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[15:21:00] * LaminatorX stretches and yawns.
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[15:26:27] <janrinok> hi guys
[15:29:46] <Bytram> janrinok: greetings!
[15:30:39] <Bytram> janrinok: I just finished editing a story on retinobastoma and could use a review of it; the words are starting to blur together. :/
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[15:31:46] <janrinok> hi Bytram - I'll review it now. How's things?
[15:32:33] <Bytram> good, thanks. First time I've had two days off in a row. caught up on my sleep a bit and feling somewhat human now.
[15:33:14] <Bytram> it's supposed to be a gorgeous spring day today, so I'm going to force myself to turn off the computer and get out to enjoy it.
[15:33:15] <janrinok> good to hear. I'm starting a break myself tomorrow evening (localtime).
[15:33:26] <Bytram> Good. For. You!
[15:33:32] <janrinok> wind and showers today, but I don't mind.
[15:35:01] <Bytram> got a couple things to do; back in a while.
[15:35:10] <janrinok> Bytram: that is a fascinating story - not the usual stuff but upbeat and positive. I like it.
[15:36:45] <Bytram> thanks. Wish I could take credit; just added some links and wording to make it less baiting (ie that he knows about risks of false negatives/positives)
[15:36:56] <Bytram> anyway, gtg; back in a few
[15:37:00] <janrinok> still a good one!
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[15:37:15] <Bytram|afk> janrinok: thanks. means a lot!
[15:37:18] <Bytram|afk> l8r
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[16:55:18] <janrinok> Bytram: welcome back.
[16:56:46] <janrinok> Bytram: I've put a story in the list regarding Yahoo, but it rings a bell in my mind. I cannot find a dupe, nor can I find any discussion on it. I think it is the problem that we had during the vote-for-the-new-name mailout, but do you recall it from anywhere else?
[17:00:46] <Bytram> janrinok: offhand, I do not. OTOH, the story references a month-old article, I use Thunderbird, and had no trouble sending a message through it to my SN addy.
[17:01:00] <Bytram> could be old news that has since been fixed?
[17:01:15] <janrinok> Yes one link is the original change of policy, the second is the suggested fix.
[17:02:10] <janrinok> well, if it is old news, I'm sure that some member of the community will let me know.....
[17:02:36] <janrinok> I'll move it to later so I can get another opinion or two.
[17:03:24] <Bytram> janrinok: I'd suggest making an editor's note to that effect, e.g. "The referenced article is a month old; are you experiencing any troubles with this or has it been correected?"
[17:03:34] <Bytram> janrinok: soundslike a plan.
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[17:56:26] <weeds> hello y'all
[17:57:19] <Woods> What is up, my compatriot?
[18:00:05] <weeds> I just stopped by to say great job on the editing! The bits added were great and really improved the story! I think our editors get a lot of static for the smallest offense, and not much praise when they deserve it.
[18:00:12] <weeds> so there!
[18:00:55] <weeds> editing was done by martyb
[18:02:07] <Woods> Thanks Weeds, Bytram shows us all up with his skills
[18:03:15] <Bytram> Woods: weeds: thanks for the kind words! I do try, and have too many years of QA to be able to let things "slide".
[18:03:33] <Bytram> I may not be the fastest, but when I say I'm done, things usually look ok.
[18:03:45] <Woods> "Usually" :P
[18:04:04] <Bytram> ding ding ding! give that man an internet!
[18:04:45] <Woods> !grab Bytram
[18:04:45] <deadpeas> Added quote 9
[18:04:52] <weeds> Bytram: The edits were good and the added part was great. Iheard the story on the way to work, I wanted to get something in, but... (I am at work)
[18:04:56] <Woods> Now everyone can see that you gave someone some internet.
[18:05:08] <weeds> ;)
[18:05:32] <weeds> "just doing my civic duty"
[18:06:43] <Bytram> btw, which story WAS that, anyway? the retinoblastoma one?
[18:07:17] <Bytram> gtg afk brb
[18:07:35] <Woods> Bytram: Yes.
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[19:33:52] <janrinok> hi guys - back again
[19:38:07] <LaminatorX> Welcome.
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[19:46:48] <weeds> yo, what utter nonsense! photograph on white background!
[19:51:45] <Bytram> weeds: agreed! However do they think they could get a photo of a host?
[19:51:49] <Bytram> weeds: agreed! However do they think they could get a photo of a ghost?
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[20:02:04] <janrinok> LaminatorX: could you do me a favour please. I have a story due to go at 2327 about Yahoo email. I can't decide. I've checked and I cannot find a dupe, but I'm still not sure that it is of interest. The first link is about a month old and the second within the last day or two. Is it worth it or should I just delete it?
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[20:07:04] <LaminatorX> I'll take a look at it.
[20:07:30] <janrinok> thx
[20:08:44] <LaminatorX> I'd suggest adding a line asking if members have been affected and asking how they've coped, and running it. :)
[20:09:19] <janrinok> OK. thx. How are you. by the way?
