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[03:02:30] <mrcoolbp> testing: http://soylentnews.org
[03:02:30] <monopoly> ^ 04SN article 03 Ford and GM Sued over CD Auto-Rip Device in Cars 04(1 comments):
[03:02:33] <mrcoolbp> nice
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[13:30:20] <janrinok> hi guys
[13:31:50] <paulej72> i am not high, my eyes are just natrually bloodshot
[13:32:11] <janrinok> well you can always correct that...
[13:32:38] <janrinok> I hope, however, that you are well despite the bloodshot eyes, paulej72 ?
[13:33:34] <paulej72> yes I am fine and so are my eyes. how about you
[13:34:23] <janrinok> good, I think. It's mid afternoon here on a very warm and sunny day.
[13:36:51] <paulej72> been much cooler here recently. about 3-5 C lower than average i would guess.
[13:37:16] <janrinok> we're looking good up to the weekend, but it might start cooling a little then
[13:39:02] <janrinok> paulej72: harking back to a conversation that we had last week, who would you say were the 'SuperSys' operators? I need to identify posts to put into a document.
[13:39:53] <paulej72> are we talking full system wide or just in Slash
[13:42:51] <janrinok> well, with regard to handling spam really.
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[13:46:38] <janrinok> hi Woods
[13:46:40] <paulej72> Then we are talking slash admins who have a seclev above 1000 or something like that.
[13:46:56] <Woods> Hello!
[13:48:07] <paulej72> janrinok:
[13:48:10] <janrinok> paulej72: OK thx, is the term 'SuperSys' understood by everyone in the sys team - is it a commonly used term?
[13:48:12] <paulej72> +------+------------+--------+
[13:48:15] <paulej72> | uid | nickname | seclev |
[13:48:16] <paulej72> +------+------------+--------+
[13:48:18] <paulej72> | 12 | Dopefish | 100 |
[13:48:19] <paulej72> | 14 | LaminatorX | 100 |
[13:48:21] <paulej72> | 32 | Cactus | 100 |
[13:48:22] <paulej72> | 52 | janrinok | 100 |
[13:48:24] <paulej72> | 76 | martyb | 100 |
[13:48:25] <paulej72> | 993 | n1 | 100 |
[13:48:27] <paulej72> | 2726 | Woods | 100 |
[13:48:28] <paulej72> | 2855 | azrael | 100 |
[13:48:30] <paulej72> | 3765 | zizban | 100 |
[13:48:31] <paulej72> | 2 | NCommander | 10000 |
[13:48:33] <paulej72> | 3 | robind | 10000 |
[13:48:34] <paulej72> | 13 | mattie_p | 10000 |
[13:48:36] <paulej72> | 24 | AudioGuy | 10000 |
[13:48:37] <paulej72> | 58 | paulej72 | 10000 |
[13:48:39] <paulej72> | 65 | xlefay | 10000 |
[13:48:40] <paulej72> | 68 | mrcoolbp | 10000 |
[13:48:42] <paulej72> +------+------------+--------+
[13:49:26] <janrinok> And how many of them are conversant with how you handle spam when it is reported to you?
[13:49:27] <Woods> Psh, you guys and your two digit UIDs...
[13:49:34] <paulej72> the ones with seclev at 10000 have the level needed to make bans
[13:50:16] <janrinok> So basically all you do is block the originating IP?
[13:52:00] <paulej72> janrinok: SuperSys is not a term we normally use. I am not sure if anytone else has been setting bans, so I think that noone is conversant with how I do it. Also I am nt 100% sure that the ban system is working properly. I was having issues a coulpe of weeks ago and I need check that system out after I get the subscription code working.
[13:53:01] <janrinok> OK, I'll have to let it ride for a while then. If you remember, can you let me know when you have checked the system please?
[13:53:30] <paulej72> Yes we block the orginalting IP. but I think we need to setup some new filters to catch the viagra, cialis and what not spam at the source. Need to get a list of key words to filter and add them to the list.
[13:53:50] <paulej72> sure I can let you know
[13:54:02] <janrinok> Ah, I detect a spot of perl regexes riding to the rescue....
[13:54:35] <janrinok> thx for your help - I'll let you get on with the subscription code :)
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[14:02:05] <Azrael> paulej72: can I swap my uid and seclev values?? :D
[14:02:26] <janrinok> Hi Azrael: lol
[14:03:00] <Azrael> also if I find and assassinate a 2-digit user can I swap uid numbers with them? :D just a quick sql query (Iimagine)
[14:03:49] * janrinok notes that forewarned is forearmed - Azreal ought to ask xlefay about his spade....
[14:08:18] <Azrael> xlefay: spade??
[14:49:02] <mrcoolbp> janrinok: NC used the term "super-admin"
[14:49:22] <mrcoolbp> I think there's a "god" admin too
[14:49:34] <mrcoolbp> it's turtles all the way down after that
[14:49:46] <janrinok> lol
[14:49:59] <janrinok> obviously the coffee is working for you....
