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[03:32:19] * n1 explodes
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[03:33:17] * Bytram offers n1 a broom and dustpan but discovers n1 can no longer make use of them in his condition
[03:34:13] <n1> hey Bytram
[03:34:34] <Bytram> n1: hiya! Glad you could pull yourself back together!!!!
[03:35:35] <n1> just about recovering from anger beyond words, it's been a tough day.
[03:35:39] <n1> how are you doing?
[03:36:49] <Bytram> well better than THAT! Quite tired; working retail before mother's day so extra busy, and being downwind from the fragrances counter so I've been wafting in ll manor of fumes all day.
[03:36:57] <Bytram> so, all in all, I'm doing all right!
[03:37:19] <Bytram> n1: what's up with you? if you'd prefer, pm me
[03:42:19] <n1> close proximity to the fragrances counter doesnt seem ideal. im glad you're in good spirits though!
[03:44:01] <Bytram> thanks! I strive to make the best of things. It's hard when people start geting upset cause they've been waiting. It was a rainy couple of days, so that really brought out the shoppers!
[03:45:17] <Bytram> I was able to help several people find something special to give their moms and made their experience enjoyable, so I'd say it's all good.
[03:45:41] <Bytram> today was a bit tough on me, though, being the actual mother's day.
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[15:48:53] <Woods> I am going to work on the manifesto for a bit.
[15:49:47] <n1> hi Woods
[15:49:54] <Woods> Hey n1, what up?
[15:51:15] <n1> same shit different day, sup with you
[15:52:45] <Woods> Fixing typos that NCMD made. That guy, I swear.
[15:52:53] <n1> lol
[15:53:38] <n1> i fucked up the time on a story and for what ever reason that caused it to be published in 1970...
[15:54:06] <Woods> Oh, yeah, that happens.
[15:54:25] <Woods> I did that by posting a story for times like 25:30
[15:54:37] <n1> yeah, well i thought it was stupid until i did it :p
[15:54:59] <Woods> lol
[15:55:06] <n1> yeah, thats how it happened, i ended up with a time that didnt exist 14:450:00 or so
[15:55:32] <n1> is janrinok ok, taking some time off?
[15:55:53] <Woods> Yes, he is gone for a week
[15:56:19] <Woods> Vacationing somewhere I think, but I do not recall the place.
[15:56:24] <Bytram|away> n1: hve you tried searching based onauthor?
[15:57:26] <n1> ah ok, thats great. just wanted to make sure he was ok.
[15:57:58] <n1> hey Bytram|away, i searched for the story and found it - thanks.
[15:58:17] <Bytram|away> oh, good!
[15:58:48] <n1> how are you this morning(?)
[15:59:07] <Woods> Bytram, I wanted to post your Mothers day story, but it is too late now, and all the wording is wonky.
[15:59:27] <Bytram|away> in the future, one can click on "Authors" in the "Navigation" slashbox; on that page, there is a display of the count of articles posted by each author, clicking on that count and adjusting the URL search parameter would get you there, too.
[16:00:30] <Bytram|away> Woods: thanks for that. What is "wonky"? the verb tense?
[16:00:39] <Woods> Weird.
[16:00:49] <Woods> Probably Oklahoma slang, sorry
[16:01:07] <Woods> Weird, slightly off, jacked up, etc.
[16:01:25] <Bytram|away> Woods: heh. I understand the word "wonky" =) I was wondering about the story itself... what was wierd about it?
[16:01:34] <Woods> Oh
[16:01:41] <Woods> Yeah, the tenses need to be shifted.
[16:02:08] <Woods> But it would require restructuring of the latter portion of the story.
[16:02:46] <Bytram|away> that shouldn't be too hard... I think. let me take a quick look.
[16:03:55] <Bytram|away> Woods: I'm curious, what did you think of the "story" itself?
[16:04:41] <Woods> I think it is good. A shift from the typical non-personal feel of the site, but still good.
[16:05:02] <n1> yeah, i liked it too
[16:12:16] <LaminatorX> Janrinok is making day trips with his wife, first time they've gone anywhere since she's been wheelchair-bound.
