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[02:28:39] <mattie_p> Any editors on board right now?
[02:28:52] <mattie_p> aside from me, that is?
[02:33:02] <mattie_p> guess not
[02:35:28] <n1> if all your need is moral support, i'm here :p
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[04:48:42] <VitaminR> greetings
[04:48:44] <VitaminR> Roey here
[04:48:58] <LaminatorX> Hello.
[04:49:09] <VitaminR> yo
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[20:06:54] <LaminatorX> I'm taking the Crimea story live now. That's breaking news.
[20:24:37] <mattie_p> do it
[20:29:24] <mattie_p> Do we need Dopefish to do more?
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[20:31:56] <LaminatorX> I'm not sure what he's been doing. I interpereted his scarcity to mean that you two were working with Barrabas on managerish things, or that he was teaming with Style on layout and such,but that seems to not have been the case
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[20:32:16] <janrinok> back on again
[20:32:16] <mattie_p> ahh, see you now
[20:32:31] <LaminatorX> I did have a good chat with mrcoolbp re CSS and formatting issues last night.
[20:32:35] <janrinok> needed to leave and rejoin - don't know why
[20:32:51] <mattie_p> anyway, for our team.
[20:32:55] <mattie_p> Do we need Dopefish to do more?
[20:32:58] <LaminatorX> I was going to send him some samples this morning, but got tied up editing NCommander's epistle.
[20:33:11] <mattie_p> yeah, he tends to tear up the pages
[20:33:25] <janrinok> I don't know where people have been or if they have personal issues
[20:33:36] <janrinok> I'm not criticising anyone.
[20:33:38] <mattie_p> Well, you all know where I've been
[20:33:48] <mattie_p> I think we need more editors, personally
[20:33:52] <janrinok> agreed
[20:34:05] <LaminatorX> There are things that need done. If Dopefish can do them, then great. I like the guy. But if he doesn't have the time then someone else needs to.
[20:34:06] <mattie_p> Should we readdress the previous applications or throw it open again?
[20:34:07] <janrinok> and availability spread around the clock
[20:34:30] <mattie_p> we can discuss on Saturday what we need
[20:34:34] <mattie_p> and if he can provide it
[20:34:46] <mattie_p> no personal attacks mind, just staff expectations
[20:35:04] <Cactus_> Has he confimed he'll be there, since sending the email?
[20:35:18] <mattie_p> I believe he has, he set the time based on his schedule
[20:36:20] <janrinok> I can't see any email - what time is the meet?
[20:36:41] <mattie_p> umm, hang on
[20:36:51] <janrinok> any tz will do
[20:36:54] <janrinok> lol
[20:37:22] <mattie_p> Our editor meetings going forward will be held on a biweekly basis every other Saturday at 1 PM PST, starting next Saturday the 8th of March.
[20:37:30] <janrinok> thx
[20:37:31] <mattie_p> email was sent on 1 March
[20:37:50] <mattie_p> you are listed as in the to: line
[20:38:10] <mattie_p> so lets brainstorm a couple of things
[20:38:19] <janrinok> not received
[20:38:24] <janrinok> but no prob
[20:38:42] <mattie_p> to: Jan Rinok <jan.rinok@rambler.ru> is that you?
[20:38:48] <janrinok> yep
[20:38:59] <mattie_p> also, sign up for staff email list if you didn't already
[20:39:12] <janrinok> I have
[20:39:17] <mattie_p> good
[20:39:38] <mattie_p> anyway, couple of ideas to discuss here
[20:39:57] <mattie_p> 1) based on feedback from poll, how do we post? Do we need the 2 editor thing?
[20:40:27] <mattie_p> 2) how do we review articles after the fact and determine if we should post more stories like that?
[20:40:36] <mattie_p> 3) what do we need from editor overlord?
[20:40:45] <janrinok> at this stage I probably refer to LaminatorX for advice once a day. I value having someone to bounce ideas off
[20:41:14] <mattie_p> Yeah, I've seen some of those sessions, I find them very productive
[20:41:37] * LaminatorX blushes.
[20:42:23] <janrinok> Certainly until I have fully found my feet, then the 2 ed thing is invaluable. I'll let others decide when I no longer need it
[20:42:34] <mattie_p> Don't be embarrassed, you've been extremely helpful
[20:43:03] <LaminatorX> Thanks. I think 2-ed is ideal. Anytime we can do it, we should.
