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[13:14:34] <zizban> Camping hacks story done if anyone wants to read it over.
[13:15:59] <LaminatorX> Done. :)
[13:16:08] <zizban> Thank you!
[13:23:24] <paulej72> zizban: can you register you nick: /msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email-address>
[13:24:11] <paulej72> zizban: i need you to do so, so i can set your access privs to the staff channels
[13:24:26] <zizban> OK
[13:24:35] <xlefay> zizban: is another new staff member?
[13:24:51] <paulej72> yes he is one of the eds
[13:25:17] <xlefay> Cool! Welcome to the staff zizban ;-)
[13:25:30] <zizban> Thanks!
[13:25:34] <zizban> All registered
[13:25:45] <zizban> I just haven't been around for two weeks because of summer camp
[13:25:50] * zizban is still sore
[13:26:00] <xlefay> Haha
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[13:27:00] <zizban> Yes indeed send two middle aged adults to an outdoor adventure park
[13:27:15] <xlefay> bad things happen?
[13:28:01] <xlefay> zizban: what's your time zone? :)
[13:28:16] <zizban> No, just we couldn't keep up with kids 1/3 our age and with all the climbing, ziplines, etc
[13:28:21] <zizban> US EDT
[13:29:03] <xlefay> haha
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[13:30:01] <zizban> The ziplines were terrible though I did enjoy the rest
[13:30:02] <janrinok> hi guys
[13:30:04] <xlefay> zizban: you probably want to do: /msg hostserv take Soylent/Staff/Editor/$account
[13:30:17] <zizban> only took 1.5 hours to do the basic course :P
[13:30:17] <janrinok> hi xlefay zizban
[13:30:21] <zizban> hi
[13:30:23] <xlefay> janrinok: howdy!
[13:30:37] <xlefay> I see you've found yet another potential victim for future occasions..
[13:30:43] <paulej72> zizban: /msg hostserv take Soylent/Staff/Editor/$account This will give you an edttor vhost. You also can look at /msg hostserv offerlist if you want to see others that you can take, but I need you to at least take one
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[13:30:58] <janrinok> you are obviously deep in conversation - I'll stay quiet for a while
[13:31:02] <zizban> got it
[13:31:12] <zizban> Only about my FUN summer camp :P
[13:32:15] <xlefay> haha
[13:32:28] <xlefay> janrinok: "is it you?"
[13:32:36] <janrinok> spade ready....
[13:32:42] <xlefay> Dammit, it's him.
[13:32:47] <janrinok> lol
[13:33:01] <janrinok> I see you've met zizban too
[13:33:10] <xlefay> Indeed, another prospect?
[13:33:13] <zizban> I am always ready to take a bullet for the team
[13:33:14] <janrinok> exactly
[13:33:24] <xlefay> zizban: Well.. you might just have to.
[13:33:31] <zizban> I am ready
[13:33:44] * xlefay looks suspiciously towards janrinok & the spade in his hand.
[13:34:20] * janrinok points out its only a spade, a used spade it is true, but only a spade....
[13:34:27] <xlefay> LOL
[13:34:32] <xlefay> Woa, n1 is here?
[13:34:40] * xlefay pokes n1
[13:34:56] <xlefay> * [Whois] n1 is idling for 23 h, 58 min, 16 sec (since 2014-07-21 13:36:30 UTC)
[13:35:09] <xlefay> Anyhow, how are ya janrinok?
[13:35:33] <LaminatorX> That's totally dried mud on the spade.
[13:35:36] <LaminatorX> Nothing more.
[13:35:52] <xlefay> It's where the mud comes from which troubles me.
[13:36:10] <zizban> ha
[13:36:11] <xlefay> .. I didn't mean to make it sound that bad..
[13:36:23] <zizban> LED street light story ready for a look see
[13:36:31] <janrinok> LaminatorX: hi, I've not had to bury any bodies for quite some time - but xlefay has been away too. Make of that what you will...
[13:36:33] <zizban> hey if you are going off me, lightning please :)
[13:36:44] <xlefay> !grab janrinok
[13:36:44] <Bender> Added quote 14
[13:36:58] <zizban> LOL
[13:37:01] <xlefay> We'll let Bender ponder that none.