[16:12:48] <LaminatorX> They just got a vehicle that's equipped with a lift and such.
[16:14:34] <n1> thanks for that, LaminatorX. I recall he said they had a new car, i'm glad they're able to make use of it.
[16:17:20] <Bytram|away> Woods: I made some changes; please review it and see if I any out or soemthnig simmmilllar. =)
[16:17:39] <Bytram|away> Woods: it's hard for me... keeps kicking of feelings and I find it hard to be objective.
[16:17:49] <Bytram|away> s/of/off/
[16:18:23] <Woods> Sorry about your mother, Bytram|away, I do not know that feel.
[16:19:01] <Bytram|away> Woods: thank-you. It only hurts because I've been blessed.
[16:19:54] <LaminatorX> Mine died twenty years ago, when I was a sophomore in college.
[16:20:21] <Bytram|away> LaminatorX: oh shit. I'm sorry!
[16:20:44] <Bytram|away> be sure to save some of this for when the article goes out. =)
[16:21:08] <Bytram|away> btw, I just pushed it to come out late in the day; please feel free to reschedule it earlier.
[16:21:10] <LaminatorX> It's alright, I'm used to it now.
[16:21:25] <Bytram|away> I don't have much in me for it right now.
[16:22:03] <Bytram|away> LaminatorX: yeah, time helps, but that is one really rough time to have it happen; I can't imagine how I'd have reacted were it to happen to me as a college soph.
[16:22:47] <Bytram|away> okay, I need to take a break and start getting ready for my day job.
[16:23:18] <n1> take care, Bytram|away
[16:25:18] <Bytram|away> given the timeliness of the story, I'd (of course) like to see it come out this morning. I think it might be cathartic for many, and bring us closer together as a community. Like, I had no idea Lamx that you'd lost your mom, too.
[16:26:00] <Bytram|away> afk
[16:26:23] <LaminatorX> I'll go ahead and take it live. No reason to delay it.
[16:31:41] <Woods> Lammy: Agreed
[16:32:25] <LaminatorX> Also, FIRST POST! At last, after all these years.
[16:33:27] <n1> haha
[16:33:34] <Woods> Dang LaminatorX: Your mom is a badass.
[16:34:04] <LaminatorX> Yeah, she was pretty cool.
[16:35:14] <Woods> Also, you type really fast... 251 WPM.
[16:35:41] * LaminatorX may have posted this anecdote previously on another forum.
[16:40:35] <n1> thats a really nice story, LaminatorX
[16:41:18] <LaminatorX> Thanks.
[16:41:48] <Bytram|away> LaminatorX++ thank-you. for taking it live right now, and for your first post, too!
[16:41:48] <deadpeas> karma - laminatorx: 4
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[16:48:21] <LaminatorX> Ant time. :)
[16:48:44] <Bytram|away> LaminatorX: i that like unkle time? =)
[16:48:49] <Bytram|away> s/i/is/
[16:49:54] <LaminatorX> Jst Lkr thst.
[16:49:54] <SoyCow6198> There were just two stories published within 10 minutes of each other
[16:49:56] <Woods> Bytram|away: Unkle/uncle?
[16:50:10] <LaminatorX> That's correct.
[16:50:11] <Bytram|away> ant/aunt?
[16:50:19] <LaminatorX> ant==any
[16:50:22] <Woods> I see what you did there.
[16:50:34] <Bytram|away> yeh, I know. lame attempt at a funny.
[16:50:43] * Bytram|away slinks back to his basement
[16:51:22] <LaminatorX> We ran the Mother's day one as soon as it was ready, since there seemed little point in delaying a story about yesterday's holliday.
[16:52:55] <Bytram|away> LaminatorX: was glancing over ncommander's manifesto and notice a typo; okay to edit to fix these, or should we leave it as is?
[16:53:37] <SoyCow6198> Makes sense - was just surprised to see two at once
[16:53:55] <n1> Bytram|away, i think woods cleaned some of it up already, so i'd say go ahead.
[16:54:06] <Woods> Bytram: I already ran through it for typos, made about a dozen corrections, you should as well.
