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[17:46:29] <janrinok> hi guys
[17:48:13] <n1> hi janrinok
[17:48:36] <janrinok> n1 hi - I see you have reverted to your old nick
[17:50:25] <janrinok> I'm just 2nd ed'ing your stories
[17:55:51] <n1> nick is still here, just at a different location
[17:56:03] <n1> how are things?
[17:57:41] <janrinok> not too bad - Parents in Law have arrived so are taking up some of the strain. I hoping for a slightly more relaxing couple of days.
[17:58:15] <janrinok> And with you?
[18:05:51] <n1> thats good, hope you have an atleast somewhat relaxing weekend
[18:06:41] <n1> things are ok here, lots going on, and procrastination ontop of that
[18:06:52] <janrinok> There will be some extra work for me, for example cooking meals etc, but in the main in works out a positive gain for me.
[18:07:08] <janrinok> Have they paid their bills to you yet?
[18:07:15] <n1> and i'm sure it's nice to have the company too.
[18:07:29] <n1> not yet, i'm going to start chasing next week.
[18:08:02] <n1> hopefully i have everything come in around the same time and i can blow it all on SN swag ;)
[18:08:06] <janrinok> well, I hope that you are successful
[18:09:03] <janrinok> lol - I've already ordered from the UK shop, and will place an order with the Fr shop over the weekend. Just trying to get a feel for how good they are at providing the swag.
[18:09:27] <janrinok> brb
[18:10:30] <n1> hope it all goes well, got yourself a mug on the way?
[18:14:43] <janrinok> of course - personalised too
[18:16:29] <mrcoolbp> enjoy guys, gotta run to work
[18:16:32] * mrcoolbp waves on his way out
[18:16:42] <janrinok> bye mrcoolbp
[18:34:59] <janrinok> not a good submission list for the start of a weekend...
[18:46:21] <Blackmoore> geh. I'd help but it is end of month and i'm under a pile of orders.
[18:51:24] <n1> janrinok, i can probably put some subs in later tonight
[19:08:36] <janrinok> np - I'll add a few later as well - the queue is good for a few hours yet
[19:11:13] <janrinok> gtg - may be on later
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