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[01:31:00] <n1_> hey mrcoolbp
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[01:54:23] <mrcoolbp> hey n1, gotta run off in a bit (as per usual)
[01:58:08] <mrcoolbp> n1: how does this wording sound? "study into how offspring of a parent with psychoses develops"
[02:00:18] <n1_> not right now you mention it...
[02:02:00] <n1_> my brain isnt working this evening
[02:02:23] <mrcoolbp> ?
[02:02:42] <mrcoolbp> It's your story that's next in the queue (as an author, not submitter)
[02:02:52] <n1_> yeah, i'm looking at it now
[02:03:00] * mrcoolbp is editing
[02:03:20] <n1_> how the offspring of people with psychoses?
[02:04:15] <mrcoolbp> It looks like they are indicating a single parent
[02:04:41] <mrcoolbp> not necessarily single moms or dads, but only one parent has the psychosis right?
[02:04:55] <mrcoolbp> "people" would indicate multiple
[02:06:23] <mrcoolbp> the wording is weird no matter how I put it...
[02:06:25] <mrcoolbp> hmm
[02:06:32] <n1_> yeah
[02:06:59] <n1_> what you first said seems best now
[02:07:17] <mrcoolbp> how about "A study into development of offspring of a parent with psychoses examines..."
[02:08:59] <n1_> i'd still go with you original
[02:09:08] <n1_> your*
[02:09:27] <mrcoolbp> refresh the story and see how it reads though
[02:09:27] <n1_> if only to avoid having to "of"
[02:09:34] <n1_> two
[02:09:54] <mrcoolbp> oh I see two "ofs"
[02:09:54] <n1_> i need to clean keyboard on the laptop
[02:10:04] <n1_> yeah
[02:10:07] <mrcoolbp> okay gimme two secs
[02:11:30] <mrcoolbp> refresh
[02:13:21] <n1_> "into +the development"
[02:13:58] <n1_> and the space should be after the link, before "examines"
[02:14:03] <mrcoolbp> fixed both
[02:14:09] <n1_> it's never right heh
[02:14:19] <mrcoolbp> wow, two overly-tired minds equals one decent editor!
[02:14:25] <mrcoolbp> okay now I gotta run!
[02:14:46] <n1_> take it easy
[02:15:15] <mrcoolbp> you too!
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[14:54:24] <janrinok> hi guys
[14:54:36] * xlefay looks around & sees janrinok
[14:54:44] <janrinok> yes its me!
[14:54:49] * xlefay stares
[14:54:56] <janrinok> how are you today xl
[14:55:06] <xlefay> I'm ok, how about you?
[14:55:22] <janrinok> good. I think that they have stopped watching
[14:55:41] <xlefay> Maybe that's related to you putting them in the ground? :)
[14:56:18] <janrinok> well, only 2 of them. I always thought that 'they' were a much bigger organisation
[14:56:35] <xlefay> hmm, that's true..
[14:56:47] <xlefay> perhaps, they've changed tactics? Meet anyone new & friendly lately?
[14:57:06] <janrinok> anyway, its a nice sunny afternoon here, so I'm feeling good. what are you up to?
[14:57:19] <xlefay> writing documentation, can you shoot me already?
[14:57:40] <janrinok> the only friendly people I know are here. Oh, I hadn't thought of that....
[14:58:08] <janrinok> and bury you in next door's garden?
[14:58:10] <xlefay> oh shit, I just blew my cover didn't I?
[14:58:16] <janrinok> rofl
[14:58:25] <janrinok> another great start!
[14:58:38] <xlefay> dammit, this always happens to me!
[14:58:48] <xlefay> Can we just pretend that didn't happy and carry on our merry way?
[14:59:01] <janrinok> that's why you stay here and don't spend too much time with 'them'
[14:59:32] <janrinok> documentation for what?
[14:59:39] <xlefay> sentinel/icinga
[14:59:45] <xlefay> Ya seen it already?
[14:59:51] <n1_> hey janrinok, xlefay
[15:00:00] <xlefay> Morning, n1_
[15:00:11] <janrinok> you've lost me already, having never heard of either. But good luck with that anyway.
[15:00:15] <xlefay> wait.. didn't n1_ just show up here recently? Like.. really, really recently?
