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[07:11:15] <janrinok> hi sleeping world
[09:11:40] <janrinok> Azrael: are you there?
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[11:31:10] <Azrael> janrinok|lurking: howdy
[11:33:26] <janrinok|lurking> Hi Azrael how's things
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[11:35:40] <Azrael> janrinok: so-so, got a headache but watching cricket
[11:36:32] <janrinok> Azrael: just a quick note while I remember. Yesterday you posted a story in which the only link was to a paywalled site. If possible, in future, try go Google the story topic to find another link that everyone can access. I subsequently found one and added it to the end of your story, even though it had already been released for quite some time. There were some comments in the thread complaining.
[11:37:33] <janrinok> sry to hear about the headache - its probably the stress of maintaining your posting rate!
[11:37:59] <janrinok> try to*
[11:39:04] <janrinok> by the way - you've passed Woods, too.
[11:39:14] <Azrael> janrinok: I spotted you'd fixed it, thank you! I have an addon that has tons of built-in work arounds for paywalled sites so I didn't notice :( I've turned it off by default now so I don't miss those things :/
[11:39:27] * Azrael jumps up and down on Woods
[11:39:32] <janrinok> lol
[11:39:41] * xlefay wonders in what context he should read that..
[11:40:03] <janrinok> hi xlefay - read that any way you want....
[11:40:17] <xlefay> hi janrinok :)
[11:40:20] <xlefay> How's you?
[11:40:49] <janrinok> good - just finished working on the 'Policy' docs, so that is the graft over for today, other than standard editing....
[11:40:58] <xlefay> cool
[11:41:09] <janrinok> yourself?
[11:41:17] <Azrael> hey xlefay
[11:41:58] <xlefay> hey Azrael, pleasure to meet you. Welcome to the team!
[11:42:11] <xlefay> janrinok, I'm ok, it's a bit excessively hot here though :(
[11:42:24] <janrinok> xlefay: Az is also in our tz - roughly speaking.
[11:43:05] <xlefay> I see! Before you know it.. we'll have enough team members in CEST-like timezones... that we can takeover SN!
[11:43:14] <janrinok> xlefay: we have thunderclouds looming but currently it is still dry, but much cooler than the last few days.
[11:43:15] <xlefay> And before ya know it, soylentnews.eu!
[11:43:27] <xlefay> janrinok, I'd kill for some coolness ha
[11:43:56] <janrinok> If it would just rain a little to clear the air it would be good.
[11:44:14] <xlefay> yeah
[11:44:28] <xlefay> What's the current temp there? It's about 32c here
[11:44:42] <janrinok> have you walked the dog, done your exercises, and told your Mum that you appreciate her for today?
[11:45:09] <janrinok> 24c at present
[11:45:28] <xlefay> Not walked the dog, someone else did. Not done my excercises yet. And I haven't told my Mum I appreciate her for today yet.
[11:45:40] <xlefay> I am however planning on doing the last two
[11:45:44] <janrinok> you're a very naughty boy, xlefay !
[11:46:13] <xlefay> hahaha, well, you know me!
[11:49:19] <janrinok> It's very quiet on IRC today - the usual w/e slump and the Muricans are not awake yet.
[11:49:41] <xlefay> Aah yes, it is
[11:50:00] <xlefay> so Azrael's another workaholic eh?
[11:50:17] <Azrael> xlefay: maybe a little bit :D
[11:50:35] <janrinok> although I note that you, crutchy and prospectacle have been chatting on #soylent... As usual
[11:50:37] <xlefay> haha that "maybe" & "a little" speaks volumes :)
[11:51:40] <janrinok> xlefay: do you have multiple screens or are you flicking between chans quickly for your chat?
[11:52:11] <xlefay> I have two monitors, but I just flick between channels quickly ;-)
[11:52:34] <janrinok> ah, the sign of an experienced IRC'er - unlike myself...
[11:52:40] <xlefay> I can easily switch between 4/5 channels with ease, but beyond that, it'll be hard to keep track of the conversations
[11:52:55] <janrinok> I get confused with just the one conversation...
[11:53:07] <xlefay> Truthfully, it's not that difficult. What you have to do is, when you switch channels - quickly re-read the last few things, and you'll be right back into the conversation.
[11:53:27] <xlefay> That's how I learned it anyway. It's pretty much impossible to keep up with more than 2 conversations without reading a lil bit back
[11:54:03] <janrinok> I have 2 screens - one of which is for IRC, and the other for all the editing tasks.
[11:54:31] <xlefay> Yeah, I have a similar set up.
[11:55:16] <xlefay> I've got several workspaces, one for communications (e.g. IRC, e-mail, etc); another for work-like stuff & another for entertainment
[11:55:23] <xlefay> It's extremely helpful ;-)
[11:56:31] <janrinok> I've got 8 computers scattered around the house - about half of them are old pentium 32-bit machines doing routine tasks but they allow me to keep an eye on IRC and breaking news.
