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[09:45:12] * mrcoolbp runs off to bed
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[15:45:21] <Bytram> n1: Good morning!
[15:46:10] <Bytram> n1: I only have a minute, but wanted to let you know I put in a submission about black/worm holes
[15:46:17] <n1> hey Bytram
[15:46:23] <n1> cool, i will check it out thanks :)
[15:46:30] <Bytram> great! Thanks
[15:46:41] <n1> hope everything is well with you
[15:47:16] <Bytram> yep! Just finishing laundry, need to shower and get ready for the day job.
[15:47:52] <Bytram> n1: don't have time to do a proper submittal, but also came across another interesting story: http://phys.org
[15:49:42] <Bytram> that story isn't the best (it actually WAS 3m, not 10 feet), but it links to the actual research so also take a look at: http://phys.org
[15:49:58] <Bytram> and the abstract can be found at: http://www.sciencemag.org
[15:50:01] <Bytram> hope that helps!
[15:50:04] <Bytram> gtg
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[15:50:31] <n1> take care
[15:51:07] <Bytram|away> n1: thanks! Hope all is well with you and that you have a GREAT day!
[15:51:10] <Bytram|away> gtg
[15:55:59] <n1> bah
[15:56:03] <n1> it's a dupe :(
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[15:58:22] <Bytram|away> n1: Yup. I *just* noticed it! blegh. Any chance you can merge in some of the links I found? Might be useful (and it took me quite a while to track them down, too:/
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[16:02:03] <n1> im adding in some of the links
[16:03:33] <Bytram|away> n1: much obliged! thanks!
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[19:51:15] <janrinok> hi guys
[19:51:49] <n1> hi janrinok
[19:59:38] <janrinok> hi n1, having a good weekend?
[20:00:31] <n1> i've had better.
[20:00:34] <n1> how are you doing?
[20:02:21] <mrcoolbp> hey gotta run to work, but just wanted to say the editors are doing a great job!
[20:02:22] <janrinok> Not too bad - just finished a curry that took about 3 hours to make, but I went the full works with bread, popadums, pickle etc, all home made
[20:02:32] * mrcoolbp waves as he literally runs out the door
[20:02:44] <janrinok> mrcoolbp: thx for that - I wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic.... But have a good day!
[20:03:43] <janrinok> n1, any particular problem with your weekend - or just nothing special?
[20:03:55] <n1> home made popadums sounds quite awesome
[20:05:04] <janrinok> very easy to make - as is the pickle
[20:05:10] <n1> just some personal shit, damage limitation etc
[20:05:23] <janrinok> sry to hear that.
[20:06:05] <n1> i'm sure it will work out
[20:06:23] <janrinok> that sounds like there might still be some doubt.
[20:07:07] <n1> i'm rarely an optimist
[20:07:30] <janrinok> you must be - otherwise you wouldn't be an editor on SN!
[20:07:42] <n1> heh
[20:08:25] <janrinok> I find weekend posting very unrewarding - significantly fewer page hits and next to no comments.
[20:08:47] <n1> yesterday wasn't too bad
[20:09:04] <n1> today is looking quite blah though
[20:09:05] <janrinok> It takes us the same amount of work regardless of how many people actually visit the site and read the articles
[20:09:10] <n1> yup
[20:10:14] <janrinok> My scheduling is all over the place at the moment - a slight change in medication, which is working well, but it has disrupted S's sleep patterns etc.
[20:12:02] <n1> i know what having a erratic schedule is like, for different reasons - i'm at the point where a routine seems impossible.
[20:12:52] <n1> was the curry worth the 3 hours prep work?
[20:13:39] <janrinok> I've already told LamX that, later this year, I will be taking a few month break from the editorial role. I seem to not have the time to do everything that I need or want to do, at least not to a proper standard. But I do enjoy being on this site, and I suspect that my break will end up being shortened simply because I want to be here!
[20:14:13] <janrinok> Yes, the curry was a great success. Well worth the effort.
[20:15:39] <n1> I can understand and appreciate your position there, it can be quite demanding to keep ontop of it - other obligations and priorities get missed. Certainly shouldn't be missing out on things you want to do, for this site.
[20:17:53] <janrinok> Its the lots of little things that all add up and I find that I have done no programming for over 4 months. I don't get hurt by the comments in the threads but I do sometimes wonder if it is the best use of my time when stories are not read or discussed. Perhaps I'm just crap at picking the right stories and summarising them.