[15:00:39] <xlefay> janrinok, it's a monitoring system, it monitors our severs & all our services and is supposed to alert us (the sysops) when stuff' goes wrong
[15:00:44] <janrinok> well he's logged in, but our paths have not crossed for a few days.
[15:01:10] <n1_> i was on last night
[15:01:16] <janrinok> lets hope that it is never used very much.
[15:01:18] <xlefay> I bet!
[15:01:26] <janrinok> n1_: hi - did we speak?
[15:01:51] <xlefay> Well, it does a lot more though, it'll also notify us when updates are available, etc..
[15:01:52] <janrinok> I haven't spoken to you since the headache as far as I can remember
[15:02:02] <xlefay> how are ya n1?
[15:02:13] <n1_> no we didnt, i briefly spoke to mrcoolbp yesterday but otherwise i've been absent
[15:02:43] <janrinok> that was a very long headache, and a trip to elsewhere to install hardware, I think? n1_
[15:02:56] <xlefay> hmm, I haven't seen mrcoolbp around a lot lately
[15:03:06] <n1_> fix hardware sadly, i'd be in a better mood if it was to install heh
[15:03:16] <janrinok> we spoke briefly yesterday.
[15:03:23] <xlefay> then again, it's hard to see anyone around lately :<
[15:03:30] <janrinok> Ah, but does it pay the same?
[15:03:44] <n1_> the logs for here will show the trouble mrcoolbp and myself had last night with editing one sentence
[15:03:51] <janrinok> lol
[15:03:55] <n1_> no, thats why i'd be in a better mood.. install pays more
[15:04:05] <janrinok> 2 editors, 1 sentence, hours of fun.
[15:04:09] <xlefay> n1_, then you're doing it wrong ;)
[15:04:16] <n1_> psh, tell me about it!
[15:04:17] <xlefay> Fun stuff, less pay; not so fun: ask more!
[15:04:25] <n1_> and that applies to both of your comments lol
[15:04:25] <xlefay> although, preferably, more > better
[15:04:47] <n1_> its always the time more than anything
[15:05:03] <n1_> driving for hours to be on site for 10 minutes to press a couple of buttons
[15:05:12] <n1_> and even the old favorite, turning off and on again.
[15:05:31] <janrinok> on this channel your nick looks more like a mathematical equation +n1_
[15:06:03] <n1_> whats the answer, id be keen to know :p
[15:06:07] <janrinok> 42
[15:06:15] <n1_> lol
[15:06:24] <janrinok> certain of it
[15:06:25] <n1_> well played
[15:06:51] <n1_> couple of editing questions, janrinok
[15:07:13] <janrinok> should we edit something or just spend time here chatting - dammit I'm staying here a while
[15:07:49] <janrinok> n1_: go ahead
[15:08:32] <n1_> 1) merging submissions, just select and hit merge and it wont reject either submission?
[15:08:59] <n1_> 2) if two peope submit the same story with no additional information, is "user1 and user2 wrote:" acceptable?
[15:09:12] <janrinok> select 2 or more, hit merge and it puts them into 1 story. All will get acknowledged as being accepted.
[15:09:42] <janrinok> and yes adding 2 names in the byline is the easiest way to do it.
[15:09:45] <n1_> 3) i was instructed not to leave email addresses for the users in the story, a few have had their own websites, currently im removing both emails and inks
[15:09:48] <n1_> links*
[15:09:53] <n1_> and just replacing them with a profile link
[15:10:14] <janrinok> You can be clever if one has found something different and say '...however user2 points out that.....'
[15:10:23] <n1_> yeah, id seen you do that
[15:10:39] <janrinok> why are we removing emails?
[15:11:07] <n1_> i don't know. mrcoolbp said it shouldn't be there, creates a mailto: link, which i'd never be for anyway
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[15:12:37] <janrinok> I would remove web pages if they appear to be slashvertisements but if it is simply a way of contacting the sender then I would leave it in. They have put them there - not us. If they get scraped then it really isn't something for me worry about. I try to use soylent home pages for the others.
[15:13:33] <janrinok> I wouldn't go and get someone's hidden email address from the database and insert it in a story.
