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[02:29:14] <paulej72> Azrael: not sure if you are still on but I may be able to help
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[09:57:49] <Azrael> paulej72: was too late :D
[09:58:42] <Azrael> Was going to ask is a quote within a title should be left as normal case or not... I decided not.(i.e. http://soylentnews.org)
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[15:56:23] <Bytram> zizban: Hi ziz! How's things?
[15:57:28] <zizban> Oh fine.
[15:57:43] <Bytram> of 'coarse' ? ;)
[15:58:18] <zizban> Nah, more like, oh, fine, except for this cold a student gave me :/
[15:58:28] <Bytram> give it back!
[15:58:58] <Bytram> what do you teach?
[15:59:03] <zizban> I will on Monday
[15:59:09] <Bytram> LOL!
[15:59:15] <Bytram> it's nice to share!
[15:59:56] <zizban> heh
[16:00:39] <Bytram> some of my off-the-cuff comments are more like off-the-wall ;)
[16:01:46] <zizban> heh!
[16:03:13] * Bytram now has Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" song running through his head!
[16:04:13] <zizban> I am streaming 80's music on sky.fm
[16:05:35] <Bytram> ahhh, back when rock was *good*!
[16:06:41] <zizban> Yes!
[16:08:10] <Bytram> Fleetwood Mac, Led Zep, J Guiles Band, Loggins & Massina, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Boston are some memorable groups that come to mind
[16:09:40] <Bytram> btw, the story queue looked a little "light" so I put up a story on Saturn's moon Titan; nice to read but doesn't have much to encourage commenting... needs a "hook"
[16:09:55] * Bytram is now working on an Android story to submit.
[16:12:15] <zizban> A hook? Hmmm...
[16:12:21] <zizban> Lemme look
[16:13:17] <zizban> I dont see the Titan story. I do see the spit powered generator lol
[16:15:26] <zizban> I see it now. Stupid refresh
[16:17:19] <Bytram> zizban: cool. I think I have a "hook" for the story... give me a minute or two
[16:17:33] <zizban> I thought of one as well. You first
[16:18:02] <Bytram> how mind-boggling BIG distances in space are
[16:18:22] <zizban> Yes. Better than my lament about the Titan Mare explorer.
[16:20:49] <Bytram> cricumference of earth at equator = ~24,000 miles; distance to moon = ~250,000 miles; ==> distance to Titan = ~2 million round trips to the moon
[16:21:31] <zizban> That's a long way!
[16:22:00] <Bytram> circumference of earth at equator - 24,901 miles http://www.wolframalpha.com
[16:22:04] <zizban> Hey, how do you intend a paragraph? I guess turn it into a text block?
[16:22:29] <Bytram> intend? you mean "indent"
[16:22:38] <zizban> Ya
[16:22:47] <zizban> its <blockquote> isn't it?
[16:23:02] <Bytram> distance from earth to moon is 237218 miles (http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=distance+from+earth+to+moon)
[16:23:37] <Bytram> hmm, try it! =)
[16:24:24] <zizban> I am formatting the machine learning article to give it a hook.
[16:24:28] <zizban> I think I got it.
[16:24:39] <Bytram> distance from earth to titan in light-minutes = 76.09
[16:24:49] <zizban> That's a long time.
[16:25:31] <zizban> I think the machine learning one is ready to go. I worked on it and saved it.
[16:25:43] <Bytram> at the speed of light, one could take a lap around the earth at the equator in lemme see...
[16:25:45] <Bytram> ok
[16:25:57] <zizban> I didn't check display in case someone wants to look at it
[16:26:16] <Bytram> good thinking
[16:27:57] <Bytram> at the speed of light, one could take a lap around the earth, at the equator, in 37 microseconds.
[16:28:48] <zizban> After working on a story, do you always save it? When I do, it goes into admin. Is there a way to keep it in the submission que?