[11:57:31] <xlefay> haha :P
[11:58:39] <janrinok> Doesn't look like the downed aircraft is going to be 'preserved' for the air investigation. Apparently, anything that might show the cause is being carted off and 'sent to Russia' according to some reports.
[11:58:55] <Azrael> I think that says a lot about the cause
[11:59:00] <janrinok> true
[11:59:45] <janrinok> I'll bet the US has got the missile radar signature and knows exactly who fired what by now.
[12:02:51] <janrinok> I've not seen n1 for a few days - has anyone spoken to him on here?
[12:03:42] <xlefay> ooh yeah, I was gonna ask about him
[12:04:14] <janrinok> he's been very busy with work and problems associated with it.
[12:04:35] <xlefay> I see, I hope he's OK tho :)
[12:05:16] <janrinok> I think so but, like many of us (including yourself) there are all sorts of problems away from SN that can get in our way and keep us busy elsewhere.
[12:05:32] <xlefay> Indeed
[12:05:36] <xlefay> So inconvenient eh?
[12:05:47] <janrinok> yep!
[12:06:09] <xlefay> haha :)
[12:14:14] <janrinok> brb - time for a cup of tea
[12:29:24] <janrinok> that's better - all is well with the world now
[12:30:45] <xlefay> wb ;)
[12:31:20] <janrinok> thx
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[17:22:32] <mrcoolbp> whos been posting these thursday polls and would they mind if I highjacked the main page so I could throw up a poll about swag?
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[17:26:10] <janrinok> mrcoolbp: I don't know - I don't think it is an ed. How are you, by the way?
[17:26:30] <mrcoolbp> not bad, I just sent you an email a few min ago
[17:26:32] <mrcoolbp> how are you?
[17:26:51] <janrinok> OK, hoping to take it easy this evening but that depends on the story queue!
[17:27:44] <mrcoolbp> don't look, it's not pretty
[17:28:06] <janrinok> just read your email - thanks. I don't mind waiting a few weeks!
[17:31:57] <mrcoolbp> cool, I gotta get a basic store setup, looks like I might actually try out two different stores
[17:32:54] <mrcoolbp> I think it's 3-4 hours of work before I'll be comfortable selling the stuff, so my next day off I'm going to tackle that one, and we may actually have a small revenue stream
[17:34:15] <janrinok> Just a minor question on the swag front. The store you showed me the other day has branches all over Europe as well as in the US. If a US store has the design pattern, can you find out if the local shops can use the same design or do I have to submit the same design again here?
[17:35:07] <mrcoolbp> janrinok: that's a good question and I will have to look more at cafepress
[17:35:37] <mrcoolbp> janrinok: BUT it looks like zazzle (the second merchant I'll likely setup also) handles it all for you from what I can tell
[17:36:06] <mrcoolbp> you just have to use the correct TLD and they switch over
[17:38:16] <janrinok> that sound good!
[17:38:22] <janrinok> sounds*
[17:41:03] <mrcoolbp> !todo look into internat. presence for CafePress
[17:41:03] <Bender> todo item 23 added
[17:41:21] <janrinok> that list isn't getting any shorter....
[17:41:40] <mrcoolbp> = /
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[17:48:41] <janrinok> hi n1
[17:48:46] <n1> hi janrinok
[17:48:54] <n1> how are you?
[18:03:18] <janrinok> sry got called away - I'm good, how are you? Not seen you for a few days.
[18:08:54] <n1> I did mention it in here but may have got lost, I was at a festival yesterday.
[18:09:14] <janrinok> Ah, yes, I might just have forgotton that.... It's an age thing.
[18:09:28] <n1> couldn't even make calls at the festival, only service for emergency calls.
[18:09:59] <n1> so i was completely out of comms for over 24hrs
[18:10:08] <janrinok> that's surely better than having you enjoyment spoiled by the dick-head standing next to you trying to shout at his phone.
[18:10:18] <n1> heh, if only
[18:10:23] <janrinok> s/you/your/*
[18:10:32] <n1> still had a dickhead standing next to me, who pushed his way to the front
[18:10:49] <n1> tried to push by me and i wouldnt let me, in the process annoying people behind him
[18:10:57] <n1> he even turned around and said "yeah im being that asshole hahaha!"
[18:11:03] <janrinok> I trust you won the debate?
[18:11:31] <n1> no debate, i just become an immovable object, there is no space at the front just for you and im not going to make one.
[18:11:43] <janrinok> good result!
[18:11:57] <janrinok> Good concert?
[18:12:03] <n1> i have many years of experience at holding my ground at very lively gigs heh
[18:12:18] <n1> yeah, it was good, Frank Turner is always great.
[18:12:36] <janrinok> I'll have to go google that name...
[18:13:15] <janrinok> 'English Folk/Punk singer-songwriter from Meonstoke'
[18:13:52] <n1> sounds about right
[18:14:12] <n1> https://www.youtube.com
[18:14:26] <janrinok> Ah, the Larmer Tree Festival 2014 - he said, trying to sound knowledgeable
[18:14:39] <n1> lol
[18:14:42] <n1> thats the one ;)
[18:14:56] <n1> i'd never been to it before, my dad has worked it for the last 3 years i think.