[13:37:06] <xlefay> one*
[13:37:24] <janrinok> I was only suggesting that you pick my victims ^W friends.
[13:37:59] <xlefay> Haha
[13:38:06] <LaminatorX> I have not had to bury any bodies since discovering locally sourced 82% pure lye.
[13:38:11] <xlefay> Oh, hi there LaminatorX, long time no see, I hope all's good? :)
[13:38:19] <janrinok> rofl
[13:38:28] <LaminatorX> Mostly good, yes. Thanks.
[13:39:58] <xlefay> I'm glad. :)
[13:40:28] <xlefay> zizban: be safe buddy, #editorial is a strange and dangerous place. (it has people with spades!)
[13:40:38] <zizban> Thanks!
[13:42:12] <xlefay> zizban: may I bother you in a private window for a bit, so we can get you set up on the staff mailing list and the likes?
[13:42:28] <zizban> Sure
[13:42:35] <zizban> rock me amadeus
[13:42:36] <xlefay> I promise, it won't take more than 5 minutes (and don't mind the warnings from janrinok and such, I really, don't bite..)
[13:42:52] <xlefay> (most of the time I don't anyway... details..)
[13:43:43] <janrinok> I'll bet zizban fell for that old one from xlefay - I wonder if we will ever see him again....
[13:43:59] <zizban> LOL
[13:44:11] <janrinok> You're Alive!
[13:44:15] <xlefay> LOL :)
[13:44:39] <zizban> For now
[13:46:17] <janrinok> I'll leave the Geneva Schools story for ziz.
[13:46:59] <zizban> Thank you I am hacking my way through it
[13:47:04] <zizban> It isn't bad, actually
[13:47:07] <zizban> just little stuff
[13:58:21] <zizban> Okay the geneva story is finished. Its pretty complex if someone wants to look it over.
[13:58:46] <janrinok> doing it now
[13:58:47] <LaminatorX> Will do.
[13:58:54] <LaminatorX> Oh NM Jan's on it.
[13:59:59] <janrinok> I'd already started editing it when I noticed that ziz was part way through it...
[14:00:24] <janrinok> Anyway, zizban welcome back from camp - good to see you and I hope it was enjoyable.
[14:00:55] <zizban> It was and thanks
[14:01:27] <janrinok> I've got to go and collect some prescriptions for S, I'll be back in a while.
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[14:02:43] <janrinok|afk> Does anybody mind if I kill the first story in the sub list - its been there over a week?
[14:03:13] <paulej72> zizban you missed the great irc migration whlle you were out. I suspect you had no issues when reattaching today
[14:04:04] <zizban> None
[14:04:14] <zizban> KILL IT
[14:04:21] <paulej72> WITH FIRE
[14:04:30] <janrinok|afk> FROM SPACE - DONE
[14:04:34] <paulej72> it is the only way to be sure
[14:05:18] <zizban> Yes
[14:05:21] <xlefay> Hey why aren't there nukes involved?
[14:05:29] <zizban> Too messy
[14:05:39] <LaminatorX> !nuke
[14:05:46] <LaminatorX> Ah well.
[14:05:51] <xlefay> Hey, you can never be TOO sure.
[14:06:44] <paulej72> have you ever priced a nuke on ebay?
[14:07:09] <paulej72> unless they take soylent stock we could never afford one
[14:07:18] <xlefay> I haven't ever used ebay! lol
[14:07:20] <zizban> LOL
[14:07:20] <xlefay> LOL
[14:07:23] <xlefay> !grab paulej72
[14:07:23] <Bender> Added quote 15
[14:07:53] <LaminatorX> I usually get my nukes from craigslist. The shipping on those things is a beast, just ask Janrinok.
[14:08:13] <paulej72> VAT is terrible as well
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[14:26:44] <zizban> Renewable energy story finished
[14:39:43] <mrcoolbp> zizban: welcome back
[14:40:09] <zizban> thank you!
[14:42:58] <mrcoolbp> zizban if you have a second, I'd like to get you fully setup as a staff memeber
[14:43:42] <zizban> I do
[14:43:53] <xlefay> mrcoolbp: paulej72's given him IRC access, I've set up an e-mail account + subscribed him to the mailing list. I still have to set up a kerberos account for him, so he can access our secret space on the world wide webz!
