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[01:15:58] <mrcoolbp> n1: good to have you back!
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[12:29:35] <Bytram> http://www.securityfocus.com
[12:29:36] <monopoly> ^ 03Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird CVE-2013-1670 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
[12:37:49] <n1> hey Bytram
[12:38:05] <Bytram> n1: hey! whatsup?
[12:38:45] <n1> tired but ok. catching up on being off the radar with minimal comms for a week.
[12:38:47] <n1> how are you?
[12:39:41] <Bytram> good. too busy, but no complaints.
[12:39:54] <Bytram> glad the site update went (mostly) okay.
[12:40:14] <Bytram> we're trying to shoot down a bug wrt UTF-8 support... seems a header didn't get set somewhere.
[12:40:23] <Bytram> see #Soylent for the full details
[12:40:37] <Bytram> (if you have scrollback, that is)
[12:40:56] <Bytram> otherwise, look here: http://logs.sylnt.us
[12:42:14] <n1> gremlins in the system again!
[12:43:21] <n1> is there a reason the 'cisco buy back' story hasn't been used?
[12:44:42] <Bytram> didn't see it; got caught up in trying to debug a problem that was submitted as a story.
[12:45:31] <n1> no worries, just curious - you happened to be the only person here to ask ;)
[12:46:04] <Bytram> nod nod
[12:46:14] <Bytram> hey monopoly... http://phys.org
[12:46:15] <monopoly> ^ 03Laser 'Lightning rods' channel electricity through thin air ( http://phys.org )
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[12:52:51] <n1> hey Woods
[12:54:06] <Woods> Yo!
[12:54:14] <Woods> What up, n1?
[12:54:34] <n1> getting back to the real world
[12:54:38] <n1> sup with you?
[12:55:51] <Woods> Not much, just doin me some work.
[12:56:16] <Woods> My boss is on vacation this week, so it is pretty busy, but during the downtime I can totally slack off.
[12:57:37] <n1> so rather than partial slacking all the time, it's total slacking some of the time? ;)
[12:57:50] <Woods> Yes, I find it a much better compromise.
[12:59:18] <n1> I had my share of that last week. The 'all or nothing' nature can be a bit wearing on me though.
[13:01:10] <n1> has there been any reason that you know of, why the cisco buy back story hasn't been used?
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[13:02:54] <n1> take care, Byttam|afk
[13:02:56] <n1> !
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[13:03:32] <Bytram|afk> n1: thanks! Good to 'see' you!
[13:03:51] <Bytram|afk> take some time during the day to have some fun; makes a big difference, I've found.
[13:03:54] <Bytram|afk> ttfn
[13:04:47] <n1> :) you too
[13:05:13] <Woods> I have no idea. Every time I log on, the queue is filled for the next 7 hours, I have not even LOOKED at our submissions page in a week.
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[13:21:11] <n1> heh
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[13:21:31] <n1> well that's good, since i havn't been on the site at all for a week
[13:22:03] <n1> everyone's been keeping ontop of things, i don't miss the days of logging on and seeing no stories in the queue
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[13:26:42] <janrinok> Hi guys - just briefly lurking.....
[13:27:18] <n1> hey janrinok
[13:27:44] <janrinok> n1 how's things - had a good festival?
[13:28:29] <n1> yeah, it was pretty good, didn't have any issues - although getting paid now might be one ¬_¬
[13:28:46] <n1> how are things for you?
[13:29:18] <janrinok> not too good - S is a bit poorly so I'm doing my nursing role at present. It makes for a long day and not much spare time.
[13:29:38] <n1> sorry to hear that :(
[13:30:02] <n1> i'll be keeping an eye on here so no worries, family first
[13:30:40] <janrinok> thx for that - I've got 5 mins for a cup of tea so I thought I would just check the site. I can see you have posted quite a few - I've 2nd ed'ed them.
[13:30:59] <n1> great, thanks :)
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[13:31:30] <janrinok> my contribution may be a bit sparse over the next day or 2.
[13:31:32] <n1> when you do have some free time, i'd appreciate some of your time for a chat about life in france. but there's no rush, when you have time.
