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[15:46:42] <LaminatorX> I was hoping it would be more Magna Carta and less English Civil War. I think we landed somewhere in between.
[15:46:59] <janrinok> Lol - good analogy though
[15:49:08] <janrinok> What is today's policy? One story and hour / post when ready / play it by ear?
[15:51:28] <LaminatorX> I'm thinking play it by ear. I think that for the moment, our previous post to be a minimum, but post more when we can. It looks like it's just you and I as far as active editors go at the moment. Hopefully GwwPO and Dopefish will perk back up.
[15:52:04] <janrinok> No problem - I'm part way through my first already
[15:52:40] <janrinok> I often find the Dept field the hardest to fill....
[15:53:17] <LaminatorX> Here's the submission data:
[15:53:19] <LaminatorX> 2014-02-26: 23 2014-02-27: 26 2014-02-28: 19 2014-03-01: 8 2014-03-02: 7 2014-03-03: 23 2014-03-04: 27
[15:53:57] <LaminatorX> So the most we could sustain at the moment seems to be averaging two stories an hour, and that's if they're all good.
[15:54:54] <janrinok> OK, I'll aim for at least 1 per hour and sooner if its a particularly good or currentg topic
[15:56:30] <LaminatorX> Have you noticed how I've been framing AnonTechie's stuff? He's prolific and sends us good material, but we need to make it clear what his words are vs what's from the srticle.
[15:57:03] <LaminatorX> Often times he just submits a quote and a link.
[15:57:16] <janrinok> Yes, its all copy pasta but interesting stuff. I tried to follow your example yesterday. I may have missed one or two though.
[15:57:33] <LaminatorX> Good.
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[15:58:31] <xlefay> Hi :D
[15:58:36] <janrinok> xlefay: hi how are you#
[15:58:39] <LaminatorX> Hi there.
[15:58:41] * xlefay was checking whether Loggie's working properly and noticed
[15:58:46] <xlefay> http://logs.sylnt.us :)
[15:58:50] <xlefay> I'm good, how about you?
[15:58:50] <janrinok> we noticed it
[15:58:58] <janrinok> good but tired
[15:59:02] <xlefay> Sorry about that little /quit issue
[15:59:07] <janrinok> lol
[15:59:11] <LaminatorX> No worries.
[15:59:17] <xlefay> aah I see, only slept a few hours myself so I understand ;)
[15:59:31] <xlefay> I noticed: [15:52:40] <janrinok> I often find the Dept field the hardest to fill....
[15:59:52] <xlefay> Perhaps long-term it'd be an interesting project to have an automated tool go through submissions and try to make suggestions?
[16:00:20] <janrinok> I feel the cold gaze of Big Brother over my shoulder. ;)
[16:00:32] <janrinok> I will be replaced by a bot!
[16:01:01] <xlefay> haha "suggestions" being the operative word here :p
[16:01:06] <LaminatorX> I enjoy writing them, but I'm not going to claim I can pull of a dozen good ones in a row.
[16:01:48] <xlefay> It'd be cool I suppose, once whatever is written parses through hundreds of stories with "good" as you'd say depts :P just putting the thought out here, too high level math for me tho :)
[16:02:47] <xlefay> anyway I gotta move on to the next thing on my list ;) Sorry to interrupt your conversation (and really, don't mind big brother!)
[16:02:47] <janrinok> I'll stick with what I know for the time being, thx
[16:02:56] <janrinok> cu
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[16:06:23] <janrinok> Do you mind if I delete some of the older stories?
[16:16:26] <mattie_p> got for it
[16:16:30] <mattie_p> *go
[16:16:42] <janrinok> ok
[16:17:31] <mattie_p> that conversation about dept made me realize the story I posted didn't have one
[16:17:37] <janrinok> lolol
[16:19:23] <janrinok> it's good to have you back here mattie_p, even if it is only until they find a more appropriate managerial role for you. And your story was checked according to my display....
[16:20:29] <mattie_p> Yeah, LaminatorX checked it
[16:20:45] <mattie_p> I was kind of in a tough spot as manager
[16:21:09] <mattie_p> NCommander knows the full story of it
[16:21:10] <janrinok> lol. Two of my heroes are slightly tarnished forever!