[20:43:10] <janrinok> TBH, I don't think I've spoken to DF on this channel
[20:43:11] <mattie_p> Everyone is still holding pitchforks, and it might be time for a change if Dopefish cannot be as available.
[20:44:02] <mattie_p> I mean, I have nothing against him, but if he can't be available when we need him, then it won't work out
[20:44:16] <Cactus_> Well, that'd bring us to #3) What do we need from the Editor-in-chief?
[20:44:20] <mattie_p> yup
[20:44:27] <mattie_p> so start brainstorming
[20:44:29] <janrinok> I don't know his personal circumstances so I'm not accusing anyone of anything
[20:44:33] <mattie_p> we've got most of the editors here right now
[20:44:34] <LaminatorX> My biggest complaint WRT Dopefish is not his current absence, nor his rushed formatting. it's that he left the new folks twisting in the wind.
[20:45:01] <mattie_p> I need to step out, and frankly the four of you have done most of the publishing lately
[20:45:09] <janrinok> We need to know who is on and when, and what is expected of them (posting rate etc)
[20:45:13] <Cactus_> Yeah, there was that - "Here's your new editors! Have fun"
[20:45:21] <LaminatorX> We all get busy, but a note to mattie or myself about co-ordinating training would've taken 60 seconds.
[20:45:58] <LaminatorX> They're doing well now, but that was a bunch of completely uneccesary stress.
[20:47:15] <janrinok> The last few days have been better, but I still spend all of my time editing and very little reading what is actually on the site from the other eds.
[20:47:32] <janrinok> I can see how dupes occur.
[20:47:39] <Cactus_> Well, honestly, it's only been you and Lam editing lately
[20:47:59] <LaminatorX> Not quite, but close.
[20:48:38] <janrinok> I feel guilty leaving to go to bed if there is nothing waiting in the next few slots. If I knew someone was about to start I could be more relaxed about it.
[20:48:41] <Cactus_> Well, would it be better to have a whole cabal of editors, so each only needs to do 2-3 /day?
[20:49:27] <janrinok> It depends on submission quality. Some can be done in 15 minutes, some take _much_ longer
[20:49:36] <Cactus_> Very true
[20:49:56] <LaminatorX> The faster pace could work with a few more active hands. I think submission quantity is more of a liiting factor at the moment.
[20:49:57] <janrinok> I'ts tempting to pick a few easy one's and leave quickly!
[20:50:07] <janrinok> ones*
[20:50:17] <Cactus_> If we found another 2 or three people, maybe we could keep the submission queue cleaned out, ADN editors would have time to go searching fro another story or 2 each day.
[20:50:31] <janrinok> Ideally yes
[20:51:12] <janrinok> But I go back to what I said - we need to know what is expected. 3 stories, 6 stories, 1800-2100 or whatever?
[20:51:38] <LaminatorX> The hands on editing process should be smoother in the not too distant future as well, based on my conversation with Style.
[20:51:47] <Cactus_> I know janrinok and mrgirlpluggedout were subitting piles of good submissions before they were brought in as editors, have you guys seen anyone like that lately?
[20:51:59] <janrinok> Otherwise someone can come on, do 2 stories, and leave feeling that they have done their fair share
[20:52:23] <janrinok> Yes AnonTechie Its all copy/pasta but he is prolific.
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[20:53:03] <LaminatorX> AnonTechie's probably our top submitter. Sadly his stories take a bit more work, since he doesn't much summarize, but they're good topics and they keep coming.
[20:53:03] <Cactus_> LaminatorX: How so? We getting a rich text editor?
[20:53:55] <Cactus_> Maybe he doesn't have the time to write summaries, so he wouldn't be a good editor, or maybe he would work out well.
[20:54:09] <LaminatorX> No, but the /. formatting gunk will go away, and we'll be able to use some CSS local tags like <byline> or <book-title>
[20:54:30] <janrinok> There are also some whose work you have to check carefully because more often than not its taken from one of the other 3 sites - straight copy.
[20:54:39] <Cactus_> if we pull the people who know what a good story is, we could have them all on "staff" and we could spend a bit more time hunting for our own stories, while keeping the typical sub queue empty.
