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[05:01:01] <mrcoolbp> hopefully wikipedia links are okay for simple definitions (like the Astronomical Unit AU)
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[06:16:27] <mrcoolbp> mattie_p: "Newly unsealed docs in illegal wage-theft cartel"
[06:20:55] <mattie_p> some of it seems a little heavy handed.
[06:21:07] <mattie_p> its right up our alley, but I'm softening the tone slightly
[06:21:24] <mrcoolbp> thanks
[06:21:52] <mattie_p> for example "destroying lives"
[06:22:11] <mrcoolbp> yeah
[06:22:34] <mattie_p> trust me, I understand the sentiment, but it is a little over the top
[06:25:29] <mrcoolbp> I mostly kept the submission in tact, "limit employees careers and destroy their lives" could be: "seriously affect employees careers" ?
[06:25:58] <mrcoolbp> or "future careers" or something
[06:26:02] <mattie_p> well, take a look at what I changed it too, see if you think it keeps the same message but a better tone?
[06:27:02] <mrcoolbp> add a hyphen: "red-handed"
[06:27:37] <mattie_p> I did, you need to look at the edit window to see the latest updates due to all the caching we do
[06:27:45] <mrcoolbp> oh
[06:27:50] <mattie_p> :)
[06:28:26] <mattie_p> also might be dupe? http://soylentnews.org
[06:28:55] <mattie_p> or maybe just a follow up
[06:29:01] <mattie_p> we should link the previous story
[06:29:11] <mrcoolbp> yeah, we need to reword as a follow up
[06:29:40] <mrcoolbp> yes that
[06:29:50] <mrcoolbp> you have 6 minutes now = )
[06:29:59] <mrcoolbp> 5
[06:30:05] <mattie_p> you can change the time, you know
[06:30:42] <mrcoolbp> I'm aware, but you are checking post, I'll let you handle it
[06:31:40] <mattie_p> also, I'm showing 2 hours until post ... you want to check the time again?
[06:33:30] <mrcoolbp> maybe I should stop editing for the night = )
[06:33:48] <mattie_p> hah, could be
[06:35:03] <mrcoolbp> too many windows open, I have been using the last posted article on the main as a reference for UTC, apparently I had the Dwarf planet article open and thought it was the most recent posted
[06:35:20] <mrcoolbp> 12 tabs on that window....
[06:36:25] <mrcoolbp> well my plan was to release that earlier as there is a 3 hour gap between last posted and next in que, so feel free to adjust that
[06:37:04] <mrcoolbp> Have you gotten to take a rest at all? (I was hoping to catch up with you a bit)
[06:38:49] <mattie_p> with all the technical work going on I've been refocusing on some other stuff, taking a slight break from the hectic work on here
[06:39:37] <mrcoolbp> I should probably do that too
[06:39:57] <mattie_p> well, we're in no danger of shutting down, just in danger of people burning out
[06:41:02] <mrcoolbp> honestly with all the "technical" people around, I feel useless a lot of the time
[06:42:43] <mattie_p> I don't think you are, stepping up to edit is needed as well
[06:43:23] <mrcoolbp> thanks mattie
[06:45:52] <mattie_p> anyway, things are under control for once, so we're not immediately needed all day every day
[06:45:59] <mattie_p> its good for me, anyway
[06:46:30] <mrcoolbp> good point
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[15:15:13] <n1> morning/afternoon/evening
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[17:20:40] <stderr> http://soylentnews.org The submission is a very quick copy/paste, so the two links didn't get copied. But the blog it's linking to is from "21-Jan-2005 16:28 GMT "... It's not news at all...
[17:21:35] <stderr> http://soylentnews.org This doesn't seem to be relevant for SoylentNews...
[17:22:25] <n1> i agree x2
[17:22:35] <n1> i think both of those submissions have been sitting for a while though
[17:23:12] <stderr> They have.
[17:23:29] <stderr> They should probably just be removed.