[15:13:43] <n1_> indeed not
[15:13:48] <n1_> im only going on what i was told
[15:14:46] <janrinok> no, I've got no problem about the question or mrcoolbp's advice. I wouldn't put one it if it didn't exist but the whole point of the field is to let others know how you can be contacted.
[15:15:12] <n1_> the two website urls i recall... one was a 'personal' site(not-professional) but more of a site to attract tourists/local community for his home town
[15:15:19] <janrinok> Perhaps some people actually want that - although I wouldn't
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[15:15:33] <n1_> and the other was a cosurgi's personal site
[15:16:00] <n1_> i think it might be worth taking this up again with mrcoolbp and LamX, when we get the chance
[15:16:43] <janrinok> if it is a link to something that makes money, I would remove it. If someone is proud of where they live and want others to come and see it, then to me that's OK. If the page also shows that they run a guest house then I would have to look at how blatant the advertising was.
[15:17:27] <janrinok> We can discuss it at the next eds meeting.
[15:17:35] <n1_> i would have put both up, but as i wasn't sure on the official line... i felt it best to just leave it out for now
[15:18:43] <janrinok> np either way. Our role is to print the story, not anything else. I personally wouldn't spend a long time cleaning out links, and if there were a large number of obscure links I would probably kill the story.
[15:19:56] <janrinok> You know that we are supposed to email people if we reject their story? I have said that I will do that only if they provide an email address with the submission. I've sent loads out to emails from the database but had 2 come back and tell me that they are not welcome and to stop sending them.
[15:20:56] <janrinok> I've left the 'feedback' paragraph empty for the time being in my bit in the wiki.
[15:21:30] <n1_> i saw your emails
[15:22:26] <n1_> at the moment im not rushing to reject stories, i'm leaving notes if if in my opinion the subs are no good
[15:22:38] <n1_> but i agree with you
[15:23:00] <janrinok> that's sensible. If necessary we can always revisit those stories if we run short again.
[15:24:01] <janrinok> About the feedback, I've have plenty come back and thank me, ask what they should do to improve etc. It's been quite a positive experience in the main.
[15:25:08] <janrinok> But I'm going to have to switch to a SN email address. xlefay: if you are still here can you give me a SN email address that I can use for feedback to submitters please?
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[15:25:22] <janrinok> hi weeds
[15:25:28] <xlefay> sure
[15:25:35] <janrinok> xlefay: thx
[15:26:43] <xlefay> you don't appear to have a forwarder set already right?
[15:26:45] <n1_> oh thats another point, im not sending emails out until i can do it through an soylentnews.org email account
[15:26:49] <janrinok> nope
[15:27:05] <weeds> janrinok: hello - how's your day going?
[15:27:39] <janrinok> weeds: good, its a nice day, good company here, and soon be time for my cup of tea! Perfect!
[15:27:56] <janrinok> how about yourself?
[15:28:59] <weeds> Just getting started, did some clerical stuff. Doing some feature request management. All in all a quiet morning.
[15:29:08] <janrinok> n1_: I'm fortunate in that I've got hundreds of disposable email accounts.
[15:29:35] <Bytram> n1_: you run your own mail server?
[15:29:49] <xlefay> n1_, need one?
[15:31:15] <xlefay> (e-mail account @sn, that is)
[15:33:23] <n1_> i have lots of email accounts, but it's not exactly professional or right to send it from any of my other accounts
[15:33:38] <n1_> i dont run a mailserver
[15:34:23] <n1_> it would be helpful to have a proper email account, rather than a forwarder, xlefay
[15:34:36] <xlefay> k, sec
[15:34:50] <xlefay> What forwarded do you have?
[15:35:25] <xlefay> Ah, you misunderstood. If there's a forwarded, I'll first have to remove it - but I didn't see one at first sight, so that's why I asked to confirm.
[15:36:13] <xlefay> n1_, pm
[15:36:52] <Bytram> was just curious... I've got my primary e-mail acct I've had for decades and which I try *very* hard to keep private. On occasion, I would like to have others but do not have a convenient source for something that I can also hold onto for possibly many years.
[15:37:10] <n1_> thanks, xlefay :)
[15:37:58] <xlefay> Bytram, do you want an SN e-mail account instead of just a forwarded?
[15:38:22] <Bytram> xlefay: That sounds great, but I
[15:38:33] <Bytram> have one question... how would I access it?