[16:29:10] <zizban> For future reference :)
[16:29:11] <Bytram> there probably is, but I haven't found it, yet.
[16:29:15] <zizban> ah okay
[16:30:48] <Bytram> zizban: well done! I'd break up one of the longer sentences into two... brb (be right back)
[16:30:57] <zizban> OK
[16:33:23] <Bytram> okay, and one other thing that I try to avoid is having the description of a link being things like "here"...
[16:33:43] <Bytram> I try to use something from the title of the target of the link, instead.
[16:34:18] <zizban> Broke up a long sentence.
[16:34:25] <zizban> OK lemme look.
[16:34:49] <Bytram> zizban: oh, oh. I'm editing the story right now, too. =)
[16:35:00] <zizban> Oh you first, sir
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[16:35:07] * zizban bows
[16:37:27] <Bytram> zizban: story updated; go ahead!
[16:37:32] <zizban> OK
[16:39:09] <zizban> Looks good
[16:39:28] <zizban> Needs a department..let me think of one :)
[16:39:36] <Bytram> btw, the default date/time for a story to go live is about 30 minutes or so from the time the "Display" checkbox appears.
[16:39:48] <zizban> ah
[16:39:49] <zizban> cool
[16:40:08] <Bytram> at this point, it's good to check the story queue and try to not have a story drop in "on top of" others that are already scheduled to go out.
[16:40:41] <Bytram> from the we-don't-need-no-steenkin-web-sniffers dept
[16:40:56] <Bytram> eh, meh.
[16:41:20] <zizban> I did rise-of-the-machines
[16:41:24] <zizban> lol
[16:41:59] <zizban> Is there a way to set the time it goes on?
[16:42:15] <Bytram> what-we-don't-know-they-know-may-hurt-us
[16:42:20] <Bytram> ??
[16:42:24] <Bytram> oh, yes.
[16:42:45] <zizban> oh?
[16:43:01] <Bytram> two things going on at once. :/
[16:43:10] <Bytram> I suggested as a possible dept: what-we-don't-know-they-know-may-hurt-us
[16:43:19] <Bytram> as for the date/time of release...
[16:43:28] <Bytram> see where the "Display" check box is?
[16:43:53] <Bytram> there's a text-entry box in that are which shows the date and time (in UTC) of when the story is scheduled for release.
[16:43:55] <zizban> Okay one thing at a time. I see the display check box
[16:44:00] <Bytram> cool
[16:44:11] <Bytram> do you see the date/time field?
[16:44:27] <Bytram> the time should be "14:41"
[16:44:41] <zizban> Ah yes
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[16:44:51] <janrinok> zizban: are you around?
[16:44:54] <zizban> Yes
[16:45:04] <zizban> I am working on my first story to appear
[16:45:08] <janrinok> Your story is not for release is there a reason?
[16:45:11] <Bytram> just type in that field and change the values to what you want them to be...
[16:45:13] <Bytram> in this case,
[16:45:21] <Bytram> from looking at the story queue,
[16:45:47] <zizban> Okay let me get my UTC clock up
[16:45:52] <Bytram> I'd suggest changing the time to be, say, 19:19
[16:46:03] <janrinok> and we should be looking for at least 90 minutes timing at weekends - there are not many subs in the queue
[16:46:23] <Bytram> janrinok++ right you are. Good to "see" you!
[16:46:23] <Bender> karma - janrinok: 8
[16:46:25] <janrinok> Bytram's suggestion is a good one.
[16:46:40] <zizban> Okay 19:19 looks good
[16:46:50] <janrinok> Bytram: zizban: hi to both of you - sry to be rude and jumping in like that....
[16:46:57] <zizban> Not a problem
[16:47:34] * Bytram likes to use randomly "fun" times. 19:19:19 for the giggles
[16:47:36] <zizban> Okay, put it and I checked display
[16:47:42] <zizban> 19:19 is oddly specific :)
[16:47:47] * Bytram refreshes the queue
[16:48:11] <janrinok> Yeah - good to go!