[17:23:39] <n1> i thought the XML one was going to be removed when i first saw it
[17:24:13] <n1> afaik LamX is the only one who has the official authority to delete subs
[17:24:39] <n1> i havnt been given any direction/training so im just observing at the moment
[17:25:27] <stderr> I thought all editors were allowed to think. :-) But I'm not on staff anymore, so what do I know?
[17:26:34] <n1> i think we probably are, im just going on what janrinok has said
[17:27:20] <n1> were you editor or dev staff or what?
[17:28:22] <stderr> Dev, trying to also become part of SysAdmin.
[17:28:46] <n1> but...
[17:28:55] <stderr> I left after I had asked four times if I were part of SysAdmin or not and never got a clear answer...
[17:29:03] <n1> ah
[17:29:30] <n1> this is the problem of no one wanting to make decisions and no one knowing who can actually make the decisions?
[17:29:57] <stderr> All four times, I asked NCommander...
[17:30:06] <n1> :-/
[17:31:26] <stderr> http://soylentnews.org That submission would have been much better, if the quote had been translated.
[17:31:47] <n1> dont know what to say to that, internal politics are blah
[17:33:12] <n1> its french everywhere, all the links seem to be in french?
[17:34:07] <stderr> Yeah, that's why I left. If the "leader" can't answer a simple question about whether someone is part of a team or not, after being asked four times and a long time to think about the answer (I waited more than 24 hours after asking the last time), I go far better things to do with my time than hang around this place. :-/
[17:36:07] <n1> I can certainly understand that, it's time and energy consuming and if you dont know where you stand on all this time and energy, it will only feel futile
[17:39:18] <n1> good that you're still hanging around, hopefully things become a bit more organized as the project progresses
[17:41:20] <stderr> I hope SoylentNews succeed. It just won't be with me on staff unless something changes in the upper management.
[17:46:46] <n1> i totally understand, i've tried to make my position clear as far as my commitments as an editor. i want to see the site succeed and if i can help, i'm glad to.
[17:49:41] <n1> it's a thankless task in many ways, editing or dev, because the only feedback comes is when what you've done is wrong
[17:50:21] <n1> and if the support from the management isnt there either, i can see why you'd be disillusioned
[17:54:45] <stderr> Support would have been nice, but all I asked for was a simple yes or no. :-/
[17:55:14] <n1> :(
[17:56:12] <n1> i think you made the right decision to step aside until someone works out what the fuck is going on
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[17:57:24] <n1> i wanted to be an editor, but i wasn't going to ask because i have other commitments, so i waited to be asked, and we all know where we stand
[17:58:36] <n1> i hope they figure shit out in the somewhat clandestine world of SN dev+sysadmin and ask you back
[18:03:59] <stderr> As I said, I won't be back unless something changes in upper management...
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[19:31:45] <janrinok> hi guys
[19:33:58] <n1> hey janrinok
[19:34:26] <janrinok> n1 hi, how's the training going?
[19:35:39] <n1> i havn't had any yet! i was absent yesterday as expected, havn't seen LamX around yet today
[19:36:04] <n1> how are you?
[19:36:44] <janrinok> I'm OK and my wife returned from a short stay in hospital about 3 hours ago. I'm busy, tired but pleased that she's home again.
[19:38:50] <n1> thats good. tired and busy not ideal but to be expected
[19:39:16] <n1> if you want to give me a run down on the how-to's of editing, i'm here. if you're busy thats fine, i'm not going anywhere today so i can wait for LamX
[19:40:03] <janrinok> I'll not be here too long tonight. I'll put out a few stories but I'm afraid that I have my handsful here. I'll give you a quick guide once I've put some stories into the queue.
[19:40:45] <janrinok> However, LamX does a far better job than I do at the training.
[19:41:17] <n1> no problem, it's up to you, if you're really busy, do what you have to and take some time to relax!
[19:42:27] <janrinok> The relaxing might be a bit optimistic, but I'll see what happens :)
[19:45:28] <janrinok> n1 - have you looked at the submission queue and the story queue? Do you understand the colours on the story queue?