[14:44:04] <xlefay> (just to give you a quick overview of what's done & what isn't:))
[14:44:06] <zizban> oooo secretz
[14:44:24] <mrcoolbp> xlefay: ah, that must have been recent
[14:44:38] <xlefay> Less than an hour or so, yes :)
[14:44:58] <mrcoolbp> well nice work guys.
[14:45:10] <mrcoolbp> zizban: as you were then = )
[14:45:11] <xlefay> zizban: are you familiar with SSH and the likes?
[14:45:16] <zizban> Yep
[14:45:24] <xlefay> (was that, re ssh or ?)
[14:45:34] <zizban> yes SSH
[14:46:27] <xlefay> Cool. Here's how it works. We've got a system in which we've got all our staff members and the likes "our directory" (technical term LDAP); and we've got kerberos, which allows us to sign in once, and continue passwordless to other services via SSH and the likes.
[14:46:45] <zizban> ok
[14:46:56] <xlefay> In addition, our kerberos accounts allow us to sign into certain websites (in this case, for you, you only need it to access the staff slash).
[14:47:17] <zizban> OK
[14:47:39] <xlefay> So, I'll create an SSH account for you and a kerberos "account", once that's done - you can sign into SSH and change your kerberos password. Once that's done, you don't ever need to use SSH again (unless, you're going to do magic wizardry and the likes)
[14:47:50] <xlefay> Sounds somewhat complicated, but it's "not that big of a deal" ;)
[14:48:06] <zizban> OK because my SSH skills are limited :)
[14:48:19] <xlefay> Do you have a so called "SSH key"?
[14:48:45] <xlefay> (don't worry about your skills, I'll guide you through the entire process)
[14:49:33] <zizban> I cant do SSH right now because I'm at work.
[14:49:46] <zizban> Can we pick this up Thursday?
[14:49:54] * zizban has the day off
[14:49:57] <xlefay> Aah that's great, because I have to eat in about 10 minutes and still have to make it, so I was just about to suggest we take care of it later :P
[14:50:05] <zizban> OK
[14:50:12] <zizban> Thursday it is!
[14:50:13] <xlefay> *looks at the calendar*
[14:50:20] <xlefay> Yes, Thursday, will work
[14:50:26] <zizban> cool
[14:50:27] <xlefay> Any specific time?
[14:50:51] <zizban> nah I'll be around all AM
[14:51:02] <zizban> until about 130pm EDT
[14:51:05] <xlefay> and your time zone is? (UTC/GMT -?)
[14:51:16] <xlefay> UTC-5,-6,-7?
[14:51:20] <zizban> UTC -5
[14:51:30] <LaminatorX> Check me out on kerberos, if you would please xlefay. I can't seem to access chillax.
[14:51:48] <xlefay> ok, so about, 7 hour time diff. I'll try to keep that in mind zizban.
[14:51:52] <xlefay> LaminatorX: will do, sec.
[14:51:56] <zizban> Cool
[14:53:18] <LaminatorX> Thanks. I've got putty on a thumbdrive here if I need to SSH.
[14:54:37] <xlefay> LaminatorX: with chillax, do you try to sign into slash, or before slash is even loaded?
[14:56:14] <LaminatorX> I get a login popup box, but it doesn't know me.
[14:56:45] <LaminatorX> Nothing loaded in the background.
[14:57:07] <LaminatorX> 401 Authorization required.
[14:57:33] <xlefay> Good, that means it's indeed kerberos. Let's see.
[14:57:55] <xlefay> What's your kerberos username?
[14:58:18] <LaminatorX> I may not have one. I've been entering LaminatorX.
[14:58:46] <xlefay> have you ever ssh'd into one of our machines?
[14:59:18] <LaminatorX> Very early on, but I don't think we're running that machine any more.
[14:59:35] <xlefay> I see, because I have no record here of an user with your name
[14:59:49] <LaminatorX> That would make sense then. :)
[14:59:57] <mrcoolbp> well that was an oversight on our part....
[15:00:16] <xlefay> I'll have to checkout ldap, to see if you're in there, but if not, I'll create your account + a kerberos account.
