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[14:19:14] <Bytram> whereto? https://archive.is
[14:19:16] <systemd> ^ 03QmcaAPKJDHVKFWKgoCXG2fSEksv5tFfNMTUXBzbcHw4QcM (664×254)
[14:19:41] <janrinok> ~gday Bytram
[14:19:54] <janrinok> dead bots everywhere...
[14:24:27] * Bytram was investigating something on behalf of a user. If they want help, as I replied to them, provide *direct* links to the comments who moderations are in question.
[14:24:49] * Bytram is *NOT* going to visit a link-shorted URL that points to a picture.
[14:25:34] * Bytram has some plans for the morning, so needs to get off his butt and get ready to head out the door.
[14:25:59] <Bytram> janrinok: thanks for stuffing the sub queue yesterday and the stories you pushed out, too!
[14:26:51] <Bytram> As you well know, it is much less stressful to know we have stories queued up for a while so I can go about my day without having to worry if we are going to "run dry"!
[14:26:52] <janrinok> It is a picture of an SN notification regarding spam. It looks like someone who wishes to remain anonymous but also wants complain about being blocked for spamming.
[14:27:12] <Bytram> Bah.
[14:27:49] <janrinok> I had hoped, optimistically, that someone else would have stuffed a few more stories in there so we can all relax a little....
[14:28:12] * Bytram Despises link shorteners.
[14:28:42] * Bytram does not want to be tracked (or... bent, folded, spindled, or mutilated!)
[14:28:46] <janrinok> so do I, but I have a completely independent computer for such investigations...
[14:29:30] <janrinok> it is a simple matter to reload the image and be confident that the system is clean again
[14:30:00] <janrinok> anyway, did you sleep well?
[14:30:05] <Bytram> and it is a *picture* so I need to type in the link to go investigate it? When s/he could have just drag-selected, copied, and pasted it into their e-mail?
[14:30:43] <Bytram> Is most definitely helping to bolster their case by making it harder on the investigator to help them out!
[14:30:43] <janrinok> or they could even have simply described it - not sure why they thought you would want your own personal copy of it
[14:31:11] <Bytram> heck just need the cid=nnnnnn and I could get there. :P
[14:32:19] <janrinok> there is a storm forecast here for tonight but at the moment it is a very misleading sunny afternoon - unless I go outside to do something in which case it will turn oooh-nasty very quickly
[14:34:11] <janrinok> ref the image sid=35785 and cid = 950651
[14:34:26] <Bytram> yeah, after I typed in the entire bloody URL
[14:34:50] <janrinok> I thought you hadn't followed the link
[14:40:50] <janrinok> I wonder why they waited 10 days to object to it? Looks strange to me.
[14:43:07] <Bytram> yep
[14:43:27] <janrinok> see PM
[14:43:35] <Bytram> btw, the other editor candidate sent a reply email to me and looks like he is still interestewd
[14:43:56] <Bytram> I have an engaement that start in < 45 minnutes so really neerd to get going.
[14:44:01] <janrinok> great news - lets get him trained up!
[14:44:19] <janrinok> np - I'll probably be back on later