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[00:20:24] <Azrael> mrcool|work: :D w00t
[01:55:03] <mrcool|work> whatup?
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[10:25:17] <janrinok> hi guys - if anyone is awake...
[10:35:28] <janrinok> Azrael: are you editing the story I just posted, or just reading it for interest?
[10:39:30] <Azrael> which one?
[10:39:45] <Azrael> I saw you in the one I went into, so I moved to House votes ... now I see you're in that one...
[10:40:34] <Azrael> ahh,, you've put House votes through already
[10:41:14] <Azrael> I'll pick another :D
[10:41:18] <janrinok> Sorry - I was probably doing what you are - looking for an interesting story to release. I'm currently working on the TrueCrypt story
[10:41:45] <janrinok> How's things by the way. Nice to have you in the team.
[10:42:21] <Azrael> I;m looking at 38 countries :)
[10:42:41] <Azrael> Things are good, woke up not to long ago, a bit tited, doing some pre-work loosening of the brain with SN :D
[10:43:20] <Azrael> tited?? tired!
[10:44:26] <janrinok> A bit south of you we have blue skies and thundercloud patches. Not sure what will happen today, so I thought I move a few stories before going into the garden.
[10:44:44] <janrinok> thought I would move*
[10:51:53] <Azrael> :D
[10:52:00] <Azrael> garden soinds like a fantastic idea
[10:52:32] <Azrael> today I am working from home, sitting in front room with windows open listening to the 'waves' on the river
[10:54:37] <janrinok> That sounds almost idyllic - we are near to the sea but not close enough to hear the waves. A short walk away, though. Are N or S of the country?
[10:57:04] <janrinok> ... I am assuming that you are UK from the tz.
[10:57:15] <Azrael> in London, but with thames river being tidal we get the lapping waves thing
[10:57:43] <janrinok> n1 might not be very far from you then - he is also London based.
[10:58:41] <Azrael> ooo
[10:58:57] <janrinok> OK, the physiotherapist has arrived for my wife - I can spend some time in the garden. cu l8r
[10:59:21] <Azrael> tata
[10:59:42] <janrinok> I've not heard that expression for quite some time.... lol
[11:02:20] <Azrael> :D
[11:14:51] <Azrael> oh shoot, should I have pushed the releate timestamp into the future so it didn't go out right away?
[11:14:58] <Azrael> releaSe
[12:07:39] <janrinok> Azrael: if you are still around, can you please 2nd ed my stories? thx
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[14:39:47] <janrinok> hi Woods
[14:40:02] <Woods> Hey Janrinok.
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[14:40:36] <janrinok> Hi how's things?
[14:40:44] <SoyGuest34484> Oops.
[14:40:57] <janrinok> Did you get kicked off?
[14:40:59] <SoyGuest34484> I forgot to check the box, but other than that, good.
[14:41:28] <janrinok> could you please 2nd ed my 2 stories which are due out next in the queue?
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[14:41:49] <Woods> Sure.
[14:41:53] <janrinok> thx
[14:46:29] <Woods> For that Truecrypt fork story, I thought it had already forked?
[14:46:52] <Woods> Nevermind, that was OpenSSL
[14:47:57] <janrinok> And it wasn't a legal fork - it actually contravened the license.
[14:48:15] <Woods> Contravened, nice.
[14:48:19] <Woods> Janrinok++
[14:48:19] <Bender> karma - janrinok: 7
[14:48:20] <Woods> brb
[14:59:42] <Woods> Azrael: That department on "Can we See the Arrow of Time?", I see what you did there.
[15:01:03] <janrinok> I don't think that he is listening - I spoke to him earlier but have had no response since.
[15:01:52] <janrinok> erskib? Not a name or word that I know
[15:03:34] <janrinok> Ah Red Dward Cookbook
[15:03:40] <janrinok> Dwarf*
[15:04:08] <Woods> mmhmm
[15:04:23] <janrinok> not a program that I have watch very often
[15:04:39] <janrinok> watched* - fingers and brain disconnected today
[15:05:11] <Woods> I never saw it, had to look up the reference.
[15:05:58] <janrinok> But a nice department quip - good for Azrael!
[15:06:36] <Woods> And only on his third, nicely done.
[15:07:14] <janrinok> He only made 1 cock-up this morning. Good editing but forgot to set the release time and it went out within minutes - and about 15 minutes before the next story. He could have moved the second one and got away with it, but I thought that I would share ;-)
[15:43:00] <Woods> Not too bad. Better than setting it to go out in 1969.
[15:46:23] <janrinok> Now who would do a thing like that.....?
[15:47:04] * janrinok decides its time for a cup of tea.
