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[12:50:45] <n1> hi LaminatorX
[12:50:53] <LaminatorX> Hey there.
[12:51:12] <n1> how are things going?
[12:51:32] <n1> (i'm back for about a week now, before going on the road again with no comms)
[12:52:10] <LaminatorX> Welcome back. Things are going pretty well. I've got a third interview for a better job on Thursday.
[12:53:31] <n1> thanks. apologies for the extended absence, things went not to plan shall we say.
[12:53:46] <n1> Hope the interview goes well!
[12:54:30] <n1> I've had a lot of stress over interviews, but every one has actually turned out pretty good.
[12:54:58] <n1> Had an offer from every interview i've got.
[12:55:20] <LaminatorX> I'm feeling pretty good about this one, but am trying to be Zen rather than spend the next two days anxious.
[12:55:53] <n1> thats a good plan, and being calm and collected in an interview is better than nerves ruling the show.
[12:56:05] <n1> probably not so bad as you're already in employment, not banking on it 100%
[12:56:19] <LaminatorX> As a bit of a generalist, I have a hard time getting interviews at times, but if I get this far I usually get hired.
[12:57:07] * LaminatorX knocks on wood.
[12:57:09] <n1> I understand, similar for myself. I've had countless over/underqualified rejection letters from applications.
[12:58:22] <n1> More work than reward to rewrite the CV for every job application, especially if applying for several.
[12:59:22] <n1> is the interview for a job you really want, or just better money/conditions?
[12:59:27] <LaminatorX> Yeah, I've got three differently optimized ones. One of those is usually apropos.
[12:59:59] <LaminatorX> Mainly better money/conditions, but at this point that's what I really want.
[13:01:34] <LaminatorX> I'd be doing a mix of QA testing and app support, which nobody dreams of when they're kids, but would be 30% more money, biking distance from home, flex-time, etc.
[13:03:08] <Woods> I see we need stories added to the queue, but I also see three people working on it.
[13:03:17] <LaminatorX> I like the idea of mixing QA and support. God forbid the person putting the test cases together know what the users actually do with the software.
[13:03:42] * n1 hands Woods the whip
[13:04:08] * Woods whips people into working faster, especially n1.
[13:04:11] <n1> LaminatorX, i find variation in work makes everything better.
[13:04:33] <n1> by the time you're sick of QA, then some support comes up, you get sick of that, etc
[13:05:04] <n1> i deserve it.
[13:05:08] <LaminatorX> Right. Fingers crossed.
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[13:05:33] <janrinok> hi guys
[13:05:41] <LaminatorX> Welcome.
[13:08:16] <janrinok> Hi LamX - being acting out any scenes from 'Guardians' in your mind?
[13:09:15] <LaminatorX> No, but I've had "Moonage Daydream" and "Fooled-around and Fell in Love" on mental repeat.
[13:09:27] <janrinok> lol
[13:10:36] <n1> hey janrinok
[13:10:57] <janrinok> n1! you're back!
[13:11:13] <LaminatorX> I've recognized that the age of a reviewer can be inferred by whether they describe the protagonist's inherited mixtape as "70's music" or "80's music."
[13:11:26] <n1> I am indeed!
[13:12:01] <janrinok> LaminatorX: that probably means that I have a 60's music mixtape....
[13:12:15] <janrinok> n1: how did the festival go?
[13:12:47] <janrinok> LaminatorX: ....according to some reviewers
[13:12:49] <LaminatorX> brb
[13:13:42] <n1> my side of it went pretty well, as well as I could have hoped. The event itself had some lows though, it should have been 2 days not 4.
[13:14:41] <janrinok> #ah, one of those 2 days crammed into 4 events. Did you get all your kit in time?
[13:15:38] <n1> yeah, just.
[13:15:58] <n1> paying for 24hr shipping is lies so much of the time.
[13:16:13] <n1> order 3pm tuesday, arrive 2pm friday.
