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[08:14:44] <FatPhil> (((this is fine)))
[08:15:02] <FatPhil> Hmmm...
[08:15:03] <FatPhil> Re:Support for the "Don't believe CCP numbers" sid, posted to Coronavirus Roundup, has been moderated Troll (-1).
[08:15:06] <FatPhil> It is currently scored Troll (1).
[08:15:40] <FatPhil> I follow the link, https://soylentnews.org , and there's no evidence of a troll moderation having been performed
[08:15:41] <systemd> ^ 03SoylentNews Comments | Coronavirus Roundup
[08:40:03] <janrinok> FatPhil, I can see 2 moderations. The first is 'Troll' and the second 'Insightful'
[08:44:04] <FatPhil> I only see one, the insightful. Hmmm, may be browser cache...
[08:45:14] <FatPhil> apparently so, sorry.
[08:46:46] <FatPhil> weird, I see no cache-related header that would make it think that something with CGI parameters is worth keeping for a whole day.
[08:46:56] <FatPhil> firefox being dumb
[08:52:56] <janrinok> lol
[08:55:22] <janrinok> your comment is currently assessed as (Score: 2 Troll). The Troll mod followed the Insightful mod - I guess somebody took exception to the example you used to explain your point ;)
[09:00:00] <FatPhil> yes, there's even a response that says ~"the words are important" whilst attempting to counter my argument that the words are important!
[09:00:18] <FatPhil> herpers gotta derp
[09:03:31] <janrinok> 'zactly
[09:11:05] <FatPhil> I'm reminded of www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEQOvyGbBtY
[09:22:53] <janrinok> There is ALWAYS something on youtube to clarify a point!
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[20:17:24] <Bytram> FYI: I just gave editor privs to powelldean on dev
[20:17:55] <Bytram> have slowly been working my way through having the changes take effect.
[20:19:42] <Bytram> After loading his "user page"? at https://dev.soylentnews.org I changed his privs and ticked the box so he'd be an editor in all sections
[20:19:42] <systemd> ^ 03PowellDean - Dev.SN User
[20:20:11] <Bytram> at the top of the page appeared this message:
[20:20:25] <Bytram> Save uid nnnn user settings
[20:20:26] <Bytram> .
[20:20:27] <Bytram> Since you changed the author status of this user, you will probably want to rebuild the authors cache at your earliest convenience. To do so, run this at the command line: /srv/dev.soylentnews.org/rehash/bin/runtask -u slash refresh_authors_cache and then restart your webserver.
[20:20:29] <Bytram> .
[20:22:44] <Bytram> So far I have found what server to issue the command to (the message was less than entirely helpful on that front!)
[20:26:18] <Bytram> So, I get to lithium, sudo as slash, interactively and then, thanks to some notes I found in the twiki, looked at: /usr/local/bin/restart-rehash-master.sh
[20:27:20] <Bytram> whoops, I'm on fluorine.
[20:31:19] <Bytram> I read the steps in that script and then manually:
[20:31:23] <Bytram> issued: sudo service varnish stop
[20:31:32] <Bytram> waited 10 seconds
[20:31:40] <Bytram> issued: sudo service varnish start
[20:33:07] <Bytram> so far so good...
[20:33:22] <Bytram> Now to restart apache...
[20:35:08] <Bytram> Again, we are still on fluorine. Issued these commands taken directly from the restart script:
[20:35:10] <Bytram> root@fluorine:~# APACHECHECK=`ps -AF | grep -o '/srv/soylentnews.org/apache/bin/httpd' | wc | cut -b 6-9 | tr -d ' '`
[20:35:10] <Bytram> root@fluorine:~# echo "Apache currently has "$APACHECHECK" instances running. Normally there are 10 or more."
[20:35:10] <Bytram> Apache currently has 14 instances running. Normally there are 10 or more.
[20:35:13] <Bytram> YAY!
[20:36:19] <Bytram> Oh, and NOW is the point at which I stopped and restarted varnish on fluorine (as described previously)
[20:36:48] <Bytram> Let's do it and restart apache:
[20:36:50] <Bytram> sudo -u slash /srv/soylentnews.org/apache/bin/apachectl -k restart
[20:38:16] <Bytram> repeated the APACHECHECK and now see there are 11 instances running.
[20:38:27] <Bytram> .
[20:38:34] <Bytram> Now on to hydrogen
[20:47:56] <Bytram> I sudo interactively
[20:48:27] <Bytram> perform an apachecheck as before, and it reports there are 14 instances running.
[20:49:03] <Bytram> stopping varnish: sudo service varnish stop
[20:49:12] <Bytram> waiting 10 seconds....
[20:49:45] <Bytram> restarting varnish: sudo service varnish start
[20:50:37] <Bytram> got these messages:
[20:50:39] <Bytram> * Stopping HTTP accelerator varnishd
[20:50:50] <Bytram> * Starting HTTP accelerator varnishd
[20:50:53] <Bytram> yay!
[20:51:26] <Bytram> and now to restart apache on hydrogen: sudo -u slash /srv/soylentnews.org/apache/bin/apachectl -k restart
[20:52:57] * Bytram reruns the apachecheck
[20:53:29] * Bytram sees the are currently 9 instances running.
[20:53:54] <Bytram> So, IIUC, the authors_cache should now be updated
[20:53:56] <Bytram> =)
[20:56:45] <chromas> That's a lot of work just to change a number in a database.
[20:57:07] <chromas> Time for a rewrite
[20:57:13] <chromas> rehash rehash!
[20:59:29] <Bytram> rehash: that's what you get when you warm up some breakfast leftovers
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[23:14:34] <TheMightyBuzzard> Bytram, please don't bounce the web frontends manually. that's why i made the bounce script.
[23:16:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> you did it correctly but it needs to be done in rapid succession or users get errors.
[23:17:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> well, sort of correctly. you did it on a productions web frontend when you were working on dev.
[23:19:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> and, no, restarting the production frontends will not do anything to the dev site. everything on dev runs on dev except the db. when in doubt, ssh dev. lithium is our dev server but dev.soylentnews.org (or just dev from any of our servers) points to the same place.