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[02:17:55] <stderr> http://soylentnews.org got an error. Or at least something that could be written better...
[02:19:22] <stderr> "After more than 35 years ..." A long, long time ago is more than just "more than 35 years".
[02:21:36] <n1> you complain about the writing, then follow it up with that :P
[02:23:16] <stderr> Yes. :-)
[02:23:25] <n1> that submission is almost impossible to read for me though
[02:23:35] <n1> i only understand it because of the title
[02:24:03] <stderr> To be honest, I might have stopped reading early too... :-)
[02:25:10] <n1> just a bad submission imho, even if it's 'funny' it's not that funny.
[02:25:27] <n1> but then i dont actually give a shit about star wars.
[02:28:28] <stderr> The website is also "a bit" slow...
[02:28:38] <stderr> Are they using a dial-up line or something?!
[02:28:44] <n1> the 'source'?
[02:29:03] <stderr> The "open letter"...
[02:29:19] <stderr> They did NOT use the source or the force...
[02:29:29] <stderr> Maybe they used a 35 year old modem...
[02:29:32] <n1> lol
[02:30:09] <n1> doesnt seem to matter as they apparently got the 'open letter' from another site
[02:30:09] <stderr> So far I got a grey on black "g" and a black on grey "t"... And it's still loading...
[02:30:15] <n1> it loads ok for me
[02:30:25] <n1> but that site links to: http://www.dorkly.com
[02:30:31] <n1> as credit for the actual letter
[02:31:01] <n1> http://www.dorkly.com
[02:31:45] <n1> that seems to be where the 'joke' originally came from
[02:32:09] <stderr> 45 requests... 739 KB transferred... And all I see is two letters... WTF?!
[02:32:20] <n1> more recently; http://www.dorkly.com
[02:32:37] <stderr> Fuck it...
[02:32:39] <n1> ive loaded the 'open letter' link 2 or 3 times
[02:34:35] <n1> the gt you saw seems to be the background image
[02:34:50] <n1> it loads the rest of the page all in one hit for me, but it only takes a second to do it from the original request
[02:35:22] <n1> it however does not like loading on IE
[02:37:50] <stderr> Or chromium...
[02:39:00] <n1> i got it to load in IE and Chrome, but it was notably slower than Opera
[02:39:16] <n1> and it appears to be somewhat broken for IE
[02:39:30] <stderr> Well, you said it wasn't funny, so fuck it... :-)
[02:39:37] <stderr> I'm going to bed anyway.
[02:39:39] <n1> hah
[02:39:56] <n1> nice work mr. editor :p
[02:39:59] <n1> take it easy
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[18:47:25] <LaminatorX> .op
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[18:48:05] <LaminatorX> .topic Remember to save a few stories in case we get low over the weekend.
[18:48:05] buttercake changed topic of #editorial to: Remember to save a few stories in case we get low over the weekend.
[18:51:21] <buttercake> just a note: .topic .quiet etc work while you're not opped
[18:52:22] <LaminatorX> THNX
[18:53:15] <buttercake> No problem.
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[20:10:53] <NCommander> !quote
[20:10:53] <baaaacon> quote <ID/search string>
[20:10:56] <NCommander> !quote all
[20:10:56] <baaaacon> No quotes found with the text 'all'
[20:10:58] <NCommander> !quote 1
[20:10:58] <baaaacon> Can't find quote 1
[20:11:07] <NCommander> That's depressing
[20:21:03] <n1> no quotes here
[20:22:29] <n1> NCommander, does the moderation system give karma for 'funny' posts or not?
[20:22:48] <NCommander> n1, does
[20:23:09] <n1> i was of the understanding the old site didnt?
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[20:24:32] <NCommander> n1, it was in times of old.
[20:24:34] <n1> i'm just curious, i get the impression people are going for the quick and easy 'funny' posts in the quest to get modded up. Was wondering if they were being rewarded with karma for avoiding a discussion.
[20:24:56] <NCommander> Honestly, I don't mind getting a laugh or two
[20:25:23] <n1> im not saying anything against it at all, i like the funny posts
[20:25:30] <n1> im just weary about them dominating
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[20:26:05] <n1> nothing serious right now, just something i noticed browing the stories
[20:26:48] <NCommander> n1, you can cause funny mods to be less in your user preferences
[20:28:51] <n1> not that fussed, just curious. I want funny and good discussion
[20:29:23] <n1> i'll just keep making my cynical and pessimistic comments to even it out ;)
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