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[07:28:38] <NCommander> Any editors alive?
[07:35:28] <Mattiep> technically, yes
[07:35:34] <Mattiep> whats up?
[07:36:05] <NCommander> Mattiep, sent an email out about contacting people when we reject
[07:36:09] <NCommander> Mattiep, let me get your SSH key installed
[07:36:33] <Mattiep> NCommander, saw that note, I'll pass the word on if they don't see it
[07:36:45] <Mattiep> k
[07:36:47] <NCommander> Mattiep, yeah, check out how I did the posts for the day
[07:36:54] <Mattiep> back in a few, need a smoke
[07:37:17] <Mattiep> let me know when its ready, I'll work from there
[07:38:55] <NCommander> Mattiep, your SSH key got mangled when you emailed it to me
[07:53:13] <Mattiep> NCommander, resending
[07:54:21] <NCommander> Mattiep, still managled. Let me try unmanagling by hand
[07:54:28] <Mattiep> bah
[07:54:33] <Mattiep> I hate computers
[07:55:29] <NCommander> Mattiep, try and see if you can access boron
[07:55:35] <NCommander> (ssh mattie_p@staff.soylentnews.org)
[07:57:34] <Mattiep> I get permission denied
[08:00:06] <Mattiep> I'm sending it as an attachment, should be better, I hope
[08:00:28] <NCommander> Mattiep, k
[08:02:02] <NCommander> Mattiep, updated, try it now
[08:02:43] <Mattiep> I'm in
[08:03:23] <Mattiep> now I just need to remember how to ftp over ssh ... off to check the googles
[08:05:15] <NCommander> Mattiep, the wiki documents how you get to beryllium
[08:05:20] <NCommander> Mattiep, I still need to make a chroot for you
[08:05:54] <Mattiep> so should I upload the MUD or wait for now?
[08:06:05] <NCommander> Mattiep, hold on
[08:06:08] <Mattiep> k
[08:06:18] <Mattiep> I'll check the wiki in the meantime
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[12:23:11] <soyforlent> Hey there editing team ... i've been too busy to really help out until now but I'm in London on GMT and could help a bit with subs and editing -- though I guess subs really is the issue -- no need for people to sing "knife goes in, guts come out, that's what Soylnet News Seafood Concern is all about!" if there is no fish in the chute!
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[19:44:05] <janrinok> paulej72: just to let you know, I think that the improvements to the site a great. Clickable titles, obvious log-in, etc etc. Good effort to the entire team.
[19:46:06] <paulej72> Have you edited a story yet. My fixes should help there as well. still need to make some more changes with the subs. I hope to get it working like is should with proper p tags.
[19:46:39] <janrinok> not yet paulej72, the story list is looking good!
[19:47:52] <paulej72> well with 10 subs by NCommander the queue should look good.
[19:48:05] <janrinok> lol - yeah, I noticed that
[19:51:07] <paulej72> he paced himself and put the site news in multiple articles so that people did not get tldnr.
[19:51:26] <Mattiep> that alone is a miracle of modern science and deserves a prize
[19:55:28] * NCommander beats Mattiep with a BIG stick
[19:55:51] <Mattiep> and mattiep likes it
[19:55:52] <xlefay> .. I would so grab that one if it wasn't a /me.
[19:55:57] <Mattiep> nograb
[19:56:10] <Mattiep> xlefay, you should be able to add that in
[19:56:42] <xlefay> I'm not going to bother, there'll be a new bot with similar functionality soon, one that isn't so braindead
[19:57:10] * xlefay has been computering without mouse for about 4 hours now... ;)
[19:57:17] <xlefay> pretty neat
[19:57:24] <NCommander> xlefay, someone is enjoying Unity
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[19:58:09] <xlefay> =)
[19:59:07] * NCommander notes he's fucking fried
[19:59:10] <NCommander> I think I need to get some sleep
[20:00:10] <soyforlent> hey N, i'm hoping to have time to help out around here -- you're a trooper but burnout is bad for the health
[20:00:42] <janrinok> NCommander: soyforlent is right, take a break, do yourself a favour.
[20:00:54] <soyforlent> well, pacing is key
[20:01:12] <soyforlent> a marathon isn't so hard if you walk ;)
[20:01:18] <NCommander> soyforlent, I occassionally have manaic days like this
[20:01:34] <NCommander> soyforlent, when I ask the community for feedback, I try and post on every response
[20:01:51] <soyforlent> i think thats a smart policy in these early days
[20:03:24] <soyforlent> its basically par for the course for youtubers in the sub 10k subscribers arena -- everyone loves getting a personal reponse. And then they don't mind so much not getting them when they can see you just have too many ... steve jobs or dave from eevblog
[20:03:58] <NCommander> soyforlent, I will say the comment counts have been something of a rollercoaster today
[20:04:40] <soyforlent> a question about the bulk responses really is how much friction does the interface create? If you had a human that you just dictated each response to, would there be 2x the speed?
[20:05:06] <xlefay> Seems anything with bacon or IPv6 will get a ton of comments. ;-)
[20:05:20] * xlefay wonders what a post about both IPv6 & bacon would get..