[15:00:27] <LaminatorX> Sounds great, thanks.
[15:00:46] <xlefay> mrcoolbp: I plan on documenting these things, e.g. which users we have, etc... to ensure, we can spot these things easier on & keep a proper log of actions and why things were done.
[15:01:00] <xlefay> LaminatorX: just in case you're not in LDAP, and you do have an SSH key, can you send me via e-mail your public key?
[15:01:04] <mrcoolbp> xlefay: sounds sane
[15:01:11] <xlefay> I need to eat now, but when I get back, I'll set you up.
[15:02:54] <xlefay> (xlefay@soylentnews.org)
[15:03:22] <xlefay> I'll be back shortly. mrcoolbp I might need a few minutes when I return to deal with ldap & kerberos, but after that, I'll be all yours (and we all know, you want that. :P)
[15:12:36] <paulej72> xlefay: Azrael needs setup as well
[15:13:09] <LaminatorX> Key away.
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[15:18:01] <Azrael> paulej72: I didn't do it, I'm innocent!! You can't just set me up, I have rights!!
[15:18:41] -!- mrcoolbp has quit []
[15:19:05] <paulej72> lol
[15:19:25] <xlefay> !grab Azrael
[15:19:25] <Bender> Added quote 16
[15:20:12] <xlefay> paulej72: got it
[15:20:32] <Azrael> given I don't know how to scroll back (a lie) what is it I need setting up on?
[15:21:32] <xlefay> Besides for those bodies down in janrinok|afk's neighbours garden?
[15:22:12] <xlefay> LaminatorX: received ya pub key, thanks.
[15:22:27] <xlefay> Azrael: do you know what SSH is? and what Kerberos?
[15:23:05] <zizban> Also, do you like movies with gladiators in them?
[15:24:07] <Azrael> xlefay: I know what ssh is, and I vaguely know what kerberos is (some sort of sso ticket thing)
[15:24:12] <Azrael> zizban: yes yes
[15:25:05] <xlefay> Azrael: correct. From the looks of it, you don't have a kerberos principle yet. So I'm guessing you don't have an LDAP entry either. Do you have one of those SSH keys?
[15:26:05] * janrinok|afk notes that xlefay is on a kerberos/ssh purge today - tomorrow, who knows?
[15:26:22] <xlefay> janrinok|afk: actually the opposite of purge :P
[15:26:43] <Azrael> xlefay: in context of sn I have no idea what this means. I do have a public key I use to log in to various other places via ssh.
[15:27:22] * janrinok|afk he's lining up more victims!
[15:27:49] <xlefay> Azrael: we have a staff slash installation which is protected by kerberos auth. So I need to create kerberos principles for each staffer who doesn't have one yet. However, I only set a temporary password for people, and people need to sign in via SSH to change their kerberos password.
[15:28:22] <xlefay> So essentially, you need a kerberos account - and in order to change your password, you need access via SSH. Does that make sense?
[15:28:37] <Azrael> xlefay: so you want me to give you a key you can use, then want me to ssh into somewhere and change a password?
[15:28:42] <xlefay> janrinok|afk: s/he\'s/\'s/
[15:28:46] <xlefay> dammit, no sedbot.
[15:29:04] <xlefay> Azrael: your public key, yes - so you can sign in and change your password - that's accurate.
[15:29:27] <xlefay> (there are a few perks, to having an account on SSH, such as your own staff.soylentnews.org/~site )
[15:29:45] <Azrael> xlefay: yep I can do that :) shall I pm key contents, or email as file ?
[15:30:00] <xlefay> Please e-mail it. xlefay@soylentnews.org
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[15:30:36] <xlefay> zizban: if you have an ssh key already, and if you have the public key ready - it'd be nice if you could e-mail it to me in advance, so I can just set that up ahead of thursday, if not, that's cool - we'll deal with it on thursday
[15:30:55] <xlefay> wb mrcoolbp
[15:30:57] <zizban> I will--I dont have one but I'll set one up when I get home
[15:30:58] <LaminatorX> What's happening on Thursday?
[15:31:42] <xlefay> LaminatorX: zizban is free from work on Thursday, so we made an appointment to set up his stuff on thursday. I just figured, if he already had an ssh key, I might just as well put that in ldap ahead of time.