[15:38:52] <xlefay> either via webmail or via a client such as thunderbird
[15:40:09] <Bytram> hmmm, I've been toying with the idea of moving to thunderbird.. do you know if there is a simple way for me to pull down all my e-mails from my yahoo acct?
[15:40:40] * Bytram notes that it seemed like a good idea at the time and it's well past time to change
[15:41:10] <xlefay> You simply use IMAP
[15:41:15] <xlefay> Then it'll be synchronized ;)
[15:41:32] <xlefay> but.. if you have a lot of e-mails, it can cost you a bit of bandwidth
[15:41:40] <xlefay> (e.g. with your cap of 2GB iirc?)
[15:42:22] <Bytram> gee, that *SOUNDS* easy... yes, that's right... but I have a netbook I could bring to a wi-fi hotspot and pull it down over there... then clone the files over to my mainsystem... right?
[15:43:05] <n1_> thunderbird is worth the effort to migrate to imho
[15:43:13] <xlefay> Bytram, think so
[15:43:37] <Bytram> appreciate the feedback! IIRC, NCommander uses it, too?
[15:44:02] <xlefay> Everyone who's using a GUI and is sane, generally uses it, so I would assume he does
[15:44:13] <xlefay> Bytram, pm
[15:44:19] <Bytram> k
[15:45:25] <NCommander> Uses what?
[15:45:27] <NCommander> IMAP?
[15:45:35] <NCommander> No, I telnet to the IMAP port and send commands that way :-)
[15:46:04] <NCommander> ^- Bytram n1
[15:46:07] <xlefay> Oh my, that brings back bad memories of trying to figure out why IMAP didn't work once upon a time years ago -.-
[15:46:25] <NCommander> xlefay, actually, I have on occassion checked my mail via POP3 and telnet
[15:46:31] <NCommander> Back in the days before APOP when I used to host my own mail
[15:46:43] <xlefay> ah painful
[15:48:32] <Bytram> It's been years since I delved at all into the minutia of POP3 vs IMAP vs ... blegh.
[15:48:58] <xlefay> just go with imap, less pain
[15:49:42] <xlefay> I remember one time using POP3, harddisk died :|:|
[15:49:59] <xlefay> and of course... no backups because "Who the fuck cares?!" or so I thought till the harddisk died
[16:05:51] <mattie_p> hey folks
[16:07:34] <mattie_p> NCommander, I merged your windows story into a larger one on Build Day 1, seemed to work better that way
[16:07:53] <NCommander> mattie_p, that's fine
[16:17:42] <janrinok> afternoon mattie_p NCommander Bytram
[16:17:55] <mattie_p> heya, janrinok!
[16:18:02] <Bytram> janrinok: hiya!
[16:18:11] <janrinok> everyone well?
[16:18:13] <Bytram> afk... brb
[16:19:38] <mattie_p> daughter still sick, she's in bed right now, again
[16:19:51] <mattie_p> could be worse though, at least we have some meds now
[16:19:53] <janrinok> sry to hear that.
[16:20:29] <janrinok> I wish her a speedy recovery. Is it a bug that is doing the rounds?
[16:22:27] <mattie_p> not sure yet, but we think so
[16:22:37] <mattie_p> kinda hard to do tests for a virus
[16:23:05] <janrinok> yep - I hope that it isn't taking too much out of tonya servo and yourself.
[16:23:21] <mattie_p> not so far
[16:23:25] <Bytram> mattie_p: ugh. sorry to hear that. take gentle care of yourself, too!
[16:28:45] <weeds> mattie_p: :-( It's tough on parents when kids are sick.
[16:34:15] <mattie_p> I'm cleaning out the submission queue, deleting some stuff that's been sitting around labeled as dupe, etc
[16:35:02] <janrinok> mattie_p: make sure that someone has let the originator know why it is being delete!
[16:35:05] <janrinok> delete!
[16:35:10] <janrinok> deleted*
[16:35:20] <mattie_p> yup
[16:35:27] <janrinok> OK thx
[16:35:33] <mattie_p> no, I am not wearing boxing gloves either
[16:35:53] <janrinok> I think I might type better with them on!