[16:54:08] <SoyCow6198> (Also checking I wasn't affected by some timezone bug I had heard mentioned on an older update story)
[16:54:15] <Woods> Curse you, n1 for typing faster.
[16:54:22] <Bytram|away> LaminatorX: ok, will do. back in a few.
[16:54:22] <LaminatorX> Fix away.
[16:54:25] <n1> lol
[16:55:09] <Woods> SoyCow6498: We just like Moms more than Pirate Parties.
[16:59:11] <Woods> Unrelated: I was just thinking about if we ever did a Christmas special story... We could name it "A very Soylent Christmas".
[17:06:02] <n1> moms are certainly more important than pirate parties.
[17:07:09] <Bytram|away> LaminatorX: didn't see anything too glaring in the manifesto; but... "LibreNews Foundation" this is the first I've heard of it. Does it exist? Is it a placeholder for something that will appear later?
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[17:07:22] <Bytram|away> "Media can be influenced by those who fund it; to prevent us from becoming slaves to a new overlord, the LibreNews Foundation shall be funded independently by the member sites (such as SoylentNews) which comprise it"
[17:07:59] <n1> i'm guessing that's the name ncommander has chosen for the 'non-profit'
[17:08:44] <Woods> I assumed I was just out of the loop.
[17:09:10] <n1> i am too, hence the guess.
[17:09:54] <Bytram|away> My thinking is that if such a thing does not already exist, we would be wise to, sy, replace "the LibreNews Foundation" with "we"...
[17:10:00] <Bytram|away> Media can be influenced by those who fund it; to prevent us from becoming slaves to a new overlord, we shall be funded independently by the member sites (such as SoylentNews) which comprise it
[17:11:28] <mrcool|zzz> Bytram|away: it might be the first I've heard of it too, but I'd check with NCommander before changing that
[17:11:46] <mrcool|zzz> fixing typos is one thing, but he may have a thought behind that
[17:11:49] mrcool|zzz is now known as mrcoolbp
[17:12:45] <Bytram|away> yup, but without further exposition of it, it's hard to tell. As is, it leaves me with an immediate question as to "what is this thing and why have I not heard of it before?"
[17:13:56] <mrcoolbp> it's the name of the corp/nfp from what I can tell Bytram|away
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[17:14:20] <Bytram> likewise, but that's a *guess* on my part.
[17:14:31] <Bytram> if there really *is* such a thing, then I'm fine with it.
[17:14:45] <Bytram> if it's some proposed new entity, then I would like to see it described as such
[17:15:13] <Bytram> [*] possibe new NFP corporate entity name
[17:18:07] <Bytram> for now, I'll leave the "LibreNews Foundation" reference as is; there's insufficient information to decide otherwise. I'll leave it, if need be, for comments from the community to bring it to our attention.
[17:24:28] <mrcoolbp> I'll note NCommander isn't actually in this room so we should bring it up in #chillax
[17:26:01] <LaminatorX> Something like that should be discussed on #Staff rather than #chillax.
[17:27:03] <LaminatorX> (The latter shouldn't really be discussed with loggie in the room in any case.)
[17:28:23] <mrcoolbp> LaminatorX possibly, but #staff is in near complete disuse these days
[17:28:35] <mrcoolbp> we just discuss most public things in #soylent now
[17:29:00] <LaminatorX> Take your pick.
[17:31:49] <Bytram> LaminatorX: manifesto update complete, but... I really struggle with seeing "<b>something</b>" instead of "<h3>something</h3>" etc. to help give overall context.
[17:32:10] <Bytram> I can't readily tell from the text which things are supposed to be subordinate to what.
[17:32:32] <Bytram> A quick test showed that slash supported h1 through h5 (at least in the preview pane)
[17:33:00] <mrcoolbp> Bytram, you might be overthinking it
[17:33:06] <mrcoolbp> it is a draft
[17:33:15] <Bytram> moi? You think? <grin>
[17:33:28] <mrcoolbp> thought I did add back in a <p> tag that got lost from the staff slash version
[17:33:47] <Bytram> yeah, but context and organization convey intent above and beyond the wall-of-text's words.