[19:46:58] <n1> yeah i have
[19:47:35] <n1> grey = not publshing red = scheduled green = scheduled and confirmed by another/enough ed
[19:48:31] <janrinok> Yeah, when you put a story in the queue, your own stories appear yellow and other people's stories appear red.
[19:49:10] <janrinok> Once they have been checked by a 2nd ed, they turn green. The next story in the queue I will ask you to have a look at.
[19:49:40] <janrinok> It'll be about 10 minutes or so.
[19:50:13] <n1> ok
[20:03:25] <janrinok> I think that you are looking at the same submission that I have just edited - you had better close it which might cock up the submissions queue - seeing that I've just released it. Best you simply close the window.
[20:04:02] <n1> i looked at it briefly, it's up in the submissions queue now
[20:04:13] <n1> err
[20:04:17] <n1> stories queue
[20:04:44] <n1> i can see it in stories, no longer in submissions
[20:04:46] <janrinok> In the story queue, look at the Siemens story. If you click on the title it will open it for you. Check the spelling and layout and see if there are any obvious problems. Don't close your window, just let me know when you have had a look
[20:08:48] <n1> the last sentence on the last paragraph should be Siemens not Siemen's
[20:09:31] <janrinok> There are 2 Siemens and they should both be Siemen's - I think!
[20:09:45] <n1> lifecycle is more common as life cycle too, according to my spell check and google search
[20:09:51] <n1> well, the company is called Siemens
[20:10:09] <janrinok> Got you - so it should be Siemens'
[20:10:13] <n1> yeah
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[20:10:48] <janrinok> OK, if you press the Edit button in the bottom left of the story window it will change into editing mode.
[20:10:51] <n1> but otherwise it seems like a good story and nothing else is standing out
[20:11:07] <n1> yup
[20:11:42] <janrinok> You should now see the same story and underneath 2 possible similar stories - based on slash search software
[20:11:51] <n1> yup
[20:12:11] <janrinok> page down a little
[20:12:30] <janrinok> you should see preview / update / Display?
[20:12:34] <n1> i do
[20:13:11] <janrinok> The first lesson is - if the Display is unticked the story will appear grey in the list, but more importantly, it will never release to the public!
[20:13:25] <n1> right
[20:14:07] <janrinok> Remember that - I didn't !!! - that is how you stop a cock-up from going live. If you untick that box, anything else can be recovered!
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[20:14:45] <n1> good first lesson :)
[20:14:53] <janrinok> Leave the box ticked for now and look at the Topics below it
[20:15:22] <n1> yup
[20:15:27] <janrinok> Currently you have to have a nexus selected - we only have one which is Main Page
[20:15:50] <janrinok> And then you can select one of several topics. We will look at them later.
[20:16:12] <janrinok> Currently we have News selected
[20:16:37] <janrinok> Under all that we have the Title and Dept fields
[20:17:21] <janrinok> The title must be in Title Case - if you are not sure what that is use Wikipedia but essentially, most words are uppercase but not the/a/if etc
[20:17:53] <n1> yeah, i had a read of the style guide on the wiki that mrcoolbp was editing
[20:18:57] <janrinok> The Dept field will be blank on a new submission. You have to think of something witty or pithy to say here. I hate this field. But essentially place your appropriate Dept entry in lowercase, with each word separated by -
[20:19:28] <n1> heh, yeah thats probably been my biggest concern, being witty.
[20:19:41] <janrinok> Do _not_ precede the Dept with the word 'the' - the slash code does that automatically.
[20:19:50] <n1> noted
[20:20:00] <janrinok> page down a little further
[20:20:15] <n1> k
[20:20:35] <janrinok> The author field will be auto selected when you start with a new sub, or will have the original author if you are doing the second look.
[20:21:36] <janrinok> Comments Enabled is usually selected and we don't change it, but there are times when someone like NCommander might wish to release something but not to garner comments from it
[20:22:14] <n1> of course
[20:22:26] <janrinok> Just to the right of the author field it will tell you that it is 100% matching with ...... followed by my name, I can currently see yours.