[16:21:35] <mattie_p> whatever, I'll have more screwups as well, might as well get used to it
[16:22:11] <janrinok> mattie_p: I know. and I sympathise. You couldn't win and its was mentioned in several 'off-record' conversations before yesterday evening.
[16:23:00] <mattie_p> Thing is, I don't need to "win." The site should win.
[16:23:15] <mattie_p> I was just doing my thing, if its not working then its not working
[16:25:15] <janrinok> mattie_p: don't worry mate, everything is cool. Nobody is criticising you in the slightest - in fact, I've only heard praise for what you did.
[16:29:06] <mattie_p> deleting a couple stories myself
[16:30:59] <mattie_p> back in a few, we got more snow last night and need to shovel us out. again
[16:31:13] <janrinok> good luck
[17:32:06] <janrinok> Must go and make the evening meal. back in an hour or 2.
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[19:42:47] <LaminatorX> I'll mind the shop.
[19:43:27] <janrinok> OK, I'm just editing the next one now
[19:45:13] <LaminatorX> Hey mattie_p, has Dopefish been in contact with you re his availability?
[20:09:14] <LaminatorX> Oh hey, he just posted a couple of stories.
[20:29:17] <LaminatorX> I'm tightening up his times. He's still doing like 2hrs apart.
[20:29:39] <LaminatorX> Glad he's posting though.
[20:31:56] <janrinok> I'm pausing for a while. How's things here?
[20:32:57] <LaminatorX> Lookin good.
[20:33:10] <janrinok> I thought everyone had gone then
[20:33:27] <janrinok> I have the same effect at parties.
[20:34:05] <janrinok> At the new posting rate we are going to need an increase in the submissions :)
[20:35:23] <LaminatorX> We'll see how that works out.
[20:36:21] <LaminatorX> Nice framing piece on Anon Techie. I'm hoing to change that to a <blockquote> instead of " on the latter part though.
[20:36:59] <janrinok> AnonTechie is prolific providing I remember what we discussed earlier - but no problem with the change you propose. I'll look at it as soon as you have finished.
[20:41:35] <stderr> In http://soylentnews.org the topic says "every" while the summary says "virtually all". That's not the same and should probably be fixed before the story goes public.
[20:42:18] <stderr> BTW: Nice to see that the "firehose" is a lot shorter than it used to be. Good work!
[20:42:46] <janrinok> ur welcome - but we will need more submissions now!
[20:44:25] <LaminatorX> Thanks.
[20:44:31] <stderr> I'll post something as soon as I find something...
[20:45:39] <janrinok> LaminatorX: That looks better, thx
[20:45:45] <stderr> Maybe it's just me, but in http://soylentnews.org the ""'s seems very distracting compared to regular "-"'s...
[20:47:03] <janrinok> stderr: I would change that during editing, but that might just be my preference.
[20:52:46] <LaminatorX> according to stats.pl we seem to get around two dozen submissions most days. Fewer on the weekends.
[20:54:12] <janrinok> Should be enough if they are all good ones.
[20:55:03] <n1> i'll try to submit on weekends ;)
[20:55:23] <janrinok> n1: and very welcome they will be thx
[20:55:28] <LaminatorX> If we keep at it like this, we'll have some days where we exhaust the pool by late USA afternoon. . That's not necessarily a deal breaker, but it's something to be aware of.
[20:55:46] <LaminatorX> That'd be great, n1.
[20:55:55] <n1> the 24hr cycle is hard to keep, if you're trying to keep relevant and not annoy people
[20:56:09] <n1> because there is only so much news, especially in the limited scope some people want
[20:56:25] <janrinok> That's not a problem for Europe, it will be evening time here.
[20:57:26] <LaminatorX> It may be that we want to ration out a little bit if the queue dips below 5 (decent) stories.
[20:57:38] <janrinok> Agreed
[20:58:17] <n1> looking back to the old site, my preference would be news for nerds & stuff that matters, and as much as you'll get complaints how stuff that matters isn't very techy/sciency, it creates more discussion than anything else
[20:58:24] <janrinok> There are a couple in the queue at present which I don't think should be there but I'm willing to wait to see in anyone else picks them up and can make something of them :)
[20:58:59] <n1> as manipulative as it can be, without clickbait, getting a good discussion going will be hard, if the submission leaves little room for debate.
[20:59:25] <mattie_p> which ones don't you like?
