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[00:28:41] <NCommander> yo
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[15:16:54] <janrinok> hi guys
[15:26:31] <Woods> Thanks for covering for me Janrinok, things just keep popping up this morning.
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[15:29:17] <Woods> "Speed Of Might May Be Slower..." Speed of might, hehehehe...
[15:30:35] <Bytram|away> hi there! I got some links to add to that story...
[15:31:30] <janrinok> oops
[15:31:43] <janrinok> Bytram|away: hi - go ahead and add your links
[15:31:51] <Bytram|away> on it; thanks!
[15:33:20] <Bytram|away> janrinok: You already put in the journal links!
[15:33:26] <Bytram|away> I'll just fix the title, then.=)
[15:33:55] <Woods> Bytram|away: Go for it, I saw a grammar issue as well that I will fix after you do your thing.
[15:34:29] <janrinok> hi Woods - I was still sorting myself out. One the the computers that I use when editing has suddenly gone sick. I would (probably) have spotted the error eventually, but thx for the fix.
[15:34:34] <Bytram|away> I *so* want to change the title to be: "Speed of Light may be Slower than Thought" =)
[15:34:45] <Woods> lol
[15:34:56] <Woods> You know you would get flak for that though, :P
[15:35:07] <Bytram|away> Orly? ;)
[15:36:05] <janrinok> I get flak for everything - pile it on :)
[15:36:08] <Woods> Yeah, someone got onto me about "Amateur Astronomers Amass Virtual Telescope Array"
[15:36:32] <Woods> When the original was vastly worse: "Sky-scraping boffins mash amateur astronomers into huge virtual telescope"
[15:36:50] <janrinok> I promise not to lie awake at night worrying about it....
[15:37:07] <Bytram|away> eye bee dunn; gopher it
[15:37:07] <Woods> I lie awake at night wondering what a boffin is.
[15:37:14] <Woods> It worries me to find out.
[15:37:31] <janrinok> thx guys
[15:37:31] <Bytram|away> boffin: someone who lies awake at night wondering what something is.
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[15:38:25] <janrinok> hi mrcoolbp - first coffee always tastes good, amirite?
[15:38:45] <mrcoolbp> I wish, looks like were out!
[15:38:50] <Woods> OH GOD, MY PARADOX
[15:39:00] <janrinok> power supply change required in my sick comp
[15:39:33] * janrinok happens to have one handy with a set of screwdrivers within arms reach...
[15:40:16] <janrinok> mrcoolbp: have you called the emergency services - no coffee _is_ an emergency, isn't it?
[15:40:31] <mrcoolbp> I did, they weren't happy
[15:40:43] <janrinok> didn't they have coffee either?
[15:40:59] <mrcoolbp> clearly not
[15:41:04] <janrinok> lol
[15:41:36] <janrinok> I'm empathising with you on your loss
[15:41:58] <mrcoolbp> thx
[15:42:03] <mrcoolbp> is Woods okay?
[15:42:17] <mrcoolbp> he was yelling about a paradox
[15:42:19] <Woods> Wait a second guys, I think that speed of might story is a dupe
[15:42:22] <janrinok> I _think_ so
[15:42:54] <Woods> Or maybe I cannot separate it from when I read it originally.
[15:43:33] <janrinok> sry - my last was in response to mrcoolbp - I don't recall seeing that story before
[15:43:54] <mrcoolbp> lemme look
[15:43:57] <Woods> Nothing matches on the dupe list
[15:44:00] <Woods> I think it is good
[15:44:36] <janrinok> its a news item dated yesterday and a scientific paper dated this month.
[15:44:55] <mrcoolbp> I don't recognize it either
[15:45:26] <janrinok> Perhaps we've read it by the light from the page has not yet reached us - or something....
[15:45:37] <janrinok> s/by/but/
[15:46:05] <janrinok> crap joke spoiled still further by crap typing
[15:46:19] * mrcoolbp hands janrinok a new keyboard
[15:46:50] <janrinok> thx mrcoolbp but its new hands I need, I think that the keyboard is fine.
[15:47:11] * mrcoolbp goes to the body shop to get janrinok some new hands
[15:47:24] * janrinok struggling with power supply leads results in minor cuts to hands.