[15:31:55] <LaminatorX> Ah, thanks.
[15:32:01] <zizban> I can make one and send it to you, no problem
[15:32:06] <xlefay> (he's at work, where he can't do ssh wizardry, I think you should quit your work, no SSH is a huge deal breaker.. *grin*)
[15:32:57] <xlefay> zizban: if it's not too big of an issue I'd appreciate that. That'll save me some time later on.
[15:33:15] <Azrael> xlefay: sent
[15:33:19] <xlefay> Azrael: thanks.
[15:33:23] <zizban> no problem
[15:33:44] <zizban> actually I am working on changing jobs. Will keep "Must have SSH" as a job requirement in mind
[15:33:45] <xlefay> zizban: Azrael: LaminatorX: which ones of you are on that one OS, that's weirdly popular, I think it's called "Doors"?
[15:33:50] <xlefay> haha zizban :P
[15:34:09] <zizban> At work I am on ex pee
[15:34:18] <zizban> at home Lee-noox
[15:34:30] <xlefay> zizban: one less person to worry about
[15:34:53] <LaminatorX> Win7 at work, Mac at home, iPad on the go.
[15:35:05] <zizban> I have Chromebook as well
[15:35:06] <Azrael> xlefay: er right now I am using a windows PC to synergy to my macbook where I am sshing to linux to use irc
[15:35:07] <xlefay> LaminatorX: cool. Currently, you're at work?
[15:35:55] <xlefay> Azrael: cool. That's good, I believe we have a different guide for putty/windows users regarding signing in (incomb. with our ssh proxy, although that doesn't really matter for you guys I think)
[15:36:11] <LaminatorX> Aye. I carry a statically compiled PuTTY install on a memory stick.
[15:36:23] <xlefay> Wow.. here's me trying a different IRC client, one that lacks /dns!
[15:36:32] <zizban> BBL gotta go teach
[15:36:36] -!- zizban has quit [Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com - A hand crafted IRC client]
[15:39:11] <xlefay> paulej72: I'm removing mrbluze's account in ldap.
[15:39:44] <xlefay> Oh, nvm. Someone already put it to /binm/false.
[15:41:16] <janrinok|afk> I'm not keeping up - has mrbluze move on?
[15:41:47] janrinok|afk is now known as janrinok|lurking
[15:42:02] <xlefay> MrBluze really doesn't like the SN name & he believes the vote was unfair and he has little time, so he left. Although, the reasons aren't that black & white, it's a quick summary of the important bits.
[15:42:24] <janrinok|lurking> thx - didn't see that happen.
[15:42:34] <LaminatorX> It's a shame. He was an asset.
[15:42:47] <mrcoolbp> yes, agreed
[15:42:54] <mrcoolbp> = (
[15:43:04] <janrinok|lurking> agreed - but as suggested it has to be more than just the name....
[15:43:07] <xlefay> I send him an e-mail the other day, seeing how he's doing but no response ;'(
[15:43:25] <xlefay> janrinok|lurking: indeed. But the name was the biggest factor, before I "took some leave" anyway
[15:43:42] <mrcoolbp> can confirm that
[15:44:17] <janrinok|lurking> well thx for that update all.
[15:49:31] <xlefay> LaminatorX: sorry it took so long. Your ssh should now be working (try ssh'ing to staff.soylentnews.org with your ssh keys, username laminatorx [all lowercase])
[15:49:48] <xlefay> ldap is a bit bitchy as to how ssh keys are inputted
[15:50:54] <xlefay> LaminatorX: PM for your kerberos stuff
[15:55:41] * Azrael should probably note that 70% of his job is working with identity and access management stuff (specifically IBM Tivoli Identity Manager and IBM Tivoli Access Manager (which is mostly ldap)) - though is looking forward to soon having nothing to do with that any more :)
[15:57:08] <xlefay> x'D
[15:57:31] <xlefay> we use phpldapmanagement, and it's a pain to correctly input ssh keys in there
[15:57:37] <xlefay> phpldapadmin*
[15:57:43] <xlefay> one space, is fatal x'D
[15:58:08] <xlefay> Anyway,you're key is in there, same instructions as I just posted for laminator, just change your username to lowercase azrael
[15:58:27] <Azrael> am in :)
[15:58:39] <xlefay> PM for kerbso ;)
[15:59:02] <xlefay> kerberos*
[16:06:39] <Azrael> hometime
[16:07:50] <LaminatorX> I'm still choking. what did you do differently, Azrael?