[20:12:13] <LaminatorX> A bit stressed. My Father, who lives with us, went out Monday night and didn't come home. That in itself was not unusual, but he missed dinner at my Brothers house last night. He generally watches the kids on Fridays as well, so we're going on four days with no word and I have to take off work tomorrow to watch the kids on top of going to the police etc., unless he shows up tonight. I've got a bad feeling though.
[20:13:27] <LaminatorX> Other than that, I'm OK.
[20:13:35] <janrinok> I'm very sorry to hear that - I hope it all turns out well.
[20:13:56] <LaminatorX> Thanks. Getting ready for your trips?
[20:14:10] <weeds> LaminatorX: Very sorry to hear that.
[20:15:41] <janrinok> Yes thanks, collected the car yesterday and have made plans for the weekend. Starting off gently and building up from there. We have a few places within 50-60 miles or so that we've been wanting to visit and so we hope to get a couple of them ticked off the list in the next week or so. We will have to see how the first few short trips go. Thanks for asking, though.
[20:15:48] <LaminatorX> Thanks, Weeds. He used do disappear for days at a time when my stepmom was alive, which if you knew her you'd be OK with, but he hasn't been gone for more longer than a weekend in years.
[20:16:21] <paulej72> janrinok: that story is a bit misleanding
[20:16:30] <janrinok> which story paulej72
[20:17:01] <paulej72> Yahoo email
[20:17:15] <paulej72> here is the info from the linked article:
[20:17:17] <paulej72> For mailing lists, also known as "listservs," you should change your sending behavior by adding the mailing lists’ address to the "From:" line, rather than the sender’s address. Also, enter the actual user/sender address into the "Reply-To:" line.
[20:17:41] <Woods> LaminatorX: If I lived closer to you, I would offer to come babysit for the night. (As though a random internet stranger were not creepy)
[20:17:44] <janrinok> I've just been discussing that with LaminatorX. Oh, you mean the original sources are wrong?
[20:17:48] <paulej72> This does not break anything with lists.
[20:18:15] <paulej72> No the whoever wrote the summary is incorrect
[20:18:40] <janrinok> paulej72: I know nothing about this other than is in the submission and the sources. OK, I'll pull it for now.
[20:18:59] <paulej72> instead of using me@yahoo as the sender you use mylist@mylistserver.org
[20:19:43] <paulej72> replies will go back to the list. If you put me@yahoo in the Reply-To they will go to you.
[20:19:54] <LaminatorX> Thanks for the offer, Woods.
[20:20:21] <paulej72> It is a pain if you are heavy into lists, but it does not break anything permanently
[20:20:33] <janrinok> paulej72: some ISPs don't allow that. You have to originate from one of their email addresses.
[20:21:16] <paulej72> then you would not have been using a yahoo email address in the first place
[20:21:37] <janrinok> I don't know enough about it - I'll just pull it.
[20:25:43] <janrinok> paulej72: as far as I can remember, at a previous ISP I could access yahoo using IMAP but when I changed to try to use outlook, it wouldn't let me. Isn't that what is being reported here?
[20:28:30] <paulej72> somewhat. The first issue is that I could sen mail from my isp’s smtp server with the from address as me@yahoo.com and it would go through. Now it will go through, but the recieving email server will see that it is not comming from yahoo’s smtp server and reject it, if it is using DKIM.
[20:29:57] <paulej72> This same thing happens as mail goes out from a listserver the from address will be me@yahoo.com and can get rejected since it is not coming from yahoo’s smtp servers. The workarround given int yhaoo’s help page fixes this, but makes sending emails to lists a bit fiddly.
[20:30:41] <paulej72> What will happen in the future as DKIM is more prevelent, the listservers will automatically make this change for all emials sent.
[20:30:58] <janrinok> so which bit of the summary is wrong?
[20:31:20] <paulej72> Yahoo's solution for mailing lists is: 'Set your From address to the list server, and the Reply-To to the originating email.' Of course, that would entirely break discussion mailing lists, since hitting Reply in email would no longer go to the list.
[20:32:33] <janrinok> thx for taking the time to explain. appreciated.
[20:32:35] <paulej72> many listservers are already set up that the reply goes to the user only by default.
[20:33:44] <paulej72> so using yahoo’s workarround will only break lists that are set to reply to the list by default, and you can fix that by not setting the reply-to to your address
[20:34:59] <janrinok> I can understand their motives, but it seems to have the potential to cause quite a few problems especially for those who just want it 'to work'.
[20:38:14] <janrinok> paulej72: Can you please check my rewrite to see if it makes sense technically?
[20:42:34] <paulej72> Looks good. I did make a change, but i reveted it as it was not fully correct.
[20:42:52] <janrinok> thx again - much obliged to you!
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[21:46:37] <janrinok> time for me to go - cheers guys.
[21:48:58] <LaminatorX> Adios!
[21:49:07] <janrinok> cu tomorrow.
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