[16:36:55] <janrinok> hi n1
[16:37:39] <Azrael> I see people have been talking about me in my absence, a mix of positive and negative to keep me humble :D
[16:38:49] <janrinok> hi Az. Just as an aside, note that if you had moved the 2nd story (the one by n1) to a new slot it would have kept the sequence pretty much as standard. This is not....
[16:39:28] <janrinok> ... a problem when we have plenty of stories, but at the weekend when we are desperate to find them, to push out 2 in the space of 15 minutes would be wasteful.
[16:39:46] <Azrael> I did see you mention that, and had a 'doh, why did I not think of that' moment :)
[16:40:24] <janrinok> Hey, for day 1 or 2 you are doing well. We all have 'Doh' moments and yours is minor in comparison to many. However, early days etc
[16:41:09] <janrinok> I put out my first test edit (the one that you now do on dev) out on the live system to the whole world. Mattie_p never lets me forget it!
[16:41:28] <Azrael> eeek
[16:42:02] <janrinok> yours will not be noticed by 99.9% of the community - but we will mock you nevertheless :-)
[16:42:26] <mattie_p> janrinok: it was so memorable though, and we appreciated so much what you did
[16:42:44] <janrinok> I knew that you would be lurking...!
[16:43:26] <Azrael> lesson 1 - always create your own cock-up early on for people to remember you by and tease you with and you might just be able to avoid being remember for the big cock-ups later on :D
[16:43:44] <mattie_p> yes, I frequently lurk lately
[16:43:47] <janrinok> no chance - we will mock _every_ cock-up
[16:43:52] <Azrael> drat
[16:44:03] <Azrael> lesson 2 - try to blame others for the big ones
[16:44:32] <janrinok> mattie_p when does the actual move take place (you might actually not be lurking for a day or two and I wouldn't want to miss the chance to say something that you will not see!)
[16:44:59] <mattie_p> meh, I'll tell everyone when it happens, janrinok, and then you can just give me the highlights once I reconnect
[16:45:14] <janrinok> Azrael: that's a much better tactic. Blame n1 for putting his story into the slot that you had planned to use.
[16:45:29] <Azrael> yeah, how dare he!
[16:45:44] <janrinok> mattie_p: I wouldn't want you to miss the good bits...
[16:45:49] <mattie_p> especially blame someone who isn't on IRC, that way they can't defend themselves
[16:46:23] <janrinok> ...and watch out for lurkers like mattie_p who, apparently, doesn't sleep and is always on here listening...
[16:47:06] <mattie_p> janrinok's other editorial error was releasing a story in 1970. but no one noticed that one because it went to the very front of the queue and who really comes on this site and goes to the very front?
[16:47:27] <janrinok> funny - that was mentioned earlier....
[16:47:43] <mattie_p> yeah, IIRC paulej72 knew about it
[16:48:09] * mrcoolbp_ checks the front of the queue
[16:48:11] <janrinok> Azrael: see, you are never safe - there is always someone watching!
[16:48:18] <janrinok> hi mrcoolbp_
[16:48:26] <mattie_p> hi mrcoolbp_ !
[16:48:47] <mattie_p> mrcoolbp_ http://soylentnews.org
[16:48:52] <mrcoolbp_> hey guys
[16:48:58] <janrinok> how's things?
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[16:49:36] <mrcoolbp> not bad, busy buys, I gotta finsish up some work, then pack for my trip that I'm leaving for on saturday, then go to meatspace work
[16:49:39] <Azrael> janrinok: many eyes make all errors obvious (or smthg like that)
[16:50:07] <janrinok> well good luck mrcoolbp and have a good weekend!
[16:50:13] <mrcoolbp> thanks
[16:50:33] <mattie_p> have a good trip mrcoolbp!
[16:50:44] <mattie_p> I'm off to home depot for more packing supplies myself
[16:51:31] <mrcoolbp> have fun
[16:53:41] <janrinok> Azrael: two more URLs that might interest you: http://soylentnews.org and http://soylentnews.org
[16:55:28] <Azrael> I saw the authors one in the convo about bios and whatnot earlier that mentioned me in passing, not seen the hof one though :)
[16:55:42] <janrinok> hof = Hall Of Fame
[16:57:02] <janrinok> The bottom few of the Most Active Authors do not post now, or perhaps rarely, so you will soon be on the list.
[16:58:06] <Azrael> :D
[16:58:21] <Azrael> there's incentive for me!!
[16:59:26] <janrinok> The Authors.pl page only shows active editors. Mattie_p does edit from time-to-time, having been one of the original eds, but now has other roles in the team and, of course, is our #1 lurker extraordinaire.
[17:01:49] <janrinok> Only 18 subs left in the list - we'd better move to 90 minute spacing. It looks like it is beginning to drop off for the w'end.