[13:31:35] <janrinok> lhsi hi
[13:31:52] <lhsi> Hello
[13:32:03] <janrinok> n1: thinking of giving it a try?
[13:32:31] <n1> yeah, there's some things im working on which would enable it
[13:32:32] <janrinok> lhsi - we don't see you often enough on here - good that you have dropped int
[13:32:37] <lhsi> I have just found a submissions bug where the title cuts off after a quote mark (so my last two submissions should have titles with more than two words
[13:33:12] <lhsi> I don't use IRC in general that often. I need to remember to set up the SN IRC on my phone again so I can pop on occasionally
[13:33:17] <janrinok> What is the full title for 'Researchers Develop'?
[13:33:42] <janrinok> no matter - I can get it from the link I guess
[13:34:09] <lhsi> Researchers develop "XRay" to make web ad targeting more transparent
[13:34:20] <lhsi> (I had that one in my browser back history)
[13:34:26] <janrinok> yep - its in the story - that one is no problem.
[13:34:54] <lhsi> The Facebook one should be something like "Facebook Trialling "[Satire]" tag on articles", but I can't remember the wording I used
[13:35:31] <janrinok> And the same for the second - the Facebook story. Yours appear to be the only ones with this bug - any ideas why?
[13:35:58] <n1> i'm going to do a test submission
[13:36:01] <lhsi> I'm not sure, first time I thought I had missed typing the whole title
[13:36:12] <lhsi> Second time I double checked by clicking bacl
[13:36:15] <lhsi> ^back
[13:36:45] <janrinok> what set up are you using - standard desktop/laptop with linux/win?
[13:36:53] <lhsi> I think after typing it and hitting "preview" it previews correctly but the text field no longer has all the words (so a second preview or submission has it removed
[13:36:57] <lhsi> Win7, Chrome
[13:37:16] <janrinok> thx - we'll look out for that one.
[13:37:30] <lhsi> Yup, I tried it and it is on Preview
[13:37:33] <n1> I just hit preview
[13:37:44] <n1> and it cut it off from the quote
[13:38:20] <janrinok> I wonder if the quote char is causing problems after the weekend's update?
[13:38:36] <janrinok> paulej72: are you on here?
[13:39:06] <n1> janrinok, i'm relaying it to TMB in #dev
[13:39:19] <janrinok> OK, I'll leave that with you
[13:39:37] <janrinok> lhsi: other than that - how is your day going?
[13:40:06] <paulej72> yes
[13:40:35] <lhsi> Busy today. Seems to be a theme for the last week or so
[13:40:51] <janrinok> lhsi has just brought a poss bug to our attention, n1 is now chatting to TMB about it. Are you aware of a bug with the title of submissions being cut short?
[13:40:51] <lhsi> I have updated steps for the submission title issue at https://github.com
[13:40:52] <monopoly> ^ 03Submission Title gets cut off at quote mark · Issue #287 · SoylentNews/slashcode · GitHub
[13:42:23] <janrinok> brilliant - all bases covered I think. Sry paulej72 - I think that n1/TMB/bug-report will probably cover it. sry to have disturbed you after your mammoth coding effort. Which is pretty impressive!
[13:43:08] <paulej72> well it is beeter that TMB looks at the Unicode stuff as he wrote most of it.
[13:43:28] <janrinok> ah - that _almost_ sounds like buck passing lol
[13:43:31] <n1> janrinok, you're safe this time... <+TheMightyBuzzard> very likely something i did.
[13:43:36] <n1> so it's not your fault ;)
[13:44:13] <janrinok> ah the relief is sweeping over me like a fluffy duvet....
[13:44:25] <n1> lol
[13:45:14] <n1> now it's time for a chai latte
[13:45:32] <janrinok> lhsi: thx for that - and I hope you are happy with the personal service that we give. (Actually, most times you wouldn't catch us all here at once)
[13:48:04] <janrinok> well - gtg again
[13:48:48] * janrinok dons nurses uniform again and gets back to bed pans and barf-buckets.
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[15:39:11] <n1> hi LaminatorX
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