[20:54:59] <janrinok> Thats a good idea, editors and 'reporters'
[20:55:24] <LaminatorX> That's a down-the-road move, but I like it.
[20:56:02] <LaminatorX> Very much in keeping with Barrabas's "Be The Atlantic in ten years dream." Despite everything, I think it's a good goal.
[20:56:08] <janrinok> But essentially we must depend upon the readers to submit good quality stories
[20:56:21] <janrinok> at least for the time being
[20:57:06] <mattie_p> back now. sorry about that
[20:57:11] <mattie_p> let me catch up
[20:57:29] <Cactus_> I hink we should talk about it more on Sat, and potentials to bring in as more editors
[20:57:58] <Cactus_> But, for now - what do we need from a chiff?
[20:58:05] <Cactus_> Chief*
[20:58:23] <janrinok> You also have to have a bit of spare capacity - there will always be sickness, personal issues etc which result in someone not being available for a while
[20:58:55] <mattie_p> good point there
[20:59:04] <Cactus_> exactly, janrinok. And if we do have everyone here and ready with nothing to do, that's when we can go hunting for our own stories.
[20:59:21] <janrinok> yes - sounds like a plan
[20:59:21] <LaminatorX> Co-ordinating posting/coverage, overseing training/quality/standards, facillitating with other working groups, speaking for the team/site in public.
[20:59:35] <janrinok> ^^^
[20:59:40] <mattie_p> need clear standards as far as what makes a good submission
[21:00:11] <janrinok> But I wouldn't want to dissuade someone from submitting just because the format isn't correct
[21:00:29] <janrinok> that's my job as ed, at the end of the day
[21:00:33] <LaminatorX> One more: filling in the gap if the team is short handed from time to time.
[21:00:46] <LaminatorX> Gotta step away for a bit. Back soon.
[21:00:52] <mattie_p> sure, go for it
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[21:01:02] <mattie_p> Life > soylentnews
[21:01:13] <mattie_p> janrinok true
[21:01:27] <mattie_p> but if we can get better submissions, that means less work for us though
[21:02:07] <janrinok> Certainly I have strong views about NOT copying stories from other sites or, if you offer a story to 2 sites, at least tell them both that you have done so.
[21:02:37] <Cactus_> Maybe a short paragraph explaining to submitters that the more they help us, the more we can help them
[21:03:04] <Cactus_> The better your summary, the more likely we'll post, and the quicker we can post.
[21:03:05] <mattie_p> Cactus_: ^
[21:03:15] <janrinok> I'm not sure how many people ever read the advice...?
[21:03:28] <Cactus_> Maybe even a link to the wiki showing a style guid, if they want to REALLY helpful.
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[21:03:47] <mrgirlpluggedout> What'd I miss? :)
[21:03:50] <Cactus_> Yeah, you are right Jan, a lot don't.
[21:04:00] <mattie_p> everything, you are the new overlord of editors :)
[21:04:11] <Cactus_> All hail Mr. Girl!
[21:04:17] <mattie_p> Brief parargraph on the submission page, with link to wiki?
[21:04:21] <janrinok> mrgirlpluggedout: only abou a page and a bit. you can back read in less than a minute
[21:04:46] <mrgirlpluggedout> I was disconnected for at least a good 15 minutes.
[21:04:53] <mattie_p> right now it says this: Here is where you can submit a story for the SoylentNews Editors to peer at it, poke it with a stick, and perhaps post it for all to share and enjoy. It is very important that you write a clear simple subject, and include relevant links in your story. If you wish to be anonymous, feel free to leave the identifying fields blank. Anonymity has no effect on whether we will accept or reject the story.
[21:04:53] <mrgirlpluggedout> I suppose I ghosted for a while.
[21:05:10] <Cactus_> Just a normal "Thank you for submitting to Soylent News! To assist us with ......"
[21:07:02] <Cactus_> I suppose that paragraph is valid enough.
[21:08:02] <mattie_p> Not really, I think
[21:08:28] <mattie_p> Maybe an example? to make it easier?
[21:08:48] <Cactus_> I like the part about anonymity. Should probably leave that in if we rewrite
[21:09:16] <Cactus_> If it's too long, it's more likely to just be ignored.
[21:09:35] <janrinok> Well, some people do not use HTML bacause its not the way most people actually write. If we frighten them off with lots of markup examples I don't think that is any help.