[20:59:45] <mattie_p> If Neither Laminator nor myself agree they should stay, lets just kill them
[20:59:47] <LaminatorX> I think about 70% solidly nerdy news, and the remainder a mix of stuff is a good balance.
[21:00:03] <n1> LaminatorX, i would agree to that ratio
[21:00:05] <janrinok> mattie_p: the last one - Automobile touch screens - looks like it simply goes to one man's blog.
[21:00:18] <mattie_p> yeah
[21:00:20] <LaminatorX> And a rambling blog at that.
[21:00:20] <mattie_p> kill that one
[21:00:30] <mattie_p> his comments are all rambling as well
[21:00:56] <n1> other stuff should have a place, stuff that matters, as comment sections are pretty tarrible elsewhere. there arn't any/many places to get informative or insightful opinions on such matters
[21:01:04] <LaminatorX> One of Barrabas's better ideas was adding more ability to give feedback when we kill a submission.
[21:01:09] <mattie_p> http://soylentnews.org
[21:01:25] <janrinok> And the other - which might be a US thing - is the FiveThirtyEight story. _We_ know how long it can take to get something organised. I don't think a news company will be any different
[21:01:43] <mattie_p> yeah, but I don't think that story mattered
[21:01:52] <LaminatorX> Perhaps even going so far as to give notes for a revised submission we might accept.
[21:01:55] <mattie_p> I like 538, and Nate Silva in general
[21:02:15] <mattie_p> Maybe someone can email the submitter to try again with more info?
[21:02:19] <LaminatorX> The link in the 538 story basically aswers all the questions he poses in the summary.
[21:02:24] <n1> what is this 538 story?
[21:02:38] <mattie_p> err, not info, analysis
[21:02:55] <stderr> n1: http://soylentnews.org
[21:03:03] <janrinok> Just that it seems to not have been updated recently and the submitter is asking does anyone know why?
[21:04:05] <n1> 'cus shits complicated
[21:04:06] <janrinok> As I had never heard of 538, and even less do I know its status, I was staying away from that one.
[21:04:15] <janrinok> n1: lol
[21:04:20] <n1> doesnt seem post worthy in my opinion
[21:04:39] <n1> based on there was over 10 days between the last activity on the website, and their subject matter doesnt lend to daily updates
[21:04:43] <mattie_p> Yeah, not in its current state
[21:04:54] <mattie_p> Now, if we could interview Nate
[21:04:58] <mattie_p> that might be a story
[21:04:59] <n1> yeah
[21:05:03] <n1> agreed
[21:05:20] <janrinok> just point mattie_p in the right direction and watch him go....
[21:05:27] <mattie_p> He started life as a sabermetrician (invents new statistics for use in baseball)
[21:05:39] <stderr> From the link in the submission: "Send us a note at 538FREELANCE AT GMAIL DOT COM."... Why not just write to that email address and ask what's up with the site?
[21:05:42] <janrinok> I'm glad you explained that
[21:05:43] <mattie_p> before turning into an election prediction guru
[21:05:43] <stderr> Lame story is lame!
[21:06:02] <n1> im not sure what's worse
[21:06:14] <n1> statistics in baseball or elections...
[21:06:37] <janrinok> same - same
[21:07:05] <janrinok> One can change your life, and the other is an election
[21:07:10] <n1> hahah
[21:07:16] <n1> nice
[21:07:32] <n1> going to a baseball game changed my life thats for sure...
[21:07:39] <janrinok> go on ...
[21:08:04] <n1> probably the most mind numbing and tedious experience ive had on a vacation, aside from being stuck in airports.
[21:08:10] <janrinok> lol
[21:08:14] <n1> getting to witness how it works, for the spectators
[21:08:21] <janrinok> that was NOT what I was expecting
[21:08:30] <n1> heh
[21:08:44] <n1> im not a sports person
[21:08:49] <n1> but that really pushed my limits
[21:09:12] <n1> impossibly slow pace, and the only way the spectators seem to get through it is with a constant stream of booze and food
[21:09:18] <n1> and talking about the statistics displayed on the big screen
[21:09:32] <mattie_p> my kids go to games for the food, too
[21:09:32] <n1> because there's only action on the field for a few seconds every few minutes
[21:09:55] <n1> not snacking or boozing, just trying to watch this great american past time
[21:10:14] <n1> lost any kind of magic for me, that i was missing out on something
[21:10:45] <mattie_p> you missed out on the opportunity to snack and booze at vastly marked up prices
[21:10:49] <n1> much the same as my attempts at NFL and College football, watching it on TV this time.
