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[00:00:12] <mrcoolbp> WHOA
[00:00:26] <janrinok> paulej72: they are also on the operational site as well - I just think that we have never worried about them there
[00:00:28] <mrcoolbp> paulej72, I killed your test submission....
[00:01:02] * mrcoolbp shot that thing into next month with "display" unchecked and now he can't find it....
[00:01:12] <janrinok> Lol
[00:01:16] <paulej72> Comment is on the http://dev.soylentnews.org page as the first column. Eds can but notes here such as dupe, do not post, hold for monday
[00:02:09] <paulej72> you should start using this field.
[00:02:20] <janrinok> paulej72: yep, just found the same thing. I wouldn't worry about them at the moment - they are not caused by anything that you are working on. I like the new submissions page and editing template.
[00:02:24] <mrcoolbp> we have been, but I was using it from the submission list
[00:02:55] <mrcoolbp> paulej72: yeah don't worry about it right now, thanks for looking into it for us
[00:02:58] <janrinok> Yep, that page could do with a few labels.
[00:02:59] <paulej72> shows up in the first unlabeled text box on the edit page
[00:03:16] <mrcoolbp> paulej72: big improvement on the editing page, thanks!
[00:03:41] <janrinok> Is the byline tag meant to disappear when we edit the submission?
[00:04:10] <paulej72> The other two boxes have submission memory as a lable above them and a remember button on the right.
[00:04:46] <janrinok> paulej72: Yes correct, but it doesn't help me know what they are for.
[00:05:31] <janrinok> I am hoping to document the 'editing process' for the wiki, and I will look into these fields as I do that.
[00:05:40] <paulej72> the sbmissions memory is for adding comments to the submission that other editors can then see. Keeps a list of all the comments
[00:06:20] <janrinok> OK that's new to me but I'll play with it now I've noticed it.
[00:06:44] <paulej72> first one seems to be a number field and the second a text field. hit remember and it is added to the list
[00:06:56] <mrcoolbp> cool!
[00:07:34] <janrinok> It looks like there are things built into slash that we do not understand or use at the moment.
[00:07:50] <mrcoolbp> paulej72: so it is just further notes right?
[00:08:11] * mrcoolbp is goung to run out the door in a few
[00:08:19] <janrinok> paulej72: I've got to go. Is the 'byline' tag meant to disappear when we edit a submission?
[00:08:24] <janrinok> bye mrcoolbp
[00:08:33] <paulej72> the first only allows for a single digit.
[00:08:37] <mrcoolbp> okay
[00:08:51] <mrcoolbp> paulej72: but they are just more notes right?
[00:09:15] <mrcoolbp> (later janrinok)
[00:09:53] <paulej72> janrinok: right now leave <p class=“byliine”> in and it will act just like a regular p tag, We can then style it later to say to make it bold and slightly larger text.
[00:10:04] <mrcoolbp> paulej72: also we are seeing the "byline" tag dissapear when we click "preview"
[00:10:12] <mrcoolbp> oh
[00:10:21] <janrinok> I can't leave it in - it disappears without me doing anything.
[00:10:48] <mrcoolbp> janrinok: it turns into a regular p tag
[00:10:57] <paulej72> fuck
[00:11:18] <janrinok> yes - is that because the preview and the earlier submit page are using different formatting somewhere?
[00:11:37] <paulej72> there must be another code cleanup being run to srtip out classes and ids. need to look into that.
[00:11:57] <janrinok> paulej72: I think I'll leave you with that. Thx for your work - cu tomorrow.
[00:12:09] <mrcoolbp> later janrinok, get some rest
[00:12:21] <janrinok> cheers all
[00:12:24] <n1> laters, janrinok
[00:12:27] <paulej72> see you later
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[00:16:40] <paulej72> fuck fuck fuck. fuck that piece of shit slash
[00:17:01] * mrcoolbp steps back slowly
[00:17:27] <n1> mrcoolbp, are you going to put some stories up later?
[00:17:41] <mrcoolbp> n1: I won't have any time tonight
[00:17:53] * mrcoolbp is furiously learning songs before band practice
[00:18:17] <mrcoolbp> 4 hrs of band practice, then 4 hours sleep, then work all day tomorrow
[00:18:43] <mrcoolbp> might have some time tomorrow evening thous
[00:18:46] <mrcoolbp> though
[00:19:19] <paulej72> mrcoolbp: All I can do is the first noel on the piano any more. lost all of my other musical tallent
[00:19:44] <mrcoolbp> heh
[00:19:58] <mrcoolbp> paulej72: you should see me rip some pink floyd solos
[00:20:22] <paulej72> at least you have picked a good band to emulate
[00:20:24] <n1> i'll see if LamX appears otherwise i'll spread out janrinoks subs over the next few hours
[00:21:13] <n1> i hope you do have time tomorrow as aside from a couple stories in the morning/afternoon i'll be afk.