[13:16:35] <janrinok> they just didn't say in which 24 hours it would be delivered. You're sooo picky.
[13:16:41] <n1> lol, indeed!
[13:17:08] <n1> Hopefully the festival will happen again next year, but with a lot of refinements. First year, huge learning curve for the organizer.
[13:17:41] <LaminatorX> I'be got an all-day show coming up on the 31st. Looking forward to it. I haven't done one of those in years.
[13:18:13] <janrinok> well, it is to be expected I suppose for a first time event. I don't know, but I bet Glastonbury wasn't perfect for the first year or two.
[13:18:41] <janrinok> LaminatorX: you can't be on stage for the whole day?
[13:18:48] <n1> The way i look at it, there's a festival called 'Secret Garden Party' that started in 2004 with 1000 people.
[13:18:55] <n1> It's now 30,000.
[13:19:15] <janrinok> not so Secret Garden Party then
[13:19:24] <n1> it wasn't a disaster, the organizer will have lost tens of thousands over it though.
[13:19:49] <n1> lots of little changes to the marketing and infrastructure will bring more people and save costs
[13:19:51] <janrinok> perhaps they are hoping for the long-term profit?
[13:20:20] <n1> Not in the position to do it, he's probably going to have to borrow money from family to pay me, which is what he said before the event even started.
[13:20:47] <janrinok> ouch
[13:20:51] <n1> A lot of the infrastructure was put in by friends and family, got good deals through connections, still a struggle.
[13:20:56] <n1> Every festival loses money the first year
[13:20:58] <LaminatorX> There was a 1st time scifi con in Chicago that collapsed last month, to the tune of being $15,000 short for the hotel. They ended up passing the hat in a panic to avoid getting shut-down mid event, and a bunch of the guests walked.
[13:21:00] <n1> it's the rules kind of thing.
[13:21:19] <n1> ouch
[13:21:33] <janrinok> LamX - that might have made an SN story?
[13:21:40] <n1> Kind of similar, toward the end of the weekend, they were taking donations instead of selling tickets.
[13:22:37] <LaminatorX> Woodstock famously became free when they ran out of tickets an another few hundred thousand people showed up.
[13:23:19] <janrinok> I assume that if they had already sold-out, then they were happy to accept the free publicity.
[13:24:22] <n1> glastonbury has always been a free festival for many people lol
[13:24:38] <janrinok> Would be a bit disappointed though to have paid £40 and end up standing next to a guy who walked in for free, although I wouldn't begrudge him his good fortune.
[13:25:08] <n1> These days most multi-day festivals run well over £100 a ticket
[13:25:20] <n1> secret garden party 'early bird' tickets, for next year are going for £150.
[13:25:25] <janrinok> OK - so I'm well out of touch :)
[13:26:04] <n1> some are different, but i can't justify it, thats why i either work or volunteer on them now
[13:26:18] <janrinok> The 4 day music festival held locally only costs 55 euros - and I don't miss a single minute of it!
[13:26:39] <n1> it's that local eh? ;)
[13:26:59] <janrinok> Knowing which venue to be at for a given time can get a bit complicated though.
[13:27:18] <n1> is it held in the local bars and such?
[13:27:33] <janrinok> LaminatorX: tell me more about the all day show that you mentioned earlier please
[13:30:09] <LaminatorX> http://thegramophonelive.com
[13:30:50] <janrinok> n1 there are 2 major stages, and 4 minor venues, plus smaller acts in bars and pubs. The big names are always easy to find, but some of my personal favourites could be at the other end of the festival and take a bit of a walk to get to.
[13:32:08] <janrinok> Festival de Chant de Marins - although it is now much more a music from around the world festival. Held every 2nd year locally, and in between years in Southern Brittany.
[13:33:27] <janrinok> LamX - thx , looking.
[13:34:22] <janrinok> n1 - my inlaws come to look after S so that I can go and spend all my waking time at the festival.
