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[11:20:06] <janrinok> testing new installation
[11:20:14] <janrinok> yep, that works
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[13:38:09] <janrinok> Woods - I'm posting as well - watch out for you timings! :)
[14:10:29] <Woods> In my defense, I checked the submissions queue right before I posted that ipv4 hiccup one, and I was in the clear. :P
[14:15:41] <janrinok> lol
[14:16:04] <janrinok> how's things anyway?
[14:44:52] <Woods> Busy. Just followed through with getting purchased by another company on last Thursday, so things have been hectic. We have to change our procedures, and our network to suit their style.
[14:49:52] <janrinok> yep, it always a busy time when that happens - but at least you have your job. Have many been laid off?
[14:56:14] <Woods> None, actually. We have hired a half dozen since then though, so that is pretty cool.
[14:59:30] <janrinok> well, good luck with the new company! Has your job changed at all?
[15:04:28] <Woods> Thank you. It has not changed yet, but I have a hunch they may want me to join their helpdesk ranks, and start taking helpdesk calls company wide (16,000 employees), which would be interesting.
[15:13:15] <janrinok> ah 'interesting' - not something you are looking forward to then! Sry, but gtg - back later.
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[19:11:27] <janrinok> hi Roll
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