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[00:23:54] <NotSanguine> Hey TheMightyBuzzard: I saw something interesting just now. I'd posted as AC earlier, then I needed to reboot my firewall and my IP address changed (hence changing my IPID hash), I was reading through the comments and when I came across my AC comment, it gave me the option to moderate it. Does the slashcode just look at *current* IPID hash to determine whether or not to allow moderation of AC comments? If
[00:23:54] <NotSanguine> so, would you be concerned that this could be abused?
[00:27:08] <NotSanguine> TheMightyBuzzard: Details comment: https://soylentnews.org , old IPID: d9ceb2d18b8e56c02f1b954fa5113b10 , new IPID: eea3ac2d328dea2510dd72d6e4ad693c
[00:27:08] <systemd> ^ 03SoylentNews Comments | The campaign against the prez is not serious. ( https://soylentnews.org )
[00:33:21] <Bytram> NotSanguine: Did you actually *try* to moderate it? I regularly see a moderation drop-down list box made *available* on comments I have posted (under my nick OR as an AC; doesn't matter). ISTR that when an actual attempt it made to moderate one of my own comments, *then* the system detects the "impropriety" and the attempted moderation just falls "on the floor" with no effect. At least, AFAICR.
[00:34:39] <NotSanguine> Bytram: Nope. That's unfair to mod myself. But I can try if you'll promise to mod me back down if it works.
[00:35:56] <NotSanguine> Bytram: I modded that comment underrated and the moderation stuck.
[00:36:12] <NotSanguine> Bytram:Please mod it overrated if you don't mind
[00:57:13] <TheMightyBuzzard> NotSanguine, that's correct. AC posts don't link to an account even if you were logged in at the time. the only thing to show who is who is the ipid.
[00:58:26] <TheMightyBuzzard> i'll let it bug me only when it becomes a problem. until then it's unnecessary work and treating the community like criminals.
[00:58:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> NotSanguine, oh and if you want to test without altering the score, Disagree
[01:00:12] <TheMightyBuzzard> smoke break
[01:00:12] <TheMightyBuzzard> nicotine++
[01:00:12] <Bender> karma - nicotine: 9
[01:00:26] * Bytram goes to counter the moderation to https://soylentnews.org
[01:01:32] <Bytram> done
[01:05:28] * Bytram now reads the comment and realizes that he actually agrees with the comment and wishes he had just left the moderation as it was. Oh well!
[02:06:17] <NotSanguine> The mightybuzzard: I kinda figured, but I just wanted to make sure it wasn't an issue. Thanks!
[02:06:40] <NotSanguine> Bytram: Thank you. And Thank you again. :)
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[03:27:08] <Bytram> ~tell NotSanguine Happy to help! Thanks for bringing it up, too!
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[12:05:21] <FatPhil> How/when did the mojibake appear in the 'previously' here: https://soylentnews.org
[12:05:23] <systemd> ^ 03Let's Encrypt Pushes Back Deadline to Revoke Some TLS Certificates - SoylentNews
[12:09:43] <chromas> Is that the same story that was linked to from in another article awhile back that someone (maybe you) pointed out?
[12:11:14] * chromas updates
[12:47:17] <Bytram> FatPhil: Arg! That was me. I wrote a script that encapsulates a posting search to SN, extracts the results from the returned web page, and formats the results so I can cut/paste it as a Previously: section... only problem is that windows command line does not handle Unicode and UTF-8, so when I cut-n-paste from those results back into a story... mojibake ensues.
[12:47:49] * Bytram should prolly redirect the output to a file, and then launch an editor window that I can cut/paste from.
[12:47:58] <Bytram> FatPhil++ Good catch!
[12:47:58] <Bender> karma - fatphil: 6
[12:50:11] <FatPhil> I think it's the same issue that was spotted before, but it wasn't clear when the issue was introduced.
[12:50:51] <FatPhil> I think the real problem is "windows command line"
[12:51:33] <FatPhil> If you're windows, then stick to your icons, mice, and pointers. Don't try and mess with command lines!
[12:51:45] <Bytram> LOL!
[12:53:03] <FatPhil> I did once try to design a GUI which would let you do things like piping, but using drag and drop.
[12:53:26] <FatPhil> It could only ever have been more hassle than the command line, of course.
[12:53:47] <Bytram> sounds like it!
[12:55:06] <FatPhil> you'd drop a file onto a hopper icon named after the process, and at the bottom of the hopper would appear a clickable thing that represented its output (lazily evaluated) that was then droppable onto another icon, or was 'save as'-able
[12:55:53] <FatPhil> It was effectively just a command-line builder (which is why it was lazy evaluation, it had to be)
[12:55:57] <chromas> Sounds like an excellent idea. A connectable node system where each node is a program and the connections are pipes. Let's get some investors
[12:56:34] <FatPhil> I have always been obsessed with the Data Flow Programming paradigm, this was just another application of it.
[12:57:13] * Bytram just finished updating: https://soylentnews.org
[12:57:35] <Bytram> would one of you kind folk take a quick look to make sure I did not cross my I's or dot my T's?
[12:57:59] <FatPhil> But as I say, totally fucking useless, as you had to do all the typing that you'd need to do on the command line, but have to do a whole ton of precision clicky-clicky too.
[12:58:07] <FatPhil> can do
[12:58:10] <Bytram> Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs
[12:58:15] <Bytram> FatPhil: Obliged!
[13:04:12] <FatPhil> Woo woo! I deleted a single character!
[13:04:40] <Bytram> Oh nooooooos!
[13:05:02] <Bytram> Awesome! Thanks for the check up!
[13:07:28] * TheMightyBuzzard blinks at FatPhil
[13:07:49] <TheMightyBuzzard> so, you're saying it was a series of pipes?
[13:08:40] <janrinok> no, the plural of lots of pipes is bag - ask any Scotsman
[13:10:34] * Bytram can hear 'em squealing even as he types (bag pipes, that is)
[13:21:39] <TheMightyBuzzard> #yt rocky road to dublin dropkick murphys
[13:21:39] <MrPlow> https://www.youtube.com -- The dropkick murphys- Rocky road to dublin