[21:11:34] <janrinok> A title, good original-source links, and as well written as the submitter is able to do. Original material or subjects an extra bonus. We have had some good ones today.
[21:11:38] <mrgirlpluggedout> We should minimize the difficulty in submitting. HTML is an unnecessary hurdle, imo.
[21:12:20] <janrinok> Unless we provide an intelligent editor for the submitter to use?
[21:12:40] <janrinok> Much of the mark-up we do could be automated.
[21:12:58] <mattie_p> yeah, Rich-text editor is a frequent suggestion
[21:13:08] <mrgirlpluggedout> Good idea.
[21:13:33] <janrinok> But at the end of the day I'll take what we have if I must.
[21:13:53] <janrinok> The content is far more important than the format.
[21:13:55] <Cactus_> Yeah. It's minimal html we need to do anyway.
[21:14:56] <mattie_p> true, anyone can pick up the html we use in a day, probably no more than an hour
[21:15:40] <Cactus_> Oh, mattie_p, do you know what LamX was talking about with regards to using CSS?
[21:16:39] <mattie_p> I don't think the intent is that we use css
[21:16:51] <mattie_p> just that we standardize what we want submissions to look like
[21:16:59] <mattie_p> then pass it on to frontend/dev
[21:17:00] <mrgirlpluggedout> mattie_p, never underestimate the difficulty some people have with simple markup.
[21:17:12] <janrinok> Cactus_: I think it is something that is still be discussed, perhaps with mrcoolbp?
[21:17:18] <janrinok> being*
[21:17:27] LaminatorX|afk is now known as LaminatorX
[21:17:43] <Cactus_> Oh, ok. good.
[21:17:55] <mattie_p> they create the css for our posts, so we have to do less formatting ourselves
[21:18:02] <LaminatorX> Mrcoolbp and I did discuss CSS formatting tags for editor use.
[21:18:03] <Cactus_> Yarr, THAT sounds good.
[21:18:32] <mattie_p> yeah, I brought it up a while ago
[21:18:38] <LaminatorX> Some of which are to be predone as part of the submission's perlwash.
[21:18:39] <mattie_p> back when I had no time to address it
[21:18:51] <janrinok> lol
[21:19:05] <janrinok> brb
[21:19:10] <mattie_p> yeah, that is part of the problem and needs to be solved
[21:19:21] <mattie_p> we need to provide a recommendation to them on how to fix it
[21:19:49] <LaminatorX> like instead of having to do <p>Some Submitter writes:</p><p>, we would just have <byline>Some Submitter</byline>
[21:20:39] <mattie_p> and that would be done automatically
[21:20:40] <LaminatorX> And the resulting article would display something like "From member Some Submitter:"
[21:21:16] <mattie_p> I like that idea, as we should be endorsing our community, where our names appear in the byline instead of theirs right now
[21:21:55] <LaminatorX> I was imagining this would be in the message body where "Some Submitter writes:" is going now.
[21:22:10] <janrinok> An alternative is to link to the user's page on Soylent if it exists?
[21:22:40] <mattie_p> well, if we standardize, we could ensure our RSS scrapes it, and then our bots advertise our users, rather than the editors
[21:23:21] <LaminatorX> That's also the idea behind giving the submitter a line at the top rather than Some Submitter writes: "lorem ipsem dolor et.."
[21:24:54] <LaminatorX> I was going to write up some samples for mrcoolbp this morning, but instead ended up copyediting NCommander.
[21:25:06] <mattie_p> someone the other day had the recommendation to allow submitters to suggest departments
[21:25:19] <mattie_p> or was it auto-suggest departments?
[21:25:22] <mattie_p> maybe both
[21:25:38] <Cactus_> I've seen people write a dept suggestion in the summary
[21:25:46] <mrgirlpluggedout> Same.
[21:26:01] <mattie_p> its not mandatory though, if we gave them the field it might help
[21:26:04] <janrinok> I'd value that - it is not something that I find particularly easy.
[21:26:10] <LaminatorX> Me too. I like us doing it, but if a submitter has a suggestion I take it seriously.
[21:26:42] <LaminatorX> Really, it's the reward for editing, at least for me.