[20:22:39] <n1> i see that
[20:22:55] <janrinok> That's one way of knowing that someone else is already working on that submission
[20:23:17] <janrinok> In our case - I hope that we know what is happening!
[20:23:51] <n1> sure
[20:23:54] <janrinok> To the right of the Comments Enabled is a date/time. This is UTC - all slashcode works in UTC
[20:24:07] <janrinok> It is the time that the story will go out
[20:24:33] <n1> ok, pretty easy for me then
[20:25:09] <janrinok> The second way that you can prevent a cock-up going live is to change the time for, say, 12 hours hence and thus give you time to sort out a fix for whatever problem you have created. 2nd method of avoiding embarrassment.
[20:25:54] <n1> logical
[20:25:56] <janrinok> Then you will see the story in html format - that is _not_ how it will arrive in the vast majority of cases.
[20:26:21] <n1> yeah, ive seen when going through the submissions
[20:26:26] <n1> its not always pretty
[20:27:17] <janrinok> the slash submissions page automatically formats the submission into something abominable! We are having it changed but, for the time being, it is a manual correction process.
[20:28:00] <janrinok> Find the 2 Siemens words in the last para and correct them to both read Siemens'
[20:29:00] <n1> done, also put a space in lifecycle
[20:29:19] <janrinok> ah OK, I was going to show you something else but that will do for now
[20:29:39] <n1> now im wondering what that something else was :p
[20:29:49] <janrinok> If you press the 'preview' button - there are several - you should see the corrected version again
[20:30:08] <n1> all preview buttons do the same thing?
[20:30:12] <janrinok> yep
[20:31:13] <janrinok> Once you have seen the corrected version, you can press any 'update' button to enter it back into the story queue.
[20:31:24] <n1> im changing lifecycle back, as it seems in the PLM context it is always used as one word
[20:32:21] <janrinok> Don't worry, whatever you choose will be wrong for a small number of the community who will let you know loudly that they think that you are wrong, should be fired immediately, and/or burned as a witch.
[20:32:47] <n1> yup
[20:32:48] <n1> heh
[20:32:51] <n1> i hit update
[20:33:04] <n1> now it's green at the top of the list
[20:33:08] <janrinok> good now close the window that appeared
[20:33:33] <janrinok> ...and open another story window
[20:33:56] <janrinok> There is a logic behind my apparently silly request
[20:34:18] <n1> actually close the browser tab?
[20:34:23] <janrinok> yep
[20:34:24] <n1> ok
[20:34:50] <janrinok> At first glance, the 2 windows look the same but they are not.
[20:35:05] <janrinok> You should now be in a normal story list window.
[20:35:25] <n1> ok, i opened a new tab and went back to the stories page
[20:35:37] <janrinok> The other window was actually an update window and is _slightly_ modified
[20:35:57] <n1> after you 'update' it takes you to a different 'stories' page?
[20:36:19] <janrinok> BUT, if you had accidentally or intentionally refreshed the update window it would have put a second copy of the story into the story list!
[20:36:34] <janrinok> 2 stories, same content, released at the same time!
[20:36:38] <n1> ah
[20:36:41] <n1> i get it
[20:36:58] <n1> duly noted
[20:37:42] <janrinok> so the way I operate is how LamX recommended. For editing open a story window and a submissions window. Pick a sub to work on and open that in a third window. Do all your work there.
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[20:39:36] <janrinok> That was a very quick and dirty run through and there is a bit more to learn. But the best way of doing that is to jump in. Pick a submission, make sure that Display is unticked, set a time in say 6 hours time, and start working on it.
[20:39:51] <janrinok> by the way, thanks for checking my story!
[20:40:29] <janrinok> When you have finished you first attempt, save it in the story queue. _Make sure it is grey_
[20:41:11] <janrinok> Any questions or do you want to give it a try?
[20:41:41] <n1> i think i get it
[20:41:44] <n1> i can give it a go
[20:41:46] <janrinok> your call
[20:42:00] <janrinok> I'll monitor here if you need any help
[20:42:04] <n1> cool
[20:42:14] <n1> thanks for the help!