[17:03:30] <janrinok> n1 is posting well today - he's got 9 stories up already.
[17:06:22] <mrcoolbp> hmm...mattie_p, janrinok: some bot spammed the top article on the HOF
[17:06:24] <mrcoolbp> tere
[17:06:30] <mrcoolbp> there's 1300 comments
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[17:10:29] <janrinok> I hadn't noticed that before mrcoolbp, but we had a bot submission this AM which I deleted.
[17:10:43] <mrcoolbp> hmm
[17:11:17] <mrcoolbp> we should let paulej72 and and NCommander know about bots posting
[17:11:47] <mrcoolbp> janrinok: is there anyway you can grap the ipid of the submittor?
[17:12:12] <janrinok> Well, it seems to have been a 1-off, so I didn't want to waste their time chasing it - and it was very early AM for the US.
[17:12:42] <janrinok> mrcoolbp: I'm thinking of how to do that.....
[17:13:02] <janrinok> I'm not sure where to find deleted submissions....
[17:14:02] <janrinok> I'll make sure that I flag the next one and record as much detail as I can.
[17:18:26] <janrinok> time for me to be away for an hour or two. cu later.
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[17:18:52] <janrinok|afk> hi Bytram|away
[17:19:07] <Bytram|away> greetings!
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[17:19:26] <Bytram> only here for a little bit
[17:19:30] <janrinok|afk> you just caught me leaving - speak to you a bit later?
[17:19:36] <Bytram> no prob
[17:19:39] <janrinok|afk> cu
[17:19:45] <Bytram> I've got some errands to run right after this.
[17:19:53] <Bytram> don't know when I'll be back :/
[17:20:02] <janrinok|afk> OK, perhaps over the w'end...
[17:27:37] <Woods> Mrcoolbp: I just thought people really had a lot to say about that phone.
[17:32:19] <mrcoolbp> heh
[17:45:19] <mattie_p> mrcoolbp I don't care a bot spammed it, all that counts is that I win!
[17:45:34] <mrcoolbp> by a long-shot
[17:47:35] <mattie_p> well, at least the bots haven't discovered how to create an account yet
[17:47:43] <mattie_p> and it seems to be confined to that one thread
[17:48:02] <Bytram> which thread? I only got a few seconds, but would like to know
[17:48:13] <mattie_p> http://soylentnews.org
[17:49:02] <Bytram> oh. my. god!
[17:49:09] <Bytram> that's gotta be a record!
[17:49:14] <mattie_p> http://soylentnews.org
[17:49:22] <Bytram> someone really wanted to boost our stats, eh?
[17:49:26] <mattie_p> anyone know how to ban an IP without wrecking anything?
[17:50:37] <Bytram> probably would want to put it on the load-balancer as an IPtables or somesuch rule so it keeps the load off of the slash code/db.
[17:50:46] <Bytram> I know the concepts; but never did it. sorry!
[17:50:49] <Bytram> ok. gtg
[17:51:02] <mattie_p> paulej72? any ideas?
[17:52:06] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[17:55:32] <paulej72> ban hammer applied
[17:55:44] <mattie_p> also this one: http://soylentnews.org
[17:55:56] <mattie_p> is it done within slash or outside?
[17:57:00] <mattie_p> looks like several different IPID's, I'm seeing a few more too
[18:04:44] <paulej72> done in slash with the built in code. I set spammer on about 7 ipids
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[18:08:44] <paulej72> all is I can say is 400TB
[18:37:49] <mrcoolbp> rofl
[18:38:20] <mrcoolbp> pauelj72: what was NCommander saying about the author's cache? did I do something wrong by granting those guys bits?
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[18:40:29] <mrcoolbp> omgg there's two of them
[18:40:34] <paulej72> mrcoolbp: not aware he said anything about that.
[18:41:18] <mrcoolbp> paulej72:
[18:41:19] <mrcoolbp> <05+NCommander> mrcoolbp, who granted Azrael editor rights on the main page
[18:41:19] <mrcoolbp> <05+NCommander> the authors cache wasn't updated
[18:41:19] <mrcoolbp> <05+NCommander> ARGH
[18:41:33] <mrcoolbp> in #Soylent yesterday
[18:41:43] <mrcoolbp> I thought we did that though
[18:42:34] <paulej72> yes the author’s cache was updated, but the slash code is stupid in this respect. It does not actullay put an author in until they have a story posted.
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[20:36:14] <janrinok> anyone around to answer a question?
[20:37:02] <mattie_p> I can
[20:37:08] <mattie_p> what's up?
[20:37:42] <janrinok> have you seen the submission regarding Dice / Freecode / Freshmeat. I'm not sure how genuine it is.