[21:26:51] <janrinok> horses for courses
[21:27:04] <mattie_p> Anyway, our overlord needs to be making these suggestions to dev
[21:27:17] <mattie_p> That's another thing needed
[21:27:24] <mattie_p> finding ways to make our job easier
[21:27:32] <mattie_p> and pushing those changes through
[21:27:53] <mrgirlpluggedout> A short description of some departments, e.g. techonomics and /dev/random, will help.
[21:27:55] <Cactus_> Ok, going to come out and say it. - Is there any reason mattie_p or LaminatorX shouldn't be heading the editor dept?
[21:28:03] <mattie_p> like, for example, warning editor when department is blank
[21:28:15] <janrinok> lol
[21:28:17] <mattie_p> I would defer to LaminatorX, I've been too involved in other aspects
[21:28:29] <mattie_p> and my editing, frankly, is the worst of the bunch here, I think
[21:28:30] <janrinok> I'm happy with either
[21:28:56] <mrgirlpluggedout> Both of you have my voice.
[21:29:06] <mattie_p> I did warn everyone not to put down their pitchforks, I think
[21:29:07] <mrgirlpluggedout> Vote.
[21:29:17] <mattie_p> OK, lets vote.
[21:29:23] <janrinok> LaminatorX: look away now,. LaminatorX has been excellent at guiding me along and pointing me the right direction. He would be and excellent choice, but only if he wanted the post.
[21:29:25] <mattie_p> mod up the person of choice
[21:29:29] <Cactus_> I vote we get you both together for a stone circle death match
[21:29:32] <mattie_p> assuming they want it
[21:29:47] <mattie_p> I think bender takes karma here:
[21:29:53] <mattie_p> bacon++
[21:29:53] <Bender> karma - bacon: 1
[21:29:56] <mattie_p> yup
[21:29:56] <janrinok> LaminatorX++
[21:29:56] <Bender> karma - laminatorx: 1
[21:30:03] <mrgirlpluggedout> I didn't ask to vote, I was correcting my previous messgage
[21:30:11] <Cactus_> lol
[21:30:14] <LaminatorX> Would we get the fight music from old Star trek?
[21:30:16] <mrgirlpluggedout> "Both of you have my vote"
[21:30:51] <Cactus_> Would either of you NOT want the post?
[21:31:17] <mrgirlpluggedout> Kodos++
[21:31:17] <Bender> karma - kodos: 1
[21:31:25] <Cactus_> You'd have to edit less, and yell at us and Ncomm more.
[21:31:46] <mattie_p> I'd prefer not to. I won't refuse, but I'm involved in just about everything on the site, recent overthrow not-withstanding
[21:31:58] <mattie_p> I already yell at NCommander, so I guess I qualify on those grounds
[21:32:01] paulej72_afk is now known as paulej72
[21:32:41] <Cactus_> And if we were to endorse you for editor lead, Dopefish might be an issue.
[21:32:53] <Cactus_> Or he might not care, I dunno
[21:33:00] <janrinok> I take it we have decided that DF cannot fulfill the role
[21:33:10] <janrinok> Cactus_: beat me to it
[21:33:15] <Cactus_> And I suppose Ncommander would have like it, too
[21:33:31] <mattie_p> I can sell NCommander on whatever the consensus is
[21:33:43] <mattie_p> please trust me on that
[21:33:58] <LaminatorX> I would be willing to accept the grouchy newspaperman's visor or whatever the EiC's symbol of office is, pending confirmation from upper management.
[21:34:01] <janrinok> LaminatorX: you are very quiet at the moment....
[21:34:29] <mattie_p> Cactus, you good with LaminatorX?
[21:34:45] <mattie_p> mrgirlpluggedout already endorsed.
[21:34:47] <Cactus_> Sure.
[21:34:51] <mattie_p> good
[21:34:58] <mattie_p> since I already deferred, its unanimous
[21:35:04] <Cactus_> Huzzah!
[21:35:27] <Cactus_> So, where does that leave us come Saturday?
[21:35:36] <janrinok> there are a lot of dead and newly created kings around this last few days.....
[21:35:45] <LaminatorX> Thank you for your trust everyone. I'll endeavor to keep earining it.
[21:35:54] <Cactus_> Rervolution is like that.
[21:35:56] <mrgirlpluggedout> I endorsed no one in particular!
