nick> full meal
[19:57:14] <nick> havn't had a proper meal today
[19:57:23] <nick> or yesterday either really
[19:57:43] <janrinok> put a beer in the fridge first
[19:58:17] <nick> i have one can of old speckled hen
[19:58:33] <janrinok> Hey, I had a SH earlier!
[19:59:02] <nick> it's a good beer, although i dont buy it often and wait for old crafty hen to be on a special deal
[20:00:41] <nick> but speckled hen with tandoori wings and whatever else i find sounds like a damn fine plan
[20:00:59] <janrinok> yep, enjoy!
[20:01:10] <nick> i should probably get started on it now if i want to eat this evening lol
[20:01:33] <janrinok> OK, I'll stop bothering you and sit here salivating in the corner
[20:01:39] <nick> hahah
[20:01:50] <nick> hey well, if you lived closer you could come over for some ;)
[20:02:08] <janrinok> Ah, so it's my fault now ....
[20:02:19] <nick> yes!
[20:02:21] <nick> :p
[20:02:29] <nick> back in 10
[20:02:34] <janrinok> I suppose he who has the food, makes the rules
[20:33:26] <nick> wings are cookin'
[20:38:40] <janrinok> sry nick, got to go. Enjoy the wings!
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