[20:42:26] <janrinok> np - there is more but we can cover that later.
[20:55:06] <janrinok> n1: Looks like you have done one - change the time for about 2 hours from now
[21:02:38] <n1> Did some more editing on that one, take a look now and see if theres any problems
[21:02:57] <n1> i'll change the time after you look
[21:03:21] <janrinok> You need to switch to the staff channel, make contact with someone in sys, and see if they can find out why your name is not appearing in the author field.
[21:03:49] <n1> will do
[21:11:03] <n1> any thoughts?
[21:11:06] <bytram> FYI: it's a known bug that the first time approval by an editor fails to use the editor's name.
[21:11:49] <n1> so it shouldnt happen on the next submission i do?
[21:12:00] <bytram> I've seen it happen twice... right.
[21:12:12] <n1> not that i mind, avoiding the backlash of my shitty editing :p
[21:12:30] <bytram> well, I'm pretty sure it should. =)
[21:12:42] <n1> we shall find out, thanks for clarifying
[21:12:59] <bytram> it's bitten both of Mrcoolbp and paulej72
[21:13:50] <bytram> n1, I just saw you make contact with ncommander in staff; he'd know.
[21:14:27] <n1> he hasnt said anything on it yet, but if thats the biggest problem of the day, we're doing well
[21:14:41] <bytram> you got THAT right!
[21:14:53] <janrinok> hi bytram
[21:14:59] <bytram> the editor interface is, ummm, unusual!
[21:15:06] <n1> no shit lol
[21:15:06] <bytram> janrinok, hi! how's your wife doing?
[21:15:06] <janrinok> to say the least
[21:15:31] <janrinok> she's is back home today but needs quite a bit of care - I won't be here long. Thx for asking :0
[21:16:00] <bytram> it's hard. she's fortunate to have YOU caring for her!
[21:16:27] <n1> janrinok, any thoughts on the story?
[21:16:40] <janrinok> she doesn't always see it that way bytram
[21:17:33] <janrinok> n1 sure, we now move on to content rather than format, although the first comment is a bit of both. Slash has _kindly_ put some italics in your story, you need to remove them.
[21:17:37] <bytram> yeah. I've been there. I took comfort that they were not in their right frame of mind... later on when things are more "normal" comes the "aha!" moment... hang in there!!!!!!
[21:18:06] <janrinok> Oh, I've been doing this for more than 5 years now - I'm used to it!
[21:18:31] <bytram> janrinok+ # Wow! Just. Plain. WOW!
[21:18:44] <bytram> you're a good man.
[21:19:21] <n1> italics gone
[21:19:28] <janrinok> I'd rather have her as she is, than not have her at all.... bytram
[21:20:08] <bytram> you're a VERY good man! It's a priviledge to have made your acquaintance!!!
[21:20:20] <n1> thats what love is, i can very much relate to that sentiment
[21:20:32] <janrinok> OK n1: the next thing that we always try to do is to go back as far as we can to the original source. The submitter of your story has done part of the job, but left a bit for you to do.
[21:20:49] <janrinok> bytram: thx, appreciated.
[21:20:56] <n1> i found the abstract for the paper the story is about
[21:21:06] <n1> but it didnt seem to add anything
[21:21:41] <n1> could just link as, "the abstract of the paper can be found here"?
[21:21:46] <janrinok> Yep, we need to try to weave it in there even if it is only a simple 'Abstract here' link. Some of the nerds on this site will _only_ read that bit.
[21:22:04] <n1> yeah, i was in two minds, but that seems the right way
[21:22:57] <bytram> any chance I could get a link to the submission?
[21:23:07] <janrinok> Secondly, the last para contains two sentences both talking about efficiency - but they seem at first reading to be contradictory. This is one of the areas where there is no right answer , just different ways of doing the same thing.
[21:24:31] <janrinok> As a suggestion - nothing more, its your story - I would reverse the order of the two sentences, and then make the new second say '..once these problems have been overcome' or somesuch.