[21:36:07] <Cactus_> Revolution*
[21:36:11] <mrgirlpluggedout> But I support this coup d'etat
[21:36:42] <LaminatorX> I'm happy for Dopefish to continue to be involved to the extent that he's able.
[21:36:50] <mattie_p> mrgirlpluggedout, by endorsing both, you endorsed LaminatorX
[21:37:24] <janrinok> mrgirlpluggedout: its like a EULA - gotta read the small print
[21:37:36] <mrgirlpluggedout> My god, what have I done?!
[21:38:24] <mrgirlpluggedout> But I got my camel to click on "I agree". That's not legally binding in my village.
[21:38:26] <LaminatorX> I don't forsee a problem with NCommander, I kind of got the IRC overthrow ball rolling the other night. (Sorry you had to field the first wave of the, mattie_p)
[21:39:13] <mattie_p> LaminatorX, its totally fine. Apparently I'm still very influential, and will continue to be driving at least part of the show
[21:39:25] <Cactus_> I don't see why NC would mind, unless he already had plans laid.
[21:39:27] <mattie_p> my luster was not tarnished as a result of this
[21:39:37] <mattie_p> Nope, and even if it was I can sell it
[21:39:47] <janrinok> on ebay
[21:39:51] <LaminatorX> Nobodt thought you were the problem.
[21:40:30] <mattie_p> Oh, I know that.
[21:40:34] <LaminatorX> OK, so I need to do my actual job in a little bit. But let's toss some things out.
[21:41:03] <mattie_p> But I was tied to the Barrabas administration, for good or for ill
[21:41:07] <janrinok> Without wanting to poke a hornets' nest - how many _active_ eds have we got at the moment?
[21:41:25] <mrgirlpluggedout> Count me in, as I'm working on a story atm.
[21:41:27] <janrinok> mattie_p: its not a problem. You are preaching to the converted
[21:41:28] <mattie_p> Laminator, Cactus, janrinok, mrgirlpluggedout
[21:41:44] <mattie_p> I'm still an editor, officially, but haven't been practicing
[21:41:51] <Cactus_> And Dope
[21:41:52] <LaminatorX> mrgirlpluggedout, as our resident schollar, would you be willing to post some style suggestions for reserencing sites, articles, films, and such to the Content section of the forum?
[21:41:56] <Cactus_> ish
[21:42:36] <janrinok> LaminatorX: I think he is editing
[21:42:37] <mrgirlpluggedout> LaminatorX, sure thing. I'll write something tomorrow. I was already composing something in my head.
[21:43:11] <LaminatorX> I'll continue editing regularly until we can staff up a bit.
[21:43:27] <mrgirlpluggedout> I've been missing a few hours of sleep this week, and I'm pretty much zombiefied atm.
[21:43:29] <LaminatorX> Cactus_, what other projects are you involved in?
[21:44:25] <Cactus_> Now, nothing.
[21:44:35] <janrinok> brb
[21:44:38] <Cactus_> Pending forums status now, I guess
[21:44:53] <Cactus_> I'm going back to editing full tim
[21:44:54] <Cactus_> e
[21:46:11] <LaminatorX> Great, we could use it. I'm theoretically in Forums too, but should probably bow out. (Not that I did much in Forums except ban a spammer and get MrGirl signed up).
[21:46:22] <mattie_p> yeah, depending on how things shake out, forums might be leaving soon
[21:46:56] <Cactus_> Yeah, just waiting to see what happens with that stuff
[21:47:22] <LaminatorX> What's everyone's time like as far as coverage?
[21:47:35] <mrgirlpluggedout> As was mentioned in NCommander's posts, there are too many comm venues atm.
[21:47:47] <Cactus_> yup
[21:48:16] <Cactus_> I'm PST - I can run an article or three depends on the day during my work day
[21:48:18] <LaminatorX> Right. I wish the forums got more use. If they go away, the'll need to be replaced with something persistant.
[21:48:22] <Cactus_> and a few more in the evening.
[21:48:38] <Cactus_> LaminatorX: I agree.
[21:49:04] <LaminatorX> That more or less plugs out biggest gap, (formerly known as Dopefish's shift).
[21:49:08] <Cactus_> I'm usually home and doing nothing of importance on the weekends too now.