[15:56:37] <janrinok> brb
[15:57:27] <paulej72> janrinok: what is up with the : in the Pastafarin article title?
[16:03:30] <janrinok> It seems that slashcode has started putting ':' at the end of titles at some point during the submission phase. I'm not sure why some people take offence at them, but I do not think that they are necessary anyway.
[16:06:36] <janrinok> paulej72: ^^^
[16:08:14] <paulej72> janrinok: I don;t remember doing anything that would make it do that or seeing anything like that? Now if it :wq I would know exactly where it came from
[16:09:00] <janrinok> Well it seems to have stopped again today...
[16:10:06] <janrinok> and the stories that had it yesterday are no longer displaying it.
[16:10:36] <janrinok> except for the Pastafarian story.
[16:11:51] <janrinok> I'll flag it up to you, paulej72, if I see it again.
[16:12:01] <paulej72> thanks
[16:23:41] <janrinok> Yippee - duff computer now springs back into life.
[16:25:04] * janrinok throws _another_ psu into the scrap bin
[16:28:07] <janrinok> Az is only 1 post away from joining the Hall of Fame, matching girlwhowaspluggedout's 25 posts
[16:31:58] <Woods> Aaawwwww snaaaap!
[16:32:16] <Woods> At this rate, he will pass me soon.
[16:41:21] <janrinok> ah Woods - remember quality not quantity. I've posted 100's but I'm not the best editor here. I would put LamX, mattie_p and others ahead of me in terms of skill.
[16:41:44] <Woods> Awww, but I think you do a good job Janrinok!
[16:42:02] <janrinok> I do an _adequate_ job, nothin more unfortunately.
[16:42:14] <mattie_p> aww thanks janrinok, but I'm adequate too
[16:42:41] <mattie_p> I vote Lam
[16:42:49] <janrinok> but thx for your vote of confidence. Of course you are, if anyone wasn't up to the mark I suspect someone here would soon say so.
[16:43:23] <janrinok> but I would rate you as more than adequate...
[16:44:37] <mattie_p> lately I feel less than adequate, mostly because I don't have the time to do it
[16:44:52] <mattie_p> I do try to help out with second looks though when I can
[16:45:01] <mattie_p> especially with the newbies
[16:45:29] <janrinok> Yes, but that is a different measure. Your contribution has been significant, and not only in the editorial dept. Plus, you have had a lot on your plate recently. I think you more than pull your weight.
[16:49:39] <mattie_p> thanks, I need those reminders every now and then
[16:50:10] <janrinok> np - how are you on the boxes completed v remaining time available graph?
[16:51:49] <Bytram> mattie_p: You have ONLY been most helpful when I've had a question or a request! I've tried to not abuse that support by first attempting to figure out things on my own. But, when push comes to shove, you've always come through for me.
[16:51:56] <Bytram> mattie_p++
[16:51:56] <Bender> karma - mattie_p: 2
[16:51:58] <Bytram> mattie_p++
[16:51:58] <Bender> karma - mattie_p: 3
[16:51:59] <Bytram> mattie_p++
[16:51:59] <Bender> karma - mattie_p: 4
[17:01:08] <Woods> Janrinok: I am going to queue up a story that should have a lot of discussion with it (I hope)
[17:01:21] <janrinok> OK - go for it
[17:01:36] <Woods> I want to swap it with the speed of light story so it hits a bit earlier in the day. Is that cool with you?
[17:02:09] <janrinok> yes np - move it how you see fit. Remember the sub list is getting low so don't do stories too quickly.
[17:02:18] <Woods> Copy that.
[17:04:48] <janrinok> Woods: best put on your flame-proof suit and not stand too close.
[17:05:00] <Woods> Bring it on.
[17:05:23] <Woods> Honestly, I was hoping to get the story in this morning so UK would be seeing it as they were getting off work, but I forgot :(
[17:05:36] <janrinok> Its equivalent to the old emacs/vi or KDE/Gnome wars. There is _no_ correct answer.
[17:05:42] <Woods> Should have queued it up yesterday.
[17:05:52] <Woods> Yeah, it should be interesting at least, lol.
[17:06:09] <janrinok> I'll open some popcorn and grab a beer when it is released.
