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[13:22:06] <janrinok> hi guys
[13:25:15] <LaminatorX> Howdy.
[13:25:45] <janrinok> Hi LaminatorX
[13:34:16] <janrinok> LaminatorX: Much happening in your world today?
[13:34:42] <LaminatorX> Nothing of particular note, at least thus far.
[13:34:52] <LaminatorX> It's still early though.
[13:35:15] <janrinok> same here - lots of events across Europe to mark the outbreak of WW1, but nothing much other than that.
[13:36:54] <LaminatorX> I caught a BBC fake-documentary last week that was WWI vs the War of the Worlds Martians. They had composited tripod walkers into old footage, "interviewed veterans," and so on.
[13:37:58] <janrinok> I didn't see that - thing are a lot more sombre here. Candlelight services, special multi-national events etc
[13:38:54] <LaminatorX> I remember seeing some places over there that were still all torn up when I visited.
[13:40:01] <LaminatorX> The last of the vets passed a few years ago, as I recall.
[13:40:31] <janrinok> There is a cemetary at Mons that is mixed UK, German and Belgian dead. Major event there 2 days ago with royalty attending, last post been played, mixed service in both English and German etc. No more vets alive now - as you noted.
[14:21:23] <janrinok> The 'Which OS for gaming' got a good response.
[14:22:50] <LaminatorX> Sure did. I was a bit surprised to see the Win8.1 love as well.
[14:23:12] <janrinok> yep, I felt that Win7 would be a clear winner
[14:23:39] <LaminatorX> We've got 7 at the office, and it's the first MS os i didn't feel owed me an apology.
[14:24:13] <janrinok> I've got it installed on 1 of my 8 machines - the rest are linux, but some things (.e.g
[14:24:28] <janrinok> e.g. my GPS, will only update via windows
[14:26:36] <LaminatorX> We've got Macs and openSUSE at home, but I do keep a machine with XP on it in the closet for the occasional time that Virtualbox worn't cut it.
[14:28:15] <janrinok> I must confess that my Win7 is running under VirtualBox too. I don't want to give a whole machine over to an OS I only use occasionally, and I dislike installing Win and Linux as a dual boot. To many times Win has made a mess of things.
[14:31:59] <janrinok> Why is that we geeks do not like throwing computers away? I've managed to find useful jobs for most of mine.
[14:44:11] <LaminatorX> I think we've all run across the moment where we realize we used to have something that would solve whatever the problem at hand was.
[14:47:24] <janrinok> could be...
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[15:21:59] <n1> psh
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[17:21:36] <n1> i have to run, i didnt realize the queue was so low, i'll be back around 00:00-01:00 UTC to do some more.
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