#dev | Logs for 2019-06-06

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[00:55:03] <fyngyrz> TheMightyBuzzard: How about a prefs option to display "editor" bling icon next to username on posts, like the subscriber icon? Think of it as an optional trouble magnet. :)
[00:55:19] <fyngyrz> book and a pencil, maybe
[01:54:20] <Bytram> quill pen?
[01:55:40] <chromas> 🖋
[01:56:23] <Bytram> =g unicode pencil
[01:58:04] <Bytram> 🖊🖉
[01:58:06] <chromas> A unicode glpyh is more efficient, but anyone without proper fontage wouldn't see it, so I guess we'd need to find an icon
[01:58:24] <Bytram> good... point
[01:58:26] <Bytram> !
[01:59:46] <chromas> On the other hand, you can set a wingdings font in the css. FontAwesome is popular for that
[02:01:09] <Bytram> hrrrrm.
[02:05:59] <chromas> We need a whole slew of icons. Subscriber; Admin; Editor; Robot; Dog
[02:10:01] <Bytram> cat
[02:10:11] <Bytram> schrodingers cat or not a cat
[02:10:20] <Bytram> cheshire cat
[02:11:56] <chromas> Schrödingers smile
[02:15:54] <Bytram> ain't that the tooth!
[02:16:21] <Bytram> chromas: btw, chatting with mrpg in #editorial aym
[02:27:14] <Bytram> well, looks like he's gone now.
[02:27:16] <Bytram> http://7rmath4ro2of2a42.onion
[10:33:03] <fyngyrz> Just make an icon _out_ of a unicode glyph
[10:50:14] <Bytram> afk