[21:25:32] <paulej72> bytram: it is not a bug, the database is only updated once a day around midnight EST
[21:26:00] <n1> i added the second sentence myself, but yeah, that makes sense
[21:26:11] <bytram> paulej72, refresh my memory? I'm not following you. :(
[21:26:14] <janrinok> paulej72: thx, he got the editor 'bit' a few days ago but it seems the 'first use' bug has bitten him.
[21:26:37] <bytram> oh! THAT! thanks for the explanation!!!
[21:26:49] <paulej72> It the authors table is built by crawling the DB looking at who has editted and who has autor bits
[21:27:28] <janrinok> paulej72: if it doesn't show his name, how will it find it during the crawl?
[21:27:39] <bytram> that's an "interesting" way to do it!
[21:28:00] <janrinok> paulej72: or is his name in the DB but simply not displayed yet?
[21:28:00] * bytram thinks it reverts to the backstroke =)
[21:28:05] <janrinok> lolol
[21:28:15] <paulej72> by interesting you mean ass backwards I would aggree
[21:28:25] <bytram> you got it.
[21:29:58] <n1> see what you think now, janrinok
[21:30:04] <janrinok> ok hang on
[21:32:16] <paulej72> janrinok: I think it will be fixed once the task runs tonight, I just know that it is pulling that data from the author_cache table which has not been updated yet.
[21:32:26] <janrinok> what is there is OK. Now the stage I sometimes forget. Ask yourself - is this a story that would attract my attention and, if not, why not?
[21:32:36] <janrinok> paulej72: thx for that
[21:33:04] <bytram> paulej72, that would be midnight... in UTC?
[21:33:30] <bytram> paulej72, nvm, i misread.
[21:33:35] <janrinok> bytram: I would think so
[21:34:24] <paulej72> actually it hink ist is 0807 UTC if I remember correectly, the docs say run after midnight so I got that stuck in my head.
[21:34:54] <bytram> just have n1 queue up a story for every hour for the next 24 hours... then we'll know for sure =) I kid, I kid!
[21:35:04] <n1> lol
[21:35:27] <janrinok> bytram: No, I think that might be the best way to train someone....
[21:35:27] <n1> janrinok, im happy with this story if you are
[21:35:46] <janrinok> OK, change it to Display
[21:35:50] <bytram> LOL!
[21:36:51] <n1> done
[21:37:04] <n1> and a story every hour for 24 hours can apply to all new editors after me :p
[21:37:22] <bytram> n1, You sure catch on QUICKLY!
[21:37:24] <janrinok> OK, I'll second look at yours if you'll second look at mine, oh er....
[21:37:30] <n1> lol
[21:37:46] <janrinok> Just do the last one of mine
[21:40:18] <n1> i just did the one about asteroids
[21:40:32] <janrinok> OK, that's fine - any problems?
[21:40:44] <bytram> I was never any good at that game. :/
[21:41:10] <janrinok> bytram: these are asteroids with rings....
[21:41:42] <n1> none that i saw, lots of sources and it was readable, although it goes over my head as i'm not all that versed in the solar system and such
[21:42:07] <bytram> Oooh! I read about that one... Very Interesting!
[21:42:21] <janrinok> n1, np on the content - one of the reasons we need more editors is because we need a wider breadth of knowledge in the team.
[21:42:27] <n1> variations/clones of asteroids were the first PC games i ever played
[21:42:34] * bytram should have gotten a minor in astronomy
[21:43:16] <bytram> would you like me to take a look at it?
[21:44:45] <janrinok> I'm going to have to call it a day for now. n1: you can always second ed any stories you see in the queue in future to check for the basics. What I try to do, in addition to the obvious, is click every link to make sure it works, and check the dates of each of the articles. You will be amazed at how many subs we get dated years ago as a spoof or troll.
[21:45:10] <n1> noted
[21:45:15] <n1> thanks for all your help
[21:45:25] <n1> take care :)
[21:45:30] <bytram> janrinok, it's been good to watch your 'tutorial'... thanks!
