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[03:15:03] <mrcoolbp> hahah blcakmoore
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[13:40:10] <janrinok> hi guys
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[13:44:32] <janrinok> hi Blackmoore - I'll be a little more prompt at saying 'hello' today!
[13:45:20] <Blackmoore> mornin!
[13:45:56] <Blackmoore> LaminatorX: you took a beating on that one yesterday. everything ok?
[13:46:26] <janrinok> Blackmoore: which story was that? I'm not able to spend much time on the site at present?
[13:47:10] <janrinok> LaminatorX: Hi to you - and commisserations although I'm not quite sure what for yet.... :)
[13:49:04] <janrinok> Blackmoore: Ah, I've found it....
[14:06:46] <LaminatorX> Eh, I'm alright. Thanks.
[14:08:28] <janrinok> hi Lammy - How's things in general?
[14:10:34] <LaminatorX> There're certainly legit criticisms to be made and taken, but the level of grievance brought to bear over having to scroll past an unliked story is tiresome.
[14:10:59] <LaminatorX> Better to have people care than not care though.
[14:11:19] <janrinok> yep - but you have to remember how much they pay per story - er, no, that can't be it... :)
[14:12:10] <LaminatorX> Life in general is still pretty decent. Still trying to find a better paying job. Lots of nibbles, no bites.
[14:14:16] <janrinok> Well, I wish you luck. I'm still under doctor's orders to do next to nothing - which I must admit is helping. Getting behind on the household chores but, what the hell, they'll just have to wait a little while longer.
[14:15:14] <LaminatorX> One thing about household chores, they'll always be there when you're ready for them.
[14:15:43] <janrinok> lol - I used to believe in the household chore fairy - now I suspect it was my Mum all along....
[14:15:47] <Blackmoore> yeah, till you turn around and notice that you didnt wash dishes in 3 weeks,
[14:15:56] <Blackmoore> (that was awful)
[14:15:59] <janrinok> ...buy more dishes
[14:17:20] <janrinok> I was going to ask about the new ed - until my detective work revealed it is mrcoolbp with an alter-ed-ego
[14:17:35] <mrcoolbp> haha
[14:17:44] <mrcoolbp> not really
[14:18:04] <janrinok> hi mrcoolbp - I thought that might bring you to life!
[14:18:07] <Blackmoore> i did buy more silverware in the end.. the original set was a loss
[14:18:19] * mrcoolbp is reading
[14:18:48] * janrinok has coloured in all the books that the doctor will let him play with....
[14:19:03] <LaminatorX> Has anyone seen Subsentient on here? We emailed a couple of times, but that's it so far.
[14:19:53] <janrinok> not seen
[14:21:34] <LaminatorX> I'll reach out to him again.
[14:26:14] <janrinok> Has zizban surfaced after his Summer break yet?
[14:26:38] <Blackmoore> last message he put up was that (sub) was going to the funny farm for a few days
[14:26:43] <LaminatorX> Not so far.
[14:29:31] <janrinok> And I assume that Blackhole is concentrating on the original piece editing for the time being?
[14:29:56] <mrcoolbp> BlackHole is our business guy
[14:30:02] <mrcoolbp> BlackHole = matt_
[14:30:28] <mrcoolbp> Blackmoore on the other hand was working with dopefish and LaminatorX last I checked on the OC
[14:31:09] <janrinok> Yes I know - but he came in with some good pieces that we put out a few weeks back.
[14:31:24] <mrcoolbp> ah
[14:31:58] <janrinok> for examply - the political candidate submissions - to which I never saw a follow up, now I think of it.
[14:32:09] <mrcoolbp> not sure, he is busy with other stuff I think, doesn't get to spend too much time on IRC, I think there's board meeting tonight so he should be there
[14:34:39] <janrinok> Oh, I've no doubt that everyone is busy - and that there is not much slack in the system. I, myself, am suffering from the results of that to a small degree - the rest is more local!
[14:40:27] <janrinok> I've not been on here much over the last 10 days or so, has Dopefish dropped by to say 'hello' - it would be good to hook up with him again?
[14:55:01] <janrinok> gtg - will probably be back on tomorrow. Have a good one guys!
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[15:13:16] <Blackmoore> i was chatting with Dopefish yesterday
[15:14:39] <Blackmoore> we want to have a conversation with the dev team at some point to knock out the "how" and look for the original works.
[15:15:06] <Blackmoore> but we both committed to getting our Ed hats on too.
[15:15:48] <Blackmoore> but i'm still dealing with overwork.
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