[18:15:00] <janrinok> Know it well - he lied unconvincingly
[18:15:08] <n1> so i went down to see him and for frank turner
[18:15:23] <janrinok> Good for you. So a good time then.
[18:15:29] <n1> in 2008 me and my dad saw him supporting a band called The Levellers in Birmingham
[18:15:44] <n1> before my dad went to the caribbean and i went to australia
[18:16:10] <n1> and as soon as he started playing, it was obvious he had 'it'.... 2-3 years later he played Wembley
[18:16:33] <n1> from supporting the levellers at a 2000 capacity gig in birmingham to headling wembley
[18:16:54] <janrinok> yep, the lad's done well for 'imself.
[18:17:15] <n1> he deserves it, last night he said "this is gig number 1538!" or something heh
[18:17:22] <n1> they're always touring it seems
[18:17:36] <janrinok> Nordholz tomorrow, Zitara vas next Friday and Karlruhe on Saturday.
[18:17:50] <n1> had to get the audience to stop clapping, because he played a new song for the first time, only finished writing it 3 days ago
[18:18:00] <n1> so asked people to stop clapping because it was throwing him off heh
[18:18:17] <n1> people just trying to be supportive, which was really sweet. not something you get for a brand new song.
[18:18:21] <janrinok> Now that _is_ the sign of a true professional.
[18:19:54] <n1> some of my favorite lyrics of his: "Because there's no such thing as rock stars/ There's just people who play music/ and some of them are just like us/ And some of them are dicks"
[18:20:14] <janrinok> A perceptive individual.
[18:20:48] <n1> it was a big contrast from the band before, who i felt were tedious at best
[18:21:06] <n1> it sounded like they wrote songs based on what they're heard other songs written about, not their own inspiration or stories
[18:21:14] <janrinok> do I have to Google 'Tedious at Best' ? lol
[18:21:29] <n1> lol
[18:21:34] <n1> that would be a good band name
[18:21:45] <n1> especially for folk music ;)
[18:22:11] <janrinok> I'm a folky myself - but I haven't played publically for 7 years or so.
[18:23:31] <n1> I do like folk, but there are limits lol
[18:23:58] * janrinok sits in huff....
[18:25:10] <n1> lol
[18:26:33] <n1> i spent too long sitting through Fairport Convention multi-hour festival sets
[18:26:55] <janrinok> If you get really bored sometime - could you have a look at http://wiki.soylentnews.org and let me have your comments. It's not finished, and LamX is still looking at it, but you're experienced and can make a valid contribution
[18:27:44] <n1> I will do, either tonight or tomorrow
[18:28:03] <janrinok> No rush - I would appreciate your comments though. thx
[18:29:00] <n1> Also, I will be around in my normal erratic way for the next week. However from the 27th-4th i'm working a festival so will have extremely limited to no internet access.
[18:29:12] <janrinok> Did you get the funding?
[18:29:13] <n1> 28th even
[18:29:54] <n1> No, we're taking a small risk (big enough), but they have committed to pay the full sum by the 20th August.
[18:30:15] <janrinok> Good luck with that then - and did you sort out the customs problem?
[18:31:07] <n1> Yeah, as far as given up. Too small numbers involved for all the paperwork, so that client will have to pay more if they want it.
[18:31:27] <janrinok> that's one solution to the problem
[18:31:48] <n1> After the 4th i'll be back for a week, then off to the next festival on the 12th-18th
[18:32:07] <janrinok> it's the busy period for you!
[18:32:29] <n1> it's happened this way for the last 3 years now
[18:32:34] <janrinok> zizban should be back next weekend? or at least by the following Monday
[18:32:49] <n1> July-End of November everything goes crazy
[18:33:18] <janrinok> Az has just passed Woods on the HallOfFame, I think he's looking at you next ;)
[18:33:37] <n1> I have no idea when zizban is due back. I know Woods is absent this weekend, on vacation.
[18:34:01] <janrinok> ziz had 2 weeks 'camp' - which started last weekend.
[18:34:13] <n1> ah yeah, i do recall that now.
[18:34:25] <n1> my memory is no better than yours it seems ;)
[18:34:42] <janrinok> lol - I told you, it's an age thing... :)
[18:35:50] <n1> I don't think people will buy that excuse from me, but i'm going to try it
[18:36:58] <janrinok> well, you _are_ getting older. So it's only a matter of degree now.
[18:37:27] <n1> think it's about time to make a trip to holy land of lidl.
[18:37:49] <janrinok> Have a safe journey - what international delight might you choose?
[18:38:13] <n1> I do find myself saying/thinking "Kids these days..." a lot, especially with their carefree and happy dispositions.
[18:38:45] <janrinok> One of the first signs, that is. The second is, er, I forget now, but it will come to me....
[18:38:51] <n1> Not sure yet, it's Spanish week apparently, but will see what delights they have for me!
[18:38:52] <n1> Lol
[18:39:41] <n1> anyways, take care janrinok, until next time. :)
[18:40:58] <janrinok> bye for now
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