[20:18:27] <n1> although sometimes i find it somewhat theraputic, i can edit stories and get that done, and they're done and the queue is full... unlike everything else where one task completed just means another 4 have been added.
[20:18:38] <janrinok> Anyway, I got a buzz from cooking today and that has left me feeling good for the moment.
[20:19:26] <n1> picking stories seems to be an art, my predictions are usually wrong
[20:20:32] <janrinok> Yes, I like seeing the queue full. I do my best to second ed other people's stories and feel a bit pissed when I come back and find nobody has bothered to do mine in return. We also seem to have a shift away from the technical and scientific subjects which doesn't suit me personally but it must be what people want becuase that is what they submit.
[20:21:19] <janrinok> What are you planning to eat tonight? Which shop are you popping out to?
[20:22:22] <n1> in some ways i dont think we can win - looking at the old site and here, the stories which arn't pure-tech/science can get lots of comments, but will also be deemed wrong because they're not tech/science.
[20:23:09] <janrinok> Oh, its not just us. But this is the only site that I want to care about ;-)
[20:23:13] <n1> lots of people might be interested in the science stuff, but without the positive feedback it's hard to tell - and when most summaries can be read entirely on the main page, there's no need to go onto the story itself
[20:24:05] <n1> i'm just using the old site as an example of how the community has high standards for itself, but doesn't necessarily live up to the standards it sets.
[20:24:11] <janrinok> So perhaps we are doing too good a job!
[20:25:07] <janrinok> I had a good day in the garden yesterday. Plenty of exercise and sunshine and I enve
[20:25:46] <janrinok> ..even went to bed early. Unfortunately my other half didn't have the best of nights so it was to no avail...
[20:25:56] <n1> regarding my dinner this evening, i really dont know - i have some chicken spring rolls but nothing to go with them, unless i decide to be creative
[20:26:10] <n1> yeah, ive been enjoying the weather of late
[20:26:49] <n1> its been a very nice day today, making the most of it by being outside more.
[20:27:17] <janrinok> Its cooled a little bit here and clouded over. No threat of rain but we have lost the clear blue sky.
[20:27:56] <n1> it has been raining here, but we've had nice days inbetween
[20:28:00] <n1> everything is growing again
[20:28:44] <janrinok> why is it that weeds grow at twice the rate of the seeds that I planted? I'm going to grow weeds next year!
[20:29:07] <n1> hah
[20:29:18] <n1> some weeds even look ok in my opinion
[20:30:36] <n1> i did some landscaping and gardening work briefly, the general rule seemed to be 'anything that doesn't have a flower on it and isn't a tree, is a weed'
[20:30:45] <janrinok> Spent a lot of work trying to recover from the storm damage caused back in February. Only minor damage to the house, but it made quite a mess of the garden, which had to wait until I had cut up the fallen trees and shifted the unwanted bits away, while stacking the wood that will be used for the fire.
[20:31:34] <janrinok> The benefit has been an increase in wildlife in the garden this year as it took on a more 'natural' look.
[20:31:42] <n1> that doesnt sound so ideal, at least the house was 'ok'
[20:32:06] <janrinok> I have enough wood for the fire for about 5-6 years.
[20:32:17] <n1> thats no bad thing
[20:32:47] <n1> i'm not a fan of people making their gardens to a manicured state, it's like you should be taking your shoes off to walk around the place
[20:32:51] <n1> nature is just not like that
[20:32:53] <janrinok> It will take a year or two to season, but I already have the wood to cover that period anyway. So no heating bills for about 7 years or so.
[20:33:52] <janrinok> I agree, my garden is far more natural and we have put up loads of birdboxes and encouraged wildlife because it is something that S can watch from her bed or from the patio.
[20:34:43] <janrinok> Next door neighbours have (jokingly) complained about the number of mice that their cat keeps bringing home to them... lol
[20:35:00] <n1> i feel sorry for the mice!
[20:35:35] <janrinok> I don't mind as long as they stay outside - but if they stray into the garage it is all-out war which I invariably win.
[20:35:46] <n1> haha, fair enough!
[20:36:14] <n1> if you vanish one day i will conclude that a mouse fought back and won ;)
[20:37:01] <janrinok> well that might be one reason.... By the way, have you seen or heard from xlefay recently. He seems to have disappeared from the scene.
[20:37:44] <n1> i havn't, not been around here much myself but have also noted his absence from being here nearly all the time to now
[20:38:53] <n1> i only have assumptions but i recall that he was not in a great place without work and money
[20:39:09] <janrinok> paulej72 has done a brilliant job on the software update. I keep finding more little things that I like. Nothing major but lots of fixes to small niggly things.