[13:36:13] <LaminatorX> You might actually see one of those performers on TV, janrinok. The gal from the Bottoms Up Blues Gang is playing Callamity Jane on TV Arte.
[13:36:19] <janrinok> n1 - I've got 23 stories showing in the queue, how many do you see?
[13:36:38] <n1> 21 on last refresh
[13:36:55] <janrinok> I haven't watched it but will go looking now you've told me, LamX
[13:36:57] <n1> i added one to stories about the same time as you did
[13:37:33] <janrinok> lol - I was looking at the spacing. Azreal loves 2hr spacing regardless of what is in th queue lol
[13:37:47] <n1> that sounds like a great weekend, and having the variety of different venues is nice
[13:38:03] <n1> i've always enjoyed WOMAD, which is Peter Gabriels world music festival.
[13:40:04] <janrinok> n1 - I like the Tyler Cowen / Prof Little story - that is a quality piece.
[13:40:34] <n1> yeah, i found it interesting, and even more so that it's a response to another story
[13:40:36] <n1> nice to do a followup
[13:41:08] <janrinok> n1 - by the way, Az now has you in his sights in the HOF. He is posting at a hell of a rate some days, although he is meant to be starting his holiday today.
[13:42:33] <n1> i'll have to make up for it this week lol
[13:42:59] <n1> i'm glad things have been going ok here, i just havn't had the time, or the connectivity to do anything
[13:43:10] <n1> i couldn't even refresh my emails on my phone without going 20 minutes down the road.
[13:43:17] <n1> and even that would take a few minutes
[13:43:44] <janrinok> its the holiday period - quite a few names have been missing or posting at a lower rate than usual, but we seem to get by.
[13:44:56] <n1> it's nice we're not conforming to the stereotype of basement dwellers ;)
[13:45:33] <n1> you beat me to it on the 'fault-emotion-punishment' story, i really like that one too.
[13:45:39] <janrinok> I still get the impressions that we go outdoors looking pasty white and blinking in the bright sunlight.
[13:46:04] <n1> lol, quite probably
[13:46:14] <n1> i caught the sun this last week so i'm not so pasty white as normal.
[13:46:16] <n1> :p
[13:47:27] <janrinok> tft - time for tea. brb
[13:47:57] <n1> time to use last nights leftover beef for a sandwich me thinks
[13:54:20] <janrinok> I've made you a cup of tea as well - can I have half of your sandwich please?
[13:54:26] <n1> cereal and canned food for the last week, i'm revelling in having real food again.
[13:54:36] <n1> lol
[13:55:12] <n1> that somehow doesnt seem like a fair trade :p
[13:55:39] <janrinok> well, I couldn't accept the whole sandwich....
[13:55:46] <n1> hahaha
[13:56:07] <n1> in festival mode, you get half the sandwich and a bag of crisps for £5.50 ;)
[13:56:07] <LaminatorX> By the time the sandwich gets there it'll be about fair, I imagine.
[13:56:37] <janrinok> and the tea will be cold...
[13:56:47] <n1> the beef will be even more matured by then, so it would be better im sure!#
[13:57:41] <n1> one thing at the festival they need to make more of next year, i had no idea there was going to be 20 different ales.
[13:58:01] <n1> only knew it was going to be cheap (£3.50/pint).
[13:58:19] <janrinok> I wish I had been there - if only for the beer and ale!
[13:58:49] <n1> with 20 beers, it's a mini beer festival in my opinion
[13:59:11] <janrinok> I'm surprised that you can remember much about the festival.
[13:59:12] * LaminatorX is imagining some sort of beer/sandwich/tea triangle trade.
[13:59:25] <janrinok> its a money-making winner!
[13:59:29] <n1> i was 'on-call' 24hrs, so i couldn't get that drunk.
[13:59:47] <n1> and the one night i did, suddenly had to go to work after 6 pints.
[14:00:04] <janrinok> define 'that drunk' - safe to handle mains power, stand up, or say your name correctly 2 out of 3 times.
