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[15:26:14] <LaminatorX> Hello everyone.
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[15:44:56] <janrinok> hi guys
[15:45:08] <LaminatorX> Hello.
[15:45:41] <janrinok> Hi LaminatorX - we have spoken since last week. How's things with you today?
[15:50:08] <LaminatorX> Pretty good. I'm minding the departmen solo this morning with no unmanaged chaos thusfar.
[15:54:50] <janrinok> pretty good going - or perhaps you are simply not seeing the chaos that ensues around you.... :)
[15:56:15] <LaminatorX> Really, I just need to stave off explosions for another hour until relief arrives.
[15:58:48] <janrinok> Circle the wagons and stand firm - you should make it through the next hour.
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[16:34:11] <janrinok> hi n1
[16:34:51] <n1> hi janrinok
[16:34:55] <n1> how are you?
[16:36:37] <janrinok> fine thanks, and you?
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[16:39:24] <janrinok> hi zizban
[16:39:29] <zizban> hey all
[16:39:37] <janrinok> cold almost gone?
[16:40:37] <zizban> Almost. No voice but otherwise getting there.
[16:41:01] <janrinok> I can read you quite well on IRC so the voice isn't too much of a problem....
[16:41:56] <zizban> Exactly!
[16:42:27] <n1> hi zizban
[16:42:35] <zizban> hi
[16:43:24] <janrinok> LaminatorX is also on channel but is single-handedly guarding the shop/managing the department - call it what you will.
[16:43:32] <zizban> heh
[16:43:42] <LaminatorX> Yo.
[16:43:49] <n1> janrinok, up and down, recovering from a friends stag night on the weekend still...
[16:44:07] <janrinok> what's the collective name for editors - gaggle, thicket, noise ?
[16:44:57] <janrinok> n1: ah, you didn't sound too good last time we spoke, but you seem to have managed to squeeze in a stag-do so you are obviously making some progress.
[16:45:48] <zizban> A murder of editors...maybe a business
[16:45:58] <janrinok> n1 - your story about the 9 year old and his library is collecting lots of comment.
[16:46:21] <n1> i was thinking if we were mainstream to obvious one would be a cabal of editors. but even that doesn't seem evil enough.
[16:46:27] <zizban> lol
[16:46:42] <janrinok> ziz - a business suggests that I should know what I am doing - I'm not sure that is appropriate. I've murdered lots of good articles though....
[16:47:00] <n1> janrinok, im glad about that - i thought it deserved some comments but wasn't sure if it would happen
[16:47:19] <janrinok> n1: heading the field at present.
[16:47:30] <n1> if someone could check over the UK police article i queued up, would be appreciated
[16:47:35] <janrinok> will do
[16:48:06] <n1> i wrote the last bit, because the BBC one paragraph per short sentence gets annoying to look at.
[16:48:15] <zizban> I am working on the drone one right now
[16:48:24] <zizban> as much as I am tempted by the science ones
[16:48:31] <n1> yeah, i started that too, zizban and then i saw you were already on it
[16:48:36] <n1> ;)
[16:48:51] <zizban> Its kind of annoying but good pratice.
[16:49:13] <n1> annoying?
[16:49:49] <n1> what is annoying you?
[16:49:52] <zizban> just editing the links so they are inline
[16:49:57] <zizban> minor annoyances
[16:49:58] <n1> ah, yeah.
[16:50:13] <n1> did you find TFA for the story?
[16:51:01] <n1> the link for copy/pasted summary for the drone story wasnt included in the submission
[16:51:26] <n1> http://pando.com
[16:51:30] <janrinok> n1: I thought the article contained some good points - 'We've been insulted on FB, and don't know what to do - let's call the police' - You'd hope that people would grow up and get on with their lives.
[16:51:31] <zizban> No it was there already. The only links are to FAA news releases
[16:52:07] <zizban> Oh I like that. Let me work it in.
[16:52:09] <n1> anontechie sometimes omits where he copy/pastes the summary from
[16:52:33] <n1> i tend to google search a section to see if i can track it down
[16:53:08] <n1> janrinok, i agree - i find the whole story quite intresting and when i saw it on the news this am, i hoped i'd be able to run it on here
[16:53:18] <n1> the bit that really got me was the 'trying to work out when it became a crime'
[16:54:05] <n1> which seems like an uninformed statement from a senior police officer
[16:54:08] <janrinok> yep - its not a crime if it doesn't break a law.
[16:54:29] <n1> any casual glance at the wikipedia for freedom of speech in the UK will tell you the answer
[16:54:35] <janrinok> If he doesn't know if it breaks a law - how the hell is he going to police anything?
[16:54:42] <n1> the real question should be, when they decided to start prosecuting
[16:55:04] <janrinok> they'll leave that for the CPS to burn their fingers on...