[17:06:36] <Woods> I will make sure I keep a safe distance, only to approach after the initial blast wave.
[17:06:55] <Woods> Janrinok: I suggest some safety goggles.
[17:07:29] <janrinok> well I've 2nd ed'ed it for you.
[17:09:03] <Bytram> Woods: janrinok I'm going in to fix a typo; brb
[17:09:38] <Bytram> "do we have to assume and data on a smartphone " should be: "do we have to assume *any* data on a smartphone " (emphasis added)
[17:10:11] <janrinok> good spot
[17:10:23] <Woods> Noice.
[17:10:25] * Bytram sits up and offers a paw
[17:10:38] * janrinok pats Bytram's head
[17:10:42] <Woods> lol
[17:10:53] * Bytram pants enthusiastically and wags tail
[17:11:03] <Woods> !grab Bytram
[17:11:03] <Bender> Added quote 11
[17:11:10] <Bytram> !quote 11
[17:11:10] <Bender> Quote 11 - <Bytram> "do we have to assume and data on a smartphone " should be: "do we have to assume *any* data on a smartphone " (emphasis added)
[17:11:16] * janrinok gets concerned that Bytram is getting over-excited again
[17:11:21] <Woods> But... But...
[17:11:23] <Woods> :(
[17:11:28] <Bytram> OL!
[17:11:50] <Bytram> grab does not grab everything ;)
[17:11:53] <Bytram> ng
[17:12:05] <Woods> Instead of remembering something potentially embarrassing for forever, it will instead remember you correcting me for forever. :(
[17:12:37] <janrinok> ...its like taking sweets from a baby :)
[17:13:46] <Bytram> here's one that strikes me as a bit "awkward": "How could customer-awareness for existing risks be increased?" I'd propose changing it to: "How could customer-awareness of risks be improved" or...?
[17:14:02] <Bytram> "How could we improve customer-awareness of risks?"
[17:14:12] <Bytram> recommendations?
[17:14:42] <janrinok> I'll let Woods answer first - its his story
[17:14:56] <Woods> Hmmm, I do not see any fault in the original, but I do like the third option better.
[17:15:41] <janrinok> Bytram: I think your suggestions flow better, but the original is not unacceptable.
[17:16:16] <Bytram> yes, the original was acceptable; but it just hit me too hard with the passive-voice club, if ou know what I mean?
[17:16:20] <Bytram> s/ou/you/
[17:17:29] <janrinok> although there is a subtle, but unimportant, difference between them. Existing risks are exactly that, whereas 'risks' alone could be any current or future risks. I don't think it makes any difference in this instance.
[17:17:49] <Bytram> Hmmm, "How could we improve customers' risk awareness?"
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[17:18:35] <janrinok> I think that is n1 under a pseudonym - hi n1?
[17:19:04] <janrinok> ...or perhaps not.
[17:19:07] * Bytram is reminded of Monty Python's "Nights that say N1!" =)
[17:19:25] <janrinok> Knights?
[17:19:40] <Bytram> changes committed.
[17:19:45] <Bytram> have at it.
[17:20:04] <n_a10> i forgot im still connected elsewhere
[17:20:05] n_a10 is now known as nick
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[17:20:33] <janrinok> hi nick
[17:20:45] <nick> how goes things
[17:21:09] <janrinok> good I think, we are having fun but the weekend slump in submissions is upon us.
[17:22:20] <janrinok> Bytram: looks good to me - but I missed the first problems so my opinion is probably not worth much!
[17:22:40] <Bytram> what if we pruged the stories we were not really intersted in, or... put them in the queue for sunday, but as non-display?
[17:22:41] <nick> wishful thinking yesterday about having enough for the weekend
[17:23:08] <Bytram> that would show a much-reduced submission count and increase incentive to submit stories. THoughts?
[17:23:29] <Bytram> hmm, but then the user would see the story accepted and wonder where it went. :/
[17:23:34] <janrinok> yep - I shouldn't have said it, but I did qualify it with 'if the submission rate continues' .... That closes the arguments for the defence m'Lud.