[20:39:54] <janrinok> I even keep changing the theme simply because I can!
[20:40:03] <n1> yeah, i've been really impressed - it felt like a long time coming but the update was really what the site needed
[20:40:49] <janrinok> I'm afraid that I was one of those that wanted to keep the SN name, but I know that you weren't too fond of it. But, it is all settled and behind us now.
[20:41:01] <n1> yeah
[20:41:20] <n1> it is what it is, i posted a comment on the story noting that i wasn't happy with the result but i do respect it
[20:41:41] <n1> only really making a point that not everyone on staff was happy with the result, but it is what it is.
[20:41:49] <janrinok> And NCommander has been working his socks off on the incorporation thing - I know that he hates it but it had to be done and he has done a good job of it.
[20:43:20] <n1> we are making progress thanks to everyones efforts
[20:43:38] <janrinok> we've come quite a long way but it has not been easy.
[20:44:32] <n1> indeed not, and it's probably not going to get any easier in many ways
[20:45:39] <janrinok> I think that we probably have the easiest job inasmuch as it is clear what is expected of us, we can see progress by looking at the full queue, and there is still enought pitfalls to make it interesting with room for everyone's input to be important.
[20:45:58] <janrinok> there are still enough*
[20:47:56] <janrinok> what did you decide about being creative or looking in the freezer?
[20:48:17] <n1> i need to look in the freezer to decide how to be creative
[20:49:12] <janrinok> lol - I'm going to change computers - back in a minute
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[20:49:59] <janrinok> and back again
[20:53:19] <janrinok> mattie_p was taking his son camping this w'end - I wonder how that went?
[20:55:06] <n1> camping is one of those things, it can be the best or the worst thing ever - and thats probably even more so with young children involed too
[20:55:53] <janrinok> It seems like only a few weeks ago he was shovelling snow off the drive, and now he says in the the low 30's and camping weather.
[20:56:42] <n1> seasons changing is quite abrupt now it seems
[20:57:23] <janrinok> Especially when you are as high up as he is in Denver
[20:57:34] <n1> a friend of mine in the US told me there's still snow on the ground in some places, but the weather has been in the mid 20's i think
[20:58:14] <janrinok> I quite like the slight change between seasons here - nothing too drastic.
[20:58:40] <n1> i'd imagine winters arn't too cold where you are
[20:59:17] <janrinok> No very mild - we had snow on the ground for 3 days total, and it didn't make it past midday on any day.
[21:00:57] <janrinok> Of course, that also means that it didn't kill off many of the garden pests which we are now paying the price for (NB gardeners are like farmers - there is always something to complain about..!)
[21:01:26] <n1> lol
[21:03:47] <janrinok> Does your Dad like gardening, or does the travel sort of interfere with that sort of thing?
[21:04:24] <n1> he's never been that into it, doesn't do it at all now though
[21:04:44] <n1> the landscape and conditions in the caribbean make it nothing but unpleasant
[21:05:20] <n1> the local gardeners work in full boiler suits to protect against all the biting bugs lurking
[21:05:33] <janrinok> I would have thought that the bright colours would have been popular - but I can see what you mean about the conditions.
[21:05:54] <n1> the landscape means mowing the lawn is a challenge
[21:06:10] <n1> and has to be done entirely with a strimmer
[21:06:30] <janrinok> no fun there at all then
[21:06:58] <n1> yeah, so they get the gardeners to come in twice a month during the rainy season
[21:07:12] <janrinok> Do you get the chance to get out there from time to time?
[21:07:33] <n1> I was there for all of January this year
[21:07:45] <n1> and will be doing the same again next year
[21:07:52] <n1> but it's to work on the house not a vacation
[21:08:06] <janrinok> Not a bad place to have to work though....
[21:08:18] <n1> yet again, the conditions make it unpleasant
[21:08:24] <n1> this january we painted the outside of the house
[21:08:28] <n1> had to do it all at night
[21:08:31] <n1> under floodlight
[21:08:46] <janrinok> with a beer or three?
[21:08:49] <n1> and due to the size and detail, as well as wood staining that needed doing, it took all month.
[21:09:10] <n1> we also did a lot of repairs on the guttering and such, which took a lot of time
[21:09:15] <n1> and we kept being rained off which didnt help
[21:09:33] <n1> lots of beers, but during the work it's water water water
[21:09:41] <n1> or dehydration/heatstroke is only round the corner
[21:10:00] <janrinok> That's the problem with houses, there is usually some work that needs doing - I try not to look too closely unless I'm in the mood.