[16:48:16] <zizban> yeah!
[16:48:17] <Bytram> looks good! Well Done!!!
[16:48:20] <Bytram> !wooop
[16:48:21] <zizban> thanks, all
[16:48:25] <Bytram> !woop
[16:48:25] <Bender> woop woop woop (\/) (;,,;) (\/)
[16:48:30] <zizban> a lot of little things to keep an eye out for
[16:48:49] <Bytram> yup. I felt the same way.
[16:49:07] <janrinok> zizban: we try not to use the obvious timings like on the hour and half hour - it makes it too predictable. Pick the right time spacing and then play with the minutes (and seconds) to make it slightly different.
[16:49:15] <Bytram> still mess up now and again, but I feel pretty confident most of the time, now.
[16:49:16] <zizban> That works
[16:49:58] <zizban> How many stories do we post a day? Is there a goal?
[16:51:01] <janrinok> I'll leave you (both) alone for a while - I only jumped on because I wasn't sure if zizban had realised that his story was not released and I didn't know if he had any help to hand. Had I known that Bytram was also on, I'd have shut up!
[16:51:13] <zizban> Its OK
[16:51:13] <Bytram> zizban: not so much a goal, per se. Just try to keep something coming every 90 minutes or so; more like every 2 hours on weekends... but that depends on how much is in the queue.
[16:51:21] <zizban> Its released so you need not leave
[16:51:27] <Bytram> janrinok: actually, your timing is perfect.
[16:51:37] <Bytram> I need to step away for a bit and take a shower and all that.
[16:51:46] <janrinok> ok, but I have other things to do in about 10-15 minutes
[16:51:48] <zizban> cya later
[16:51:55] <janrinok> cu Bytram
[16:51:59] <Bytram> Oh, and a heads up to both of you...
[16:52:11] <zizban> Yes?
[16:52:15] <Bytram> the code which automagically includes the byline has a couple problems.
[16:52:32] <zizban> uh...
[16:52:34] <Bytram> 1.) It creates a link for "Anonymous Coward" which really doesn't have a home page. :/
[16:52:47] <zizban> Oh lol
[16:52:53] <janrinok> Yeah, I've noticed that but I don't think it will break anything....
[16:53:15] <zizban> It seems annoying but non terrible
[16:53:45] <janrinok> it only gives a 404 if you click it - (I must admit I tried just for a laugh...)
[16:53:57] <Bytram> 2.) If there is a space in the nickname, e.g. "Foo Bar", it creates a link to ".../~FooBar/" but it SHOULD be "~/Foo+Bar/"
[16:53:59] <janrinok> I love finding little bugs like that!
[16:54:14] <janrinok> yeah, that one too!
[16:54:17] <Bytram> hmmm,
[16:54:49] <janrinok> But as the guide says 'Check all links before editing', _we_ wouldn't get caught out like that, would we?
[16:55:20] <Bytram> speak for yourself; I've been bit before by that one. Probably will again, too. :/
[16:55:31] <zizban> Yes joy joy
[16:55:48] <janrinok> I've probably let quite a few past me too - but I like to sound as though I know what I'm doing...
[16:56:29] <janrinok> ....even though we are all stumbling around in the dark most of the time.
[16:56:56] <zizban> lol
[16:57:57] <janrinok> zizban: I've got to go for a while - if you want to try one or two more stories then feel free, I'll lurk but don't expect an immediate response from me, and I will check them in a while if you wish.
[16:58:27] <zizban> Okay I may try one more before taking cold meds and zoning out
[16:58:43] <janrinok> OK, as you wish. You OK?
[17:00:08] <zizban> I got a cold from a student. Little virus factories
[17:00:41] <Bytram> if you don't mind my asking, what do you teach?
