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[15:04:27] <janrinok> hi guys - welcome back to the 'Muricans' after their holiday weekend!
[15:05:14] <Woods> AMERICA
[15:05:30] <janrinok> hi Woods - had a good time?
[15:05:47] <Woods> Yes, explosions and patriotism were abound this weekend.
[15:05:56] <janrinok> great to hear
[15:06:51] <janrinok> you seen the latest story out?
[15:07:05] <Woods> I did, a political story that may actually not get flamed
[15:07:10] <Woods> Very interesting.
[15:07:23] <janrinok> hey, its free advertising!
[15:07:32] <Woods> Indeeed it is
[15:08:24] <janrinok> what was the best bit of the holiday for you?
[15:10:53] <Woods> Walking outside Friday evening and hearing explosions in every direction, the smell of gun powder on the air, and bright flashes of color on the horizon.
[15:11:03] <Woods> It made me want to hug a bald eagle.
[15:11:08] <janrinok> Yeah, I was in Iraq too....
[15:11:13] <Woods> l;ol
[15:11:45] <janrinok> It made me want to hug a bald woman - but then I'm wierd that way
[15:12:12] <Woods> Hey man, to each his own.
[15:12:32] <janrinok> absolutely, I wouldn't share my bald woman with anyone.
[15:13:35] <Woods> lol. Well if you come to America, you can have all the bald eagle you want.
[15:13:43] <Woods> And with that, this conversation got weird.
[15:13:50] <janrinok> You might find the 'Yurpeans' take it a little easy today, it was a busy weekend for us, but we think it was worth it for you guys!
[15:14:30] <Woods> So noted. Yeah I kinda failed this weekend, I forgot to check the site even once. :(
[15:14:38] <Woods> Good to see things are still working as intended though.
[15:15:03] <janrinok> We weren't expecting you to! It was a time for families and friends in the US, we understood that!
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[15:21:44] <n1-office> afternoon
[15:21:57] <janrinok> n1-office: hi - back to work I guess?
[15:23:08] <n1-office> always working... first time at the office though for a while, couldnt even find my chair as the whole area around it seems to be storage space now...
[15:23:37] <janrinok> Is that your partner comandeering your space?
[15:23:56] <n1-office> yup, all his files and folders and balanced stacks of paper
[15:24:57] <n1-office> how are things for you, janrinok ?
[15:24:58] <janrinok> Is there a pile at the right height to rest your feet on?
[15:25:23] <n1-office> there could be, i could certainly make one
[15:25:29] <janrinok> go for it!
[15:25:46] <n1-office> lol
[15:26:32] <janrinok> After last week's less than best-of-news for Soph, and the busy weekend, I'm feeling a little bit tired to be honest. I'm going to slow down a bit for the next day or two.
[15:27:25] <n1-office> recharging for a couple days is never a bad idea
[15:31:54] <janrinok> n1-office: Did you get any fun time over the w/e?
[15:33:13] <n1-office> sadly not, most of it was taken up with family matters even though my plan was to relax and enjoy
[15:33:29] <janrinok> things slowly getting sorted out?
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[15:34:20] <LaminatorX> Hey everybody.
[15:34:31] <janrinok> hi LaminatorX - hope you are feeling suitably patriotic and American upon your return!
[15:35:13] <n1-office> slowly but yeah, janrinok.
[15:35:27] <n1-office> america, fuck yeah!
[15:35:42] <LaminatorX> Big thanks to our overseas editors for posting enough stories that we uppity colonials didn't need to do much besides enjoy parades, brats, and fireworks.
[15:36:11] <janrinok> That was our intention. It was hard work but you guys are worth it!
[15:37:27] <LaminatorX> Let us know when you've got anything similar coming down the pike. As an ignorant American, I have no idea what local holidays are comparably celebrated, but I assume there are some.
[15:37:34] <janrinok> LaminatorX: you seen the latest story out?
[15:38:03] <LaminatorX> The shoutout from the tech litereate congressional candidate?
[15:38:18] <janrinok> No, the Brits don't seem to do any special day like you do. Other than the holidays that we all do of course.... Yes- that's the story!
[15:38:59] <janrinok> The French do Bastille day - 14 Jul, but I don't suppose that you will miss me, even if we choose to try and participate...
[15:40:07] <LaminatorX> I was actually in Paris for a Bastille Day parade years ago. It was much more military than I expected.
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[15:41:14] <janrinok> We tried a few ideas people have mentioned recently over the w/e. A couple of 'nerd culture' stories which have gone down as well as any other, and an original piece by Blackhole which wasn't best presented by me, but has gathered some interesting comments and it seems people want more of the same.
[15:42:00] <janrinok> Incidentaly, Blackhole provided the Cogressional Candidate story too.
[15:42:08] <LaminatorX> Nice.
[15:43:26] <janrinok> We need an Icon for nerd culture, and we need to think of a better way of presenting major discussion pieces so that they stay on the screen for much longer. Perhaps include them in a separate sidebar or something...?
