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[15:55:17] <zizban> Finished the Lego submission if anyone wants to look it over
[16:26:16] <zizban> And the ethics of GMOs article is done if someone also wants to check it over
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[17:00:02] <janrinok> hi zizban
[17:00:06] <janrinok> hi guys
[17:00:10] <zizban> hello
[17:01:00] <janrinok> At the moment I have a problem with the second link of your lego story - it keeps timing out. Do not do anything yet, it might be their server, but I suggest you keep an eye on it.
[17:01:16] <zizban> That happened to me while editing
[17:01:38] <janrinok> other than that - how are you today?
[17:01:53] <zizban> I'm fine. You?
[17:02:37] <janrinok> not bad. The weather has finally broken and we have had some much need rain - not too much but enough to cool things down and make the garden spring back into life
[17:03:28] <zizban> We've had a lot of rain in the last few days
[17:04:13] <janrinok> going back to the link problem - the entire domain is currently down. I wonder if, being a .edu, everything is switched off at the weekend?
[17:04:52] <janrinok> ..or perhaps it's routine server maintenance and backup time.
[17:05:24] <janrinok> 'scuse my ignorance - ia is Iowa?
[17:05:36] <janrinok> Indiana?
[17:06:23] <janrinok> Google says Iowa....
[17:07:48] <zizban> Iowa
[17:08:00] <zizban> Indiana is IN
[17:08:47] <janrinok> thx
[17:09:26] <janrinok> Saturday morning might be Iowa State Uni's maintenance time.
[17:10:10] <janrinok> Did you manage to escape the week without collecting any more nasty infections?
[17:10:17] <zizban> Yes!
[17:10:25] <zizban> thankfully
[17:10:38] <janrinok> So you can enjoy a weekend free of cold remedies and blocked noses!
[17:12:05] <zizban> Yes
[17:12:36] <janrinok> NCommander's post yesterday attracted a good response - 72 comments so far.
[17:15:13] <zizban> Yes I saw that. Very cool
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[17:17:07] <janrinok> hello, and gb Bytram|afk
[17:18:54] <janrinok> mattie_p: Did you see the comment yesterday where someone suggested that we have film reviews and other cultural reports at weekends to help fill the queue. Tonya_Servo needs to don her supergirl outfit - timing permitting of course...
[17:19:46] <zizban> I thought book reviews were a good idea
[17:20:03] <zizban> I looked over slashdot's guidelines and we can be inspired, uh, by them
[17:20:27] <NCommander> janrinok, zizban: I'm for it! :-)
[17:20:38] <zizban> Schweet!
[17:20:45] <janrinok> zizban: So do I. It was tried very early on but got a 'meh' response.
[17:20:56] <janrinok> hi NCommander - how's things with you today?
[17:22:29] <zizban> Oh well. Maybe once we get some momentum we can try again
[17:23:30] <janrinok> I don't think that a couple of culture related stories at weekends would cause any problems - other than getting the submissions but, as was noted, they could be submitted at any time and kept back for the weekends anyway.
[17:24:23] <janrinok> And we have to remember out own roots - Soylent Green etc...
[17:24:28] <zizban> That's true
[17:25:04] <janrinok> I feel somewhat guilty - its not a film I have ever seen.
[17:26:22] <zizban> Me either
[17:26:46] <zizban> I saw Zardoz, does that help?
[17:27:07] <janrinok> lol - probably, but that's another film I've not seen!
[17:27:26] <janrinok> I'm obviously a very ungeek geek
[17:28:50] <zizban> Zardoz exists because it can. It's the only explanation.
[17:29:54] <janrinok> I'm not sure that helped me much - but thx for trying...
[17:31:25] <zizban> Thats the best I can do besides "It's a movie about Sean Connery's penis."
[17:31:32] <janrinok> right, its that time that I have to go for an hour or two. bbl. Might see you here but enjoy your weekend!
[17:32:02] <NCommander> janrinok, so so, getting ready to head out to Alaska
[17:32:14] <janrinok> lol - I'm glad I caught that last comment before walking away - I would have had hell of a problem working out what that was about zizban
[17:32:26] <zizban> LOL
[17:32:56] <janrinok> You don't stay in 1 place for very long, do you, NC?
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[19:28:37] <janrinok|afk_but_lurking> hi mrcoolbp
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[19:28:49] <mrcoolbp> yoyo
[19:28:57] * mrcoolbp is back
[19:29:08] <janrinok> having a good w/e?
[19:33:35] <mrcoolbp> yeah, just burnt out from the trip, got some unpacking to do, have to work early tomorrow etc.
[19:33:38] <mrcoolbp> how about you?
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[19:46:31] <janrinok> Yeah, not too bad, ticking along as usual.
[19:48:00] <janrinok> .. sry about the delay there - my wife called for help.
[19:54:16] <mrcoolbp> s'okay, I'm still unpacking 'n stuff
[19:54:48] <janrinok> Overall a good trip then - feeling refreshed?
[19:56:55] <mrcoolbp> very
[19:56:56] <mrcoolbp> thanks
[19:57:02] <mrcoolbp> it was crazy awesome
[19:57:13] <mrcoolbp> I'll get a few pics up maybe
[20:05:41] <janrinok> That would be good. You've now got the uneviable task of unpacking etc
[20:05:59] <janrinok> unenviable*
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