[21:49:58] <LaminatorX> I like what we started with the weekend coverage thread on the Forum. Weekends will vary widely for us all, no doubt, but if we co-ordinate in advance, then we should be able to keep things humming.
[21:50:05] <Cactus_> I AM going to be out of town on a family vacation at the end of this month.
[21:50:11] <LaminatorX> See, like that.
[21:50:35] <LaminatorX> Be sure to note that in the Weekend Coverage thread, please.
[21:50:42] <Cactus_> Will do
[21:50:57] <mattie_p> well, team, I got a quick date with my wife in a few hours
[21:51:09] <mattie_p> thanks for coming up with a consensus
[21:51:15] <LaminatorX> Have fun. :) Thanks for kicking this off.
[21:51:21] <mattie_p> You want me to let Dopefish know?
[21:51:27] <Cactus_> Have a good one, mattie_p
[21:51:45] <LaminatorX> mrgirlpluggedout, what's your time like again?
[21:52:12] <LaminatorX> That's probably best. Either you or NCommander.
[21:52:28] <mrgirlpluggedout> Roughly 0600-0800 UTC and/or 2000-2200 UTC.
[21:52:32] <mattie_p> I don't know NCommander's schedule
[21:52:36] <janrinok> I can be on between 1430 and 2200 UTC, but not continuously. I have to look after my wife at the same time, including make meals etc
[21:52:40] <mattie_p> so I'll email him and cc NCommander
[21:52:55] <mattie_p> I already announced in #staff
[21:52:56] <Cactus_> I don't think NCommander HAS a set schedule
[21:53:23] <mattie_p> well, he's in China now, so I have to do the time zone conversion, and I don't know when he will wake up
[21:53:27] <mattie_p> he idles a lot
[21:53:40] <Cactus_> I don't think it needs to be continuous, janrinok.
[21:53:47] <mrgirlpluggedout> On most days, I usually have the option of editing in other hours as well, about 11-13 UTC.
[21:55:13] <LaminatorX> I already knew when you were around Janrinok :)
[21:55:23] <janrinok> lol
[21:55:24] <mrgirlpluggedout> But I should always be available at 06-08.
[21:55:42] <LaminatorX> That's great, MrG.
[21:56:03] <LaminatorX> That's late-nite for most of us.
[21:56:47] <mrgirlpluggedout> Surprisingly, I have my wife's support for over-extending myself yet again.
[21:57:04] <mrgirlpluggedout> Yes, I have a wife. Some of the mystery has already begun to fade.
[21:57:29] <LaminatorX> :)
[21:57:47] <mattie_p> speaking of wives,it is date time now with my wife. And then I need to get the kids, so see you all in a few
[21:58:03] <mrgirlpluggedout> Have fun and take care
[21:58:09] <Cactus_> Later, mattie_p
[21:58:36] <janrinok> cu
[21:59:06] <LaminatorX> Alright, let's try to keep posts queued about four hours out any time you sign off, to have a buffer for the next editor to rotate in.
[21:59:32] <LaminatorX> Unless you can hand-off live.
[22:00:11] <LaminatorX> I'll keep posting stuff when I get in to work in the morning.
[22:01:29] <LaminatorX> And check in regularly at other times to catch any gaps.
[22:02:07] <LaminatorX> (which you all should feel free to do whenever you feel like it. :) )
[22:02:41] <LaminatorX> Are there any things in particular you wish to ask of me, at this point?
[22:02:45] <Cactus_> Will do
[22:02:55] <Cactus_> What about those 1st three subs in the queue?
[22:02:58] <Cactus_> Can we can those?
[22:03:33] <janrinok> I guess so - they were old regime anyway
[22:03:45] <LaminatorX> Sure.
[22:04:00] <janrinok> Cactus_: after you...
[22:04:03] <LaminatorX> I've held the religeon one. That needs careful handling.
[22:04:08] <Cactus_> Aaaaaand they are gone!
[22:04:38] <LaminatorX> Building understanding: Good, Starting giant flamewar:Bad.
[22:05:27] <Cactus_> Which?
[22:05:37] <Cactus_> We have one in "Hold" a dupe from late feb
[22:06:06] <LaminatorX> "Ask SN? Social environment of SN " is about religous tolerance on the site.