[21:10:19] <n1> the parents are refreshing everything to help sell the house
[21:10:38] <n1> they're putting AC in all the rooms this year, which Americans can't live without.
[21:10:46] <n1> all the bedrooms.
[21:10:48] <janrinok> To buy another or to move away completely?
[21:10:55] <n1> they intend to come back here
[21:11:38] <n1> it was a dream my parents had on their honeymoon (before i was born) - and they worked to make that dream come true
[21:11:40] <janrinok> will they settle in the smoke?
[21:12:20] <n1> the reality became a nightmare for my dad, isolation and he likes doing physical work, but it's punishment out there because of heat and humidity
[21:12:30] <n1> and only poor quality but very expensive materials are available
[21:12:52] <n1> i dont know, i'm trying to convince them to live outside London
[21:13:05] <n1> i think they should move to Hampshire or something
[21:13:32] <janrinok> You wouldn't get me to live in London for anything. Not my bag at all.
[21:13:37] <n1> but because the dream has been shattered my dad now has an emotional attatchment to the county we used to live in
[21:14:26] <janrinok> So your Dad doesn't view it as achieving a goal that they once had, but as a defeat because he has to move back?
[21:14:35] <n1> pretty much
[21:14:41] <n1> thats why he comes back for the summers
[21:15:07] <n1> lives out his caravan (smaller than the master bathroom in his house) touring the music festivals
[21:15:35] <n1> but my concern is it gives him an unrealistic representation of what life will be like living back here all the time
[21:16:05] <n1> he spends all his time at music festivals, where everyone is happy, or at caravan/camping sites, where everyone is on vacation.
[21:16:59] <janrinok> I would tend to look at it the other way round and be proud of what I had achieved even if I later had to move back to UK. This house is OK, and much better than we would have had in the UK for the same price, but it is not what we once dreamed. But all our dreams have changed because of our circumstances so we have to be pleased with what we have done rather than look forward to what we might do in the future.
[21:17:57] <n1> thats how i generally look at it, but i cant get it through to him really
[21:18:15] <n1> he has the wrong attitude for it, he can't wait to tell someone how much he hates living there
[21:18:32] <n1> which to most of the people he talks to, is still a dream for them, escaping to a care free tropical island.
[21:19:36] <janrinok> Yep, pretty much how I would see it but I also know from personal experience that actually living the dream can shatter the illusions pretty quickly.
[21:21:04] <n1> dreams are just that. it didn't help though that last year the two people on the island he counted as his friends passed away.
[21:22:30] <janrinok> Yes, I can understand that. Friends of mine that I served with have also just begun to start falling by the wayside. In my mind, I'm still a young'ish man but my body isn't keeping up with that vision any more!
[21:22:54] <n1> he's now saying he wont take his pensions, as both his friends died 3 months after taking theirs.
[21:23:21] <janrinok> I rather take the pension and die in the local pub spending it!
[21:23:46] <n1> yeah, my dad is still young in his heart and mind - when we're at festivals people assume we're friends, not that he's my dad.
[21:24:19] <n1> heh, not a bad way to go
[21:25:36] <janrinok> Similar for me - S is actually 10 years younger than I am and I've kept all my hair, so I can pass as being 10-15 years younger. But the knees and back tell me otherwise. All that running around with boots and a rucksack haven't done me any favours now.
[21:27:03] <n1> i'm pretty careful about things like that, i've had quite enough of physically broken 40-50 year olds telling me I need to put my back into it (so i can end up like them).
[21:31:54] <janrinok> I'm going to have to go soon - things to do before I can go to bed. Have you got a good week ahead of you?
[21:32:48] <n1> I think so
[21:32:54] <n1> but things always change
[21:33:06] <janrinok> yep - that's true!
[21:33:19] <n1> i hope you have a good week, and what is left of this weekend
[21:33:45] <janrinok> Well, with luck, I'll see you on here during the week. And all the best to you too. Have a good one!
[21:34:51] <n1> :) laters
[21:34:57] <janrinok> cu2
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[22:25:12] <mattie_p> oh, I was just about to say camping was good this weekend, just got back
[22:39:16] <n1> hey mattie_p, glad to hear your trip went well :)
[22:42:44] <mattie_p> yeah, it was a great trip. Had boatloads of fun and awesome chow