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[00:17:43] <n1> anyone around?
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[00:55:44] <juggs> n1 - typo in that Bash story.... "A vurnerable system will output the following:" should be vulnerable :)
[00:58:15] <n1> thanks
[00:58:17] <n1> i will do it now
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[14:01:52] <n1> hey LaminatorX
[14:13:13] <LaminatorX> Hello.
[14:13:28] <n1> how are things?
[14:25:16] <LaminatorX> Not too shabby. Playing a lot of music, traveling to the Smoky Mountains next week, and my old supervisor asked me to follow him to his new department for a better gig (provided his boss doesn't prefer someone else).
[14:25:27] <LaminatorX> How about yourself?
[14:26:18] <n1> sounds like fun!
[14:27:54] <n1> things are ok here, lots to do but nothing thats feeling that productive overall. did take a break and went out to a good show the other day though
[14:28:42] <n1> basement of some bar, 250 people, ceiling was only like 8ft or so, could reach the ducting from standing, and yet still crowd surfing.
[14:29:18] <LaminatorX> Nice. I caught a killer Blues act last week. Samantha Fish from Kansas City.
[14:29:52] <n1> cool
[14:30:38] <n1> i was pretty surprised the show i went to, the first band on was actually from New York
[14:30:54] <n1> not what i expected at a relatively small gig in a basement of a bar.
[14:31:01] <n1> in London.
[14:31:51] <n1> you know how janrinok is doing? havn't seen him about the last few days.
[14:32:10] <LaminatorX> I see that now and then, travelling bands with a gap on their schedule taking a little show to cover road expenses.
[14:32:53] <n1> it was supposed to be the only UK show for both bands - the NY band seems to be doing one other date in Spain in a couple weeks.
[14:33:17] <LaminatorX> I haven't heard anything new from Jan.
[14:35:25] <n1> ah, i just saw his email
[14:35:42] <n1> oh wait no
[14:35:44] <n1> wrong person
[14:36:16] <n1> email was from cosurgi about absence from IRC.
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[21:23:56] <AndyTheAbsurd> four viagra spam submissions in the submission queue :(
[21:27:44] <Blackmoore> Staff is dusussing a more permenent solution. we have seen a lot of them today
[21:28:07] <Blackmoore> tough to block when we dont keep ip addresses.
[21:28:40] <AndyTheAbsurd> well, there is now one more non-spam story in the queue. :)
[21:28:49] <Blackmoore> THank you sir!
[21:30:32] <LaminatorX> We're adding a new Topic, "Spam" so people can uncheck it from their feeds. Then we'll publish them all.
[21:32:17] <AndyTheAbsurd> OR....someone can write a script that grabs all the off-site URLs from a page that only shows the "Spam" topic and repeatedly wgets them. DDOS the bastards until they can't make money anymore because all their profits are getting eaten up in bandwidth.
[21:33:05] <Blackmoore> AndyTheAbsurd: i suspect it's China..
[21:33:22] <LaminatorX> Or some botnet member gets a surprise when they hit their data cap all of a sudden.
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