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[01:17:35] <Azrael> n1: thanks :)
[01:19:23] <n1> np Azrael
[01:25:42] <n1> Azrael, the NSA story you just did is the same as the "if you read boing boing..."
[01:33:58] <Azrael> thank you!!!
[01:34:18] <Azrael> I think that's a sign I should be in bed!!!
[01:39:17] <n1> i've put a little bit from AndyTheAbsurd into the existing story, check it over if you have a moment.
[01:39:26] <n1> it's getting late here too!
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[04:25:21] <Bytram|away> http://feedproxy.google.com
[04:25:22] <monopoly> ↳ 03NSA likely targets anybody who's 'Tor-curious' - CNET: Whether you're a regular user of Web privacy tools like Tor and Tails, or you've just checked out their websites, the NSA could be tracking your online movements, a n... ( http://www.cnet.com )
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[16:08:02] <janrinok> hi guys
[16:08:19] * janrinok forgot to log on to channel..... oops.
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[16:26:20] <janrinok> Any eds available to check and release my stories please?
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[17:35:43] <n1> hi janrinok
[17:35:46] <n1> will do any minute
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[17:49:11] <n1> still working on amazon story, janrinok?
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[19:26:54] <janrinok> hi anybody?
[19:27:01] <n1> hi janrinok
[19:27:39] <janrinok> hi nick - I seem to have had a router crash - lost all contact about 1:30 ago and didn't realise
[19:27:56] <janrinok> 1hr 30min*
[19:28:11] <n1> yeah, i was checking your stories as you timed out here
[19:29:22] <janrinok> I'd saved my last story and gone to prepare dinner, but I got back about 5 mins ago and found everything lying with its feet in the air...
[19:30:17] <janrinok> We are going to be busy - no US input I suspect tonight, but lots of happy people!
[19:30:22] <n1> i know how that goes
[19:30:37] <n1> indeed
[19:30:57] <n1> site will probably be more quiet than usual this weekend
[19:31:14] <janrinok> I suggest that we go to 2hrs separation and I'll go looking for a few more stories?
[19:31:43] <n1> sounds reasonable to me, i'm going to be out myself for this evening shortly
[19:31:50] <n1> but i will be back about 00:00 UTC
[19:31:54] <janrinok> lol - enjoy!
[19:32:01] <n1> and i'll fill up the queue when i'm back
[19:32:36] <n1> the queue as it is should just about hold until then, so we should be all good
[19:32:46] <janrinok> If I add a few more that will see us through tonight and you can add to tomorrow morning's queue
[19:32:48] <n1> if you find a couple stories and edit a couple more already in the queue
[19:32:55] <n1> ok
[19:33:29] <janrinok> Any idea if Azrael will be back on?
[19:33:58] <n1> no idea, didnt mention when he signed off last night
[19:34:24] <n1> but as he's europe based also (i think), we've got more chance of him dropping by this weekend than anyone else i'd guess
[19:34:24] <n1> heh
[19:34:46] <janrinok> He's London based like you
[19:35:09] <janrinok> I thought you would having beers together by now!
[19:35:11] <n1> he seems too well adjusted for that...
[19:35:18] <n1> on both parts of what you said lol
[19:35:57] <janrinok> OK - I'll probably see you again tomorrow morning - enjoy yourself tonight!
[19:36:13] <janrinok> I'll babysit here tonight
[19:36:49] <n1> I intend to.
[19:37:06] <n1> Have a good evening yourself :)
[19:37:15] <n1> going to jump in the shower then im out, so until tomorrow
[19:37:16] <n1> take care
[19:37:36] <janrinok> laters n1
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[22:50:08] <Azrael> janrinok: yoyo
[23:16:32] <janrinok> Hi Azrael
[23:20:18] <janrinok> Azrael: your story 'Do People Choose Pain over Boredom?' - needs a title re-jig to avoid Betteridge's Law
[23:20:53] <Azrael> :)
[23:21:02] <janrinok> I've done it
[23:21:45] <janrinok> Its 'Yurpeans' only tonight - the Muricans are all partying!
[23:22:32] <Azrael> that beter?
[23:23:01] <janrinok> I'd already changed it
[23:23:33] <janrinok> I prefixed it with Study Asks: and then quoted the question
[23:23:46] * Azrael laughs
[23:24:22] <janrinok> n1 is due back online soon, but there doesn't appear to be anything for him to do tonight.
[23:24:29] <Azrael> hehe
[23:24:34] <janrinok> How's things with you?
[23:24:48] <Azrael> he could 2nd ed your Stem-Cell one, that's too verbose for my brain tonight :/
[23:25:02] <Azrael> janrinok: feeling a bit tired, how're you?
[23:25:38] <janrinok> Yeah - I liked the final thrust - but it takes a long time to get there. I'm just about to go to bed after a long day!
[23:27:01] <janrinok> It will get criticism from the community but, at the weekend, we can't afford to be too choosey.
[23:30:49] <janrinok> Azrael: I'm going to bed now as I have to be up in the morning to take care of Soph, and prepare her for the nurse's arrival. Have a good one!
[23:32:51] <Azrael> janrinok: night night!!
[23:32:59] <janrinok> laters az
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