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[03:07:05] <paulej72> Azrael: fixed, should show up soon on the live pages.
[03:10:17] <Bytram> .ice Azrael
[03:10:23] <Bytram> .voice Azrael
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[03:10:57] <Bytram> Azrael: welcome! that should make it possible for the rest of us to see you here.
[03:12:51] <paulej72> Bytram: no limits in #editorial like that. Azrael message was from 5:44 and I just got back and saw it.
[03:13:33] <Bytram> oh! Oops. Couldn't see who you were talking to; made a bad guess. Thanks for the clarification!
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[12:38:13] <Azrael> :D
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[15:41:08] <janrinok> hi guys
[15:42:14] <Bytram|afk> greetings!
[15:42:39] <janrinok> Bytram|afk: hi - how's things?
[15:42:46] <Bytram|afk> I'm not really here atm. trying to get away from the keyboard and head out the door, with absolutely no success so far!
[15:43:11] <Bytram|afk> good, thanks! on vacation this week and trying to catch up on sleep and household projects. You?
[15:43:14] <janrinok> well, have a good day, perhaps cu later
[15:43:29] <janrinok> I'm ok but busy like you I guess
[15:43:35] <Bytram|afk> thanks! And here's wishing you a great day, too!
[15:43:56] <Bytram|afk> there's an old adage: "If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it."
[15:44:05] <janrinok> lol
[15:44:21] <Bytram|afk> short, but full of wisdom.
[15:47:05] <Bytram|afk> sort of like Yoda. =)
[15:50:31] <janrinok> sry, I thought you had already gone - that was rather rude of me not to reply to your last comment.
[15:50:59] <janrinok> Yep, every job I do earns me 2 more to do tomorrow.....
[15:52:07] <Bytram|afk> nw; neighbor just started a load of landry; 'tis hazardous to attempt a shower, now.
[15:52:21] <Bytram|afk> so the only way to stop working... is to stop working?
[15:52:52] <janrinok> lol - water changing from hot to cold with little or no notice? And what is this 'work' thing about which you speak....?
[15:53:28] <Bytram|afk> lol! I suppose a job is not work if you enjoy doing it!
[15:55:20] <janrinok> work suggests some form of compensation for one's efforts - I just have load of things that I have to do!
[15:56:15] <Bytram|afk> I hear ya. Some forms of compensation cannot buy food, but are still priceless.
[16:00:26] <janrinok> The gratitude of my SO is usually more than enough for me!
[16:01:13] <Bytram|afk> ding ding ding!
[16:02:39] <janrinok> Have you done anything special so far this w'end?
[16:06:30] <Bytram|afk> not yet; worked yesterday,then met up with some friends last night. then played here with UTF-8 stuff for a bit before trying to call it an early night.
[16:07:10] <Bytram|afk> hey! washer just stopped... gotta go while the getting is good!
[16:07:18] <Bytram|afk> have a great day!
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