[14:50:15] <mrcoolbp> ya
[14:50:35] <janrinok> Looking at the seclevs above, there are only 2 levels, editors and everyone else!
[14:51:46] <mrcoolbp> 1 is normal user, 100 is editor, not sure if 1000 does anything, 10000 gives one access to grant privs to other users (among a variety of other power to weild)
[14:52:55] <janrinok> I'll have to 'invent' a post title for 'someone who actions SPAM'
[14:53:44] <mrcoolbp> just say "SuperAdmin" that's what we were sayin' before
[14:54:32] <janrinok> yes, but how do I know who the SuperAdmin who actions SPAM is?
[14:55:05] <mrcoolbp> it may vary, so just say "SuperAdmin"
[14:55:23] <mrcoolbp> we could all be wiped out in a terrible flood, and replaced with monkeys
[14:55:35] <mrcoolbp> SuperAdmin monkeys
[14:56:04] <mrcoolbp> not a big change
[14:56:20] <mrcoolbp> (please don't write "monkeys" on the policy doc
[14:56:38] <janrinok> lol - I'm not even sure that the admins (super or otherwise) even have their responsibilities listed in such a fashion.
[14:56:56] <mrcoolbp> we don't
[14:57:06] <mrcoolbp> we just do what we can
[14:57:14] <paulej72> I would vote God for the name we use for superadmins
[14:57:37] <mrcoolbp> pj, I thought NC said there was a level *above* what we have (he called god)
[14:58:04] <mrcoolbp> janrinok: but you are looking for someone with privs to do that
[14:58:18] <paulej72> but on a serious not put in SuperAdmin (those who have a seclev of 10000 in Slash)
[14:58:26] <mrcoolbp> since all the 10,000 people have those privs, and IF it's documented on how to do so, any of us could do it
[14:58:47] <janrinok> Agreed, but they don't all know what paulej72 does, not is it documented yet.
[14:59:02] <janrinok> s/not/nor/
[14:59:08] <mrcoolbp> then pj can show me and I can document
[14:59:13] <mrcoolbp> I think it's not that hard.
[14:59:14] <paulej72> NCommander: has been doing it as well a few times. I have seen the logs
[14:59:20] <janrinok> I was trying to do that bit for you
[14:59:38] <mrcoolbp> ACLs and Access Modifiers
[14:59:43] <mrcoolbp> ^^ I'm guessing
[14:59:49] <janrinok> sounds reasonable
[15:01:12] <paulej72> The real issue currently is I need to trace the code all out as we have a bit of a bug right now. If I set a ban on a subnet, it does not show in the user interface that the ban was set, but the dbs seems to show that it has. Until that bug is fixed we may not have the protections that we think we have by setting bans.
[15:02:08] <paulej72> not sure if it is a display bug or not gettting set bug
[15:02:10] <janrinok> For the time being I'll simply tell editors to report SPAM to a SuperAdmin for action, and sort of leave it dangling there...
[15:02:11] <mrcoolbp> yeah, I'm not sure I could do that
[15:02:23] <mrcoolbp> janrinok: that's what I said = )
[15:02:35] <mrcoolbp> we know eachother, and are master pester-ers
[15:02:50] * janrinok notes that then they ask who is a superadmin and how do I contact them.....
[15:03:36] <mrcoolbp> email EiC if you don't know a single superadmin
[15:03:50] <janrinok> lol
[15:04:36] <mrcoolbp> email Dev@SN ?
[15:04:40] <mrcoolbp> I dunno
[15:04:47] * mrcoolbp drinks more coffee
[15:05:03] <mrcoolbp> ooh ooh, email admin@sn? lol
[15:05:11] <janrinok> I'm trying to document a procedure that explains to new editors how we do things - _they_ may not know a superadmin. LOL
[15:05:37] <janrinok> on to the back-burner with that one.....
[15:06:36] <mrcoolbp> janrinok: "If a SuperAdmin is not present on IRC (or you don't know who they are) just send an email to admin@soylentnews.org with $ReleventDetails"
[15:07:15] <janrinok> as I said, back-burner for that one
[15:07:19] <mrcoolbp> meh
[15:07:52] <janrinok> were you happy with the other changes to the SN Pol Doc?
[15:11:24] <janrinok> gtg for an hour or two - cul8r
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[15:15:29] <mrcoolbp> janrinok|afk: honestly I've been nose-to-the-grindstone on the Swag Store, gotta work on real job all day. Won't be able to look at it with the time it deserves for a few days
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[15:28:51] <Bytram> janrinok|afk: Ping?
[15:29:29] <Bytram> janrinok|afk: I just noticed you have a story in the queue: http://soylentnews.org that is a dupe of a story that is already on the front page: http://soylentnews.org
[15:29:30] <monopoly> ^ 04SN article 03 Close 04(/stats.soylentnews.org/piwik/"; comments):
[15:29:30] <monopoly> ^ 04SN article 03 Close 04(/stats.soylentnews.org/piwik/"; comments):
[16:15:30] <Bytram> janrinok|afk: for the time being, I'm marking it as non-display... don't know how to merge a 'live' story with a submission. sorry!
