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[09:05:22] <janrinok> hi guys - if anyone is awake....
[09:16:50] <paulej72> janrinok: I am
[09:17:13] <paulej72> Is it tomorrow for you :)
[09:18:47] <janrinok> I suppose it must be....
[09:19:06] <paulej72> I really need to sleep now so good night.
[09:19:07] <janrinok> how are u paulej72
[09:19:26] <janrinok> ok - sleep well.
[09:19:51] <paulej72> too much coding and I am not awake enoght to trust what I am doing :)
[09:20:05] <paulej72> later janrinok
[09:20:06] <janrinok> lol - we've all been there. speak to you later
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[14:28:38] <Bytram|away> Hi all! I somehow got two copies of the same story in the queue. :/ Only one is correct. I've got the "bad" one flagged to NOT display, but do not know how to actually delete it.
[14:28:49] <Bytram|away> if you know how, this is the one to delete: http://soylentnews.org
[14:29:15] <Bytram|away> it was accidentally scheduled to go live at 20:28
[14:29:16] <Bytram|away> thanks!
[14:49:38] <Bytram|away> I changed the story title to make it obvious which one to delete.
[14:49:49] <Bytram|away> ok, gtg to get ready for day job.
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