[14:01:06] <n1> well, after 6 pints and not a lot to eat, i managed to rerun some cables
[14:01:17] <n1> im glad i didnt have to go up a ladder though, if you know what i mean.
[14:02:07] <n1> LaminatorX, i'd be keen to try some decent american ales, i've heard so many good things about them
[14:02:11] <n1> but they never make it over the pond
[14:02:52] <janrinok> My limited experience with American beers has not been a happy one - but I will confess to not having tried that many of them.
[14:03:23] <n1> janrinok, same here - but i've been limited to budwieser, coors, sam adams and a couple other uninteresting lagers.
[14:03:46] <janrinok> Yeah, but I suspect that we simply haven't found the 'good stuff' yet
[14:04:20] <n1> i suspect they keep it all for themselves
[14:04:29] <n1> like koolaid and real mtn dew
[14:06:26] <n1> thats where i draw the line on regulations, when it stops me getting USDM drinks and snacks.
[14:06:54] <janrinok> Somebody help me here - is that 'Which OS do you recommend for PC Gaming' worth publishing or not. My view is 'not' - but I just hate all things Microsoft so I might be showing my bias.
[14:07:13] <n1> i looked at it and cant decide myself
[14:07:16] <janrinok> lol
[14:07:29] <n1> i'd like to see it run, just to see if there is anyone going to stand up and make a good case for linux gaming
[14:07:37] <janrinok> It seems like a debate over Win7 v Win8.
[14:08:00] <n1> yeah, generally so, but steam on linux may be changing that
[14:08:24] <janrinok> OK - I'll give it a shot and standby for the blasting in the comments from my many non-fans!
[14:08:26] <n1> it's slowly becoming a more viable option it seems, but i havn't actually tried it myself
[14:09:07] <n1> i'm sure there will be some who think linux is great for gaming, ignoring the fact there have been a few games made after 1995
[14:10:10] <n1> 'only the classics are worth playing, i've never played any newer games, so i know' type of people.
[14:10:13] <janrinok> In fact, there is not much in that story other than a long list of parts and the bait question...
[14:10:53] <n1> thats what stopped me really going for it, there wasn't much of a question or criteria
[14:11:10] <n1> just the basic question and the spec list, which is kind of irrelevant to the question.
[14:12:54] <n1> what are you feelings on the IBM submission?
[14:14:00] <n1> it's not exactly subtle promotion for the author of the book/article, but it's also making a valid point
[14:16:23] <janrinok> standby looking
[14:18:44] <LaminatorX> I used to read Cringely regularly, but it's been years.
[14:19:20] <LaminatorX> I'd def tighten up that headline though.
[14:20:18] <janrinok> a good question - the main article is from Cringley himself, so you are correct that it is self-promotional. I'd probably spin it and ask which other major companies have fallen/are falling by the wayside and why? Not sure if this will improve the story much though.
[14:20:30] <LaminatorX> Re good US beers: They exist, but are seldom exported.
[14:21:54] <n1> If Cringley is respected, then maybe the self-promotion isn't a problem, and the submission isn't trying to hide it.
[14:22:28] <LaminatorX> McGruber is Cringely?
[14:22:46] <janrinok> You could do with a thread of vitrol and criticism to welcome you back.....
[14:23:10] <n1> LaminatorX, you could conclude that.
[14:23:21] <n1> Not sure, but how it's written does give that idea credibility.
[14:23:27] <janrinok> vitriol *
[14:23:33] <n1> lol
[14:24:19] <n1> after not even reading the news for a couple weeks, it's hard to get back into the flow
[14:24:23] <LaminatorX> Cringely's a pro. He doesn't need to astroturf a small-player like us.
[14:24:46] <janrinok> but does it make it a story Lammy?
[14:24:57] <LaminatorX> His CV: http://www.cringely.com
[14:24:59] <monopoly> ^ 03I, Cringely About Bob - I, Cringely
[14:25:00] <n1> LaminatorX, i'd also agree with that. He's been around too long to care.