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[17:29:37] <NCommander> paulej72, ban system is known to work
[17:30:32] <paulej72> Ncommander: even for subnets. When I set a ban on a subnet, it does not show the set value after saving
[17:30:45] <NCommander> paulej72, it seemed to work when I tried it
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[17:31:22] <janrinok|afk> Bytram|away: thx - just got back.
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[17:31:36] <paulej72> NCommander: well then it is probably a display bug. I still need to track it down, but it can wait till later. Thanks for the info.
[17:32:17] <NCommander> paulej72, great. I'm thinking we should run AC posts from spam assassin
[17:32:22] <NCommander> Would be trivial; SA is Perl based
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[17:33:06] <paulej72> NCommander: you know that trivial and slash don’t belong in the same sentence :)
[17:37:26] <NCommander> paulej72, I'm not allowed to be optimistic for once?
[17:38:26] <paulej72> NCommander: when I pick up all of the missing pieces from subscrptions you can.
[17:45:32] <Bytram|away> paulej72: btw, if all goes according to plan, I'll be at the beach most of the day tomorrow.
[17:46:11] <paulej72> Bytram|away: don’t forget the sunscreen :)
[17:46:16] <janrinok_> Bytram|away: I hope that you enjoy yourself!
[17:46:44] <Bytram|away> thanks for the warning; /me has no desire to become a lobster!
[18:03:14] <mrcoolbp> bytram will need it, his complexion is like mine
[18:07:45] * Bytram|away is very complex =)
[18:08:08] <janrinok_> ...or should that be complexed?
[18:17:59] <Bytram|away> hmm, that's complexicated!
[18:18:03] <Bytram|away> http://feeds.sciencedaily.com
[18:18:04] <monopoly> ^ 03Dimly lit working environments: Correcting body clock is possible -- ScienceDaily ( http://www.sciencedaily.com )
[18:50:56] <Bytram|away> http://rss.computerworld.com
[18:50:58] <monopoly> ^ 03It's a Seller's Market for IT Professionals - Computerworld ( http://www.computerworld.com )
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[21:11:33] <xlefay> Azrael: you do NOT want to know about the spade.
[21:17:16] <xlefay> Are there any editors which are currently in the state of being alive?
[21:17:26] <xlefay> Has janrinok left any of you alive?
[21:49:20] <Azrael> Nope
[21:49:25] <Azrael> We're all dead Dave
[21:52:58] <xlefay> Cool, cool
[22:13:13] <xlefay> Azrael: ya still here?
[22:13:48] <xlefay> If so, will you still be around in say, an hour or so, and if so, would you mind proof reading a document?
[22:20:05] <Azrael> I plan to be in bed in 40 minutes ... but plans don't always go to... er.. plan :D
[22:22:02] <xlefay> haha it's not a big document and I wouldn't want to keep you up. If I get it done in say, 15-30 mins, I'll send it to you if you wish though
[22:32:26] <Azrael> okio :)
[23:02:47] <Azrael> whoa, that's funny
[23:02:59] <Azrael> someone submitted a blog post written by me as an article
[23:03:13] <Azrael> I guess I can't be the editor to push it through :D
[23:03:43] <xlefay> Haha, nice
[23:05:07] <Azrael> I'm gonna crash in the next few mins, running out of time for me to read :)
[23:05:23] <xlefay> Azrael: haha that's alright, do you mind if I simply e-mail it to you?
[23:05:43] <Azrael> that's fine
[23:06:41] <xlefay> Alright, thanks man, I appreciate it :)
[23:12:25] <Azrael> nothing through yet, you sent already?
[23:12:41] <xlefay> No, not yet, just finishing it up
[23:12:50] <Azrael> :)
[23:13:49] <xlefay> Sending now
[23:15:37] <xlefay> just cc'ing mrcoolbp & explaining why you're getting our report.
[23:17:48] <xlefay> Azrael: of course, you've got a program capable of reading ODT?
[23:17:59] <Azrael> of course
[23:18:37] <xlefay> ... send
[23:19:29] <xlefay> ... sent*
[23:19:46] <Azrael> received and opening
[23:20:15] <Azrael> am I reading it for anything in particular? or just general proof?
[23:20:42] <xlefay> General proof read, and probably, you'll find a few typo's, so feel free to correct those
[23:24:52] <xlefay> Azrael: I will be back later, feel free to send your edited document back. Our inital plan is to release it in the next 24 hours or so, from what I gathered - so if you could make that, we'd appreciate it :)
[23:25:29] <xlefay> Ciao ;-)
[23:25:38] <Azrael> :D
[23:27:47] <Azrael> and back at you
[23:27:50] <Azrael> night night :)