[21:10:54] * janrinok makes note to avoid going to a baseball game
[21:10:58] <n1> and there's the fact it goes on for what, 6 hours?
[21:11:12] <mattie_p> Average game is just over 2:30, usually
[21:11:24] <mattie_p> just seems like 6
[21:11:27] <n1> well it felt like a lot longer that we even left half way through
[21:11:27] * janrinok adds NFL to his growing list of things to miss
[21:11:35] <n1> with like 3 runs on the scoreboard
[21:11:36] <LaminatorX> I live in St. Louis. The culture and vibe at Busch Stadium may get overhyped in the press, but there is something magical there.
[21:11:40] <n1> or what ever they're called
[21:12:04] <n1> the culture and the vibe in these things cant be disputed
[21:12:12] <n1> what it's based around though, just bores me to death
[21:12:28] <n1> you have to create that culture and vibe, because the sport itself isnt very engaging
[21:13:30] <n1> only sport i have time for is AFL (australian rules football)
[21:21:04] <janrinok> Sorry, I was away looking at how today's stories are goin down.
[21:24:01] <LaminatorX> baseball is certainly slow paced compared to many other sports.
[21:24:29] <janrinok> Are you an avid supporter of yyour local team?
[21:24:56] <LaminatorX> I enjoy the way that tension builds up in that time space, drama. But it's not to everyone's taste.
[21:25:36] <janrinok> I take it that n1's description was on the pessimistic side of the opinion divide?
[21:26:03] <LaminatorX> Avid might be strong, but I keep up, go to a couple of games a year, and the whole family gathers around when there're post season games on.
[21:26:08] <n1> I find it hard to accept the idea of tension building when it's such a slow pace, and because the way its played it doesnt gain momentum in the way I expect sports to.
[21:26:16] <n1> The world would be a very boring place if we all liked the same things though.
[21:26:30] <janrinok> Oh very true.
[21:26:35] <LaminatorX> Indeed. :)
[21:27:16] <n1> I'll go back to watching test match cricket :p
[21:27:26] <n1> that only takes 5 days for a draw.
[21:27:34] <LaminatorX> Now there's a fast game for you. ;)
[21:28:15] <janrinok> I used to enjoy long distance running, but that is certainly not a spectator sport unless its something like the olympics. Now that I cannot run those distances I have to get my pleasure from watching it on TV from time to time.
[21:28:19] <n1> I did enjoy seeing Twenty20 cricket though, which is the result of people not being engaged by the slow pace of test match cricket
[21:28:59] <janrinok> Well, being a Brit, I will avoid cricket discussions for this season.
[21:29:16] <n1> hah
[21:29:37] <n1> you know when you like cricket, when you can listen to the commentary on the radio as your weekend highlight
[21:29:48] <n1> i had to be there to enjoy twenty20
[21:30:06] <janrinok> I'll wait another decade until we do well again and then come out as a very vocal long-time fan.
[21:30:16] <n1> hahah
[21:30:18] <n1> nice
[21:30:29] <n1> much like the british olympics experience with athletics
[21:30:55] <janrinok> I enjoy watching rugby - that is not usually described as a slow game..
[21:31:31] <n1> rugby is OK, thats why i like AFL, it has a similar style to rugby but is faster again
[21:31:51] <n1> and the rules seem a bit less arbitrary
[21:32:10] <janrinok> similar style but I can't say I noticed any rules...?
[21:32:19] <n1> lol
[21:32:39] <n1> you cant stomp on peoples faces or pull their shirts
[21:32:42] <janrinok> Unless maiming is actually specified in the rules somewhere
[21:33:00] <janrinok> you're not _supposed_ to..
[21:33:30] <n1> accidents happen :p
[21:33:46] <n1> oh, and you can only run a certain distance before you have to bounce or pass the ball
[21:33:48] <janrinok> Mind you there are things that go on in a rugby scrum which are not exactly in accord with the rule book.
[21:34:03] <LaminatorX> My last name is a little town in Germany, and they founded a handball club there the year I was born. One of my goals in life is to get one of their jerseys.
[21:34:27] <janrinok> A worthy goal, I feel.