[16:13:41] <xlefay> LaminatorX: Azrael, I'm going to wait for NCommander to return. He's the one who set it up, it's very likely he'll have some good insights.
[16:15:21] -!- n1 has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[16:15:32] <LaminatorX> Fair enough. If it was urgent I'd have brought it up sooner. :)
[16:15:33] <xlefay> btw, paulej72, sylnt's account should probably have been a system account
[16:16:57] LaminatorX is now known as LaminatorX|out2lunch
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[17:36:30] <Woods> Janrinok: "Flexible and Printable Battery..." post by Gizmobeast is a link back to his own website where he posted the story.
[17:37:09] <janrinok> I added a second link, didn't I?
[17:37:22] <Woods> I do not see one.
[17:37:56] <janrinok> damn - I looked it up but you are correct - its not there now. Leave it with me a minute.
[17:38:03] <Woods> Okay
[17:40:58] <janrinok> Woods: I've changed his link back to the press release (_again_)
[17:41:06] <Woods> Thanks!
[17:41:14] <janrinok> no, thx for the spot!
[17:42:50] <Woods> Nothing can slup past me!
[17:43:50] <janrinok> of cuorse not!
[18:08:19] -!- Tachyon [Tachyon!~Tachyon@xuco.me] has joined #editorial
[19:04:51] <paulej72> xlefay: ncommander set that up after I created sylnt. I set sylnt up the same way as slash
[19:05:43] <xlefay> paulej72: slash was probably set up that way, because it's used on several servers, correct?
[19:05:59] <paulej72> yes
[19:06:22] <xlefay> Generally, multi-server accounts (such as that for staff, slash, etc) are in LDAP, server-specific accounts, are created on servers as system accounts
[19:06:37] <paulej72> but sylnt will be as well (need to set up a backup server)
[19:06:58] <xlefay> I see, you want to run a secondary IRCd?
[19:07:26] <paulej72> yes with a standby atheme
[19:07:48] <xlefay> In that case, I would suggest, the second IRC server to be geographically elsewhere.
[19:07:58] <xlefay> Say, Europe
[19:08:03] <paulej72> Oxygen
[19:08:25] <xlefay> Unfortunately, Oxygen shouldn't be running an IRCd. The provider forbids IRC on their network.
[19:08:45] <xlefay> I suppose, atheme on standby there wouldn't be an issue however.
[19:08:47] <paulej72> that is shitty
[19:10:00] <paulej72> move nitrogen out of dallas in another linode dc
[19:10:21] <xlefay> That would be a good solution, what locations does linode have *googles*
[19:11:02] <xlefay> US west, central, south & east; europe [london] & asia
[19:11:20] <xlefay> I think, we don't have a bit of market share in asia, so I would suggest London
[19:12:30] <paulej72> not sure if we can move that one as it is the one that our discounts get applied to. not even sure there is an easy way to migrate.
[19:12:51] <xlefay> Not sure about that either, though, I suspect, it's not that difficult.
[19:13:15] <xlefay> https://forum.linode.com
[19:14:30] <paulej72> need to check with NCommander just to be sure
[19:14:45] <xlefay> Yes
[19:14:59] <xlefay> On the bright side, if anyone decides to nuke Dallas, at least one of our servers will be safe!
[19:16:49] <paulej72> xlefay: you might also get less netowrk issues, but I am not sure.
[19:17:25] <xlefay> The route's just messed up everyonce in a while, although, today I haven't had any issues that I could notice
[19:24:57] <xlefay> mrcoolbp: paulej72: I gotta' go for now.
[19:25:58] <xlefay> Take care, mrcoolbp, feel free to leave any progress/messages in PM, I'll read back. I'm not sure if we can finish that store for tomorrow, but, we'll just have to see. I'll be back tomorrow, ciao!
[21:06:41] -!- LaminatorX has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
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