[14:25:56] <n1> The way I read his profile and history, he's writing now because he wants to, about things that interest him and not so much for the money.
[14:26:26] <LaminatorX> I'm fine with it as a story. It's an audacious claim, but he backs it up.
[14:26:30] <n1> i'm going to do the story and suffer the consequences.
[14:28:48] <LaminatorX> Re: good US beers, they exist, but are generally not exported. The mass-market players here pump-out corn&rice based "lagers" that (while refreshing if served ice-cold) are basically crap.
[14:29:35] <n1> I find US lagers rather dreadful, even if ice cold.
[14:29:40] <janrinok> I agree with your last point - and it's a pity that the good beers aren't more widely available. Do you have a personal preferrence?
[14:30:09] <n1> I wont drink budweiser or coors. They're on the banned list, with Carling.
[14:30:34] <LaminatorX> There're lots of smaller regional players that do quality product though, especially here in St. Louis. We've got unlimited fresh water and a lot of knowhow in town thanks to ex-Anheiser Bush people who took severences when International Beverage bought them out.
[14:32:44] <janrinok> I've published the OS for PC Gaming story - can whoever edits it again check that I'm not starting a flame war. Pull it if you think that I might. Thanks.
[14:33:00] <LaminatorX> Urban Chesnut, 4-hands, and Schlafly are my goto brews, but I'd be pleasantly surprised if any make it across the pond.
[14:33:31] <janrinok> They're probably good - I've never heard of them, and they have 'real beer' names. :)
[14:34:34] <LaminatorX> Liquid cred.
[14:35:24] <LaminatorX> Let's see how the story goes. I don't find it particularly flamey.
[14:35:45] <janrinok> thx
[14:35:53] <LaminatorX> Good move putting the hardware below the cut.
[14:37:48] <n1> agreed
[14:38:26] <janrinok> well, we will have to wait and see now...
[14:41:33] <n1> IBM story is ready for a second look
[14:42:37] * n1 is feeling slightly smug that he ignored the reccomendations for using synology NAS.
[14:45:05] <janrinok> lol - looking
[14:45:09] <LaminatorX> brb
[14:46:19] <janrinok> n1 - your first and last links in the Cringley story are identical?
[14:46:38] <n1> errr
[14:46:45] <n1> fucked that one up
[14:46:54] <janrinok> I take out the last one
[14:47:11] <n1> yeah
[14:48:07] <n1> thanks for catching that
[14:56:47] <n1> going to have to restrain myself from being an amd fanboi about the spec list on the gaming os question.
[14:57:27] <janrinok> lol
[15:01:40] <n1> when it's cost effective to support the underdog, who hasn't failed me yet, i find it hard not to.
[15:02:41] <janrinok> I can agree with that sentiment
[15:12:01] <janrinok> gtg - time to start cooking - cul8r
[15:31:28] <n1> laters, janrinok
[15:54:54] LaminatorX is now known as LaminatorX|afk
[17:55:00] <janrinok> n1 - we both picked exactly the same time for our stories - I've moved mine!
[17:56:25] <n1> cool
[17:57:34] <n1> today has been a contrast, finding out about the reformation of a band i much enjoyed in my teens, and then reading that story about studio ghibli
[17:58:21] <janrinok> I'd never heard of studio ghibli until I read your story.
[17:58:59] <n1> i havnt watched all of their films
[17:59:06] <n1> but the ones i have were great
[18:00:41] <n1> My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away
[18:01:37] <n1> felt like a refreshing change from the starwars type stories, which are not my thing at all.
[18:02:02] <n1> even if it's sad news
[18:11:12] <janrinok> Where do you (did you?) find such films?
[18:13:19] <n1> I think Spirited Away was on TV actually, some years ago. The others were shown to me by a friend who is into anime.
[18:14:33] <janrinok> can't say I've ever seen anime on TV, but there again I wasn't taking much notice I suppose...