[21:34:31] <n1> i think the same applies in all sports, janrinok
[21:35:06] <LaminatorX> http://sggl.de
[21:35:06] <n1> you're not supposed to take a dive in football/soccer, and roll on the ground like a little girl
[21:35:08] <janrinok> LaminatorX: were you still living there when the club formed or are you US born and bred?
[21:35:09] <n1> but they do it all the fucking time
[21:35:46] <LaminatorX> Nah, my family's been here for a century or two, depending on the branch.
[21:36:16] <janrinok> I believe 'soccer' stars are overpaid and over-rated. You can't goad me with that.
[21:36:46] <n1> i agree, there's no way they're worth what they are paid
[21:37:22] <n1> but if you're a 'supporter' of the team, several million for a player who's hot this week
[21:37:24] <LaminatorX> I figure that if the money's there, I'd rather the players have it than the fatcats in the back office.
[21:37:28] <n1> is worth every penny of their money
[21:37:58] <n1> a lot of the time, especially with the new players
[21:38:04] <n1> it is the clubs that just move the money
[21:38:08] <n1> the players dont see much of it
[21:38:21] <janrinok> LaminatorX: Are you expecting any more editors to appear this evening, or should I start filling up tomorrow's story list?
[21:38:32] <LaminatorX> Fun fact: "SOCCer" is short for "aSOCCiation football" but nobody remembers.
[21:39:04] <n1> £85,000,000 for 'Gareth Bale' last year apparently
[21:39:14] <LaminatorX> Let's let it ride for now, janrinok.
[21:39:17] <n1> to transfer from tottenham to madrid
[21:39:22] <janrinok> K
[21:40:04] <LaminatorX> Hopefully DF or GwwPO will pop up again later, but if not, I'll queue up some things before I go to bed.
[21:40:23] <n1> i was interested in this; http://uk.reuters.com
[21:40:29] <n1> but i dont think there's enough substance to it
[21:40:40] <janrinok> If someone thinks he is worth it that's fine, but the weekly pay is obscene. And it seems wasted on some young drunk who wants a trophy wife and to crash a very expensive car.
[21:40:57] <LaminatorX> Everyone needs a dream.
[21:41:02] <janrinok> lol
[21:42:31] <n1> i dont understand what people even support when it comes to these 'teams'
[21:42:32] <janrinok> I've just looked at that article, perhaps it is just me but I think the undeveloped world needs a lot of other things before they get FB access.
[21:43:04] <n1> owned by a foreign businessman as vanity project, people on the team are at best from all over the country, more likely all over the world, and the only attatchment they have to the club is the financial compensation they're getting
[21:43:33] <janrinok> Well, coming from Manchester with 2 top quality teams it certainly keeps 98%+ of people entertained on a Saturday.
[21:43:54] <n1> entertainment different from the fanatics that the sport gets by the millions it seems
[21:44:09] <n1> the tribal brand of what ever sports team you follow
[21:44:50] <janrinok> Yes, I suppose it can be traced back to our ancestors' behaviour, one way or another.
[21:45:22] <n1> maybe lifes just not fun unless it's a competition, or you have a defined enemy to fight against, even in your spare time
[21:45:28] <n1> when you're not fighting against your boss or co-workers
[21:47:44] <LaminatorX> Manchester City and Chelsea played an exhibition game here last year. It was nuts.
[21:47:55] <janrinok> I note that GwwPO has just quit on the staff channel.
[21:48:00] <janrinok> Define 'nuts'
[21:48:31] <n1> i bet not as nuts as milwall-west ham
[21:48:44] <janrinok> lol - that's a match to avoid
[21:49:31] <n1> riot police in and out the stadium
[21:49:40] <n1> sent off to different train stations
[21:50:07] <janrinok> You'd think they were expecting trouble..
[21:50:44] <n1> no idea why
[21:50:55] <n1> it's only a game...
[21:51:15] <LaminatorX> Everybody plays soccer as a kid here, and the private school (what you would call public school) rivalries go on through generations, but we haven't had a pro team in 20 years. There was a lot of pent up demand.
[21:51:21] <janrinok> You realise that calling it 'only a game' would get you hung in some parts!
[21:51:54] <n1> heh
[21:52:15] <janrinok> LaminatorX: I thought Beckham was buy a club to bring you the pleasures of our national sport!
