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[15:16:28] <Blackmoore> should we fix the time on 19 Year Old Critical Remotely-Exploitable Windows and let it go out after the rest of the approved stuff?
[15:20:41] <nick> it's already out
[15:20:57] <nick> w/ 12 comments
[15:21:12] <nick> i'm guessing lamx put it out when he edited it because security urgency
[15:33:41] <Blackmoore> ah
[15:42:37] <mattie_p> as if something 19 years old could be urgent :)
[15:46:10] <nick> well it's urgent now it's 'public'
[15:46:38] <mattie_p> well, yeah
[15:46:58] <nick> sadface that i put up two stories yesterday with 0 comments
[15:48:54] <mattie_p> Could be timing, scheduled for late afternoon US. could be no one likes those types of stories because they can't smack on systemd or microsoft
[15:49:16] <nick> it happens, i wasn't expecting a big response on them
[15:49:20] <nick> but there's usually something
[15:50:15] <nick> no one has anything to comment on regarding wwi diaries and the first 'dangerous chemicals' story got all the interest
[15:50:20] <nick> so it's understandable i guess
[15:50:34] <mattie_p> because fracking!
[15:50:46] <Blackmoore> geh. still want to ban fracking.
[15:51:12] <nick> i'm pleased how the comments on the fracking article went, because as i edited the story it did just seem like some industry PR bullshit
[15:52:26] <mattie_p> See, if we severely limit or ban fracking, we can always allow it later once there's more science on it. But once you've fracked, you can't look back
[15:53:13] <nick> and i found it quite amazing, the comment noting that the university that conducted the study counts energy obtained from fracking as 'renewable'
[15:53:30] <mattie_p> hmm, I didn't see that one
[15:53:36] <mattie_p> let me check it out
[15:53:41] <nick> im sure thats what it was, i was half asleep when i read it
[15:54:04] <nick> while i can edit/post stories in my sleep with the magic of the queue, i can't read comments.
[15:54:48] <mattie_p> modded that sucker up
[15:55:56] <nick> had the mod point system changed?
[15:56:13] <nick> ive been noticing that when i have some it's 5 now not 10
[15:56:24] <mattie_p> you have longer to do it too, 1 day now
[15:57:58] <nick> i should use them more often, i usually think about it after posting a comment and losing the ability lol
[15:58:39] <mattie_p> yeah, at least we can mod first though. That's an improvement
[16:00:29] <nick> my incompetence isn't the fault of the mod system ;)
[16:18:04] <Blackmoore> ...it's... it's a feature??
[16:21:03] <nick> my incompetence is a feature of SN as a whole ;)
[16:24:25] <Blackmoore> wait.. i can then re-classify all of my failures at life as features!
[16:24:56] <Blackmoore> I'm no longer a broken man, I'm just built that way!
[16:25:14] <Blackmoore> (this might be the coffee talking)
[16:25:56] <nick> sounds like good coffee
[18:41:56] <nick> i am out for now, should be back some time tomorrow afternoon
[18:42:19] <nick> [to edit, maybe not on irc]
[18:43:35] <nick> laters
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[19:11:28] <Blackmoore> cya
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