[20:38:51] <mattie_p> I saw it, let me do some checking
[20:39:15] <janrinok> I've found some things, but they might be circular confirmation, if you get my drift
[20:39:20] <mattie_p> http://freecode.com
[20:40:12] <janrinok> I'll post it and risk the flames!
[20:40:44] <mattie_p> go for it then
[20:44:04] <mattie_p> might want to tone down the "how long is slashdot for the world" part tho
[20:44:18] <janrinok> yep, I was thinking that too!
[20:52:20] <janrinok> mattie_p: The slashdot quote is just that - a quotation. I've left it in but added an editorial comment. I'd appreciate your opinion - it is not due to go live for quite a while.
[20:57:44] <janrinok> The same Google Groups thread talks about scraping the site and setting up a new site, and moving all the software to sourceforge. It does appear that something _is_ happening and that the freecode.com site is not long for this world.
[20:58:14] <mattie_p> I'll take a look
[20:59:36] <mattie_p> I'd add a link to the freecode.com/about that I linked above as well somewhere. maybe at freecode.com?
[20:59:49] <mattie_p> I might as well do that, since I'll sign off on it
[21:00:06] <janrinok> good idea - I'll look once you've signed it off.
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[21:00:23] <janrinok> hi Bytram|away
[21:03:38] <Bytram|away> janrinok: hi! Just got back.
[21:03:52] <janrinok> is that the end of your working day?
[21:04:02] <Bytram|away> still need to finish reviewing the Bylaws -- wonder how long I'll stay awake?
[21:04:15] <Bytram|away> on vacation this week; that's why you've been seeing more of me here.
[21:04:24] <mattie_p> I took out the last two sentences of your editorial comment. The "might be sign of things to come, Who knows" one seems to encourage discussion of its demise and the second is redundant - anyone with info will post it
[21:04:45] <janrinok> It's Friday evening, and I'm part way through a good stiff drink! Feeling quite mellow now.
[21:05:01] <mattie_p> ahh, good for you!
[21:05:13] <janrinok> mattie_p: thx for that - appreciated.
[21:05:26] <mattie_p> I just finished disassembling my children's beds and moving them out
[21:05:44] <Bytram|away> mattie_p: Hi there!
[21:05:49] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram
[21:05:50] <janrinok> the beds - not the children?
[21:05:52] <mattie_p> hi Bytram!
[21:05:56] <Bytram> janrinok: lol!
[21:06:13] <mattie_p> I wish I could haul away the children once in a while
[21:06:31] <janrinok> now you know that don't really mean that - just once would be enough....
[21:06:42] <Bytram> if it's any comfort, I suspect every parent has thought that at one time or another.
[21:07:00] <janrinok> yes, but no more that 2 or 3 times a day usually...
[21:07:13] * Bytram needs a shorter day, then!
[21:07:22] <janrinok> lol
[21:07:24] <Bytram> hmm
[21:07:31] * Bytram suggests you find shorter days!
[21:07:35] <Bytram> that's better!
[21:08:04] <janrinok> after tomorrow - you wish will start to come true. Summer solstice is about to take place!
[21:08:14] <janrinok> your*
[21:09:06] <Bytram> something about kids and parenting: you wish the kids would leave you alone... and then when they start to leave you alone, you wish they'd spend more time with you!
[21:09:29] <Bytram> yup, now the days wills start getting shorter.
[21:09:34] <janrinok> Bytram: just for giggles, you might want to take a look at the top story in the story list about Dice.
[21:09:46] * Bytram likes having sun early in the AM and late at night, too.
[21:09:51] <Bytram> in the submissions?
[21:10:13] <janrinok> no - due release at 22:02 UTC
[21:10:30] <Bytram> woops, on my way.
[21:12:09] <Bytram> janrinok: interesting! But, who's this new guy, Ed? ;)
[21:12:23] <janrinok> SHHH - its my cover name
[21:12:54] <Bytram> and one could argue that the story does not bode well for OUR financial opportunities. :/
[21:12:55] <janrinok> I just don't want the flames when the story is shown to be false or whatever
[21:13:13] * Bytram offers to loan out my asbestos suit for a reasonable price
[21:13:32] <janrinok> True - but we are not trying to run our site as a money spinner - simply paying its way would be enough.
[21:13:47] <Bytram> good point!
[21:13:59] <janrinok> Bytram: Isn't your suit well used and getting a bit past it by now?
[21:14:00] <Bytram> ok, time to make some lunch and then dive into the Bylaws; back in a bit
[21:14:09] <janrinok> ok cu
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[23:58:19] <Azrael> anyone around to answer a question?
[23:59:06] -!- Woods has quit [Quit: Web client closed]