[17:01:01] <zizban> Teach at a post secondary school for autistic students
[17:01:05] <zizban> www.cipworldwide.org
[17:02:08] <Bytram> that's a challenging job. I'm impressed!
[17:03:01] <zizban> Thanks!
[17:03:27] <Bytram> !uid
[17:03:27] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 4477, owned by SDRefugee
[17:07:17] <zizban> I got the drone story cleaned up. I just need a clever department
[17:08:44] <zizban> Ha! I'll channel my inner Alan Parsons Project
[17:09:01] <Bytram> !uid
[17:09:01] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 4478, owned by AnonymousCoward (4478)
[17:10:08] <zizban> What do the different colors in the admin list mean?
[17:11:17] <Bytram> I don't know, exactly. I kind of got an idea from repeated exposure. :/
[17:11:40] <zizban> Okay
[17:11:49] <zizban> Okay drone story done with the odd timing
[17:11:55] * zizban pops a cold med
[17:13:52] <Bytram> !uid
[17:13:52] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 4479, owned by Anonymous Coward (4479)
[17:14:12] * Bytram hopes zizban feels better soon!
[17:14:17] * Bytram also takes a look at the story queue
[17:14:19] <zizban> Thanks!
[17:17:57] -!- mrcoolbp has quit []
[17:18:12] <Bytram> looks good. Only changed one thing: "world famous" to "world-famous".
[17:19:09] <janrinok> zizban: what is the admin list that you are talking about?
[17:19:18] <zizban> Is world-famous the correct usage?
[17:19:29] <zizban> when you click save and it shows that list of stories
[17:19:42] <janrinok> Ah ok - the story list.
[17:19:44] <zizban> I dont know its formal name
[17:19:48] <zizban> story list
[17:19:50] <zizban> got it
[17:20:22] <janrinok> When you save a story it will show in yellow to you, and red to every other ed. That means that only one ed has seen it. We prefer all stories to have 2 eds look at them.
[17:20:36] <janrinok> When the 2nd ed has checked it, it will turn green.
[17:20:53] <janrinok> grey means it is not 'Displayed' i.e. it will never release.
[17:22:10] <janrinok> If you post a story and there is no-one else to check it, it will still go out, but we prefer, where possible, the 2nd pair of eyes to avoid mistakes and to check for content. It is stop anyone abusing the system. But, at times, the story must go out unchecked.
[17:22:23] <zizban> ah OK I got it
[17:22:31] <zizban> sounds good to me
[17:23:01] <janrinok> I suggest that you re-read the bit in the wiki about editing, because there are a few gotchas with the pages that pops up, and it explains the potential problems there.
[17:23:36] <janrinok> but, that is the colour-coding (or color-coding for you) in a nutshell
[17:23:44] <zizban> OK
[17:23:49] <janrinok> np
[17:24:02] <zizban> I've read the wiki a couple of times and will again after my mind is unfogged ;)
[17:24:19] <janrinok> Yeah - the wiki only make sense when you no longer need to read it!
[17:24:41] <zizban> heh
[17:24:54] <janrinok> It was the best that I could do, but if you have any suggested edits, then put them in there.
[17:25:16] <janrinok> back in a few mins
[17:25:22] <Bytram> janrinok: au contraire, the wiki was MOST helpful!
[17:27:29] <janrinok> Bytram: thx.
[17:27:42] <Bytram> You're welcme!!!
[17:28:43] <janrinok> zizban: one of the first tasks that an editor _should_ do when logging on is check the story list to see if there are any stories needing 2nd ed'ing. If they have already been released, then don't bother but you will often find that the next story out hasn't been checked.
[17:29:01] <zizban> Gotcha
[17:30:46] <janrinok> To check a story. enter the editor as usual, check the links and that the content is OK. If there is something that _must_ be changed then change it - no matter who the original editor was/is. If there is something contentious and the story is not due out for a while, try to contact the origina ed and check if he is aware or if he wants to change it him/herself.