[22:06:12] <Cactus_> oooh
[22:06:29] <LaminatorX> Not necessarily off limits, but needs very careful consideration.
[22:07:22] <Cactus_> Actually - I think that will be a good thing to ask.
[22:07:42] <Cactus_> It'll have the people chime in who DON'T immediately jump to bashing.
[22:07:59] <LaminatorX> Anything else you need from me immediately? Dayjob is calling my name.
[22:08:07] <Cactus_> Not I
[22:08:41] <janrinok> no - go earn a crust
[22:09:02] <janrinok> I'm happy with the outcome here
[22:09:21] <Cactus_> Yarr.
[22:09:33] <Cactus_> Getting somewhere, instead of stagnating.
[22:09:39] <LaminatorX> MMmm. Crust.
[22:09:42] <janrinok> Cactus_: that sounds very pirate'ish
[22:10:09] <Cactus_> Yeah, I say that a lot.
[22:10:30] <Cactus_> I type like I speak, and a speak like a drok.
[22:10:34] <Cactus_> dork*
[22:10:37] <janrinok> lol
[22:10:47] <janrinok> the world needs droks - I think
[22:11:46] <LaminatorX> Alright. Catchyoulater then. I'll get an IRC todo later tonight like all the cool managers, start reaching out to the other managers, and start recruiting a couple more editors. If anyone thinks some candidates in the application thread are compelling, feel free to bring them to my attention.
[22:12:07] <janrinok> ok cu
[22:12:07] <LaminatorX> Thank you again for your trust and hard work. GO TEAM!
[22:12:15] <Cactus_> Later, LaminatorX
[22:12:42] -!- LaminatorX has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[22:13:02] <janrinok> well, I've been on here for 7 hours - I think I'd better call it a day
[22:13:11] <janrinok> cheers guys, until tomorrow.
[22:14:20] <Cactus_> Have a good one, janrinok
[22:17:35] <mrgirlpluggedout> G'night
[22:17:57] <mrgirlpluggedout> Is the application thread on the forums?
[22:19:25] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: leaving]
[22:23:29] <Cactus_> Can you see the Editors forum, mrgirlpluggedout
[22:23:51] <mrgirlpluggedout> I see code, style, and content.
[22:24:35] <Cactus_> Ok, there is an Editors board between Art and Story Meta-Discussion.
[22:24:49] <Cactus_> It was locked down somehow, lemme see if I can get you in to that group
[22:25:29] <Cactus_> Do you have a forum log-in?
[22:26:57] <Cactus_> nm, found you
[22:28:25] martyb is now known as martyb_afk
[22:29:58] <Cactus_> Have you added yourself to the Editor group in your user panel?
[22:31:28] <mrgirlpluggedout> Sorry, was afk.
[22:31:30] <mrgirlpluggedout> Lemme check.
[22:33:33] <mrgirlpluggedout> Where do I find it in the user panel?
[22:34:02] <Cactus_> Well, let us see here.
[22:34:23] <Cactus_> User Control Panel --> Usergroups
[22:35:41] <mrgirlpluggedout> Yeah, I looked there.
[22:36:11] <mrgirlpluggedout> I see Content, Newly Registered, Registered, Code, Style, System, and that's it.
[22:36:41] <Cactus_> Oh, wow. Looking at the Ed group, we only have 3 people.
[22:36:49] <Cactus_> I think I can manually add you
[22:37:43] <Cactus_> Refresh the top level directory
[22:38:31] <mrgirlpluggedout> Hooray.
[22:38:33] <mrgirlpluggedout> Thanks
[22:38:35] <Cactus_> Huzzah!
[22:38:37] <Cactus_> No problem.
[22:39:01] <mrgirlpluggedout> whycome I didn't know this existed!
[22:39:03] <Cactus_> It has mostly been a copy-paste of the early editor submissions.
[22:39:06] <mrgirlpluggedout> I feel left out.
[22:39:13] <Cactus_> Because no one uses the forums =/
[22:39:40] <Cactus_> Also, Mattie, LamX and myself were the only ones in the group. I guess Dope wasn't even there.
[22:40:54] <Cactus_> Might as well add Janrin while I'm here.
[23:06:48] -!- mrgirlpluggedout has quit [Quit: Soylent News: It Varies from Person to Person.]
[23:11:57] -!- Cactus_ has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
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