[16:56:00] <n1> " threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior intending or likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress or cause a breach of the peace "
[16:56:29] <n1> "words ... likely to cause alarm or distress"
[16:56:39] <n1> are exceptions to free speech
[16:56:49] <janrinok> Sshhh - we'll all be locked up for that one!
[16:57:00] <n1> this is a point ive been making on and offline for some time
[16:57:25] <n1> imagine if everyone was prosecuted for what they said at the pub one time
[16:57:49] <janrinok> I remember the days when our local bobby would give you a cuff round the ear and take you home to even greater punishment from your parents.
[16:58:24] <janrinok> n1: and anyone who had ever criticised a referree?
[16:58:57] <n1> much of that will have been done at the pub with the express intent to cause harassment and distress
[16:59:16] <janrinok> but not a single witness sober enough to say what happened the next day.
[16:59:17] <n1> even if the directed person is on the TV, but the intent it still there
[16:59:35] <n1> maybe not then, but now it will all be on CCTV, audio included.
[16:59:46] <janrinok> I'm staying in my basement...
[17:00:43] <janrinok> zizban: your story has the wrong time set and is not displayed - I assume that is intentional?
[17:01:03] <zizban> Yes I am still working on it. I accidentally hit save
[17:01:17] <janrinok> OK - just checking :)
[17:02:04] <janrinok> ...its indicating 4 minutes to release - if it was displayed that could be embarrassing...
[17:02:27] <n1> i remember some guy who did something like that one time... ;)7
[17:02:46] <janrinok> no, never, who'd do a thing like that, tell me it ain't so!
[17:03:27] <janrinok> ..hence my hopefully constructive comment to ziz a few lines back.
[17:04:47] <janrinok> does anyone know if NCommander has recovered from his attack of the lurgy virus or whatever it was...?
[17:05:19] <n1> our dear leader has been ill?
[17:05:36] <zizban> Okay I am having a small issue. If I don't space "infographic" after "> it all runs together, if I do it puts a space but the hyperlink starts in that space
[17:05:36] <zizban> Hmmm if I put a space after "> in "infographic" it shows a blank line along with the link, if I dont it all runs together.
[17:05:45] <zizban> Can someone look at it?
[17:05:50] <janrinok> Yes, came down with a mixture of cold/flu/lurg and family problems last Friday.
[17:06:08] <janrinok> lookiing
[17:06:42] <zizban> thanks
[17:07:15] <janrinok> looks normal to me ziz
[17:07:29] <zizban> Okay I'll finish up then
[17:07:38] <janrinok> try moving your cursor over the editing box or refresh your page
[17:08:19] <zizban> OK
[17:08:34] <janrinok> I've noticed that the text box sometimes displays spurious blank lines but moving the mouse usually cures that problem.
[17:09:28] <n1> im seeing handyinfographic
[17:09:39] <n1> will wait till zizban saves it then will look again
[17:09:54] <zizban> saved
[17:09:55] <janrinok> yep - that's what I was thinking too
[17:10:35] <LaminatorX> AAAnd now there are 4 people here instead of just me. Aaahhhh.
[17:10:47] <zizban> Now they are all running together for me. Anyone else see that?
[17:10:52] <n1> i just edited
[17:11:02] <zizban> let me refresh
[17:11:07] <n1> added a space between handy and infographic, put a . at the end
[17:11:11] <n1> and removed colon from title
[17:11:19] <janrinok> OK - I've pulled out of the story - too many eds at once.
[17:11:38] <n1> weird
[17:11:46] <n1> i see what you're saying now
[17:11:48] <zizban> Okay I've left it alone. Let me know when it's safe
[17:11:57] <janrinok> That colon is now appearing on every submission I think - is it the result of a slashcode change?
[17:11:58] <n1> it did the same, going back after edit
[17:12:00] <zizban> It is weird
[17:12:07] <zizban> I am perplexed
[17:12:08] <n1> the space is not inside the link
[17:12:11] <n1> now*
[17:12:17] <n1> ive never seen it do that before
[17:12:40] <zizban> could it because the last word is infographic and the linked word is inforgraphic?
[17:12:55] <janrinok> shouldn't do it anyway
[17:13:21] <janrinok> but there a still sneaky bugs in the slashcode.
[17:13:21] <n1> think its ok now
[17:13:28] <n1> but why it did that is a mystery for for
[17:13:29] <zizban> OK
[17:13:34] <n1> sure*
[17:14:07] <janrinok> n1: yep certainly a 'mystery for for' - just what I was thinking.
[17:14:14] <n1> gah
[17:14:39] <janrinok> hello, n1's fingers - meet n1's brain, brain, fingers...
