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[14:08:04] <Blackmoore> hi
[14:17:23] <nick> ahoy
[14:31:00] <Blackmoore> so today is gonna be a struggle to stay awake.
[14:31:33] <Blackmoore> I'm at work. we're open.. our customers and vendors.. not so much
[14:31:57] <nick> year end accounting was the joy that got me out of bed this morning
[14:32:49] <nick> if the customers are asleep, you should be too
[14:41:18] <nick> back in a bit, location change
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[14:41:38] <Blackmoore> k
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[18:56:22] <nick> hey janrinok
[18:56:59] <janrinok> hi nick - I am on SN-3
[18:57:24] <janrinok> or #Soylent depending on your IRC client
[18:58:53] <janrinok> how's things ?
[18:59:51] <nick> cant complain really, been making up for my absence with a couple of multi-paragraph ranty comments heh
[18:59:59] <nick> how about yourself?
[19:00:07] <janrinok> lol - which story?
[19:01:02] <nick> dilbert yesterday and dubai today
[19:01:23] <janrinok> I'll give them a look
[19:08:19] <janrinok> they are 2 good rants - you not feeling too good today?
[19:09:36] <nick> i have actually been sick the last couple of days, my own fault though so i'm not really complaining.
[19:10:06] <nick> but i have some stuff I do want to write, so trying to get my eye in by writing some lengthy comments to get into the flow of it
[19:10:20] <janrinok> well I wish you good health for the rest of the year. Don't over-do it, it's not worth it.
[19:11:23] <nick> much appreciated, and of course the same to you.
[19:12:13] <janrinok> thx - I hope that I learned my lesson last year!
[19:13:39] <nick> we have to look after ourselves, most people I know, including myself have had some real nasty effects from over-doing it, working too long, too much stress
[19:13:43] <nick> just in 2014
[19:14:17] <janrinok> yep, my priority is S, anything else comes second
[19:14:47] <nick> it's very hard to find the balance sometimes, if there even is one to be found
[19:15:24] <janrinok> true - but we only get one chance at this, best I don't fuck it up.
[19:16:29] <nick> very much so, need to make sure we have the right priorities and appreciate the good things we do experience however small they may be
[19:17:22] <janrinok> ...ah, has someone been talking about my sex life?
[19:17:37] <nick> haha
[19:17:45] <nick> ok that made me smile
[19:18:42] <janrinok> smiling makes us feel better and it's free.
[19:20:37] <nick> i have been appreciating that lately
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[20:50:16] <nick> anyone here?
[22:22:01] <Blackmoore> i'm still at work. whassup?
[22:25:52] <nick> if youve got a minute can you look over the North Korea story?
[22:26:58] <nick> the CNBC section wasn't part of the original submission, so if you could see if it works and doesn't make it confusing or contradictory
[23:10:18] <Blackmoore> that works for me
[23:10:28] <Blackmoore> looks fine
[23:10:39] <Blackmoore> ok I'm taking off. have a good weekend
[23:11:04] <Blackmoore> oh does this work for us?
[23:11:05] <Blackmoore> http://www.addictinginfo.org
[23:11:06] <Hedonismbot> ^ 03Addicting Info ? NYPD Protest Backfires As Crime Drops After Police Slash Arrests By Two-Thirds
[23:11:28] <Blackmoore> if you have time
[23:11:29] <Blackmoore> http://www.omaha.com
[23:11:29] <Hedonismbot> ^ 03Working toward a warp drive: In his garage lab, Omahan aims to bend fabric of space - Living - Omaha.com: Breaking news and local coverage from the Omaha World-Herald
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