[18:16:20] <n1> It was on late at night most likely, seen a lot of somewhat obscure foreign films like that. When I used to watch TV anyway.
[18:17:05] <n1> Maybe either channel 4 or channel 5 had a run of doing japanese films at night.
[18:17:30] <janrinok> Well, I've spent most of my last 15 years outside the UK, so I don't think that I've seen much UK TV. I probably see more of it now (satellite) than I did for many years.
[18:18:08] <n1> The good ol' BBC?
[18:19:00] <janrinok> All the UK channels and the other 50-60 odd Freesat ones as well
[18:19:54] <n1> One thing that gets me with UK TV, i've never found a reason to watch 3(ITV).
[18:20:44] <janrinok> No, but S enjoys watching TV while she is in bed - which she already is for today. So that is her evening's entertainment.
[18:22:06] <janrinok> Changing topic - I am very impressed with the quality of discussions on many of our stories. Not many comments but what we have tend to be of a good level and thought-provoking too.
[18:22:07] <n1> freesat works well? i have no experience with it.
[18:23:24] * Azrael breathes down the back of n1's neck
[18:23:56] <janrinok> Yes, Freesat is great. It was even better until they took 'Dave' off it - I used to enjoy the comedy programs. But plenty of choice although much of it is US in origin. S is watching MASH - which she thoroughly enjoys. Its nice to hear her laugh for a change :)
[18:24:15] <n1> Azrael is stalking me...
[18:24:17] <janrinok> Hi Az - I have warned him.....
[18:24:22] * n1 is scared
[18:25:18] <n1> Dave is a great channel really, they really got it right. MASH is a quality show, I enjoy it a lot.
[18:25:40] <janrinok> n1 - He's got some way to go before he reaches you. Azrael - how is day 1 of your holiday?
[18:26:24] <Azrael> janrinok: covered in nephews demanding to play Munchkin
[18:26:33] <janrinok> lol - you love it!
[18:26:38] <n1> full credit to Azrael, is much appreciated even if you're chasing me ;)
[18:26:54] <Azrael> :D
[18:27:18] <n1> taking a trip or taking some time off?
[18:27:18] <janrinok> yep, he's already left Woods and Martyb in his dust...
[18:27:43] <Azrael> n1: on hols for 2 weeks
[18:27:58] <n1> well, in all fairness to martyb, he had editorship thrust upon him :p
[18:28:24] <janrinok> He's done well though - he's put out some very good stories recently.
[18:28:28] <n1> nice, hope you get to rest, relax and have some fun.
[18:29:34] <n1> i havn't been following the last couple weeks, but I know all the previous ones i've seen have been good stories.
[18:30:01] <n1> for me, it feels good to be back.
[18:30:23] <Azrael> and good to have you back :D
[18:30:29] <janrinok> ^^
[18:31:14] <n1> i'll be gone again next week but there shouldn't be anything taking over this week to stop me editing.
[18:31:17] <n1> :)
[18:31:48] <janrinok> n1: you never know what's around the corner. You could be off tomorrow on a new job!
[18:32:30] <n1> i hope not, trying to recover from last week lol.
[18:33:38] <n1> being on call 24hrs is new, especially when i'm not at home or anywhere 'normal', on site and on call, not having a proper bed, living off canned food and cereal.
[18:33:55] <n1> having a bed i actually fit in was amazing last night heh.
[18:34:34] <janrinok> You could buy pre-prepared food on site couldn't you?
[18:35:04] <n1> Could have, but there wasn't much choice, and the cost.
[18:35:11] <janrinok> true
[18:35:51] <n1> it would have been better, but the fridge in the caravan was broken at the start so had prepared for having nowhere to store anything fresh or frozen.
[18:36:56] <n1> canned peas are not my thing, i have found out.
[18:37:18] <janrinok> don't suppose anyone raves about them...
[18:37:26] <n1> lol indeed
[18:37:43] <n1> but i'm a huge fan of lidl's corn that comes in a can.
[18:38:08] <janrinok> straight from the tin?
