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[23:10:18] <FatPhil> There are some rewriting bugs in the code
[23:11:18] <FatPhil> I just tried to post what I will bracket here between | characters:
[23:11:23] <FatPhil> | o |
[23:11:31] <FatPhil> |/O>|
[23:11:38] <FatPhil> |<| |
[23:11:57] <FatPhil> And in the preview that was being turned into:
[23:12:11] <FatPhil> &nbsp; o<br>/O&gt;<br>&lt;|
[23:12:35] <FatPhil> the "&nbsp; o" means his head's been knocked to the right.
[23:13:01] <FatPhil> This is in extrans mode, I will try an alternative...
[23:13:53] <FatPhil> code suqashies the leading ' ' so his head's to the left
[23:15:03] <FatPhil> code with added <pre> and </pre> just injects &lt;pre&gt; into the mess
[23:16:41] <FatPhil> Plain old text with <pre> </pre> is even worse, it has both the "&nbsp; o" issue and a complete loss of the final line (I guess I should escape the '<')
[23:16:58] <FatPhil> (but won't, because of the head issue.)
[23:18:32] <FatPhil> Hmmm, actually, <pre> isn't even supported!
[23:19:14] <FatPhil> <ecode> is no substitute for <pre> it seems
[23:22:11] <FatPhil> I am almost unable to create that trivial ASCII art in a post.
[23:22:25] <FatPhil> Finally I had to hit full HTML:
[23:22:26] <FatPhil> <p><tt>
[23:22:27] <FatPhil> &nbsp;o<br>
[23:22:27] <FatPhil> /O><br>
[23:22:27] <FatPhil> &lt;|
[23:22:29] <FatPhil> </tt>
[23:22:53] <FatPhil> Which isn't the most user-friendly way of letting someone enter a single leading space