[00:22:41] <mrcoolbp> I'll try to get here around 5pm EST n1
[00:23:01] <mrcoolbp> paule72: probably my fava
[00:33:18] <n1> listening to your tunes now, mrcoolbp
[00:33:38] <mrcoolbp> heh. sorry for the crappy recordings
[00:33:49] <mrcoolbp> we are almost done with a new cd
[00:34:00] <mrcoolbp> (by that I mean it will be another month or two)
[00:34:04] <mrcoolbp> anyways I gotta run guys
[00:34:08] <mrcoolbp> see you tomorrow
[00:34:10] <n1> take it easy, have fun!
[00:34:21] <mrcoolbp> you too
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[01:26:54] <paulej72> found where slash was deleting the class attribute from the p tags. There is a variable with approved tag attributes. I just had to add it as a valid one.
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[03:28:43] <stderr> http://soylentnews.org "31 pounds million"? Not "31 million pounds"?
[03:29:45] <stderr> Or "31 million"?
[03:30:22] <MrBluze> 31 million pounds
[03:30:35] * MrBluze goes to fix it
[03:31:03] <stderr> The article itself uses "31 million".
[03:31:42] <n1> shoot me now
[03:31:47] <n1> :p
[03:31:51] <MrBluze> done
[03:31:58] * stderr shoots n1 now.
[03:32:00] <stderr> Done...
[03:32:09] * n1 bleeds out slowly
[03:32:11] <MrBluze> i just made it million pounds
[03:32:11] <n1> thanks :)
[03:32:54] * stderr kicks slashcode for caching too much... :-)
[03:34:08] <stderr> That's better...
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[05:30:28] <MrBluze> any editors on?
[06:32:45] <MrBluze> http://wiki.soylentnews.org
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[08:46:51] * NCommander notes life
[08:47:17] <xlefay> check the logs ;)
[08:47:22] <xlefay> You'll see what I mean
[08:48:27] <NCommander> I'll idle here
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[08:55:44] <MrBluze> i idle here now too.. sometimes there's activity
[08:56:14] <xlefay> Least, throughout today, there was *a lot*
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[14:48:14] <janrinok> hi guys
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[16:51:11] <n1> hey janrinok
[16:58:13] <janrinok> n1 hi - I'm just editing on the wiki at present and so didn't see your call. How's things?
[16:58:47] <n1> not too bad, got a busy weekend lined up
[16:58:50] <n1> how are you doing?
[16:59:57] <janrinok> I'm good thanks, but probably won't be around much this evening. I've submitted 3 or 4 new stories and updated the queue, and I'm currently working on the wiki. Have a look at http://soylentnews.org You can see how many stories you have released.
[17:00:58] <n1> cool :)
[17:01:18] <n1> i wont be around this evening, im going to get at least 2 stories ready before i step out though
[17:01:24] <janrinok> That page is only updated once a day so it is no good for nitty gritty comparisons, but it can give you a warm feeling when you look at it.
[17:01:33] <n1> if i do make it back, i'll be too drunk to edit :-/
[17:01:38] <janrinok> #lol
[17:02:49] <janrinok> The sub list is not very long so space any releases out a bit as we discussed yesterday.
[17:02:57] <n1> yeah, looking at about 2 hours?
[17:03:22] <janrinok> yeah 90-120 mins, prehaps a little less if we can manage it.
[17:04:12] <n1> i'll do what i can
[17:04:15] <janrinok> k
[17:05:42] <n1> i'll be in and out for the next 3 hours
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[19:56:23] * NCommander notices a little activity
[19:56:31] <n1> shhh
[19:57:46] <n1> i was just about to say, i'm off.. i put a couple of subs in, which should only need minimal editing, fighting slashcode
[20:01:23] <janrinok> ok have a good evening
[20:01:47] <n1> you too, janrinok :)
[20:01:57] <janrinok> I have a feeling that you WPA2 story is a dupe but I can't find the original so I'll let it go
[20:02:38] <n1> might be, i did have a little look
[20:02:46] <n1> was just thankful bytram made the submission :p
[20:02:52] <janrinok> well, I'm sure someone will tell us...
[20:03:49] <n1> let me know when im due infront of the firing squad ;)
[20:04:33] <n1> have a good night :)
[20:04:44] <janrinok> cheers mate
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[23:48:56] <mrcoolbp> hey guys, had a long day at work (12 hrs), had to stay late, I'll be home to do a little editing in about 30 minutes
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