[17:31:13] <Bytram> janrinok++ excellent advice!
[17:31:13] <Bender> karma - janrinok: 9
[17:31:14] <janrinok> Finish the edit by pressing update - and the colour coding will change automatically.
[17:31:51] <zizban> cool
[17:31:53] <janrinok> back to the kitchen - still lurking.....
[17:34:54] <janrinok> zizban - just to explain. My wife is disabled and I have to take care of her, so sometimes I just have to leave the kbd without saying bye. If that happens, please don't be offended but she comes before SN - I know, you find it hard to believe, but I have something more important than SN in my life. :-)
[17:35:09] <zizban> Not a problem
[17:35:46] <janrinok> back to the kitchen again....
[17:45:45] <janrinok> I love having a slurp of the wine while I'm cooking!
[17:46:27] <janrinok> zizban: does most of your work involve one-on-one training or small groups?
[17:47:21] <zizban> both it all depends
[17:47:44] <janrinok> that sounds like it can be quite a taxing job.
[17:49:43] <zizban> depends. some days are much easier than others
[17:49:43] <janrinok> before my wife developed MS, she was also a teacher. She had the occasional autistic child in the class, but that child would also receive specialist help in addition to the classroom work. The classroom with other children was intended to make the autistic child feel more 'normal', if that is not an insulting way of putting it.
[17:50:10] <zizban> CIP tends to only take in high functioning autism students
[17:50:46] <janrinok> Ah OK. I still admire you for what you do.
[17:51:11] <zizban> Thanks :)
[17:52:37] <janrinok> got to go for about an hour or so. Food is almost ready, and I've got to sort my SO out before I can serve it up. See you in a while if you are still on chan. If not - good work today, and cu tomorrow perhaps - and I hope the cold doesn't linger.
[17:53:24] <zizban> thanks
[17:53:31] <zizban> I'm going to lay down for a while
[17:53:36] <zizban> cya
[17:53:38] janrinok is now known as janrinok|afk
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[19:10:19] janrinok|afk is now known as janrinok
[19:11:08] <janrinok> Woods : you here?
[19:15:26] <Bytram> janrinok: I don't see him in the list of users in my sidebar. :/
[19:15:52] <janrinok> No, neither do I but I wondered if he was lurking as someone else....:)
[19:15:59] <Bytram> lol!
[19:16:08] <janrinok> how's things with you today?
[19:16:43] <Bytram> trying to get enough stuff done so that I can, in good conscience, get out the door and enjoy a beautiful day! =)
[19:16:51] <Bytram> keep getting distracted by shiny things!
[19:17:00] <Bytram> unicode fonts for the most part
[19:17:19] <janrinok> lol - shiny UTF-8? That, I've got to see!
[19:18:40] <Bytram> nah, the fonts ain't shiny, but they catch my eye just the same
[19:19:11] <janrinok> Are you working with TMB?
[19:19:33] <Bytram> haven't seen 'em today.
[19:20:07] <janrinok> I've just noted that today is the first day that I haven't posted a story in a lot of weeks!
[19:20:58] <Bytram> you HAVE been rather productive! =)
[19:21:12] <janrinok> ...but not today, Yipee!
[19:21:33] <Bytram> !woop
[19:21:33] <Bender> woop woop woop (\/) (;,,;) (\/)
[19:21:54] <Bytram> all play and no work makes jack a happy boy
[19:22:02] <janrinok> lol
[19:22:40] <janrinok> I'm not quite sure what the middle emoticon is meant to mean - but thx anyway
[19:24:30] <Bytram> neither am I, but guessed it was a lobster or a crab?
[19:24:47] <janrinok> rofl - er, most appropriate, I think.....?
[19:25:57] -!- Mattiep [Mattiep!~mattie_p@Soylent/Staff/Editor/mattiep] has joined #editorial
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[19:26:27] <janrinok> hi Mattiep
[19:26:59] <Bytram> mattie_p: hiya!