[20:05:35] <soyforlent> X careful with combos like that -- serious mogo
[20:05:42] <xlefay> :P
[20:05:46] <soyforlent> like crossing the streams!
[20:06:00] <xlefay> ha ;)
[20:06:26] <soyforlent> ... wow either ~10 or ~100 comments today
[20:07:51] <soyforlent> you know with ipv6's jumbograms you can transport as much as 4.29 billion octets of bacon !
[20:08:11] <soyforlent> mmmmmmmm bacon jumbograms
[20:08:58] <xlefay> omg
[20:09:01] <xlefay> bomg*
[20:25:32] <NCommander> IPv6 BACON
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[21:49:48] <Mattiep> incidentally, you guys see the message from NCommander? he wants us to start emailing submitters when stories are rejected and why
[21:53:10] <mrcoolbp> yes
[21:53:14] <janrinok> we've been doing that for some time Mattiep - but only when they provide an email contact. I don't like abusing the email that they gave when they signed up. They did not say that they wanted to receive any emails from us.
[21:53:43] <mrcoolbp> janrinok, I think he announced that we will do that on the main page today
[21:53:53] <mrcoolbp> lot's have complained that they don't know why
[21:54:36] <Mattiep> janrinok yeah, I think that's the point. There will be something automatic built into the next major update, but for now we have to do this
[21:54:47] <janrinok> I have asked them to put their email in the field on the submission page if they want feedback.
[21:55:22] <Mattiep> I think its just assumed that we will do so from now on unless it is an AC.
[21:56:01] <janrinok> Well, I have had 2 people (admittedly out of over 40 emails sent) who came back saying 'stop'
[21:56:19] <mrcoolbp> janrinok, hmm
[21:56:46] <Mattiep> hrm
[21:56:50] <mrcoolbp> we all need to know who those people are until we get a slash solution implemented
[21:56:55] <mrcoolbp> so that we don't email them
[21:56:57] <Mattiep> might want to forward that to the staff list so we all know
[21:57:07] <janrinok> so unless I know them or they provide an email in the submission, I'm holding back a little.
[21:57:31] <mrcoolbp> I would say certainly only do it if they provide an email address in the submission
[21:57:36] <janrinok> OK, I'll push it out on the staff list.
[21:57:44] <mrcoolbp> for now until we can get in touch with NCommander
[21:58:23] <mrcoolbp> mattiep: we could update his story that mentions this to say "please include an email with your submission if you'd like feedback if it isn't accepted? Or maybe jsut a comment or something
[21:58:41] <Mattiep> by the way, are our new editors such as n1 added to the staff email list?
[21:58:58] * mrcoolbp checks that
[21:59:02] <Mattiep> mrcoolbp I think that would be acceptable
[21:59:40] <mrcoolbp> n1 is on there, I don't see GungirSniper though
[22:01:06] <mrcoolbp> come to think of it, I haven't seen GungnirSniper on much at all in the past week
[22:01:29] <Mattiep> back in a few ...
[22:06:39] <mrcoolbp> janrinok: I think we should add some screen shots of the StoryList/EditorWindow with some labels eventually
[22:06:58] <janrinok> agreed - I've just not got round to it!
[22:07:18] <mrcoolbp> just thinking out loud, I could help with that eventually
[22:07:20] <janrinok> although we ought to put some labels on the real windows first lol
[22:07:44] <mrcoolbp> that would be nice, paulej72 seemed confused when I mentioned "unlabled text boxes"
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[22:08:04] <mrcoolbp> but he did show us that extra comment + remember button after he looked at it a while
[22:08:19] <janrinok> There are several blank fields, and I've tried pressing various buttons on the submission page and watched a story disappear for ever!
[22:08:50] <mrcoolbp> I also sent a story into oblivion (luckily on dev)
[22:09:04] <paulej72> mrcoolbp: I would not use that extra system as it seems like it is valid for all subs not just the one you are working on. Need to trace the cod on that
[22:09:06] <janrinok> But please keep throwing ideas at me. I'm thinking of splitting it up to make it more manageable.
[22:10:02] <mrcoolbp> paulej72: understood, it would be a valuable feature to have more space for comments: this story sucks-mrcoolbp actually this might be cool because of X-janrinok
[22:10:35] <mrcoolbp> janrinok, I'll get there eventually, I have a lot on my plate right now, but those docs are very important to me so after I clear some things off I
[22:10:40] <mrcoolbp> will return to work on them
[22:11:17] <janrinok> np - do what you have to do! As I say, I'm just trying to find some time to spend on them.
[22:11:44] <mrcoolbp> speaking of which, I'm going to go try to get some RL stuff done, might have a few minutes before I run off to rip some solos with the band later
[22:12:07] <janrinok> Yeah, this RL keeps getting in the way of the important stuff.....
[22:12:12] <mrcoolbp> paulej72: keep us update on the story editor page, and thanks for all your hard work!
[22:12:19] <mrcoolbp> janrinok: agreed. catch you later
[22:12:25] <janrinok> cul8r
[22:12:36] <mrcoolbp> END TRANSMISSION --- no carrier
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