[17:23:41] <nick> that is an issue, Bytram
[17:23:57] <nick> i thought about something similar last night, but it would only make the weekend worse i think
[17:24:05] <nick> because it will be the weekend dregs
[17:24:16] <Woods> See through top, dice roller, websniffer. Those three seem equally useless to me.
[17:24:37] <janrinok> Leave it as is, would be my view. It's hardly anything new and we might still get some more during the US working day.
[17:25:03] <nick> might even get some more actually during the weekend!
[17:25:07] <Bytram> Woods: I share your perspective on those stories.
[17:25:16] <Bytram> janrinok: I agree with your assessment, too.
[17:25:37] <Woods> Oh, and the pron panic one as well, lol
[17:26:00] <janrinok> The options Woods are 1. send the rejection email explaining why the story is of no interest, 2. Keep it for a dead period and see if you can dress it up into something releasable, or 3. just delete it, and wonder why submitters get pissed off.
[17:27:05] <Woods> Anontechie, Crutchy, and AC were the submitters, I am sure they would not mind if we rejected their stories.
[17:27:15] <Woods> (Except that AC guy, he is pretty vindictive.)
[17:27:16] <Bytram> janrinok: I "chatted" with lamx a week or two ago and we discussed notifying about rejected submissions. He was of the view that it was no longer necessary to send e-mails.
[17:27:54] <Woods> I would only send an e-mail if it is a new submitter.
[17:27:56] <janrinok> But as a matter of principle, we should be trying to provide feedback where we can. I know it is not always possible, but that is not the same as not worth doing at all.
[17:28:32] <janrinok> Bytram: I hadn't heard that change. Ok, with me though.
[17:28:58] <Bytram> janrinok: problems come from unequal application... "I got an email when THAT story was rejected.... what's up with this submission?"
[17:30:03] <janrinok> well that suggests to me that we should have sent an email explaining the situation. But, if the decision is not to do it, then I will stop. I have sent lots of rejections though, and they often result in another submission within days.
[17:30:49] <janrinok> gtg bbl 2 hours'ish
[17:30:58] janrinok is now known as janrinok|afk
[17:31:47] <nick> the never ending battle for editorial perfection continues..
[17:32:42] <Bytram> janrinok|afk: wasn't aware of the feedback you'd received. To be clear, this was just a one-time chat with LamX on IRC; but that was my takeaway from the discussion.
[17:32:59] Bytram is now known as Bytram|afk
[17:35:14] <mrcoolbp> NCommander is playing with he ability to post images/files in slash
[17:35:26] <mrcoolbp> discussion is in #Soylent
[17:38:01] <NCommander> nick, perfection is achieved not when you need to add something, but when there is nothing else to remove
[17:43:29] <nick> thats quite an amenable philosophy
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[17:49:54] <nick> hi zizban
[17:50:49] <zizban> hey all
[17:52:00] <nick> how goes
[17:52:55] <zizban> Quiet now, was busy busy earlier
[17:53:19] <nick> winding down on friday afternoon?
[17:57:15] <zizban> Yes! Weell I have a student working in my office but that's it.
[17:59:15] <zizban> I'm working on the smallest force story
[18:02:19] <nick> seems like a good one, thanking the fsm for lhsi.
[18:03:02] <nick> hopefully we get some more subs good subs in soon
[18:03:21] <zizban> It is good, very sciency and geeky.
[18:04:22] <nick> lhsi submits some great stories, sadly they often seem to leave little room for comment
[18:04:28] <nick> but they're usually quite interestin
[18:06:16] <zizban> Very true. I just added a quote from the article and I am going to link to a wikipedia article about Quantum Limit.
[18:11:59] <Bytram|afk> Hi folks; only got a sec, but in case you want to play around with Unicode characters (aka UTF-8) support on our dev slash instance, you'll probably want a font that can handle more "characters"... take a look at: http://unifoundry.com
[18:12:04] <Bytram|afk> gtg
[18:20:18] <zizban> All done if someone wants to check it over.
[18:24:39] <nick> looking
[18:25:11] <nick> first link doesnt work for me
[18:25:44] <nick> now it does
[18:25:56] <nick> think my connection is having a bad day
[18:26:10] <zizban> LOL
[18:26:35] <nick> story seems all good
[18:26:54] <zizban> Thanks!
