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[14:25:48] <lhsi> I submitted a story yesterday about the ICO Report on protecting personal data: http://soylentnews.org
[14:26:07] <lhsi> They have added the next blog post that was mentioned: http://iconewsblog.wordpress.com
[14:26:28] <lhsi> (I can't edit submissions myself and didn't want to add a new one)
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[14:46:13] <Woods> Heya, fellas.
[14:49:20] <mattie_p> hey Woods
[14:50:13] <Woods> Mattie_p! My favorite person that I confuse with Martyb... How have you been?
[14:50:43] <mattie_p> I confuse myself with Martyb sometimes, and mrcoolbp. Doing fine, how about yourself, Woods?
[14:51:47] <Woods> Not too shabby here, just got in to work with an empty inbox, so I cannot complain.
[14:52:05] <mattie_p> oh, that is a sweet feeling
[14:52:33] <mattie_p> course, it could also be a precursor for being fired, but I doubt that is the case
[14:53:48] <Woods> Haha, yeah.... Yikes, man I hope not.
[14:54:13] <Woods> Everyone involved would be unhappy with that, mehtinks.
[14:54:42] <mattie_p> yeah, I didn't think that was the case, but if your inbox stays empty for a couple of days I'd start to worry
[14:54:51] <Woods> My boss has an infamously bad "beside manner"
[14:55:16] <Woods> I do not think they could fire me without half the company being upset.
[14:55:26] <mattie_p> I have a headache this morning, need coffee and tylenol
[14:55:36] <mattie_p> brb to get some
[14:55:39] <Woods> Coffeelenol
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[17:30:13] <n1> hi Woods
[17:56:46] <Woods> Hello n1.
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[18:31:32] <Woods> n1: Do you know if I can merge a story that has already been accepted, but not gone live yet?
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[18:32:48] <n1> i dont believe you can
[18:33:26] <n1> you either accept it and set it to not display, add credit and info from second sub to original story, or merge and delete to give karma
[18:33:30] <n1> and do the same add credit and info
[18:34:01] <Woods> I think I like the first option the most.
[18:34:19] <n1> either way works
[18:35:24] <n1> just make sure it's clear that its a dupe so the story doesn't get put up later
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[18:42:43] <Woods> K, I just used the same title, and set them 1 minute apart.
[18:42:54] <n1> cool
[18:50:20] <mattie_p> I can delete the dupe
[18:51:04] <mattie_p> in the future you can change the title to DUPE - PLEASE DELETE and either myself or someone else will kill it quickly
[18:51:19] <n1> mattie_p, what happens to the submission link in the user profile if you delete the story?
[18:54:14] <Woods> n1: Divide by zero, the universe ends.
[18:55:25] <n1> lol
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[18:57:40] <mattie_p> n1, I'm not sure, honestly
[18:57:53] <mattie_p> why don'y we find out? submit one, post it, and I'll delete it
[18:57:53] <n1> thats why we discussed setting to not display before
[18:57:54] <Woods> You better not click it though.
[18:58:02] <n1> so the link wasnt dead in the user profile
[18:58:22] <n1> otherwise we may as well just 'merge' the story into itself and delete from the subs queue
[18:58:36] <n1> i'll put a test sub in for you to delete
[18:58:57] <n1> i can do it on dev if you want?
[19:02:31] <mattie_p> that works too
[19:05:38] <n1> it wont let me submit on dev - i hit the preview button on the sub form
[19:05:44] <n1> and it says i need to preview before i submit it
[19:05:55] <n1> but there's only the submission button to hit at this point anyway
[19:07:09] <n1> nevermind
[19:07:12] <n1> i hadnt set a topicx
[19:07:13] <n1> -x
[19:08:00] <n1> mattie_p, on dev 'my test is better'
[19:14:32] <mattie_p> deleted!
[19:16:42] <n1> it seems to remove the link from the user profile
[19:16:47] <n1> so it might be a solution
[19:17:17] <n1> so instead of a dead link or a wrong link, we have no link but karma and acceptance still gets counted
[19:19:43] <n1> if you're signed in, at least as an editor, the link exists to take you to edit the submission again - but logged out, and i assume for a normal account, it removes the link.
[19:33:06] <mattie_p> makes sense
[19:33:22] <mattie_p> probably the best solution anyway is to delete dupes
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[19:36:56] <n1> i'll go with that - it's what i'll do in future, will leave a [DELETE] note in the title.
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[20:15:17] <LaminatorX> So, N1. What is the plan with this ICO story?
[20:16:36] <n1> I dont know yet, i just wanted to move it into the queue and save it
[20:16:43] <n1> lhsi came in here and dropped the link for the followup post
[20:16:47] <n1> so i didnt want it to get lost
[20:18:03] <n1> i'm in between various other things right now so i havnt had the time to take a proper look at it yet
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[20:31:34] <n1> LaminatorX, when is janrinok due back?
[20:41:21] <LaminatorX> After the weekend.
[20:43:12] <n1> just a heads up then, i will be around for the rest of the week... but perhaps more erratic as my dad is back in the country from friday and i have other obligations
[20:44:12] <Woods> No worries n1, I will keep an eye out.
[20:47:18] <n1> cheers :)
[20:47:28] <n1> and next tuesday i'll be in germany for the day, wooo! :D
[20:49:31] <LaminatorX> Nice.
[20:51:27] <Woods> Be sure to take pictures! And then tell us what they look like.
[20:52:11] <n1> lol
[21:23:19] <paulej72> n1 drink a few beers on us :)
[21:24:40] <Woods> He meant to say FOR us...
[21:24:46] <Woods> I am not paying someone else to drink my beer.
[21:25:14] <n1> just as i was waiting for some money to hit my paypal :p
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