[21:52:22] <janrinok> buying*
[21:52:42] <LaminatorX> There has been chatter to that effect.
[21:53:06] <LaminatorX> It would be welcome.
[21:53:08] <janrinok> And to be fair the US did well in the olympics soccer.
[21:54:26] <LaminatorX> We have our moments, on occasion. Our womens' team actually gets more attention here, what with the frequent winning.
[21:54:50] <n1> "soccer was invented by european ladies to keep them busy while their husbands did the cooking" - Hank Hill (King of the Hill)
[21:55:00] <janrinok> I wondered where that one was going for a moment
[21:55:32] <n1> it just seems like the rest of the world decided on a sport, to play against each other
[21:55:42] <n1> and the USA just went, USA USA USA NFL!
[21:55:59] <n1> i guess playing the same sport as everyone else would be communist :p
[21:56:38] <janrinok> I must laugh from time to time when I hear the term 'World Series' - which is all America apparently.
[21:56:59] <LaminatorX> It is odd. Our size and geographic isolation allows for a lot of insularity.
[21:57:00] <n1> yeah, me too
[21:57:20] <n1> weird that baseball didnt really take off anywhere, except the USA, Cuba and Japan
[21:57:28] <LaminatorX> Hey, there are totally canadian teams in the league (that never make the post season).
[21:57:35] <n1> and obviously playing the Cubans would be a bit problematic
[21:57:47] <LaminatorX> Dominican Republic too.
[21:57:58] <n1> didn't know that
[21:58:19] <janrinok> Must confess, nor I.
[21:58:44] <n1> some have been trying to spin that baseball and nfl is getting popular support here
[21:58:57] <n1> i disagree, i think people like it for the novelty when they come over to play an NFL game
[21:59:28] <n1> it's never going to take over for any of the football, rugby or cricket fanatics
[21:59:32] <janrinok> Well there are teams dotted about the UK but I would hardly describe it as popular
[21:59:49] <n1> yeah, it going from no one playing it to a few hundred isn't quite the same
[22:00:02] <n1> as i'm sure you know, playing football being just a thing that happens in the UK
[22:00:14] <n1> my childhood was full of football, even though i was never actually into it
[22:00:30] <LaminatorX> Correction: There is now one Canadian MLB team, the Toronto Bluejays. Montreal's team moved to D.C. a few years ago. lol
[22:00:40] <n1> lol
[22:00:45] <n1> nice
[22:00:57] <n1> i would like basketball to get more popular
[22:03:13] <LaminatorX> Our hockey team is doing well this year. They've never one a championship, so there's a whole lot of not-wanting-to-jinx-it optimism floating around the office at the moment.
[22:03:21] <LaminatorX> "won"
[22:03:40] <n1> heh, i like that
[22:04:05] <janrinok> I wish them well - if they win, that will be one hell of a party.
[22:05:24] <LaminatorX> Blues fans need a lot of character to slave away in the shadow of the colossus that is Cardinals fandom, but they keep on going.
[22:05:44] <n1> got to support the underdog
[22:06:15] <n1> i like the football world cup for that, supporting the minor teams that qualify
[22:07:03] <n1> i supported Ghana in 2010
[22:07:33] <janrinok> Doesn't England count as a minor team in the World Cup nowadays?
[22:07:48] <LaminatorX> Some friends and I got together to watch France vs Brazil back in '98. That was a heck of a time.
[22:07:54] <n1> yeah but i dont care for the english team
[22:07:57] <n1> it's not 1998 anymore.
[22:09:04] <n1> it can be a good game
[22:09:06] * LaminatorX checks his watch. "So it would seem."
[22:09:33] <n1> that wasn't a reference to your statement, that was the end of when football was good, for me :p
[22:09:40] <n1> just happened that you enjoyed it up to the point i did
[22:09:47] <LaminatorX> Ah.
[22:09:57] <n1> world cup 98 was good
[22:11:20] <n1> everything is better with nostalgia
[22:13:15] <LaminatorX> I feel ya. I kind of dropped basketball after the 1997 NBA finals. The legendary Bulls lineup in their twighlight vs the Jazz at their zenith, and it was neck and neck to the finish. Nothing was really going to top that.
[22:32:13] <janrinok> I'm calling it quits for today. I'm going to have a (realtively) early night. cu all tomorrow
[22:33:44] <LaminatorX> Gnight.