[15:44:20] * n1-office agrees with janrinok
[15:44:32] <janrinok> That would also be useful for NC's missives, too.
[15:45:39] <janrinok> Hi zizban - thanks for your efforts over the weekend. Noted by us across-the-pond folk.
[15:46:54] <LaminatorX> There's been some talk of a top story feature whereby something could be sticky at the top of the feed for a while. That's a long way off still though. UTF-8 ans such take precedence.
[15:47:35] <zizban> thanks!
[15:48:49] * zizban was about to dive in but work is harshing his mellow all of a sudden
[15:49:29] <janrinok> Well the Icon would be useful anytime, and I don't expect a deluge of original pieces in the next day or two, so that requirement can go on the back-burner.
[15:49:37] <janrinok> zizban: perhaps see you later...
[15:50:08] <zizban> I'll still be here I just cant edit for a little while
[15:52:40] <janrinok> np. I think the queue is covered for a few hours yet.
[15:53:54] <janrinok> If anyone runs into mrcoolbp, can you please mention the requirement for the 'nerd culture' icon?
[15:54:42] <janrinok> ..or FrogBlast, but I don't think I've actually met him yet.
[16:12:06] <zizban> Is everyone insane in Dubai?
[16:12:19] <janrinok> probably, but why do you ask?
[16:12:44] <zizban> This mall of the world
[16:12:53] <zizban> complete with a dome over it
[16:13:19] <janrinok> Ah, too much money, to little commonsense, and an over-inflated view of one's own importance in the region.
[16:13:28] <janrinok> too little*
[16:13:52] <zizban> Yep
[16:14:10] <janrinok> I'm thinking of doing the same in my local village, except that the mall would stick out at either end....
[16:14:30] <zizban> LOL
[16:15:26] <zizban> Okay it's ready if anyone wants to check it out
[16:15:32] <janrinok> will do
[16:16:21] <janrinok> I'll change to time of release - we are doing all right for submissions, ziz
[16:16:28] <zizban> OK
[16:16:34] <zizban> I just put it next in line
[16:19:48] <janrinok> if you could 2nd ed mind please, I would appreciate it
[16:20:19] <zizban> OK
[16:21:13] <zizban> The TSA one?
[16:21:15] <zizban> I assume
[16:21:21] <janrinok> yes please
[16:21:30] <LaminatorX> The Emir of Dubai has certainly set his sites on creating lasting works on the scale of the ancients, all those new islands and the like. I admire his audacity, if not his priorities.
[16:21:41] <janrinok> yup!
[16:21:42] <zizban> OK
[16:22:25] <janrinok> brb - 5 mins
[16:23:24] <zizban> Ok looks good, even with your bitter cynicism ;)
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[16:39:16] <n1-office> blahhh
[16:42:04] <zizban> That bug juggling robot is both weird and awesome
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[16:46:55] <n1-office> ¬_¬ half an hour on the phone to my mum explaining how her £40 anroid tablet is not working properly anymore
[16:47:19] <n1-office> and is there any way i can fix it going into errors and not turning on
[16:47:26] <janrinok> lol - now, breathe deeply, calm down, adopt the lotus position, and relaxxxxxxxx
[16:48:15] <n1-office> my fix was to buy a nexus 7.
[16:49:09] <zizban> LOL
[16:49:35] <n1-office> yesterday i dug a 15 year old dell laptop out of the depths, recovered some data from an even older laptop hard drive with a non-pae snowlinux live dvd
[16:49:36] <n1-office> today
[16:49:43] <n1-office> "thow it away, buy a nexus 7"
[16:49:57] <n1-office> modern computing...
[16:52:19] <n1-office> i even used a car analogy
[16:53:04] <zizban> Victory is yours!
[16:54:32] <zizban> Robotic juggling story finished if someone wants to take a look at it.
[16:54:45] <janrinok> ok - will do
[16:54:55] <zizban> thanks
[16:58:39] <janrinok> zizban: for info, you don't have to blockquote individual indented paras. Just <blockquote><div> and use </p><p> as you want until you </div></blockquote>.
[16:59:19] <zizban> ah OK
[16:59:46] <janrinok> fascinating project though - I'd like to see it once it is finished.
[17:00:02] <zizban> Ya
[17:12:16] <janrinok> gtg guys - might see you all later
[17:12:49] <zizban> Cya!
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[19:43:30] <janrinok|afk> paulej72: 2 spam submissions in the list for you to look at - both selling cialis!
[19:46:32] <LaminatorX> That is totally tech related.
[19:52:27] <janrinok|afk> lol
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[19:54:37] <janrinok> LaminatorX: I'll be taking it easy for the next day or 2. Soph has not yet come to terms with her news from last week, and I was a busy w/e for me. I'll post some, but perhaps not at the usual rate.
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[20:42:29] <LaminatorX> Hang in there, J.
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