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[12:40:26] <AndyTheAbsurd> if anyone's about: "it doesn't it has a fairly short range" should have the "it doesn't" removed (in the "RF from Monitor to Beam Keystrokes" story)
[12:46:37] <mattiep> I'm on it, thanks
[12:48:15] <AndyTheAbsurd> no problem
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[15:21:06] <Azrael> any eds about?
[15:28:46] <Azrael> I'm putting my own story out as it is 'breaking news' ... hopefully not 'breaking rules' !!
[15:31:39] <mattie_p> I can look at it
[15:32:47] <mattie_p> just a couple of tweaks, approved
[15:33:45] <Azrael> thanks :)
[15:34:28] <mattie_p> You're welcome. Thanks for getting my attention here
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