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[17:11:56] <Woods> Hey n1!
[17:12:05] <n1> hey Woods
[17:12:13] <n1> are you still working on the hearing test story?
[17:12:16] <n1> otherwise, how are things?
[17:12:29] <Woods> Nope, already done, I will fix the time on it.
[17:12:37] <n1> im already on it
[17:12:42] <Woods> Pretty good.
[17:12:59] <Woods> Okay, I have this other story ready to go, let me know when you fix the time.
[17:13:00] <n1> so don't worry, i'm also putting the quotes in <blockquote>
[17:13:17] <Woods> I thought about that, but for some reason I decided not to.
[17:13:26] <Woods> Weekend Woods is not so good at his job, apparently.
[17:13:30] <n1> i know how it goes
[17:13:56] <n1> my friday night editing was perhaps not the best quality ive ever done
[17:15:54] <n1> if you have another ready to go, put it at about 23:40 i'd say
[17:16:11] <Woods> Copy that.
[17:16:30] <n1> having a relaxing weekend?
[17:16:43] <Woods> Yeah, not too bad. This is the most work I have done, lol
[17:16:57] <Woods> Think I may take out the trash later, but I need to stretch first, lol.
[17:17:06] <Woods> How about you?
[17:17:55] <n1> yeah, mostly relaxing this weekend so i can't complain, spent most of yesterday playing computer games - the week was productive also.
[17:19:39] <Woods> Sounds like a party.
[17:20:39] <Woods> I like that science gif article, very interesting.
[17:21:02] <n1> playing arma2 can just be a massive time hole, hours and hours can be lost
[17:21:10] <n1> yeah, i liked it
[17:21:23] <n1> i'm reading the story you just put up now, is quite interesting also
[17:22:53] <Woods> Yeah, I always heard a backwards story of that hot coffee incident
[17:23:26] <Woods> Where the lady was driving with the coffee, and talking on the phone, and spilled it and got a little hurt, then sued for 3 million. But the real story is quite the opposite.
[17:23:47] <n1> at first, i though it was about the GTA 'Hot Coffee Mod'
[17:24:15] <n1> as an assumption, from the headline - the 7th amendment is something i had to look up.
[17:24:38] <Woods> Yeah, the original article did not have a link to it, I have no idea what it was, so I added one.
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[17:25:43] <n1> arn't you american?
[17:25:54] <Woods> :\ yes
[17:25:56] <Woods> lol
[17:26:13] <Woods> Shush n1, I am busy taking my country for granted.
[17:26:23] <n1> i assumed that was one of the things beaten into you at school, like saying the pledge of allegiance and such
[17:27:13] <n1> i've learned fairly recently that what i was taught and expected to believe about the rights of people in this country are more good intentions rather than things enshrined in law
[17:28:21] <Woods> I am sure there was one class in the 12 years of school that taught it. But that was quite a long time ago.
[17:28:47] <Woods> I do not think I could recite "The pledge" either.
[17:28:47] <n1> the pick and choosy amendments, much like the 10 commandments
[17:28:53] <Woods> lol
[17:29:36] <n1> 'the right to a fair trial' is often less important than the 'right to shoot bad people'
[17:29:39] <n1> as an example
[17:30:20] <n1> i don't blame you at all, it was just an assumption that you'd have been forced to memorize stuff like that
[17:31:08] <n1> after seeing on TV, american school kids reciting the pledge, i find it a quite disturbing tradition
[17:31:43] <Woods> I agreed, even then. I never actually spoke it. But I was required to stand while everyone else did.
[17:32:34] <n1> good, i was worried i might have caused offence there after i typed that
[17:32:36] <Woods> It seemed almost like a cult of plebs willing to throw their bodies at the enemy if need be. And for some reason, that stuck in my head when I was a kid, so I never said the pledge.
[17:32:52] <Woods> n1: I highly doubt you could find a combination of words that could offend me.
[17:32:56] <n1> yeah, thats pretty much how i feel about it.
[17:33:04] <n1> well thats good to know! lol
[17:33:07] <Woods> Hehe
[17:33:43] <n1> but in contrast, i remember when i was young at school, we didn't have that - we had prayers though, which i never really understood but was 'forced' to take part in
[17:34:56] <Woods> Well, now that I have done two useful things this weekend, I must be off. The trash is calling from the kitchen.
[17:35:07] <Woods> See you tomorrow!
[17:35:16] <n1> take care, enjoy the rest of your weekend :)
[17:35:21] <Woods> You too.
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[18:17:45] <audioguy> Only a few hours left for the staff ranking, vote. If you have not voted yet, now is the time.
[18:18:10] <n1> how many hours left?
[18:21:05] <mattie_p> 12 ish
[18:21:24] <mattie_p> actually more like 11
[18:21:43] <n1> if janrinok and woods havn't voted yet, i doubt they will be in that case
[18:31:21] <audioguy> I normally leave a small buffer, and if we have new names, I will need to check they are available, so can be a bit flexible with staff deadline.
[18:37:26] <mattie_p> we always shoot a reminder email too, right?
[18:49:57] <audioguy> I just did that.
[18:51:30] <audioguy> And I just voted as well :-)
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