[18:38:18] <n1> although butter and chopped chillies are much a part of that. I did assume that the peas would be ok based on that.
[18:38:36] <janrinok> well, you'll know for next time ;)
[18:39:31] <n1> live and learn
[18:39:54] <janrinok> I just seem to live - I don't think that I'm learning fast enough to survive!
[18:39:59] <n1> using 2 saucepans and a frying pan on a caravan stove is not easy though.
[18:40:15] <janrinok> how many rings?
[18:40:36] <n1> 4, so one was spare. they're damn close together though so all the pans are touching
[18:41:08] <janrinok> invest in stacking steamer pans. I got used to using them and they keep already cooked food hot too.
[18:41:27] <n1> almost half the width of a normal 4 ring stove top.
[18:41:42] * n1 googles: stacking steamer pans
[18:41:57] <n1> ah i see
[18:42:10] <n1> restaurant janrinok
[18:42:36] <janrinok> I have a 2 ring calor gas stove that I used to use a lot. After a lot of practice, I could produce a 3 course meal for 4 - not Michellin star but perfectly acceptable.
[18:43:34] <janrinok> I'm happily surrounded now with induction hobs, microwaves and loads of kitchen ware.
[18:44:26] <n1> with practice it can be done. I remember seeing one of Anthony Bourdains shows, some hipster restaurant where they pretty much did everything using 2 consumer grade ovens with 4 rings.
[18:44:27] <LaminatorX|afk> !grab janrinok
[18:44:27] <Bender> Added quote 17
[18:44:46] LaminatorX|afk is now known as LaminatorX
[18:45:03] <janrinok> Have you noticed how LamX has started to lurk more..... :)
[18:45:11] <n1> having the tools and the space makes it enjoyable, in the caravan just doing basic stuff is a chore for me.
[18:45:28] <n1> LaminatorX is spying on us now.
[18:45:45] * LaminatorX fades into the background noise.
[18:45:56] <n1> heheh
[18:46:13] * janrinok can still hear the echoes of a banjo from the distance...
[18:46:31] <LaminatorX> Lurking usually signifies lunch or Actual Work. :)
[18:48:23] <janrinok> LaminatorX: so are you pretending to work or eating now?
[18:49:23] <LaminatorX> Pretending to work, atm. I'll be queueing up a window full of commercials to watch momentarily.
[18:51:58] <LaminatorX> I'm quite grateful that all these spots havent invaded my dreams over the years.
[18:53:09] <LaminatorX> I'll kind of miss Shaq if/when I leave here. Between Ict Hot, Gold Bond, and Buick I see more of him than many of my co-workers.
[18:53:42] <janrinok> Shaq? (pops off to google that one)
[18:54:27] <janrinok> Shaquille O'Neale?
[18:54:32] <LaminatorX> http://www.ispot.tv
[18:54:33] <monopoly> ^ 03Gold Bond Body Powder TV Commercial, 'Shake Tingle' Featuring Shaquille O'Neal - iSpot.tv
[18:54:56] <LaminatorX> He does rather a lot of endorsements.
[18:55:35] * janrinok notes how he looked cool by quoting the name as though he knows who in Hell the guy is....
[18:56:45] <janrinok> I read that as 'baby powder' - I had to do a double-take there...
[18:57:48] <LaminatorX> He even had a video game: http://www.questionablefilms.com
[18:57:49] <monopoly> ^ 03Shaq Fu Review
[18:58:28] <janrinok> and you have to watch the adverts? Do you need an assistant?
[19:00:08] <LaminatorX> QC is part of the job, yes. I'll watch 80-150 a day.
[19:00:31] <janrinok> Damn - that doesn't actually sound like a whole lot of fun
[19:01:04] <janrinok> Does it influence your buying habits?
[19:01:13] <LaminatorX> Sometimes it is. There are a lot of badly produced low-budget local spots that are genuinely funny.
