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[03:13:14] <stderr> http://soylentnews.org That story has already been published some days ago.
[03:16:24] <stderr> http://soylentnews.org The link is to a story from November 22, 2013. It's no longer news.
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[13:08:43] <janrinok> hi guys
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[15:22:44] <LaminatorX> Hey there, Janrinok. I tok that cryptoradio story live. I've got no problem with your commentary.
[15:25:37] <janrinok> Hi just sent you an email - didn't realise you were on chan
[15:26:22] <janrinok> LaminatorX: How is your daughter - on the road to recovery?
[15:27:25] <LaminatorX> I just hopped on. She's doing better, but I've managed to catch her strep throat infection, I'm afraid. Cold sweats, fever, shakes, good times. It was gentler on her, thankfully.
[15:28:45] <LaminatorX> At least I had enough paid time off to cover half-a week at home, and my father here to help out.
[15:29:27] <LaminatorX> 3-atom wire is a dupe, I'lve un-displayed it an will slot another story in the queue.
[15:32:18] <janrinok> ok, thanks for that - I must have missed it.
[15:32:30] <LaminatorX> Go team.
[15:33:28] <janrinok> You take it easy now. You need to rest.
[15:34:50] <janrinok> Woods had come on nicely, but only releases 2 stories a day, and does not want to be on at weekends. We could still do with a few more to keep the ball rolling - e.g. when Key members are off sick LaminatorX ....
[15:37:18] <LaminatorX> Agreed. It seems like out of every batch of newcomers, one or two stick. That's not the end of the world, but it's something we need to plan for. When's your vacation coming up?
[15:39:24] <janrinok> I haven't got firm dates but was hoping to start in about a weeks time - missing at least 1 weekend, possibly 2, but that rather depends upon how much Soph is able to do and how much she has to rest.
[15:41:54] <LaminatorX> Alright, keep us posted. If we plan for that it shouldn't be problematic.
[15:42:18] <janrinok> And you take it easy. cu around.
[15:42:38] <LaminatorX> I think I'm going to crawl back into bed with some tea now. I'll check in again in a few hours. :)
[15:42:51] <janrinok> take care.
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