[19:27:04] <Mattiep> hey folks
[19:27:14] <Bytram> mattie_p: and I *really* needs to be getting ready to head out the door!
[19:27:16] <janrinok> how's your Saturday going?
[19:27:22] <Bytram> I'll wait for a D/L to compelte.
[19:27:32] <Bytram> s/com*/complete/
[19:27:38] <Mattiep> loaded about 15 or so boxes in our POD, more later after hitting the store
[19:27:39] <Bytram> :/
[19:27:40] <janrinok> priorities
[19:28:15] * Bytram wonders where HAL is to help with the POD doors?
[19:28:17] <janrinok> How's the family coping with the move?
[19:28:18] <Bytram> =)
[19:28:59] -!- mattie_p has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[19:29:13] <janrinok> must have asked the wrong question.....
[19:30:34] <Mattiep> family is doing ok, kids are helping with packing and disassembly, even some loading
[19:30:41] <Bytram> oooh! I almost forgot! with our new editor, zizban, putting his first story on the main page...
[19:30:59] <Bytram> I think there's some kind of poking that needs to be done to get his nick to appear on the page,
[19:31:20] <Bytram> and to keep the main page in synch with the stories pages. (fuzzy on the details on that one)
[19:31:23] <janrinok> No, once the first story goes out I think it just happens - its a glitch in slashcode
[19:31:26] <Bytram> afk
[19:31:33] <Mattiep> off to the store, see you all later
[19:31:40] <janrinok> cu laters
[19:34:01] <janrinok> paulej72: did you see that comment a few lines up from Bytram - who has now gone - I think it is a known problem with the first post of any editor. I'm not sure that there is anything that can be done?
[19:38:11] <janrinok> bb 5mins
[19:44:20] <Bytram> janrinok: on second thought; I think there's something about their nick not showing up until the next day; may have to do with a cache refresh? I don't know
[19:44:26] <Bytram> ok, gtg.
[19:44:29] <Bytram> have a gerat day!!!!!!!
[19:44:37] <Bytram> *great
[19:44:39] <Bytram> :/
[19:44:40] <Bytram> !
[19:44:59] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
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[20:25:59] -!- Mattp [Mattp!~mattie_p@i-73-121-697-34.hsd8.co.comcast.net] has joined #editorial
[20:26:13] <janrinok> back again with more boxes Mattp ?
[20:28:59] -!- Mattiep has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[20:29:31] <janrinok> Mattp: you are one for changing names - lots more boxes now?
[20:33:00] <Mattp> I gotta mix it up, can't stay stagnant must evolve
[20:33:07] <janrinok> lol
[20:33:17] <Mattp> Just got back from the store, didn't buy boxes today instead we're loading up our container
[20:33:24] <janrinok> ...I'm becoming stagnant....
[20:33:46] <janrinok> OK, that should keep you busy...
[20:33:51] Mattp is now known as mattie_p
[20:33:58] <janrinok> there he goes again
[20:34:22] <mattie_p> well, I want to stick with the real me if possible
[20:34:47] <janrinok> Look, it's not working, we still know who you are. If you are trying to hide, pick a completely different name...
[20:34:50] -!- mattie_p has quit [Changing host]
[20:34:50] -!- mattie_p [mattie_p!~mattie_p@Soylent/Staff/Editor/mattiep] has joined #editorial
[20:34:50] -!- mode/#editorial [+v mattie_p] by SkyNet
[20:35:12] <mattie_p> aw dammit
[20:35:16] <mattie_p> there goes that plan then
[20:35:17] <janrinok> lol
[20:58:58] <janrinok> OK, that's me done for the day. cu all later.
[20:59:44] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: leaving]
[22:50:18] -!- Bytram|away [Bytram|away!~pc@Soylent/Staff/Developer/martyb] has joined #editorial
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