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[09:30:32] <Azrael> ping anyone
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[10:15:00] <Azrael> howdy :)
[10:26:29] <Bytram> Azrael: g'day!
[10:27:25] <Azrael> I had a question
[10:27:44] <Azrael> was thinking about bringing the botched execution story earlier in the day, but just wanted to run it past someone else
[10:29:21] <Bytram> sry; didn't see the reply... am busy in another channel
[10:29:38] <Bytram> which story?
[10:29:42] <Bytram> brb
[10:30:39] <Bytram> found it. hold on
[10:32:04] <Bytram> Azrael: I found a typo... are you still editing it or have you saved/updated it?
[10:32:23] <Azrael> I am not in it.
[10:32:33] <Bytram> nod nod
[10:33:02] <Azrael> what was the typo?
[10:33:11] <Bytram> "the U.S. Supreme court reversed that lower courts ruling,"
[10:33:13] <Bytram> "the U.S. Supreme court reversed that lower court's ruling,"
[10:33:59] <Azrael> aha! good spot
[10:34:50] * Bytram sits up and offers a paw to shake
[10:35:11] <Azrael> :D
[10:37:09] <Bytram> Azrael: check the story queue now; I swapped it with one of my stories. =)
[10:38:19] <Azrael> cool
[10:38:36] <Azrael> you know, I did not know you were martyb !
[10:39:07] <Bytram> shhhh!
[10:39:28] * Azrael looks around nervously, "sorry!"
[10:39:54] <Bytram> it's kinda known but not generally publicized, if you know what I mean?
[10:40:12] <Bytram> no worries, just not meant for 'proclamation' =)
[10:40:49] <Bytram> btw, if ever there's something that is, ummm, sensitive, you wish to mention here on IRC... have you ever used Private Messages?
[10:59:44] * Azrael grins, "yes, I know how to pm"
[11:01:48] <Bytram> nod nod; good!
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[14:27:11] <janrinok> hi guys
[14:27:27] <LaminatorX> Hiya.
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[14:34:29] <janrinok> hi again
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[21:08:04] <Azrael> Woods: I know your game!!
[21:08:19] * Woods looks around
[21:08:21] <Woods> Me?
[21:08:44] <Azrael> :D
[21:09:41] <Woods> Lurking in the background and waiting until all the editors are gone before I post things?
[21:10:05] <Azrael> trying to get back in fornt of me ;)
[21:11:02] <Woods> You snuck past me while I was not looking, I thought I could try the same thing.
[21:11:17] <Azrael> hehe
[21:11:47] <Azrael> I thought I was safe and you'd been executed!! http://soylentnews.org
[21:11:48] <monopoly> ^ 04SN article 03 Arizona Botches Execution 04(60 comments):
[21:12:02] <Azrael> Wood's execution almost didn't occur today.
[21:12:48] <Woods> Woah, lol. I missed that one.
[21:13:53] <Azrael> narrow escape
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[22:27:55] <mrcoolbp> ah man, I liked Woods. So sad
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