[17:14:58] <janrinok> I have that problem every day
[17:15:34] <n1> too keen to hit enter
[17:16:00] <n1> well zizban
[17:16:01] <zizban> It is a tempting key
[17:16:06] <janrinok> the problem is back on that drone story - and I've cleared my cache.
[17:16:08] <n1> i don't think ive ever seen a story with so many edits lol
[17:16:21] <n1> janrinok, it's been coming and going for me
[17:16:25] <n1> let me look yet again
[17:16:41] <n1> yup ¬_¬
[17:16:43] <n1> wtf
[17:16:47] <zizban> iTs odd...I clicked off it to m ake sure I'm not in the way
[17:17:28] <janrinok> Can I suggest that you rewrite that last sentence and see if you can lose it that way?
[17:17:30] <n1> janrinok, you going to have a go or want me to?
[17:17:45] <janrinok> i'm hands off at the moment. you decide
[17:17:55] <n1> alright, i'll have another crack
[17:18:17] <janrinok> Let's blame zizban for breaking the editor!
[17:18:59] * zizban prepares to be punished
[17:19:38] <janrinok> we don't punish - we mock
[17:19:59] <zizban> LOL
[17:20:32] <janrinok> after all, it could have been any one of us (but we would have kept quiet about it...)
[17:21:07] <n1> i think maybe it's fixed.
[17:21:08] <zizban> I'll take the fall until we get another editor then he/she can take the falls ;)
[17:21:22] <janrinok> Seriously though, if anyone sees that problem again it will be worth snagging to paulej72
[17:21:28] <n1> 'published this handy infographic' is now the link.
[17:21:37] <zizban> That looks great!
[17:21:53] <janrinok> at-a-boy - if in doubt, sneak around the problem...
[17:21:55] <n1> working around the problem...
[17:22:16] <n1> the world of business has taught me...something
[17:22:55] <zizban> same here
[17:23:09] <janrinok> lolol - the first link now gives me an Internal Server Error from the FAA site!
[17:23:33] <zizban> LOL
[17:23:40] <janrinok> I think that the story suddenly moved!
[17:23:45] <zizban> This story needs to die die die
[17:24:04] <janrinok> nuke it from space - or from a drone if you will...
[17:24:21] <janrinok> ... Let me just check with this handy infographic.
[17:24:34] <zizban> LOL
[17:24:43] <n1> rofl
[17:25:05] <janrinok> useless infographic - not a single mention of nukes!
[17:25:31] <janrinok> I suppose a nuke could be included in 'for personal enjoyment'?
[17:25:40] <n1> the first link has an extra / at the end
[17:25:49] <n1> which is why it's going to an error
[17:26:08] <janrinok> yep - that's it.
[17:26:28] <n1> if slashcode is adding that / in to be helpful...
[17:27:08] <janrinok> now, now, don't say anything intended to harass, annoy or threaten....
[17:27:23] <zizban> Man I should have worked on that white dwarf story LOL
[17:27:38] <n1> i think the white dwarf story has actually been done
[17:27:49] <janrinok> 20 signoffs on 1 story!
[17:27:53] <n1> not 100% though, might be a new story but similar to an old one
[17:28:05] <zizban> oh
[17:28:58] <n1> if nothing comes up in the similar stories, go for it
[17:29:16] <n1> but i wouldnt expect it to get many comments either way :/
[17:29:41] <janrinok> abstract was released on 10 July - it's 'new' in those terms
[17:30:05] <zizban> Sure is
[17:30:08] <n1> i think my memory is recalling the brown dwarf story from a few weeks ago
[17:30:16] <janrinok> yep - I recall that
[17:30:22] <n1> don't keep all that up with spacey stuff
[17:30:30] <zizban> I wont have to work on it now. Soon I will have a student in my office
[17:30:51] <zizban> time
[17:30:52] <janrinok> another walking cold machine?
[17:31:03] <zizban> He better not be
[17:31:04] <zizban> lol
[17:31:16] <janrinok> give him yours then!
[17:31:30] <zizban> Good idea
[17:32:59] <janrinok> I can't get the first 2 links from that white dwarf story to download - perhaps they are being 'soylented' by SN editors!
[17:33:09] <zizban> LOL
[17:33:17] <zizban> That would be awesome and a little scary
[17:34:00] <n1> lol
[17:34:07] <janrinok> nope - NRAO server has timed out
[17:40:21] <zizban> Off I go to infect someone :)
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[17:40:30] <janrinok> cu l8r ziz
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[19:31:58] <janrinok> looks like my system crashed...
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[23:57:45] <Azrael> anyone here a greasemonkey fan?
[23:57:54] <Azrael> (if so I have a script to share)
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