[22:33:58] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: leaving]
[22:35:52] <n1> i should have been working
[22:36:49] <n1> so tedious writing quotes for things that have little money to be made on and like 5% chance of happening anyway
[22:48:05] <GungnirSniper> Nice to see more articles posted, nice work Editoral Team. :)
[22:52:48] -!- neagix [neagix!~neagix@31.220.yp.otq] has joined #editorial
[22:53:05] <LaminatorX> Thanks.
[22:53:09] <neagix> hi guys/gals
[22:53:12] -!- paulej72 [paulej72!~8070e846@Soylent/Staff/Developer/paulej72] has joined #editorial
[22:53:35] <neagix> I was wondering: would it be useful to have "editors' comments" in a story that is for review/not yet published?
[22:53:51] <neagix> or is that something you already have?
[22:53:58] * neagix is not really familiar with slashcode
[22:54:01] <LaminatorX> Feel free to adress us in your submissions, sure.
[22:54:28] <LaminatorX> We will clean them out before publication.
[22:54:50] -!- paulej72 has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[22:55:01] <neagix> uhm..ok, then I will use this channel. because for example I would have suggested a few improvements. it's minor things, but you know - we grow a picky audience here :)
[22:55:16] <neagix> I mean improvements on the story I submitted
[22:55:26] <LaminatorX> Fire away.
[22:55:55] <neagix> aargh! it's not audience, it's an interactive public!
[22:56:01] <LaminatorX> Like changes you would make after you submitted it?
[22:56:03] <neagix> yes
[22:57:02] <LaminatorX> What do you have in mind?
[22:57:16] <neagix> story is http://soylentnews.org
[22:57:24] <neagix> (if I didn't mistype the URL)
[22:57:32] <neagix> for example: "on board", is that correct English?
[22:57:54] <neagix> because previously I wrote "onboard"
[22:58:00] <neagix> that should be redacted
[22:58:04] -!- Cactus has quit [Ping timeout: 256 seconds]
[22:58:55] <neagix> also the word "ship", in the first line, right before comma. I think that can be completely omitted. redundant.
[22:59:14] <neagix> (and also clashing with second mention of "spaceship")
[22:59:42] <neagix> as I said, just to be picky and improve it a bit
[23:00:42] <LaminatorX> IWe already changed it to" on-board" in the publication version. I'll drop the "ship" though. there's still time.
[23:01:04] <neagix> ah! cool
[23:01:08] <neagix> thanks :)
[23:01:18] <neagix> didn't know the publication version is different
[23:02:33] <LaminatorX> We made a few other changes. Mostly little stuff like Title Case for the headline and capitalizing "Twinkies."
[23:02:48] <neagix> cool
[23:03:14] <LaminatorX> It would be nice if we could work towards a more transparent versioning in the furute.
[23:03:19] <LaminatorX> "future"
[23:03:30] <neagix> regarding the link: that is a local website, I tried to get as close as possible to original source. however it has a sort of nag screen (which I get partially blocked with ghostery)
[23:03:39] <neagix> do you think we could instead use a different news source because of that?
[23:04:02] <neagix> regarding the transparent versioning: yeah that's a great idea
[23:04:28] <LaminatorX> Do you have a better source in mind?
[23:05:03] <neagix> well, it was relayed by many other bigger news sources. I can produce them if you like
[23:05:39] <neagix> nah, forget it. that has more original material like photos and the spaceship "plate"
[23:06:02] <neagix> but in general I don't like sites with those javascript popups
[23:06:54] <LaminatorX> They're annoying, but I think your first instinct was the correct one. The more original the source, the better.
[23:07:15] <LaminatorX> That outweighs annoying ads, up to a point.
[23:08:03] <neagix> yep, in this case it's really the most original I could find. it's also dated correctly (17 February) while other media outlets relayed it recently (today and previous days)
[23:10:07] <neagix> but the javascript popups are becoming the norm. I am increasingly worried about that..wondering if they will ever die.. :(
[23:19:37] -!- Bender has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[23:19:54] -!- Bender [Bender!~Bender@Soylent/Bot/Bender] has joined #editorial
[23:31:01] <neagix> BTW, "infallible" was really in the original text. that's why I had kept it :)
[23:31:21] <neagix> "infallible recycled materials", surely a biased opinion
[23:57:41] <n1> LOL