[17:34:28] <Bytram> mrcoolbp: yeh, I might have messed that up; going in for a re-read / cleanup. brb
[17:34:59] <mrcoolbp> okay, though I meant to say "though I did add a...."
[17:35:50] <mrcoolbp> Bytram: why did this got cut into to lines ? "Our Principles
[17:35:50] <mrcoolbp> Right to Privacy"
[17:36:10] <Bytram> mrcoolbp: nothing glaring jumped out at me re: missing <br> / <p> tags.
[17:36:16] <Bytram> mrcoolbp: hmm? let me look.
[17:38:23] <Bytram> mrcoolbp: istm that "Our principles" is an encompassing element (h2) and "right to privacy", "Right of Opinion ", "Freedom of Access", etc. are all subordinate to it (i.e. h3 elements)
[17:38:37] <mrcoolbp> lemme look Bytram
[17:38:42] <Bytram> k
[17:39:16] <mrcoolbp> hmm, I think this is exactly what you were referring to Bytram!
[17:39:25] <mrcoolbp> I stand corrected on the overthinking bit
[17:39:45] <Bytram> ding ding ding!
[17:40:01] <Bytram> hold on ..
[17:40:50] <Bytram> I've got it figured out... let me have a couple minutes to fix it. have you made any changes?
[17:41:07] <mrcoolbp> not since 10:30am, go for it bytram
[17:41:23] <Bytram> on my way
[17:42:12] <Bytram> mrcoolbp: btw I tried to send you an email at sn.org (mrcoolbp@soylentnews.org) and it bounced. could you pm me a different addy?
[17:42:37] <mrcoolbp> mrcoolbp@soylentnews.org should be correct
[17:42:40] <mrcoolbp> try again?
[17:42:44] <Bytram> k
[17:42:52] <mrcoolbp> if that's not working we have an issue
[17:44:02] <Bytram> that is TOO wierd! I made no changes; just tried to send it again and it went through. Strange.
[17:44:21] <mrcoolbp> received
[17:47:54] <Bytram> changes applied; take a look at it now.
[17:48:05] <Bytram> afk brb
[17:48:24] <mrcoolbp> k
[17:52:02] <Bytram> i'm back. only have a few minutes before I need to leave for work.
[17:53:26] <mrcoolbp> same, it looks better, nice work
[17:54:27] <mrcoolbp> I'm gonna start getting ready for work too, I'll catch ya around Bytram
[17:54:48] mrcoolbp is now known as mrcool|afk
[17:54:54] <Bytram> sounds like a plan! good to "see" you and I hope you have a GREAT day!
[17:55:40] <n1> take care, Bytram, mrcool|afk
[17:55:53] <mrcool|afk> you too!
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[18:00:37] <Bytram|away> time for me to get ready for the day job
[18:00:37] <Bytram|away> have fun y'all!
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[19:05:33] <Woods> n1: That first link in the "Solutions in PDFs" story appears to be missing. It has <a> tags, but no URL.
[19:35:50] <n1> hmmm
[19:36:05] <n1> just got back from the shop
[19:36:38] <n1> heh
[19:36:44] <n1> thats beyond weird
[19:36:53] <n1> the original submission lost that link too
[19:37:09] <n1> i had to go and find it, for the blockquote
[19:37:51] <n1> should be fixed now
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[23:03:55] <n1> LaminatorX, doing any stories? i can do a few more if not. Do you want your sub saved for tomorrow?
[23:05:48] <LaminatorX> I'll post some more later this evening. Feel free to post VI/Emacs. I won't post my own submission unless it's some sort of hot potato.
[23:06:22] <n1> if the old site is to judge i'd figure it should get a lot of comments so i was thinking it might be better for a 'peak time' tomorrow?
[23:06:44] <LaminatorX> Queue it up for tomorrow AM then. :)
[23:07:41] <n1> that was my thinking
[23:38:45] <LaminatorX> Alright. I'm headed home. I'll check the queue after dinner.
[23:39:03] <n1> take it easy
[23:39:04] <n1> :)
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