[21:45:31] <janrinok> Also check that the articles actually are what they say - not goatse or slashvertisement.
[21:46:02] <janrinok> bytram: thx, LamX does it better but I suspect he is busy at the moment.,
[21:46:18] <n1> it'll take me a while but i'm sure i'll get into the flow of it over the next few days
[21:46:51] <bytram> I learned quite a few tricks... I've been tempted to volunteer as a standby-editor
[21:47:14] <n1> and might give me an excuse to expand my monitor setup to make my editing more efficient :P
[21:47:34] <bytram> even if I only move a few stories per week out of the queue and onto the main page, I'm sure it would help.
[21:47:37] <n1> you're on the dev team, bytram?
[21:47:38] <janrinok> if you want to sub a few more do so, make sure that they a UN-Displayed and I can release them later as I get time. Set them for about every 45-60 minutes or so until the sub list is down to 20.
[21:48:26] <janrinok> Sub-list is only 21 now, so go down to 18 if you want to, n1
[21:48:42] <n1> ok, i can do that
[21:48:49] <n1> but leave them unchecked?
[21:48:53] <janrinok> Yes
[21:49:00] <n1> ok
[21:49:19] <janrinok> cul8r
[21:49:24] <janrinok> cheers all
[21:49:27] <n1> laters
[21:51:25] <janrinok> bytram: mention your willingness to do the odd story to LamX, I suspect you could be very useful for those odd occasions, or more if you wished.
[21:52:07] <bytram> janrinok, will do, thanks for the suggestion! take care!!!
[22:02:42] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: leaving]
[22:03:01] <bytram> n1, your story just made it to the front page... looks good!
[22:18:02] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~cb811792@724-640-25-593.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #editorial
[22:18:21] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~cb811792@724-640-25-593.cust.aussiebb.net] has parted #editorial
[22:22:44] <n1> if only, mines up next
[22:22:52] <n1> asteroids was janrinoks
[22:24:33] <bytram> oh. when should I look for it?
[22:27:57] -!- LaminatorX [LaminatorX!~18d900fb@Soylent/Staff/Editor/LaminatorX] has joined #editorial
[22:27:57] -!- mode/#editorial [+v LaminatorX] by SkyNet
[22:27:59] <n1> in about 20minutes
[22:28:40] <LaminatorX> I see some new posting going on. Is that you n1?
[22:29:31] <n1> yeah it is
[22:29:38] <n1> im the editor with no name!
[22:29:56] <LaminatorX> Looks good. Everyone seems to be at first, there's a glitch in the permissions.
[22:29:59] <n1> janrinok gave me a basic run down a little while ago
[22:30:25] <LaminatorX> I assumes as much. That's great.
[22:35:51] <n1> whats the appropriate punctuation if the sentence ends with a quote?
[22:36:16] <LaminatorX> I said, "like this."
[22:36:22] <n1> "words words word words." (.?) Next sentence
[22:36:41] <LaminatorX> It trips up IT folk all the time. It's not like strings in code. :)
[22:37:09] <n1> so no second stop?
[22:37:17] <LaminatorX> That is correct.
[22:37:22] <n1> ok
[22:37:23] <n1> thanks
[22:37:39] <LaminatorX> Glad to share.
[22:40:20] <LaminatorX> Here's the style page: http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[22:40:54] <LaminatorX> I have to run. There's a cron job that runs late at night that will cure your missing name.
[22:41:14] <n1> awesome
[22:41:17] <n1> take it easy
[22:41:27] <LaminatorX> Welcome aboard. :)
[22:42:29] -!- LaminatorX has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[23:15:36] <paulej72> n1 you are now showing up as an editor
[23:15:58] <paulej72> I ran the job early
[23:17:39] <n1> yeah i saw that, thanks :D
[23:17:53] <n1> well maybe not when i get called out for bad editing :p
[23:27:32] bytram is now known as bytram|away
[23:33:17] -!- bytram|away has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]