[18:27:02] <nick> np
[18:27:08] <nick> im out for now
[18:27:15] <zizban> cya
[18:27:16] <nick> have a good weekend, zizban
[18:27:21] <zizban> thanks
[18:27:24] <zizban> you too!
[18:27:26] -!- nick has quit []
[18:59:42] Bytram|afk is now known as Bytram|away
[19:04:29] <Bytram|away> I gotta run, but here are a couple links that might make good stories:
[19:04:30] <Bytram|away> http://phys.org
[19:04:50] <Bytram|away> http://www.slate.com
[19:05:10] <Bytram|away> http://www.forbes.com
[19:06:46] -!- Bytram|away has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[19:18:21] <janrinok|afk> Lez22740!
[19:20:23] <janrinok|afk> Oops
[19:20:31] janrinok|afk is now known as janrinok
[19:22:23] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: leaving]
[19:31:33] <Woods> Whoops, looks like Janrinok did a hunter2
[19:33:56] <zizban> A what?
[19:38:28] <NCommander> At least it isn't a test article
[19:38:29] * NCommander ducks
[19:54:27] <NCommander> any editors around?
[19:55:17] <zizban> Maybe. Depends what you want
[19:55:46] <NCommander> zizban, quick readthrough
[19:55:58] <zizban> Sure I'd love to
[19:55:59] <NCommander> http://soylentnews.org
[19:56:04] <NCommander> Its not one of my usual essays
[20:02:22] <NCommander> zizban, figure ending the week with something light hearted with be good
[20:02:48] <zizban> Absolutely. Almost done. I just have to insert a couple of periods.
[20:05:06] <zizban> Okay, finished. A few typos and dupilcated words fixed. I'd would also add a warning that the link is a PDF file.
[20:05:16] <zizban> People don't like surprises.
[20:14:22] <NCommander> zizban, warning added
[20:14:35] <zizban> Cool. Happy to help!'
[20:14:47] -!- n1 has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[20:15:18] <Woods> I will check it too (Quickly)
[20:15:38] <zizban> Cool
[20:19:04] <Woods> Couple small things changed.
[20:19:43] <zizban> Awesome!
[20:20:10] <Woods> Zizban: Shame that "Smallest Force..." story is posting tonight.
[20:20:23] <zizban> Why?
[20:21:00] <Woods> Because there will probably be 0 discussion on it, and most of all, /I/ will not to discuss it.
[20:21:30] <zizban> Oh can it be moved to tomorrow day instead?
[20:21:35] <zizban> I just put it next in line
[20:22:04] <Woods> Nahhh, hard science does not garner much discussion on SN (Yet)
[20:22:41] <zizban> Okay
[20:22:44] <Woods> Hm, I wonder if I can comment before the story is even posted.
[20:22:47] <zizban> It is pretty scniency
[20:22:50] <zizban> I think you can
[20:22:55] <zizban> science-y
[20:23:05] <Woods> I definitely will then, maybe if it starts with a comment, others will join in.
[20:24:57] <Woods> By the way, you and Azrael do good work, keep it up!
[20:25:11] <zizban> Thank you!
[20:29:55] <zizban> Off I go!
[20:29:58] -!- zizban has quit [Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com - A hand crafted IRC client]
[21:46:42] <NCommander> Argh, if I stare at this any longer, I am going to go bloody physco
[21:48:16] <Woods> NCommander: Just let us know before you get an axe.
[21:48:34] <NCommander> Woods, I'm installing INN on carbon :-P
[21:48:42] <NCommander> There's an experiment I've wanted to try for awhile
[21:48:58] <Woods> Sounds tedious.
[21:50:15] <NCommander> Woods, well, I wanted to see if it was possible to spool articles from slash to USENET
[21:51:00] <Woods> And is it?
[21:51:12] <Woods> I assume it is much more difficult than it sounds.
[22:00:09] <NCommander> Woods, I dunno yet
[22:13:47] <Woods> Azrael: Make sure when editing that you replace all <br><br> tags with <p></p>.
[22:42:09] <NCommander> ...
[22:42:13] * NCommander glares at the current poll
[22:45:49] <Woods> Haha, looks like you could takeme in a fight though, so that is good.
[22:45:51] <Woods> I guess.
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