[19:01:47] <LaminatorX> It sure does. They don't pay me enough, so I don't buy anything.
[19:02:04] <janrinok> ok, I can understand that.
[19:03:10] <LaminatorX> In all seriousness, I don't think I shop any differently than I did before working here.
[19:03:28] <janrinok> that suggests that the adverts don't work too well then?
[19:03:48] <LaminatorX> More that I'm not a choice target demographic.
[19:04:12] <janrinok> OK, makes sense.
[19:05:03] <LaminatorX> Most of the locally targetted ads are for car dealers, mattresses, and furniture.
[19:05:26] <LaminatorX> I have all these things already.
[19:05:39] <janrinok> I was trying to think of a humorous link to those 3 items but failed miserably
[19:05:41] <n1> yeah but with their amazing financing options
[19:05:48] <n1> you could have all new stuff of what you have already!
[19:07:23] <LaminatorX> There are also a lot of daily/weekly specials at stores located far away from me.
[19:09:05] <janrinok> so going home to watch TV is not quite as relaxing for you as for others perhaps?
[19:09:41] <LaminatorX> I am all about the "pause" button. :)
[19:09:47] <janrinok> lol
[19:10:25] <LaminatorX> Best jingle: "The only Chevy dealer near the airport, Burt Chevrolet!"
[19:11:33] <LaminatorX> Of all the things they could have chosen to say about themselves, that's what they went with.
[19:11:58] <janrinok> he aims low to avoid disappointment.
[19:11:59] <n1> lol
[19:12:29] <LaminatorX> I imagine someone getting off a flight and suddenly needing a Camaro strolling in with a rolling suitcase.
[19:12:34] <n1> I was going to buy a Ford, but now I know the chevy dealer is near the airport, it's all changed.
[19:13:17] <n1> LaminatorX, wouldn't that only work by the time they got to their hotel?
[19:13:20] <janrinok> well, presumably he is easy to find, if not exactly conveniently positioned
[19:13:28] <n1> I'm thinking you wont get local ads before you arrive via plane
[19:13:51] <LaminatorX> If they're smart they tip the cabbies.
[19:13:57] <janrinok> typical n1 - he should have been a detective
[19:14:11] <n1> lol
[19:14:28] <n1> maybe it's about convincing people not to fly
[19:14:54] <janrinok> its convinced me not to watch US TV...
[19:15:21] <n1> the commercials for prescription medication was enough to stop me.
[19:15:24] <LaminatorX> I bet they get a lot of leads from the No-Fly List.
[19:15:44] <n1> "feeling slightly sick? Ask your doctor about <brand name>"
[19:16:02] <n1> "side effects include: death, internal bleeding."
[19:16:25] <janrinok> I was going to say that we don't have the equivalent in the UK, then immediately thought of CilitBang, BOGOF windows and a few other crappy ads.
[19:16:39] <LaminatorX> My favorite drug ad is the one for Social Anxiety Disorder whose side effects included loss of bowl control.
[19:16:47] <n1> wow
[19:17:07] <n1> when you're not exposed to those ads normally, they're really quite something.
[19:17:13] <LaminatorX> "This is supposed to make me less anxious?"
[19:17:24] <janrinok> lol - you don't worry when you crap yourself!
[19:17:37] <n1> janrinok, by US standards, cilitbang is actually pretty good.
[19:17:52] <janrinok> yep, n1, you may be right
[19:18:09] <n1> good ol' barry scott
[19:26:21] <janrinok> I'm going to have to call it a day a bit earlier than usual. Cu all tomorrow.
[19:27:23] <LaminatorX> Adios.
[19:30:03] <n1> take care, janrinok
[19:30:09] <janrinok> bye
[19:30:11] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: leaving]
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[21:50:13] <mrcoolbp> http://soylentnews.org
[21:50:13] <monopoly> ^ 04SN comment by GlennC (3656)
[21:56:55] <n1> i'm still waiting on someone to put a good case forward for linux, although it does seem it's still not there yet for gaming.