[16:38:48] <mattie_p> so I'm going to kill the abraham one, I don't think we need it
[16:39:22] <janrinok> Yes, its about a week old now. I was going to discuss it with LamX but he's been v busy of late.
[16:40:19] <mattie_p> well, likely no one else has heard of it, so it would still be new to the reader, but that doesn't make it news
[16:49:08] <janrinok> No the interesting twist - if you could call it that - was that it was a crowdfunded project that failed to reach it's target. Was this due to being a crap product, or ahead of its time? No - it was Satan. People need to realise that crowdfunding is not a guaranteed source of money - you have to have something worth having in the first instance. Delete away - we don't need it!
[17:27:00] <mattie_p> yeah, its gone. I told the submitter it would likely have only attracted troll or flamebait comments, not interesting or insightful comments that we desire
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[17:37:32] <mattie_p> janrinok, saw you posted a story on Microsoft Cortana. Be prepared for more submissions from microsoft, they are in their build conference and mighy have more to unveil today
[17:37:51] <mattie_p> if so, I recommend we merge those subs into that story, and retitle Build, Day 2
[17:38:08] <mattie_p> kind of like I did with this story: http://soylentnews.org
[17:39:30] <janrinok> OK, thanks mattie
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[17:40:53] <janrinok> I've held it, retitled it and anyone can add to it. thx again
[17:48:03] <mattie_p> yeah, we had a plethora of articles released today, delaying that one won't hurt
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[21:33:25] <NCommander> Guys, I'm going to run a breaking story
[21:33:25] <NCommander> https://blog.mozilla.org
[21:37:06] <xlefay> go for it
[21:37:11] <janrinok> go for it - he didn't take long to crumble
[21:38:37] Bytram|afk is now known as Bytram
[21:39:17] <janrinok> Bytram: welcome back
[21:40:01] <Bytram> janrinok: thanks... just put lunch in the microwave to cook.
[21:40:18] <janrinok> can smell it from here....
[21:40:53] * Bytram removes battery from smoke detector
[21:41:12] <janrinok> rofl
[21:41:19] * xlefay installs MySQL @ Bytram's machine, he can't hear the alarm now anyway!
[21:41:31] <Bytram> !woop
[21:41:31] <SlimShady> woop woop woop (\/) (;,,;) (\/)
[21:41:40] <Bytram> there it goes!
[21:42:13] <janrinok> I wouldn't have thought that you could get so many good comments so quickly on the subject of a microwaved meal!
[21:42:47] <xlefay> janrinok, reality check! We're on IRC.
[21:42:54] <Bytram> mashed potatoes, eventually; cooks faster when I nuke them and uses less electricity.
[21:43:13] <NCommander> xlefay, janrinok: I got linked from a friend who reads Soylent, I think we actually beat Google to the scoop on it
[21:43:25] <janrinok> good effort!
[21:46:04] <janrinok> xlefay: but it wasn't initially such an inspiring subject - the reponses took less than 20 seconds.
[21:46:27] <xlefay> janrinok, it's IRC :P
[21:46:34] <janrinok> lolol
[21:54:51] <mattie_p> NCommander++
[21:54:51] <SlimShady> karma - ncommander: 1
[21:55:02] <mattie_p> we scooped slashdot as well by a few minutes
[21:56:57] <NCommander> I couldn't think of a tagline on this
[21:57:24] <weeds> how-the-mighty-have-fallen dept.
[21:57:42] <mattie_p> not every story needs a tagline, I think
[21:58:27] <xlefay> from the good-riddance-dept ?
[21:58:34] <xlefay> that's what I'm getting from it anyway.
[21:59:25] <weeds> great story and great scoop!
[22:00:15] <janrinok> If you fancy a laugh look at the latest story in the list about the Irish bomber.....
[22:07:44] <mattie_p> yeah, I saw that one, was going to post it but family issues
[22:08:26] <janrinok> Hope it doesn't cause offence - but I will confess it made me chuckle.#
[22:10:10] <janrinok> well time for me to go, cheers all. cu tomorrow. Have a good one!
[22:13:32] -!- weeds has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[22:14:19] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: leaving]
[22:17:54] MrBluze is now known as MrBluze|afk
[23:41:13] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[23:41:31] * Bytram|away is away: off for the evening